Soundtrack to 'Titanic' w/ Ariana Grande & James Corden


  1. Ismail Abu Bakar

    Ismail Abu Bakar11 horas atrás

    She sang beautifully

  2. Arianator

    Arianator19 horas atrás


  3. Laila O'Hara

    Laila O'Hara20 horas atrás

    Ha i love ari so this is funny because she never really doese this

  4. Hernan Astudillo

    Hernan AstudilloDia atrás

    Guaton qlo siempre robando camaras

  5. Nisara K

    Nisara KDia atrás

    I love Ariana

  6. Maria Vizcarra

    Maria VizcarraDia atrás

    Wow que voces

  7. Zoe Archer-brown

    Zoe Archer-brown2 dias atrás

    This is the better titanic than in real life

  8. Mother May I

    Mother May I2 dias atrás

    Sooo good!!!

  9. Mariana Garza

    Mariana Garza2 dias atrás

    Ok but why is no one talking about how good their voices sounded for the last song?

  10. E R

    E R2 dias atrás


  11. The Chosen

    The Chosen2 dias atrás

    one direction :)

  12. Ellie the Elecunt

    Ellie the Elecunt2 dias atrás

    That "My Heart Will Go On" duet. :*)

  13. Adam Ting

    Adam Ting3 dias atrás

    Mission Impossible: How to get sick of this video.


    ALEXANDRA3 dias atrás

    They need to do a cover for the titanic song AND the way I are !!

  15. 00 00

    00 003 dias atrás

    Wow james voice is really good never thought it

  16. Kitty Hello

    Kitty Hello4 dias atrás

    I Love Ari's voice. Nur In don't like that she makes jokes on the lovely Song from Celine Dion

  17. Panos Theoharis

    Panos Theoharis4 dias atrás

    How the fuck did jack revived?

  18. Panos Theoharis

    Panos Theoharis4 dias atrás

    3:35 never gonna make you cry 3:39 riri s character cries

  19. Vy Nguyen

    Vy Nguyen5 dias atrás

    Wow I was speechless when Ariana sings My heart will go on at the end

  20. lara's life

    lara's life5 dias atrás

    her control and stability never fails to amaze me

  21. • CookieAnimations •

    • CookieAnimations •5 dias atrás

    *a h*

  22. Ariana moonlightbae

    Ariana moonlightbae5 dias atrás

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🖤 I cried in the last song😭😭😭

  23. Awesomeness W Dat G MADSNF

    Awesomeness W Dat G MADSNF5 dias atrás

    Am I the only one that cant stop watching this

  24. cristal hernandez

    cristal hernandez5 dias atrás

    i love it

  25. Daniel Wehlmann

    Daniel Wehlmann5 dias atrás

    a review trough my past 25 yrs^^ Thank u James

  26. Carlos Gonzalez

    Carlos Gonzalez5 dias atrás

    Amo A Ariana Grande Alv 💕👌

  27. Rein 18

    Rein 185 dias atrás

    I will say this ariana has the low notes down pretty good but when it comes to the high notes lmao she is not that good .she cant hold them like a real singer. They sound shes pretending to be singing high but not at the same time it's really weird to explain. Yea shes ok at singing I'll give her that but, when her high notes come they are flat.

  28. JessicaMadison

    JessicaMadison5 dias atrás

    How beautiful can a voice be? Ariana is so wonderful. 😍

  29. Sierra_grace_026

    Sierra_grace_0266 dias atrás

    “Jack”: dies Ari: Aw man.

  30. ghadixsa

    ghadixsa6 dias atrás

    Ari please make a cover on mhwgo

  31. ghadixsa

    ghadixsa6 dias atrás

    God i wish he didnt jump on the last one

  32. MemesToMp4

    MemesToMp46 dias atrás

    I just got rick rolled by Ariana grande and James corden.

  33. Aquis Nezlihan Sidem Yilmaz

    Aquis Nezlihan Sidem Yilmaz7 dias atrás

    SO COOL!!!

  34. pathetik

    pathetik7 dias atrás

    Ariana has to do a duet with the Foo Fighters! I loved her singing Learn to Fly!

  35. arely soto

    arely soto7 dias atrás

  36. Ronald Timogan II

    Ronald Timogan II7 dias atrás

    4:04 studio version this please

  37. Amit Tiwari

    Amit Tiwari7 dias atrás

    Suddeny i got goosbumbs was she started singing "will go on"..Ariana voice is magical, balanced sweet.. Clap for James He got awesome voice and singing talent

  38. The World Of ALANNA

    The World Of ALANNA7 dias atrás

    When he started singing steal my girl. Why one direction why!!!!

  39. Maren806

    Maren8068 dias atrás

    Best part 1:10

  40. Ivan Fridrih

    Ivan Fridrih8 dias atrás

    this was the best fckn harmony ever

  41. ana janicijevic

    ana janicijevic8 dias atrás

    Why is nobody talking about 3:09

  42. TANISHA Happier

    TANISHA Happier8 dias atrás

    My heart will go on just KILLED IT

  43. Victoria

    Victoria8 dias atrás

    wow he can sing

  44. judge

    judge8 dias atrás

    Imagine singing effortlessly and sounding like Ariana

  45. Andreia Carlos

    Andreia Carlos8 dias atrás


  46. Ckay

    Ckay9 dias atrás

    I love hearing ari singing hall and oates

  47. Kiley Bear

    Kiley Bear9 dias atrás

    0:57 I thought he had a big zit on his face

  48. Anna Marie

    Anna Marie10 dias atrás

    Foo Fighters 👌

  49. Rellam Bahiu

    Rellam Bahiu10 dias atrás

    They can sing well till the end, even they already jump and runs everywhere... Just so amazing... 🤤

  50. Fken Beast

    Fken Beast10 dias atrás

    That thumbnail tho.....

  51. Sallo154 - Lets Play

    Sallo154 - Lets Play10 dias atrás

    wow recap of titanic in 5 min

  52. Em

    Em10 dias atrás

    Petition to make remake of Titanic with Ari cast as Rose and this time she sings my heart will go on

  53. Regina Toasyana Sinedu

    Regina Toasyana Sinedu10 dias atrás

    Their duet on "My Heart Will Go On" is amazing 😍 James surprise all of us 😍

  54. Miriam Oquendo

    Miriam Oquendo11 dias atrás

    This was soooo much fun!

  55. Qawie

    Qawie11 dias atrás

    You can't tell me she can't sing only an idiot-

  56. Mang Kanor

    Mang Kanor7 dias atrás

    A deaf tone idiot

  57. Toilet Paper

    Toilet Paper11 dias atrás

    *Ariana sings* audience: *james sings* audience: WOOOOOOOOO👏👏👏👏

  58. avina

    avina11 dias atrás

    When it was one direction AHHHHHHHHHH 😭😭😭😭😭

  59. Camila Toledo

    Camila Toledo12 dias atrás

    I hate how they did not clap for her at first she is so good

  60. жас аманов

    жас аманов12 dias atrás


  61. Osker L

    Osker L12 dias atrás

    4:05 you’re welcome