Skip Bayless react to Would Dwight Howard actually be a good fit for Lakers?


  1. Dr. Midori Hando

    Dr. Midori Hando20 dias atrás

    Ole boy on far left in the white shirt knew it was all bad😬


    KEVIN XIONG20 dias atrás

    No dwight plz

  3. Eddie Costa

    Eddie Costa20 dias atrás

    Skip right over how tight Howard’s trans game is.....

  4. Johnny Blade

    Johnny Blade20 dias atrás

    Not asking Dwight Howard to be the guy who went to the nba finals, yet Lakers want to go to the finals.

  5. Sean moynihan

    Sean moynihan20 dias atrás


  6. MyCall Megatone

    MyCall Megatone21 dia atrás

    I ain't even fina whatch this video cuz I can already hear the negative mandates. But his had to say... GOD'S GIFT TO LEBRON. No joke, this ain't no Lavar bs. Take it from the ancestral winds. 20/20 we Fina be lit lit lit.. MyCall I'm up P.S. my bad upon reading further comments I just realized I forgot that Sharp would probably be spitting facts... Peace. Up up

  7. MxAlibrahem

    MxAlibrahem21 dia atrás

    The girl talk to Shannon and ask him Shannon : look Skip 😂 Shannon talk to the girl she is ask not Skip 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. FlexNero

    FlexNero21 dia atrás

    Joakim Noah.... NO O NOOO NOOO NOOO 😂😂😂😂

  9. Tyler Campbell

    Tyler Campbell21 dia atrás

    The disrespect to female sports analysts on these shows is really bad.

  10. kadar braxton

    kadar braxton21 dia atrás

    My nuts looking like a peach seed boi

  11. G-max MeLia

    G-max MeLia21 dia atrás

    Howard is a good center and also good defender.

  12. AJ2K Beast

    AJ2K Beast22 dias atrás

    Dwight go fuck around and try to play D on LeBron 😂😂😂( if u know u know)

  13. Mark Armage

    Mark Armage22 dias atrás

    You can't criticize players about mental capability when they just apologized for lack of mental capability.

  14. Donald Raysor

    Donald Raysor22 dias atrás

    Take care boggie get well . shannon your the best skip is cool

  15. Kameron Duckett

    Kameron Duckett22 dias atrás

    I hope Dwight Howard doesn’t messed up our chemistry like he did last time

  16. kash s

    kash s22 dias atrás

    Push and drive?? Mans trying to revive his career out here. Noah loool gtfo

  17. Mario Davis

    Mario Davis22 dias atrás

    Shannon da funniest analyst ever 🐐🔥🤣🤣🤣

  18. Victor Stamps

    Victor Stamps22 dias atrás

    He was more interested in transsexuals then working on his game.👬

  19. Trey Moore

    Trey Moore22 dias atrás

    Dwight better play pissed this whole season and beast like he did in Charlotte and prove the haters wrong

  20. every day we Lit Jones

    every day we Lit Jones22 dias atrás

    Dont nobody want noah pill poppin crack headass.

  21. Calvin Chambers

    Calvin Chambers22 dias atrás

    Skip wants Noah for 12 minutes a night? That could give 36 minutes to McGee. Thanks but no thanks, though I do like JaVale.

  22. Calvin Chambers

    Calvin Chambers20 dias atrás

    @Dog Hat Yes, AD MIGHT play center but he has stated consistently that he doesn't WANT TO. I believe he will play center if asked, but why make him do that when he could leave after one season? The Lakers are better off by picking up a genuine center to avoid feeling forced to play AD there. AD just recently stated he is willing to play center in the playoffs but the bottom line is that he would prefer not to do so.

  23. Dog Hat

    Dog Hat21 dia atrás

    You said skip wants noah to play 12 mins a game and that'll leave javale for 36 mins a game and total thats 48 mins and is equal to the total mins a game has, im saying ad might play center sometimes and youre counting that noah and javale might play center the whole game since u put in 48 mins. Stop being dumb and stop crying

  24. Calvin Chambers

    Calvin Chambers22 dias atrás

    @Dog Hat Are you dumber????? Sure, they may play AD at center sometimes but it's unlikely they would want to depend on him doing that every night! Let's see if you can comprehend this: 1. AD has made it abundantly clear that he doesn't want to play the 5! What part of that don't you understand? 2. AD has only signed a 1 year contract, so if he is unhappy, or gets banged up because the Lakers don't accommodate him, he can leave. Why do you think his agent has already feigned interest in NY next season? When the playoffs come, he may be more likely to get some minutes at the 5 because of the matchups. But the primary reason why the Lakers were looking at centers to acquire is because they don't want to feel pressured to play AD there. Before you begin a comment by saying something nasty, try to keep up!

  25. Dog Hat

    Dog Hat22 dias atrás

    Are you dumb? You do know that they might play ad at center and kuz at pf sometimes

  26. Calvin Chambers

    Calvin Chambers22 dias atrás

    Now that DeMarcus won't be able to play, Skip praises him.

  27. inher tummy

    inher tummy22 dias atrás

    Skip is lowkey like trump.saying a bunch of bullshit

  28. Montez Demarrco

    Montez Demarrco23 dias atrás

    What the hell boogie what kind of shit is tht


    STATS DONT LIE23 dias atrás

    whats going to be LBJ excuse this year???'

  30. K Hawk

    K Hawk22 dias atrás

    Let's wait for it

  31. Antonio Davis

    Antonio Davis23 dias atrás

    This is a very good time to let us know that y’all are buying the 2019-2020 nba finals ring 😉

  32. David T

    David T23 dias atrás

    Skip is just a laker hater Stick with SanAntonio and the bottom half of the division.

  33. David T

    David T22 dias atrás

    And how many Championship banners are flying laker colors?

  34. Nintendude Gaming

    Nintendude Gaming22 dias atrás

    Lol the Lakers were the ones in the bottom half of the division. Same as the previous 5+ years. 😂😂😂

  35. JD. Frazier

    JD. Frazier23 dias atrás

    Howard is locker room cancer. Past his prime too. Some ex-team mates despise Howard. Lakers enjoy your shit show.

  36. wolfyman1000

    wolfyman100023 dias atrás

    Uncle Shay!!!!!!!

  37. Paul Balderas

    Paul Balderas23 dias atrás

    Howard ain't gonna make no difference either's funny every year they talk about who the Lakers are going to pickup Oh their going to get Embid Butler Leonard Harden Curry George Nash Nowinski Garrnet Barkley Stockton Jordan Hakeem Ewing Wilt Every year same shit.lakers will sign everybody in the nba that way there be no other team to talk about .. just the way the nba wants it .all about the Lakers 👓👓👓👓👓👓👓👓

  38. YuAlwaysCMeCommenting?

    YuAlwaysCMeCommenting?23 dias atrás

    What's with the rage bro?

  39. Michael Grimes

    Michael Grimes23 dias atrás

    If the Lakers would’ve picked up J Noah, Skip would’ve said, they should’ve picked up D. Howard. This dude always finds something negative to see against Shannon. Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  40. whobitmyname

    whobitmyname23 dias atrás

    somebody just watched Naked Gun 33 1/3...

  41. VArsovski10

    VArsovski1022 dias atrás

    Thx, was trying to remember what movie did I hear that reference from, thx for reminding 🎥👍

  42. Paul McCarthy

    Paul McCarthy23 dias atrás

    He was born with extraordinary shoulders. Hilarious.

  43. Timothy Dalton best 007

    Timothy Dalton best 00723 dias atrás

    66 year old Skip Baseless...takes Viagra and dyes his hair...hope someone whacks him

  44. Tim Macon

    Tim Macon23 dias atrás

    This is terrible for the Lakers

  45. mario alonso

    mario alonso23 dias atrás

    melo was avg 13.9 and cant get on a team...heck even noah got a chance last year avg 0.5....disgusting

  46. Nintendude Gaming

    Nintendude Gaming22 dias atrás

    You are comparing a defensive specialist big man (who accepted a backup role) to a score-first wing who doesn't play defense and wants to start by using points per game. Uhhh...

  47. A H

    A H23 dias atrás

    Why people be disrespecting Dwight like that. Y'all be acting like he wasn't the new Shaq.....smh

  48. Paul Balderas

    Paul Balderas23 dias atrás

    5 or 6 teams in just 3 years..nef said..

  49. Jimmy Perez

    Jimmy Perez24 dias atrás

    I hope Dwight gets it done this go around.

  50. Ramstine

    Ramstine24 dias atrás

    Skip would rather take Noah over Howard. I thought Dave Chapelle is the best comedian right now and boy I was wrong😂😂😂

  51. Kevin Hayes

    Kevin Hayes22 dias atrás

    Not shocking because he values hard work which Noah was known for

  52. Eightys Baby87

    Eightys Baby8724 dias atrás

    I like my bitches like my weed. Excotic with no seeds

  53. The Real E

    The Real E24 dias atrás

    Shannon is a real G😂😂😂😂

  54. We Are The 99

    We Are The 9924 dias atrás

    Funny. Expecting Howard to save Lakers.

  55. Shine Malibongwe

    Shine Malibongwe24 dias atrás

    My worry is that Mcgee can't protect the rim. I am so deviated that Boogie toured his ACL.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. We are trailing against Clippers interms of roster vs roster.

  56. Thomah Perin

    Thomah Perin23 dias atrás

    mcgee is one of the best rim protectors in the nba even had a 7 block game last year

  57. Stevie Norton

    Stevie Norton24 dias atrás

    this is the new twin towers no way can anyone dominate in the paint with Lebron Howard and Davis best defense in the league i'm calling it first

  58. K Hawk

    K Hawk22 dias atrás


  59. M S

    M S22 dias atrás

    Well then congratulations Lakers on getting Dwightmare Howard

  60. Jean Delaux

    Jean Delaux24 dias atrás

    "I dont think Dwight never had it", this Skip dude is a motherfucking clown.

  61. LifeWithMike

    LifeWithMike24 dias atrás

    Lebron HATES Noah lmao if u know u know

  62. I hate the devil

    I hate the devil24 dias atrás

    Dam skip said Dwight is getting minimum wage..shit I wish his minimum wage was my BI-WEEKLY check lol lol

  63. Terence Thomas

    Terence Thomas24 dias atrás

    Shannon said I like my Women like basketball one on one and as little dribbling a possible

  64. Terence Thomas

    Terence Thomas24 dias atrás

    Dwight howard is the billy batson of basketball he literrally lost is Magic Shazam prowess , hes nothing but a role player with a superstar name , and plus he has 5 kids by five baby mamas

  65. Nelson Noel

    Nelson Noel24 dias atrás

    skip bayless is the dumbest human i've ever seen.......

  66. Mike Thaxton

    Mike Thaxton24 dias atrás

    A retired FB player and a nerd talking basketball ! lol

  67. Paul Balderas

    Paul Balderas22 dias atrás

    @Mike Thaxton shonnon comes the show everyday and talks about how the sun rises and shines on lebon butt. He's LeBron's biggest cheerleader..and arrongant at that.. So if course he's going to get call lebon lover.. hope you heard me loud enough!!!

  68. Mike Thaxton

    Mike Thaxton22 dias atrás

    @Paul Balderas Sometimes its best to be seen not heard when that person like you makes up ignorant names that make no sense and doesnt exist then think you are being clever when you are not ! Back to school child ! Your just a Troglodyte

  69. Paul Balderas

    Paul Balderas23 dias atrás

    Yeah but that nerd has way more knowledge.of nba basketball .than that lebon lover.shanon He needs to stick to football 😂

  70. after shockrecords

    after shockrecords24 dias atrás

    paper slim

  71. Rose torrezz

    Rose torrezz24 dias atrás

    Skip not afraid to speak facts. LeDiva and Howard on the same team is a disaster waiting to happend. If Atlanta, Charlotte and Washignton did not want him what does that tell you.

  72. Nathan Poulos

    Nathan Poulos22 dias atrás


  73. KodakBlacksBrain

    KodakBlacksBrain24 dias atrás

    Rose torrezz he’ll be on his best behavior for Kuzma

  74. Psycho-Pass Shoot Score

    Psycho-Pass Shoot Score24 dias atrás

    He may be a good fit but I don't know what Dwight Howard does different to Javale McGee. Doesn't bring a lot of versatility to the team but does help keep McGee's minutes down

  75. Miguel Wallace

    Miguel Wallace24 dias atrás

    Javelle wayyy better then Dwight now bro , you obviously don't know the NBA

  76. Seanjohn John

    Seanjohn John24 dias atrás

    Go over seas for a great center ,who's available

  77. Nick Lewis

    Nick Lewis24 dias atrás

    Noah fucking sucks skip stop

  78. Paul Parrinello

    Paul Parrinello25 dias atrás

    I agree with Skip Bayless and take Noah! He hustles and wants to play & win! Dwight Howard is a bum!

  79. mark emil bulotano

    mark emil bulotano27 dias atrás

    marreese speights is the most likely fit. with his outside shooting

  80. KameYo Tv

    KameYo Tv27 dias atrás

    For the first time I agree ☝🏾 with Skip

  81. Dez wonda

    Dez wonda27 dias atrás

    Skip: Noah!!!! Yesss Noah!!! The Energy!!! Shanon: Nah it's legal out here^^nah Bra 😂😂🔥🚬