1. Jennifer Orvik

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  2. AverageLewis 360

    AverageLewis 36012 horas atrás

    This is quality content😂😂

  3. kherygaming

    kherygaming13 horas atrás

    Hey pewdiepie Now thats alot of damage Tseries: WTF

  4. Dr Fries

    Dr Fries14 horas atrás

    What an Absolute MadLad

  5. Vernajill Melicano

    Vernajill Melicano15 horas atrás

    If i cover myself using flext tape Can zombie still bite me???

  6. juli7971 juli7971

    juli7971 juli797116 horas atrás

    3:09 Phil:I sawed another boat Me:🤦

  7. juli7971 juli7971

    juli7971 juli797116 horas atrás

    2:14 Phil:I sawed this boat in half Me:No sh*t Sherlock

  8. Green ya but

    Green ya but17 horas atrás

    How did I find this

  9. Sheeporama

    SheeporamaDia atrás

    Flex tape can save pewds by taping up t gays sub botton

  10. Mr. Oofball

    Mr. OofballDia atrás

    I sawed This T-Series in half

  11. Dominic Olvera

    Dominic OlveraDia atrás

    Jontron got 31 million views

  12. Bilen Mengistu

    Bilen MengistuDia atrás

    He is the creator of insanity 🤪🤪

  13. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The FrogDia atrás

    Jontron did it better

  14. Klepto Skateboarding

    Klepto SkateboardingDia atrás

    Those are passive sharks

  15. TreeTopGaming 2000

    TreeTopGaming 2000Dia atrás

    The flew tape didn’t seal my a#shole

  16. Sir Snail

    Sir SnailDia atrás

    Phil swift needs to help pewdiepie

  17. Alibakhsh Akbari

    Alibakhsh AkbariDia atrás

    God job Phil swift.

  18. Blossom ate

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  19. Yotrex

    YotrexDia atrás

    Look at captions people

  20. Nuckelspirit Savage

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    U know I actually got flex tape clear for Christmas...

  21. SHINY llama_Gaming

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    He needs. Dr phil

  22. The Cringe Creature

    The Cringe CreatureDia atrás


  23. fukunaga

    fukunagaDia atrás

    we all know the commercial is a fake because oceans water isn’t that pretty

  24. Pug Master

    Pug MasterDia atrás

    When I go to school 0:15 Nope 👎 I’m out just chainsaw it

  25. Pug Master

    Pug MasterDia atrás

    Thank me later 0:11

  26. Nicholas potyok

    Nicholas potyokDia atrás

    To demonstrate the power of flex seal I'm going to barricade my house with flex seal and call a swat team for a hostage situation!!!

  27. Talen Luken

    Talen LukenDia atrás

    9:30 I have cut a bucket in half with a knife and sealed it with flex seal water doesn’t escape!!!

  28. Ty’s Figs

    Ty’s FigsDia atrás

    If I brake my flex seal tape should I tape it back together??????????????????????

  29. Leon Gamer

    Leon GamerDia atrás

    A youtuber tested the boat and surprisingly It worked


    HAMHAMHAM HAMDia atrás

    (COUGH) Mr.beast

  31. Landon Wood

    Landon Wood2 dias atrás

    Pewdiepie: try to wow me Phil Swift: I made a submarine

  32. Red and Blue Yo

    Red and Blue Yo2 dias atrás

    At 3:01 disturbing

  33. Bamba Squad

    Bamba Squad2 dias atrás

    Flex tape to seal your girlfriend's mouth

  34. steve hill

    steve hill2 dias atrás

    God of tape:fill swift flex fans rise

  35. Terry Gershman

    Terry Gershman2 dias atrás

    I got 21 on my 5th attempt

  36. Gavin Ladousier

    Gavin Ladousier2 dias atrás

    Holy F*** that's a lot of crap

  37. Christopher Jiang

    Christopher Jiang3 dias atrás

    Boat abuse

  38. Christopher Levy

    Christopher Levy3 dias atrás

    If the world explodes well we have flex tape to stick it back together

  39. Amber Matharoo

    Amber Matharoo3 dias atrás

    If I put flex tape on T series does’t that mean It Will seal them away

  40. Amber Matharoo

    Amber Matharoo3 dias atrás

    Send him to the RANCH😕😕😒✊🏼

  41. Vira Honta

    Vira Honta3 dias atrás

    The real reason the Titanic sank

  42. Death Boy

    Death Boy3 dias atrás

    are you depressed?are you suicidal? is your world falling apart?seal it back together with Flex Tape!!!!!

  43. Xpotato chanX

    Xpotato chanX4 dias atrás

    Oof there was ad about flex tape OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF

  44. SNC GoEpic

    SNC GoEpic4 dias atrás

    I laughed so badly that orange juice can out of my nose and right after there was an even funnier advertisement.

  45. Darshan Lyttle

    Darshan Lyttle4 dias atrás

    Anyone watching in 1999

  46. Li Jiayang

    Li Jiayang4 dias atrás

    *zips dad’s mouth with flex seal*

  47. The most liked egg Ever

    The most liked egg Ever4 dias atrás

    Can you use flex seal as pepper spray though?

  48. kamu jahat21

    kamu jahat214 dias atrás

    Can i use for close mouth my friends

  49. Miospade Plantazoid-123_

    Miospade Plantazoid-123_4 dias atrás

    Shaggy: how can I, the best meme die? Blue shirt kid: because of the memes algorithm Flex Tape: *THATS A LOTTA DAMAGE*

  50. Lucas Carnahan

    Lucas Carnahan4 dias atrás

    To show everyone that flex seal can fix enything i sawed the earth in half ... and filled it with flex seal

  51. The Skulled

    The Skulled4 dias atrás

    Press f to pay respects to that poor bird

  52. Pablo the Commando

    Pablo the Commando4 dias atrás

    Wait. Maybe. EURICA! Flex tape can tape the crown to PewDiePie’s head so that T-Gay can’t take it!! We can also flex tape a wall together to keep T-Gay away completely, and make the Indians pay for it! Maybe cut that last part.



    Phil Swift has better camera quality than you

  54. Child, how dare you?

    Child, how dare you?5 dias atrás

    So block out is basically that spray from Frosty The Snowman 2 that everyone was spraying...

  55. Odd William Nilsen

    Odd William Nilsen5 dias atrás

    To show the power of Flex Tape WERE GONNA SAW AN ATOM IN HALF!!! *detonates nuclear explosion* NOW THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE!

  56. Hermenetor 456

    Hermenetor 4565 dias atrás

    Phil Swift: Destroys shit and repairs it with flex tape/seal

  57. TypeaOreo

    TypeaOreo5 dias atrás

    Flex tape can turn into a bandage for u know whut

  58. TypeaOreo

    TypeaOreo5 dias atrás

    Don't try this but ur doing it anyway goddamn

  59. Kenneth Gaming

    Kenneth Gaming5 dias atrás

    Anyone watching 2020

  60. Axelez 6

    Axelez 65 dias atrás

    Clearly this is underrated

  61. ColossalYT

    ColossalYT5 dias atrás

    Flex tape can also fix marriges

  62. ColossalYT

    ColossalYT5 dias atrás

    Flex tape could stop super man because flex tape is so strong

  63. John C

    John C5 dias atrás

    90 million subs!!!!!! Way to go!!!! You WILL beat T Series!!!!!!

  64. Nex Hui

    Nex Hui5 dias atrás

    Those are nurse sharks THEY ARENT EVEN VIOLENT

  65. milesdAviDSon chungis son

    milesdAviDSon chungis son5 dias atrás

    Holy zoinx flex seeeel solved my gayness

  66. milesdAviDSon chungis son

    milesdAviDSon chungis son5 dias atrás

    Stop the boat abuse

  67. La Wo Yo

    La Wo Yo6 dias atrás

    Pew should react to other youtuber react to pew react to flex tape

  68. _minepp

    _minepp6 dias atrás

    i accidently play it at 2x... it sound like satan

  69. cooper costello

    cooper costello6 dias atrás

    that day it was my birthday

  70. Please help

    Please help6 dias atrás

    2 0 1 9 ?

  71. Mighty Mitch

    Mighty Mitch6 dias atrás

    Now that’s a lot of damage

  72. Aidrian Hasse

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  73. Junior Elite seven

    Junior Elite seven6 dias atrás

    Poor bouts he is now in water

  74. Junior Elite seven

    Junior Elite seven6 dias atrás

    What happened too duck tape like

  75. It’s Adam!!

    It’s Adam!!6 dias atrás

    Lil Tay flexes using flex tape

  76. Morgan Mumbower

    Morgan Mumbower6 dias atrás

    # not sponsored

  77. Slicing Sandwiches

    Slicing Sandwiches7 dias atrás

    For one cent a day you could stop boat abuse

  78. Austin Pitts

    Austin Pitts7 dias atrás

    Phil sawed Felix in half that’s why he has no legs it didn’t work because he used duck tape copyrighted

  79. GD FadeFoxX

    GD FadeFoxX7 dias atrás

    His videos always warms my heart

  80. Hat_kid :v

    Hat_kid :v7 dias atrás


  81. XxH4ydenxX _

    XxH4ydenxX _7 dias atrás

    300k on 90m

  82. Mike Robertson

    Mike Robertson7 dias atrás

    pewdiepie is the best youtuber and we need to stop the T-SERIES so pewdiepie can live without being in war with the T-SERIES.we need to stop the T-SERIES.leave pewdiepie alone T-SERIES unsub to dont because that means you all ready subed to him so just dont sub to the T-SERIES.BAN T-SERIES FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Pedegaton Sky

    Pedegaton Sky7 dias atrás

    His wife calls a divorce, he seals his heart will flex tape

  84. Time Man

    Time Man8 dias atrás

    Rip flex seal users Edit:Now headphone users

  85. Splats

    Splats8 dias atrás

    OG content

  86. Sillypenguin

    Sillypenguin8 dias atrás

    To show the power of flex tape CLEAR, we sealed the o zone hole

  87. Subscribe to PewDiePie

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    Phil should host meme review

  88. AngelCraft Central

    AngelCraft Central8 dias atrás

    To show you the power of Flex Tape we are going to saw T-Series in half.

  89. Mike Robertson

    Mike Robertson7 dias atrás

    *t_series does not get fixed* HURRAY

  90. Mike Robertson

    Mike Robertson7 dias atrás

    dats my boi

  91. FoxyPlayzRBLX

    FoxyPlayzRBLX8 dias atrás

    Titanic: -Hits the iceberg- Phil: THATS A LOTTA DAMAGE

  92. NF89!

    NF89!8 dias atrás

    2:50 Phil, the waters rising in the tank you just fixed. Um, phil? *PHIL*

  93. Flamin' Gaming

    Flamin' Gaming9 dias atrás

    Phil Swift used *Flex Tape* on Blastoise! ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE! CRITICAL HIT!! *THATS ALOTTA DAMAGE!!!*

  94. Vortex

    Vortex9 dias atrás

    Flex tape can stop T-series.

  95. Rabids

    Rabids9 dias atrás

    The next coming of Billy Mays

  96. Worldgamings GT

    Worldgamings GT9 dias atrás


  97. Worldgamings GT

    Worldgamings GT9 dias atrás

    Flex seal can make death people alive

  98. Isaac Drouin

    Isaac Drouin9 dias atrás

    To show you the power of flex tape I sawed my mom in half and I’m going to repair her with flex tape

  99. Carlos flores

    Carlos flores9 dias atrás

    on boats

  100. Carlos flores

    Carlos flores9 dias atrás

    Boat killer Hey Phill Try Flex Glue Like if it A GOOD idea

  101. Sketches&doodles C

    Sketches&doodles C9 dias atrás

    Phil:its water proof Pewds:but can u do this

  102. Cri Lune

    Cri Lune10 dias atrás


  103. Cri Lune

    Cri Lune10 dias atrás

    I just cut this house and this bus in half