SMASH or PASS Ft. KingCid | 100th Video Special


  1. SmoothGio

    SmoothGio6 meses atrás

    I honestly want to thank all you guys for supporting me through the journey 💯🙌🏾

  2. TTVtrippy charlie

    TTVtrippy charlieMês atrás

    Smooth Gio gay

  3. Malik Smith

    Malik SmithMês atrás


  4. Thegamer Playz

    Thegamer PlayzMês atrás

    Good luck

  5. James Rolle

    James Rolle2 meses atrás

    Wazz gud G

  6. Laquize Starnes

    Laquize Starnes2 meses atrás

    And btw I’m a good fan of u

  7. Lady London

    Lady LondonDia atrás

    8:48 all the boyz in the hood lonely

  8. Shea Da G.O.A.T

    Shea Da G.O.A.T4 dias atrás


  9. Aryannah’s Flips

    Aryannah’s Flips4 dias atrás

    Yeahhh Big bal〽️ore 💪🏽💪🏽🔥

  10. Izayah Mosley

    Izayah Mosley8 dias atrás

    King cid look like ceynolimet

  11. jamie goslee

    jamie goslee16 dias atrás

    baltimore all day everyday

  12. odeeloskii Joseph

    odeeloskii Joseph16 dias atrás

    Whole time thats my cuzzo Baltimore aint no joke fym


    VANDYCK G17 dias atrás

    10:35🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that nigga funny af

  14. LtzBred Bred

    LtzBred Bred19 dias atrás

    I’m from Baltimore too that’s how we is 😂😂

  15. JayyOnDaGames

    JayyOnDaGames26 dias atrás

    CID was in his feelings lmaoo

  16. Quillz Kid'Swiper

    Quillz Kid'Swiper28 dias atrás

    ATTENTION youtubers!!! If you need fire intro/outro music CHECK ME OUT 🎶


    OLIFERA TUBE28 dias atrás

  18. Anderson Jennifer

    Anderson Jennifer29 dias atrás

    I like you bro you always make my day with your intro

  19. Trentin Vu

    Trentin VuMês atrás

    Omg the lil boy in beginning Lmaoo I’m dead 😂🤣

  20. Taequan James

    Taequan JamesMês atrás

    Most Ads On BRreporter

  21. Gehna  Rami

    Gehna RamiMês atrás

    Imma smash both of y'all

  22. Lindsay Carpenter

    Lindsay CarpenterMês atrás

    I think the little boy with the controller was the best

  23. Volflix

    VolflixMês atrás

    everything was fine up until 7:46

  24. Wavy_Davidd

    Wavy_DaviddMês atrás

    8:15 ohhh hell noooo😭😭


    FORTNIGHT GODMês atrás

    8:52 had me dead 💀😂😂

  26. Mya Butterfly

    Mya ButterflyMês atrás

    Am I the only one that watch all SmoothGio videos just to hear him say “SmooothhhhhGiooo” 😂💪🏾 shit funny asf

  27. Trxppie

    TrxppieMês atrás

    Aww shit one bo from dumway


    KING LAMYMês atrás

    FBI open up

  29. Gothmann TooIcyFoAho

    Gothmann TooIcyFoAhoMês atrás

    AyyyyyyMannnnnn SayyyyyMannnnn itz ya boy SmoooothhhhhhhGiiioooooooo

  30. Gothmann TooIcyFoAho

    Gothmann TooIcyFoAhoMês atrás

    My nigga said “chec the murda rate”

  31. Two Eyed

    Two EyedMês atrás

    James Charles just French kissed you on the neck Like To Undo

  32. kemar daley

    kemar daleyMês atrás

    Everyone smooth was in a series on Netflix look it up it’s called legacies

  33. Demetrius Dawson

    Demetrius DawsonMês atrás

    What’s the beat in the background??

  34. Kyllan Woods

    Kyllan WoodsMês atrás

    Let me know when you post more BRreporter videos

  35. OfficialTroyTv

    OfficialTroyTvMês atrás

  36. Yana Monroe

    Yana MonroeMês atrás

    Omg so cute

  37. CyFexz

    CyFexzMês atrás

    8:29 is so cute no cap

  38. Kyllan Woods

    Kyllan WoodsMês atrás

    Yeah right

  39. Jazzplayz RBX

    Jazzplayz RBXMês atrás

    So we just not gonna speak on 0:30 ?

  40. issyourboysliime

    issyourboysliimeMês atrás

    my fav, love you bro

  41. Randy Otieno

    Randy OtienoMês atrás

    This is how many time he looked away

  42. Lani Purks

    Lani PurksMês atrás

    Throw lil bruh back in the intro 👌🏾👌🏾

  43. Principessa

    PrincipessaMês atrás

    AyE mAn SaY mAn ItS yA bOy SmOoOoOoOh GiOoOo🥴🤣

  44. Follow Nux111 On Twitch

    Follow Nux111 On TwitchMês atrás

    Best one not gonna lie 8:33

  45. ImMJLala

    ImMJLalaMês atrás

    He said I can hit that lachata

  46. Ahiram Acosta

    Ahiram AcostaMês atrás


  47. Aymen Plays Fortnite

    Aymen Plays FortniteMês atrás

    Bruh how white people say it😂

  48. JBE

    JBEMês atrás

    I see you using that @NoisyJay beat 🐾

  49. grace Loreal

    grace LorealMês atrás

    The girl with the hat that called her boyfriend to come out the store...They doing too fucking much it’s just for the video dumb fucks

  50. grace Loreal

    grace LorealMês atrás

    “Holy life or no life” bitch what???😭

  51. cjpetro_5

    cjpetro_5Mês atrás

    5:27 I felt that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Sensui

    SensuiMês atrás

    2:06 what's the video

  53. Hidden Screen

    Hidden ScreenMês atrás

    0:28 is that tuffy from loveliveserve?

  54. Chris Tgpl

    Chris Tgpl23 dias atrás

    Tuft short

  55. Daniel Alafe

    Daniel AlafeMês atrás

    7:46 that white kid surprisingly nailed it

  56. Daniel Alafe

    Daniel AlafeMês atrás

    Sounded drugged tho ngl

  57. Daniel Alafe

    Daniel AlafeMês atrás

    3:17 Look at the lady with the light blue shirt and jeans fixing her waist, the sound effects tripped me up

  58. Saif Kiani

    Saif KianiMês atrás

    Daniel Alafe ong 😹😹😹

  59. Devin Morton

    Devin MortonMês atrás

    Yoooo!! Home girl name was Allegra. I almost died laughing

  60. Rubin Obas

    Rubin ObasMês atrás

    These white boys doing to much

  61. rosenessa eloge

    rosenessa elogeMês atrás

    6:01 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣😭

  62. H O N E Y

    H O N E YMês atrás

    8:18 did it for me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 & 8:52 that has to be a meme 😭😭😭

  63. H O N E Y

    H O N E YMês atrás

    It’s the outros for me😭😭😭

  64. Reek

    ReekMês atrás

    we from baldamore

  65. Playboi

    PlayboiMês atrás

    Does anyone kno the instrumental that plays throughout the video?

  66. Resty

    RestyMês atrás

    5:34 im deaddd

  67. Dreamed Axis

    Dreamed AxisMês atrás

    King cid cut that hair boi


    LBREEZZY TVMês atrás

    7:50 PAUSE!!