Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich


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    Our hearts may be broken, but at least we have something to cover those hearts, a sale on Sooubway merch:

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    Im 500!

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    I love your videos, please upload a lot more👌😎🥳

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    I said sooubway 100 times on my channel!

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    TheOdd1sOut rules


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    Its so sad that oddonesout videos will be now flagged as a kids content video

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    I've seen all your old Subway videos a long time ago, but I just started working there (it's my 3rd week I think?) and someone came in through the drive through and was like "Hey, have you ever heard it called 'Sooubway' before?" and me and my shitty memory was like... I'm sorry what. And his son in the passenger seat was embarrassed af and was like "Daaaaaaad, I told you not to ask her!" but the dad kept going (like dads do) and was like "Yeah my son says there's a BRreporterr who talks about working at Subway. Do you watch BRreporter?" so I said "Yeah I watch a lot of BRreporter!" and the son's over there still trying to get his dad to stop embarrassing him and is like you've probably never heard of him it's fine I'm sorry my dad's soooooo embarassing, it's nothing, don't worry about it. But of course now I'm curious so I'm like "Who's the BRreporterr?" and he says TheOdd1sOut and I was like oh shit I know him! I haven't seen those specific videos of his in forever, and haven't thought about them since working here, I gotta go home and rewatch them. And now I'm home. And I'm rewatching them. And I'm losing my shit. My boss literally leaves messages with the exact amount of cookies missing, saying she's gonna watch security tapes to figure out who has been taking them (even though it wasn't me) so like.... I wish I could fuck around there more but fam, they're cracking down! I was told specifically "there are *no* meat substitutions for sandwiches, no exceptions!" so I'm sorry that one guy wouldn't give you turkey instead of ham on the BMT but like tbh I'd be nervous to mess with that too lmao. I mean you're right though it's not like we count the meat. Idk. But yeah screw meatball on flatbread oof

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    Can u make a Mario maker 2 w/ rushlight

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    Talk about lies you told as a kid

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    Odds1sout do a video about beyblade also rip your subway

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    Be careful, COPPA Might sue u

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    If coppa goes through your channel is screwed

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    James how are you gonna survive this coppa killing spree? I think you need to address this in a video

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    Can you talk about COPPA its a youtube emergency

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    Imagine this is the actual last video you'll watch from James.

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    Hope you survive the new BRreporter update. If you don't, then I hope you become a Math Teacher.

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    I was at a sooubway a while ago, and I noticed, the guy didn't but in 6 olives (one for every other bite)

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    COPPA is coming 4 JAmes!!!!!! James Make a video about what coppa is doing to spread awarness please!

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    MOTHER I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugars and simple carbohydrates IM DYEING 😂

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    I like jame's videos, but wasn't a fan of the animation in this one. It doesn't really match the style in the other ones

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    Rip animating channels #fuckcoppa

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    I never knew my birthday was the same as Theood1sout

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    Make a new video!!!!!

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    Will you be flag for made for kid???

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    Please talk about the coppa

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    Thanks for donating 33333 trees

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    So is this channel considered kid friendly cause Its animated with this new Coppa BRreporter thing

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    Emotional Support Animals are not service dogs.

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    Im worried for creators like TheOdd1sOut and others like this with COPPA in the horizon

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    I,m subescribed

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    Mother I would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates Me:WHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!

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    1:04 Aquí vamos otra vez con un mame de animador y los furros primero el Khazoo y ahora tu

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    Who has been subbed since 1 milion

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    Please talk about what you are going to do about FTC

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    Good idea

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    it is ok dont worry

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    Are you left handed?

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    today, i've seen jame's comment of one of bo burnham's video, my life is complete

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    Hey James, remember when you talked about battle of the books?My school is doing it now.Has anyone else done it?

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    this government thing is gonna crush this channel

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    Post a video on the FTC thing that's destroying youtube

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    How do I submit fan art?

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    Yeet sooubway is amazing

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    You should do a speed art if you want... be the way what do you use for drawing? A drawing tablit? Because I also do drawing videos! =

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    why ain't you making videos now

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    Dude wtf i would’ve ate that

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    Make more I’ve watched all the vids on you channal

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    R.I.P death by Coppa

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    So that's why I found a sandwich in the ground

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    My siblings made this

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    At my sooubway there’s no pistrami

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    This is a part 5 remember wrong numbers

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    2:32 Why Does This Remind Me Of Sheldon From Big Bang Theory

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    Hey! I know we are all concerned about the new updates, so can you please make an announcement or video with this link please? It contains a way to make a comment going to the coppa thing, so if all of use comment, then we might could save ourselves!

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    Post another video

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    Do have the coppa

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    Can you make a video similar to dark crystal video for Rudolph

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    Gonna miss this when the ftc takes over youtube

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    James and everyone seeing this, this is really bad

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    mommy why is brother yelling mom:shut the f**k up carl u cant get to talk after what u did i know it aint this video but idc