1. Jacob Steele

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  2. Michael J. Caboose

    Michael J. Caboose2 horas atrás

    Phil swift sawed the titanic in half

  3. TheAztecGamer

    TheAztecGamer2 horas atrás

    When did Pewds become the new leafy

  4. ViktorKN02

    ViktorKN023 horas atrás

    about half of the view at jontron are me ... i have a problem.. someone help me ... tape me to wall with flextape pls... i have a problem

  5. Scar - L

    Scar - L3 horas atrás

    Flex [blank]

  6. Random Nii-Chan

    Random Nii-Chan3 horas atrás

    This is not awesome THAT'S A LOT OF DAMIIIDGE

  7. The Elite Gamer

    The Elite Gamer3 horas atrás

    The first ad on the original does tape, he became an iceberg and cut titanic in half and repaired it but the inside wasn't completely dry.

  8. Basir Sheik Taleb

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  9. Caribbean Mapping and Gaming

    Caribbean Mapping and Gaming3 horas atrás

    That's alot of damage

  10. weirdokid300

    weirdokid3003 horas atrás

    Jontron made a better video on flextape

  11. Caribbean Mapping and Gaming

    Caribbean Mapping and Gaming4 horas atrás

    Flex with Marzia yesterday

  12. Alana Mc Cormack

    Alana Mc Cormack4 horas atrás

    I enjoyed this so much

  13. JakeTheGamer6000000

    JakeTheGamer60000005 horas atrás

    If only lil Tay put her career back together with flex seal, we could have more of that quality content.

  14. Tylerskywho

    Tylerskywho5 horas atrás

    Can you replace condoms with flex seal?

  15. Jason Stewart

    Jason Stewart5 horas atrás

    that video had way too many adds

  16. TheMindofaGenius1

    TheMindofaGenius16 horas atrás

    the question is..... is he related to Taylor Swift?

  17. AhBao阿宝

    AhBao阿宝6 horas atrás

    This Phil guys is really good at his job man


    ADITHYA MENON6 horas atrás

    I just fixed my country with Flex seal😎


    BOLTMASTER 057 horas atrás



    BOLTMASTER 057 horas atrás



    BOLTMASTER 057 horas atrás

    1 like = 1 boat prayer

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  23. Ub3rshadow

    Ub3rshadow7 horas atrás

    My birthday is soon and my mum doesnt know what to get me. Im just gunna ask for this.

  24. Yo Gabba Gabby

    Yo Gabba Gabby7 horas atrás

    You made a cloth Phil

  25. Affect

    Affect7 horas atrás

    S U P E R T H I C C

  26. Sam Chadwick

    Sam Chadwick8 horas atrás

    Why didn’t anyone flex seal xxxtentacion? :(

  27. AliceFour46

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    I can't breathe I need this product. Only 399

  28. Bacon Canadian

    Bacon Canadian8 horas atrás

    “your decapitated arm”

  29. The Vlogies YTB

    The Vlogies YTB8 horas atrás

    I’m sold

  30. Alan Smith

    Alan Smith9 horas atrás

    Does Phil FlexTape(R) on us FlexTape(R)less niggas?


    INFINITY GAMEZ10 horas atrás

    So if you look at pewdiepies subs he has 63million and this video at this time only has 5million views???!!!!????!!!!???

  32. IcefireC67

    IcefireC6710 horas atrás

    " show you the power of flex tape, I sawed this boat in half" PHIL WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH TAPE?

  33. Injustice Hackz

    Injustice Hackz11 horas atrás

    Damn that tape is illuminati

  34. Soupy Sensation

    Soupy Sensation11 horas atrás

    Outro is lit

  35. MrOhyoursexi's #1 Fan

    MrOhyoursexi's #1 Fan11 horas atrás

    Terrible video. Really lazy.

  36. Hi

    Hi11 horas atrás

    This man is a god

  37. Ryan Liston

    Ryan Liston12 horas atrás

    Seal the hole in your soul with flex tape!

  38. tragic 7772272727

    tragic 777227272712 horas atrás

    phil no

  39. Willie Romero

    Willie Romero13 horas atrás

    If ur a boat u better watch ur ass, Phil will hunt u down and use u for his disgusting experiment. PHIL IS UR WORST NIGHTMARE

  40. Monsta

    Monsta13 horas atrás

    At least he's selling a good product. I like that guy and I like the way he sells the flex shit.

  41. Tinku Acharjee

    Tinku Acharjee14 horas atrás

    *After watching this video* Why do we exist

  42. TegedteBidn The Perfect Idiot

    TegedteBidn The Perfect Idiot14 horas atrás

    You cant stop a god,pewds

  43. Dead Memez

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  44. Walter Jones

    Walter Jones15 horas atrás

    Damn I need flex seal

  45. Thomas Sarbiewski

    Thomas Sarbiewski15 horas atrás

    He should collaborate with tgf bros and dip them in flex liquid

  46. lightxd65

    lightxd6515 horas atrás

    If you haven’t uploaded in 5 months you are legally allowed to steal their content

  47. Connor Bailey

    Connor Bailey15 horas atrás

    Phil: “but can you do this?” Cuts boat in half

  48. Connor Bailey

    Connor Bailey15 horas atrás

    We need to stop him, he will keel (kill) us

  49. Connor Bailey

    Connor Bailey15 horas atrás

    Döda is kill in Swedish

  50. Connor Bailey

    Connor Bailey15 horas atrás

    He will döda us

  51. Evanger

    Evanger16 horas atrás

    Phil has to be self aware at this point lmao

  52. KRATOS !

    KRATOS !16 horas atrás


  53. derpy pokemon

    derpy pokemon16 horas atrás

    "cuts earth in half" what u gonna do now phill

  54. Aids gaming

    Aids gaming17 horas atrás

    'To show you the power of flex seal. I sawed this guy in half!.And repaired him using only flex tape.'

  55. Chirag Shrivastav

    Chirag Shrivastav18 horas atrás

    lil tay + flex seal = the apocalypse👏👏

  56. swaggos

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  57. pikasnuups lol

    pikasnuups lol18 horas atrás

    boat rapist

  58. xX_AWESOME_Xx

    xX_AWESOME_Xx18 horas atrás

    Think about a condom that made out of flex tape ....... INNOVATION FELIX !!!

  59. Hassan

    Hassan18 horas atrás

    If only x used this tape on him that bullet wouldnt do shit

  60. Young

    Young19 horas atrás

    yes but can flex seal fix dead memes?

  61. Bossboyfortniteminecraftxxxroblox CHIEF

    Bossboyfortniteminecraftxxxroblox CHIEF21 hora atrás


  62. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy Wolf21 hora atrás

    where do i buy this

  63. Cryo Hunter

    Cryo Hunter21 hora atrás

    He is flexing the flex tape on us. Absolute madlad.

  64. JordanMandas Official

    JordanMandas Official22 horas atrás

    I’m actually so impressed by flex tape. So fucking solid

  65. Alfie Hodgey

    Alfie Hodgey22 horas atrás


  66. vishnu sanmugam

    vishnu sanmugam22 horas atrás

    i have a feeling this video is about marketing the tape

  67. vishnu sanmugam

    vishnu sanmugam22 horas atrás

    i wish i could seal all th ads with flex tape

  68. Bonehead VG

    Bonehead VG22 horas atrás

    Felix: “HE MADE A SUBMARINE!” Me (for some reason): 🎶 “We all live in a yellow submarine.” 🎶 I have the strangest train of thought...

  69. Just a random weaboo

    Just a random weaboo22 horas atrás

    "I only see you as a friend." *"THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE!!!"*

  70. ItzFlexiCution

    ItzFlexiCution23 horas atrás

    Flex tape the clouds and no more rain

  71. Somatacey

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  72. Bearb Fan

    Bearb FanDia atrás

    I actually know that guy. He is my friends uncle. I haven’t met him tho. He scares me.

  73. Chinito Oppah

    Chinito OppahDia atrás

    The ads are so good

  74. Chinito Oppah

    Chinito OppahDia atrás

    Why am i laughing at this the man looks like a nice guy

  75. Lior Schwartz

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  76. Lior Schwartz

    Lior SchwartzDia atrás

    FlexTape Vs Iceberg Phil Swift on Titanic the Second

  77. Anushree Gowri Sankar

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    Can I wax with flex tape

  78. jesse cloete

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    Spray-on shoes!

  79. Shiro Chan

    Shiro ChanDia atrás

    Flex seal my heart pls. Please _PLEASE_

  80. Loratsu

    LoratsuDia atrás

    Those sharks aren't man eaters I've scuba dived with them.

  81. jeff jeff

    jeff jeffDia atrás

    If only the water flooded in on the submarine

  82. Gameplay Boi

    Gameplay BoiDia atrás

    Did flex seal pay you felix?

  83. Gleb Pop

    Gleb PopDia atrás

    only if they used the tape in ww1 ww2

  84. PsYCh0loGicAl diS0rdEr

    PsYCh0loGicAl diS0rdErDia atrás

    If you or a family member has commited boat abuse, please call 1-800-boatabuse today. It's time to stop

  85. Pizza Lord

    Pizza LordDia atrás

    8:18 lmao

  86. Karen Davis

    Karen DavisDia atrás

    I really want to keep from pressing the skip add button, but BRreporter has this PragerU bullshit playing trying to convince me that capitalism is radicating poverty and the poor are now "getting richer faster". wtf? That skip button is calling to me so I can just end the pain.

  87. Jackson Smith

    Jackson SmithDia atrás

    Im here for Jontron

  88. Akshit Jain

    Akshit JainDia atrás

    Me: Hey! Crush: I have a boyfrnd.. and ur ugly as faq.. Me: *NOW THATS A LOTTA* *_DAMAGE_*

  89. Alex Howell

    Alex HowellDia atrás

    *Eats a mango covered in flex spray* "it still tastes like rubber"

  90. J. Gamer

    J. GamerDia atrás

    Can you make some Day Game Videos?!

  91. megan wismer

    megan wismerDia atrás

    Would make some good dildos

  92. Samantha Lee

    Samantha LeeDia atrás

    Bc it's the only thing they can afford 😂

  93. Gta V Editor

    Gta V EditorDia atrás

    This is the funniest video you’ve done in a while 😂

  94. edward kenway

    edward kenwayDia atrás

    We seal the kyuubi with flex tape

  95. Bert Richards

    Bert RichardsDia atrás

    Did anyone notice how similar some of the material was to the Jon Tron video

  96. Stian Azarov

    Stian AzarovDia atrás

    Maybe xxxtentacion should’ve wore flex tape when he got shot

  97. Stian Azarov

    Stian AzarovDia atrás

    Idk why ppl miss the old pewdiepie

  98. The Pied Piper

    The Pied PiperDia atrás

    Reminds me of Joey’s World Tour

  99. Ruby Hernandez

    Ruby HernandezDia atrás

    This video came out on my birthday 👌👌👏👏👏👏

  100. Mycernius

    MycerniusDia atrás

    i wonder... how many Jontron jokes did you use in this video???

  101. clayton lee

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    Your decapitated arm 😂😂😂

  102. I don’t know how to make comments

    I don’t know how to make commentsDia atrás