So This is Basically RWBY


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    My Ruby voice is better than it has any right to be. USE MY LINK TO GET A 2-WEEK FREE TRIAL OF VRV RIGHT NOW!

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    Do Naruto I can’t wait for the filler jokes in the anime

  3. That Grey Peanut

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    Dad why did you leave for the milk and never come back

  4. Alice Ann

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    watches multiple time cause cant believe that u voiced both ruby and qrow

  5. Luqs 89

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    boii, you're right😂😂.. you should go and sign up to be a new VA for Rooster Teeth

  6. Kekomi116

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    Those voices though... Those voices

  7. Sunny Hill

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    RWBY Fans: so there’s magic? RWBY: well yes, but uhm actually no...

  8. Wakubika

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    Ruby and Qrow seem like an alternate version of Rick and Morty at 3:59

  9. axton xenohunter444

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  10. Veesus Christ

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    Neo is best girl The Rwby and Qrow scene is so accurate.

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  12. Joseph Sproule

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    I enjoy RWBY but your right.

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    "The best way to watch roomba is to think of the first three seasons as one long season, and have a friend tell you what happened in 4 and 5 so you don't have to watch them cause they're garbage." Amen

  15. King Ban

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    Yeah you pretty much spoiled it for a lost of people since what you did “was” spoiling

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    PLEASE DO A ‘this is basicaly voltron’ PLEASEEEEEE

  17. ViktoriaDR

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    or She-ra! or the dragon prince!

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    Hah man, people say this a good show? Doesn’t seem like it.

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    "I can turn into a *B I R D"*

  21. sheldonlol Geronimo

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    instead of laguz you should of said sub humans, that would of way racist and so much better

  22. youngdolph

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    Still ship black sun also ruby and oscar

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    1:30 ninja

  24. Albert Tsang

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    Monty Oum died for nothing.

  25. Michael Shimabukuro

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    I'm watching you roast all of my favorite things and all i can do is sit back and say "that's fair."

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    Plz make nomad of nowhere.

  28. Awesome Gaming and Reaction

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    So like. Does no understand that Ozpin can't even be granted death. Again. Till he kills his ex wife who also murdered his kids? And then everyone hates him for not opening up about this? Like I kinda get it but the man should be allowed his privacy to mourn and grief.

  29. WoodyBLike

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    Uncle Qrow is hilarious. You did a WONDERFUL job with that!

  30. Thayah Lamont

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    So then...should I watch RWBY, or not?

  31. Kenny Philips

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    Thayah Lamont yes, but only from vol 1-3. Then read fanfics as replacement for vol 4-6, because they’re trash

  32. AndurilGames

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    "Magic doesn't exist!" CRWBY: *Well yes, but actually no.*

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    I just want to say thank you for your content and all the hard work you put into your videos. I might be a new subscriber but I have already found so much enjoyment in all of your videos I have seen. (Loved every moment of the 5 hour Skyrim stream) I look forward to whatever you do next and I know no matter what it is I will love it.

  34. Rose Watson

    Rose Watson7 horas atrás

    I love RWBY but all these points are accurate. Rooster Teeth for some reason hates RWBY and would just rather kill it than fix it. It's a mess of a show but it's concept is good. They just... can't write to save their lives.

  35. Gasha

    Gasha7 horas atrás

    I heard about people having an issue with this video but my question is...why? This is great, made me laugh and it’s painfully accurate. Oh, maybe that’s why. Anyway. Liked, subbed and bingeing your vids now.

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  37. XLDX demonpower

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    do "so this is basically Camp Camp/red Vs blue/nomad of nowhere"

  38. Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnow NoneOfUrBusiness

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    WHY IS MY NAME SPELLED WITH A Q!? finally a sensible topic I can relate to in this video

  39. Zach Yoke

    Zach Yoke7 horas atrás

    I'm a fan of RWBY, and I just now got around to finishing Volume 6. I'm crying at the accuracy. It definitely has great moments, but this guy ain't wrong, which should be a shocker to no one. XD I really hope it gets better, tho.

  40. erica screams

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    Accurate but it’s not HORRIBLE. Reading too much into it will be the downfall of anyone... it was experimental so it grew as time went on

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  42. bledlbledlbledl

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    Your satire is spot-on accurate; yet in its weird way, RWBY is still a good series... 'cuz it was a satire to begin with LOL. "Borrowed" characters and plot-fragments from all kindsa fairy tales and stuff, all glommed together into one big criaaazey mishmash ... which makes this like a spoof-of-a-spoof ... which "RWBY Chibi" is too :P

  43. kylee_97

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    Sims next, I need to hate myself more

  44. Robert Dennison

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    So glad I dumped this show when I did. It clearly didn't go anywhere.

  45. Alexus No Space Nerd

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    RWBY is God

  46. Peter Mcleod

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    now i want to see "so this is basically Gen:LOCK"

  47. My Cringy life

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    Do you think you could do an episode on Fairy tail or Seven deadly sins

  48. Daniel Sung

    Daniel Sung8 horas atrás

    when i saw this video i new that rwby needs a whole lotta reboot

  49. Mr. E-M

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  50. leafaroog

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    i love you notice me jelly senpai

  51. anxious noodle

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    As an ex fan of this show, the only thing that'll ever still hold up is the music.

  52. Kuramadeus

    Kuramadeus9 horas atrás

    Jello, I love that you put in much so work in your “So This Is Basically” projects. You should have seasons every year rather than having an episode every two months.That way, you can have more time on what you and others want to do for these projects, and pay the bills. It’s clear that you can’t get an episode out per month.

  53. Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnow NoneOfUrBusiness

    Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnow NoneOfUrBusiness9 horas atrás

    Neptune is my favorite character Just felt I should put that out there

  54. Jack Rowland

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    Any video bashing RWBY is a good video in my book

  55. TimeyWimeyStuff

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    To be honest I never got into rwby because of the weird animation. Most of it looks computer generated and the character models do weird movements with their faces and body parts. Also, the only thing that seems to have detail are the things in the foreground so the stuff in the background seems ditatched from everything elsr

  56. Wade Moore

    Wade Moore9 horas atrás

    I want to be mad at this because I enjoyed watching RWBY but I can't because it's just right. I liked the fights and I like the music, the rest can be summed up as a crew of people who all think they're working on a different show

  57. Isaiah2020

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    You should make a Avatar the last airbender one

  58. Kevin Ortiz

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    You should make a parody series like Rick and Morty but with qrow and ruby

  59. Zukarin Kiku

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    4:00 I think someone spiked Qrow’s alcohol.

  60. Renato Lerma Jr

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    Cool video

  61. Vincent Videos

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    Me: *gets involved in a show that I generally like and want to watch more of Everyone on the planet: Here’s a million reasons why we think this show is trash and why you’re an idiot for watching it. I get satire and I get that this is a thing he does but it really sucks when a show you REALLY enjoy gets shit on like this😭

  62. fatcat

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    sooooooo soul eater?

  63. MultiVerse Gaming Community

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    Also please do one for Shield hero?

  64. MultiVerse Gaming Community

    MultiVerse Gaming Community10 horas atrás

    This too funnyy omgg i love this. Rwby has flaws as every other anime dose and this video is great at poking fun at those flaws

  65. Nephilim Productions

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    the auto-generated subtitles put ozpins name as oz penis at 3:34

  66. Sonja Teraguchi-Normand

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    I am VERY offended right now!!!!!

  67. FabulousResults

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    this series seems awful but OK

  68. Joel Lusheck

    Joel Lusheck11 horas atrás

    I still love this show to death

  69. LoneGyarados

    LoneGyarados12 horas atrás

    They stole dust so the huntresses and hunters don't have supplies during the Fal of Beacon + the thwarted let grimm into vale plan. It was actually really well thought out.

  70. Luna Light

    Luna Light12 horas atrás

    I liked this video just for qrow ( is that how u spell it ?)

  71. Mike

    Mike12 horas atrás

    Still waiting on Chibi Tyrian

  72. Dragon5wildfire

    Dragon5wildfire12 horas atrás

    The probably most truthful part about this vid was the thing with ozpin's "badness". And this video did that good

  73. Holy Knight Henry

    Holy Knight Henry12 horas atrás

    Ruh Wuby

  74. muffin man600

    muffin man60012 horas atrás

    as much as i luv your vids... rwby is my FUCKING bae!! and the show isn't garge! fuck off and don't roat rwby again

  75. ☬⊶刀ㄩ尺ム乇几⊷☬

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    Please do a "So This Is Basically Evangelion"

  76. Graeystone

    Graeystone13 horas atrás

    RWBY before Monty's death - A cool and original idea with awesome potential. RWBY after Monty's death = Well. . .shit. . .maybe Monty should've put in his Will - "I die, the series dies with me NO EXCEPTIONS!"

  77. fuyumugi !

    fuyumugi !13 horas atrás

    This video is super rough to watch, but the fact that it's all true is even rougher

  78. Carrot Time

    Carrot Time13 horas atrás

    *excuse me did you just call best girl blake B L A N D? well ok you're actually right*

  79. Black Frost

    Black Frost13 horas atrás

    So basically Donald trump is bad

  80. Moonflower 17

    Moonflower 1714 horas atrás

    I still love Oscar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. sowley

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    “Hoidy toidy rich girl” I love that part

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  83. RRight Braeden

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    Hey remember when you made that video where you smeared Republicans and then told your fans their only money makers to you? Ha. Me too lad.

  84. Just passing by

    Just passing by13 horas atrás

    @RRight Braeden alright htat's fair enough, though the money makers thing could've been a joke? I dunnoi, this is porobabnly trhe first video I've watched in like... 6 motnhs

  85. RRight Braeden

    RRight Braeden13 horas atrás

    @Just passing by no, Rwby is pretty bad. And I don't want him to dodge his past.

  86. Just passing by

    Just passing by14 horas atrás

    so taht makes this video irrelevant and RWBY is the most amazing show?

  87. Fan-done18

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    “ why is my name spelled with a q!?!”

  88. DJNesado

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  89. YungTimeWeaver

    YungTimeWeaver15 horas atrás

    Half the comments: Accurate and Funny! Half the comments: Hate speech. Didn’t watch.

  90. Mike Willner

    Mike Willner15 horas atrás

    5:01 Why is John Roosterteeth Pumat Sol?

  91. UltraWeeb

    UltraWeeb15 horas atrás

    I have never heard about rwby until a weeb friend of mine send me a link to a hentai duojinshi where ruby get violently raped, that's the moment when i realised that the only good thing about the show its the character desing.

  92. Maribeth Bueno

    Maribeth Bueno15 horas atrás

    I stopped watching it cause the fandom sucks asssssss

  93. Some Asian

    Some Asian13 horas atrás

    Oh yeah, the fandom can 100% go stick a sniper-scythe in it's butt.

  94. Lola Fischer

    Lola Fischer15 horas atrás

    your funnier than rwby holy shit

  95. kriitikko

    kriitikko15 horas atrás

    Wow. I can't argue with any of this.

  96. Miserable Mochi

    Miserable Mochi15 horas atrás

    Me, a fan since the beginning: 100% accurate. Absolutely correct! Amazingly done! The Vocal minority RWBY fandom: REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  97. camizl3r

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  98. Jaden Clarke

    Jaden Clarke16 horas atrás

    Continue if uno was an anime series

  99. Nightmear Wolf

    Nightmear Wolf16 horas atrás

    For those who just want the Qrow and Ruby parts 😁 because they're hilarious. 3:39 - 4:15 4:47 - 5:01

  100. Alexander Korol

    Alexander Korol16 horas atrás

    This is Basically Mob Psycho 100

  101. VioletRain

    VioletRain16 horas atrás

    You ripped this show apart in the best way possible😂

  102. kelan james

    kelan james16 horas atrás

    Didn't Weiss actually win against that bee grim and in her trailer against the metal dude? Also as for the animation style seasons one and two had some moments where walking looked a bit iffy but afterwards it got better it showed some story on a few side characters but I will agree they could dig a bit deeper into some and honestly I like how the story has been going so far even though it can be a bit random also wasn't the point of stealing dust to help fund the white fang? And also cause mass panic maybe? As for no magic I get the feeling semblances are a form of magic that stuck around after people stopped being able to use any other abilities and dust is somewhat magic only it's just there to mimic magic also Weiss and Ruby slowly became best friends over time didn't they? Like in season two Weiss seems to try and be a bit distant somewhat the same in season three but after wards when they meet up again in season 5 they are clearly friends honestly while I respect your opinion a bit of your reasons for disliking the series seem incorrect

  103. Michael Wachter

    Michael Wachter16 horas atrás

    Wow dude, hate much?

  104. Martin But Better

    Martin But Better14 horas atrás

    but its trueee

  105. jay WARE

    jay WARE16 horas atrás

    Seven Deadly Sins

  106. kuro kultre

    kuro kultre17 horas atrás

    3:12 LEEOOO

  107. Megimun Megimun

    Megimun Megimun17 horas atrás

    Rwby is my favorite anime,how could you

  108. Chris Scott

    Chris Scott17 horas atrás

    I know that this is just here to make fun of it, but i can't help but get slightly triggered at it. But i do know its just joking around, so no fowl

  109. Chris Scott

    Chris Scott13 horas atrás

    Just passing by, Makes sense

  110. Just passing by

    Just passing by13 horas atrás

    It's not just joking, those are also serious critiques :/

  111. Julia Yukiteru

    Julia Yukiteru17 horas atrás

    I’m a huge fan of RWBY, I absolutely adore the show, but this video had me legitimately cry-laughing. This is fantastic. Thank you.

  112. CnBCustoms

    CnBCustoms18 horas atrás

    I'm genuinely surprised anybody had real issues with this.

  113. flameroad123

    flameroad12318 horas atrás

    Rwby and/or Team Rwby is basically the new Sonic fanchise. Ruby is Sonic, Yang is knuckles, Weiss is Silver and Blake is Shadow. Hell Jaune is Tail's.

  114. Ghostgaming 367

    Ghostgaming 36718 horas atrás

    When you wanted to watch rwby, but now you have to pay