SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Big Vacation!


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    Go watch the NEW SML video:

  2. Matty Ice

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    superbowserlogan How did you get the junior doll back

  3. Tootie Davis

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    I did

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    superbowserlogan NEW SML

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    superbowserlogan hi

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  7. Melvin Bussie

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    Bowser jr. Deserves a friend cuz he's so dumb cuz he's so dumb and he's so stupid he can't even do anything and love Junior and Junior is the same person as Mario so what's the point I was uses use los mareos that likely

  8. Clayton Nguyen

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    SuperMarioLogan SuperLuigiLogan SuperBowserLogan SuperToadLogan

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    Do it. Pee

  11. Jared Salazar

    Jared Salazar15 horas atrás

    wait if Joseph’s jail cell mate kissing him? Does that mean josephs gay?

  12. Foxina

    Foxina18 horas atrás

    Bro, I would totally make him buy me a hoverboard. I wanna crash into walls and stuff

  13. callum

    callum19 horas atrás

    did anyone else know jr wanted to go to Disney land so he went to disney world

  14. Gavin Goldatein

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  15. Dannyboy 3011 Boy

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    I just came back from there

  16. Chris lil mlp Ricardo

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    How the f”uck cream

  17. Ebony Boyd

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    there are 127,675 piece of sand.

  18. Mj Briones

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    Sml answer:I would give him everything he wants when hes sick and take care of him

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    Even though your a brat your my brat

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    I Will Be Nice To Him and I Will Go Hangout With Him But Nicely To

  23. Sean Matthew

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    I Thought They Will Going To Trip To Disney world But It's Really Not Awesome But I Kind a Like It Little Bit

  24. Sean Matthew

    Sean Matthew2 dias atrás

    But Jeffy Love Mickey Mouse Right But I Don't Know Why Junior Didn't Say He's Going To The Disney World

  25. Sean Matthew

    Sean Matthew2 dias atrás

    But I Don't Know What Just Happend on Disney Park But It's Abandoned now

  26. Reyna Espinosa

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    Make a pirtle war where browser junior goes in to for night and then hes trapped there and then coding finds it and then heat golden sided to save junior and now now Joseph gets inside there to make it tomorrow

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    "you're my brat." that got me😊

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    Make him get me a ton of super cars and women and money

  29. ninja jingyong

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    Hey Junior did you forgot toad toad the mushroom

  30. Betmen

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    13:54 turn on subtitles

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    Who still watch this in 2019 or 2020 then like 🔽

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    🐷 ,

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    I got a ad

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    If chef pee pee work for me I will immediately fire him without thinking twice

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    Oh I get it JEFFY doesn’t want the Wall to go to Walmart.


    PLUSH FLIX6 dias atrás

    I thought those "bullets" we're Batteries


    PLUSH FLIX6 dias atrás

    I bought your merch (lunchbag,junior puppet)

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    If chef pee pee worked for me he will take me to kings dominion. Am great wolf,lodge Williamsburg

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    Please pin me 🙏🏻😢

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    Wait, weren't they humans in the last video?

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    When the video intro was done I got a add using it

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    Life 360 btw was the add

  45. g fio

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    Bowser Juniors logic. If you like something I dont like then you’re a nerd Glasses make you gay.

  46. dark chrome

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    Oh yeah Tom thumb the best gas station in Pensacola 😎