Soulja Boy Tell'em ft. Sammie - Kiss Me Thru The Phone (Official Video)


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    A3 horas atrás

    Wish I could go back to these better days 💔😢

  2. Dungeon Towers

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  3. ρ я є т т у|fєαяѕ

    ρ я є т т у|fєαяѕ6 horas atrás

    Man, I remember getting the cd with this song on it for Christmas when I was a kid. Good times

  4. PuffPuff Pass

    PuffPuff Pass7 horas atrás

    BRreporter: alright so what we are going to do is put this video in recommendation of a Pakistani guy who never heard of soulja boy and make him hear this 9 year old song. Stonks ☝️

  5. Ekmek Arası Çiğköfte

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  6. AlexEastwood

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    guclu guclu arkadas

  7. din-HOE-saur

    din-HOE-saur9 horas atrás

    microorganism giorno anyone?

  8. Stark & Palmer 0-0

    Stark & Palmer 0-012 horas atrás

    I was born in November 2006 and I remember me and my mom jamming to this in the car. I remember it so well... good old days

  9. Aidan Marrero

    Aidan Marrero8 horas atrás

    Stark & Palmer 0-0 you really ain’t gotta say the month

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  11. cutiecats

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    Listening to this song with my solja pods

  12. SAMBA

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    Come here often to isolate myself from that fake world.

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    baby pat baby pat baby pat baby pat baby pat baby pat baby pat

  14. ItsJasonLS

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    Its just one of those days your listening to old music huh

  15. Dang3r.r 187Jc

    Dang3r.r 187Jc15 horas atrás

    ItsJasonLS yeah no lie😂

  16. Alejandro Vila

    Alejandro Vila21 hora atrás

    september 2019

  17. RegularGamer TV

    RegularGamer TV22 horas atrás

    "I just wanna kiss you but I cannot." 2019: *"YO GURL BE MY FINEST BITCH, SO I CAN HUMP YOU EVERY HOUR"*

  18. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez23 horas atrás

    The begining part doe😍

  19. Alex Orozco

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  20. Alexxx L

    Alexxx LDia atrás

    Ya see. I’m not from early 2000’s, but my mom got me into songs from then and respect for women in songs was a thing. Now they call women hoes in songs. Mama taught me right.

  21. Maxima Tv

    Maxima TvDia atrás

    2019 BR BR BR

  22. Scrubs Inc.

    Scrubs Inc.Dia atrás

    0:10 me when my mom catches me on my 2DS at 3am

  23. Ultimate Shining

    Ultimate ShiningDia atrás

    I’m here after The Breakfast Club interview

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  25. L.O.L H77

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    Who’s here from that “baby” Patrick meme

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  27. Sergej Lata

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    Hahaha I just saw it

  28. Im just RJ

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    I came here after pewdiepie uploaded congratulations awhile back

  29. Yasmin Rivera

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    Stop, literally just saw that meme

  30. RockyTheDog80

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    L.O.L H77 ba-by

  31. DevilofwarX

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    Baby Patrick Be Like

  32. Yuridia Ramirez

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    See this 2019 click thumbs up

  33. leo barron

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    Baby Patrick

  34. mama bear

    mama bearDia atrás

    i had a crush on soulja boy but he changed now

  35. hamza berbache

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  36. Insane Dreamer

    Insane DreamerDia atrás

    Yall know im 2005 so when this came out I was 3 but i started listening to this when i was like 8 and i thought it came out yesterday or something i had no clue xD


    EROS KENNEDYDia atrás


  38. Beluga

    BelugaDia atrás

    Did any limelight’s come here from the Elle interview 😂

  39. trucy wright lovebot

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  40. Valeria Santos

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    BR 🇧🇷💥

  41. Aidan O'Brien

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    Memes aside genuinely underrated

  42. Om_nomjohn

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    Baby you know that I miss you I wanna get with you tonight but I cannot baby girl And that's the issue, girl you know I miss you I just wanna kiss you But I can't right now So baby kiss me thru the phone (kiss me thru the phone) I'll see you later on Kiss me thru the phone (kiss me thru the phone) See you when I get home Baby I know that you like me, you my future wifey Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, yeah You can be my Bonnie, I can be your Clyde You could be my wife, text me, call me I need you in my life, yeah all day everyday I need ya And every time I see ya my feelings get deeper I miss ya, I miss ya, I really wanna kiss you but I can't Six, seven, eight, triple nine, eight, two, one, two

  43. Aidan O'Brien

    Aidan O'BrienDia atrás

    Om_nomjohn a true hero

  44. maria landaverde

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  45. 4K Animation

    4K Animation2 dias atrás

    Lool came back after years because of a meme

  46. Emma Isabella

    Emma Isabella2 dias atrás

    Soulja Boy is a good singer but i don't get how people can say that he used the site *AUTHENTIC V I E W S D O T C O M* for views..

  47. Merry Pringles

    Merry PringlesDia atrás

    They ar evolving

  48. STG_Skiller

    STG_SkillerDia atrás

    U Think u slick i see what u did there

  49. gothic lemons

    gothic lemons2 dias atrás

    The main girl kind of looks like Megan thee Stallion

  50. rxnse

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  51. mur

    mur2 dias atrás

    Not funny I didn't laugh. Your joke is so bad I would have preferred the joke went over my head and you gave up re-telling me the joke. To be honest this is a horrid attempt at trying to get a laugh out of me. Not a chuckle, not a hehe, not even a subtle burst of air out of my esophagus. Science says before you laugh your brain preps your face muscles but I didn't even feel the slightest twitch. 0/10 this joke is so bad I cannot believe anyone legally allowed you to be creative at all. The amount of brain power you must have put into that joke has the potential to power every house on Earth. Get a personality and learn how to make jokes, read a book. I'm not saying this to be funny I genuinely mean it on how this is just bottom barrel embarrassment at comedy. You've single handedly killed humor and every comedic act on the planet. I'm so disappointed that society has failed as a whole in being able to teach you how to be funny. Honestly if I put in all my power and time to try and make your joke funny it would require Einstein himself to build a device to strap me into so I can be connected to the energy of a billion stars to do it, and even then all that joke would get from people is a subtle scuff. You're lucky I still have the slightest of empathy for you after telling that joke otherwise I would have committed every war crime in the book just to prevent you from attempting any humor ever again. We should put that joke in text books so future generations can be wary of becoming such an absolute comedic failure. Im disappointed, hurt, and outright offended that my precious time has been wasted in my brain understanding that joke. In the time that took I was planning on helping kids who have been orphaned, but because of that you've waisted my time explaining the obscene integrity of your terrible attempt at comedy. Now those kids are suffering without meals and there's nobody to blame but you. I hope you're happy with what you have done and I truly hope you can move on and learn from this piss poor attempt

  52. I am Horse

    I am Horse2 dias atrás

    One hit wonder he is dumb one hit wonder hahah

  53. Mohammad Khalil

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    I am Horse crank that, pretty boy swag report card and like 2 more just sayin I ain’t a super fan

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    Microorganism Giorno

  55. Valeria Talavera

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  57. 2,000 subscribers with No videos challenge

    2,000 subscribers with No videos challenge2 dias atrás

    Ur Crush:On a scale of 1/10 how much you like me You: 1:01

  58. Garry Spoon II

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    this is a cry for help

  59. din-HOE-saur

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    yo u ok bro?

  60. Lil Benz

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    Garry Spoon II lol wtf?

  61. Garry Spoon II

    Garry Spoon II2 dias atrás

    death by cop shootout is the way I’d want to go if I was ever suicidal. I’d just start pointing fake guns at cops until they kill me

  62. Garry Spoon II

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    you ever feel like doing some dangerous ass drugs like crack or something just to see if anyone cared. Not for attention, just to see if you meant anything to anyone at all.

  63. Garry Spoon II

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    I wish I had someone who truly cared about me

  64. Garry Spoon II

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    I don’t like Craig he’s a doucsh bag

  65. Garry Spoon II

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    👶🏿Craig the baby here rn

  66. Garry Spoon II

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  67. REPN

    REPN2 dias atrás

    I wish this rap style was current

  68. ThePaintedGamer09

    ThePaintedGamer092 dias atrás

    My childhood brought back in one video

  69. Kent Harris

    Kent Harris2 dias atrás

    Don’t know of modern rap videos that have older couples. Super cool.

  70. Billy Baggins

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  72. Duda Morais

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    LBS GAMING2 dias atrás

    Headphones jacks where a thing back then

  74. Jvffx

    Jvffx2 dias atrás

    Is it jus me or does pretty much every 2000s has that yellow kinda filter?

  75. uni

    uni2 dias atrás

    What you listen to when the homies arent around