Star Trek: Picard | SDCC Trailer - Sir Patrick Stewart Returns



    RANDO COMMANDO12 horas atrás


  2. David Pauley

    David Pauley10 horas atrás

    Let's wait and see who she is first...

  3. Tom Gardella

    Tom Gardella13 horas atrás


  4. Tom Gardella

    Tom Gardella13 horas atrás

    The brood of the BORG....SOUNDS GOOD.....

  5. Seth Bushnell

    Seth Bushnell15 horas atrás

    tbh, It might be kinda cool to bring back Wesley and have Picard hand over the reins, that would be the truest form of and purpose behind this, Discovery is junk and I'm disappointed. I still think Voyager was a refinement of TNG, (same writers but refinement), and it'd be nice to see some sort of continuum. I'm happy to see 7, doc would also be great.

  6. Cody Budris

    Cody BudrisDia atrás

    and i see there brining picards clone back to life and or using it for somthing?

  7. Cody Budris

    Cody BudrisDia atrás

    weres warf

  8. ezzz9

    ezzz9Dia atrás

    That is not Star Trak. I see another flop, I will not be watching. Thanks for the warning.

  9. Scorch428

    Scorch428Dia atrás

    I actually live down the road from Patrick Stewart. I was driving past his house the other day and saw 2 large dump trucks full of cash just dumping money into his front yard. I didnt know why, but now I get it.

  10. Scorch428

    Scorch428Dia atrás

    oh sweet, ALEX KURTZMAN IS WRITING! I can shut my brain off and let the movie think for me!

  11. Rob

    RobDia atrás

    It doesn't really look like Star trek to me. It looks like days of our lives.

  12. Thomas Dillon

    Thomas DillonDia atrás

    Please don't screw this up as bad as you did Discovery. I looks great keep it that way. Keep Less MOONBAT as far away from it as possible. I'm talking edge of the universe far away. On the upside STD is why I like The Orville so much. Seth is a Trekker.

  13. mikeyh0

    mikeyh0Dia atrás

    I'm still not paying for it even if it is passable. At least, no one can accuse CBS of being a socialist network. LOL.

  14. fallreach2552

    fallreach25522 dias atrás

    Does anyone know what the name of the trailer music is?

  15. Tim Bo

    Tim Bo2 dias atrás

    I think Data is a holo deck program, I hope I'm wrong!!

  16. Tim Bo

    Tim Bo2 dias atrás

    The magic that's make's Star Trek is back!!!!

  17. Erin Meddaugh

    Erin Meddaugh2 dias atrás

    Seriously can't wait. Never liked the original star trek as much as I loved next generation so I am so glad they are doing another series on Picard

  18. 83rdox

    83rdox2 dias atrás

    I was so excited. I love tng and i love 7/9 but it doesn't look like it has any of the elements from tng that I liked aside from PS acting

  19. jonathan atkinson

    jonathan atkinson2 dias atrás


  20. Seta-San

    Seta-San2 dias atrás

    I been looking at Spiners face to see what looks so different. it's his freaking eye brows. they are so fucking then compared to when he was younger. Seriously, make-up crew do your job.

  21. Katie Carr

    Katie Carr2 dias atrás

    Seven of favorite Star Trek character, was the hook for me!

  22. Chris Baughman

    Chris Baughman2 dias atrás

    Picard will always be the captain of my childhood he knew how to take care of business he was one not to mess with

  23. Ben Grogan

    Ben Grogan2 dias atrás

    Here's the thing cbs I don't watch this because I won't pay for your stuff.

  24. William Brent IV

    William Brent IV2 dias atrás

    got so excited just now I peed a little

  25. KG2018

    KG20183 dias atrás

    I've seen all the series. I've seen all the movies. Besides 7 of 9, it looks boring. This just looks like a X-men movie. Older guy gets a team together to help a young girl who doesn't know how powerful she is. Meh.

  26. Matthew Brune

    Matthew Brune3 dias atrás

    Okay, i’m fucking speechless at this, it’s just so damn awesome

  27. cleekmaker00

    cleekmaker003 dias atrás

    0:11 The ONE AND ONLY Insignia a Starfleet officer should wear.

  28. azuredream23

    azuredream233 dias atrás

    I'm guessing the girl Picard is going to protect is some kind of perfected borg if that makes sense

  29. Jordi H

    Jordi H3 dias atrás

    Data: check. Seven of Nine: check. Jean Luc Picard: check. Oh, we have a new series. This is the way CBS says: "We fucked up with Discovery."

  30. Jordi H

    Jordi H3 dias atrás

    I was a Trekkie since I was 15. I will not, NOT, subscribe to CBS All Blackmail to see Jean Luc.

  31. Kitrell Heiden

    Kitrell Heiden3 dias atrás

    Am I seriously intrigued but IM NOT paying cbs just catch this I’ll wait till you tube

  32. Mike Jame

    Mike Jame3 dias atrás

    They made Data's eyes look kinda lame.

  33. Alan Myron

    Alan Myron3 dias atrás

    Seven and Data? Damn.. I guess I will have to subscribe.

  34. Nick Scalan

    Nick Scalan4 dias atrás

    SPOILER THEORY: Picard salvaged DATA's parts and stuck them in that drawer. The girl is LAL(recast with fresh younger actress). Someone got a hold of her, fixed and reactivated her. Brent Spiner was playing B4 at the end. Picard needs to find LAL to try and repair Data.

  35. C. Dawg Knight

    C. Dawg Knight4 dias atrás

    Tea, Earl Grey. Hot.

  36. pathogenofdecay

    pathogenofdecay4 dias atrás

    Worf: I... This is not real. This has to be a dream! A nightmare!! I... ???: No... It's me... I'm here. Worf: Jad...zia...??! Jadzia: :)))

  37. GenerationXT

    GenerationXT4 dias atrás

    7 of 9: "What the hell are you doing out here Picard...saving the galaxy?" Picard: No- I'm trying to save Star Trek.

  38. Michael G

    Michael G4 dias atrás

    Holy Data and 7 of 9. When Picard said engage, massive chills down my spine. I really hope Worf will make a surprise visit.

  39. ThatOrangeDinosaur

    ThatOrangeDinosaur4 dias atrás

    Me: Should I get All Access for this? Also Me: Make it so

  40. Optical Vital Truth Seeker

    Optical Vital Truth Seeker4 dias atrás


  41. Sakaphoto Graphics

    Sakaphoto Graphics4 dias atrás

    CBS screws up whatever they touch.

  42. Lewis Maker

    Lewis Maker4 dias atrás

    I know who she is and she will save the galaxy. Who is Data's daughter? But will cost her everything?

  43. Yousseph

    Yousseph4 dias atrás

    Fat Data looks cool!

  44. DIRiordan

    DIRiordan5 dias atrás

    I heard Patrick Stewart wrote an episode himself. In it a lady cop tells him he can’t ride his bike in the park, suddenly all her clothes fall off, she struggles to put them back on but it’s too late. He’s already seen everything.

  45. 5KindsOfSmoke

    5KindsOfSmoke5 dias atrás

    Picard is so good with games of chance that they had to replace Magneto with Data for the game of cards scene

  46. 5KindsOfSmoke

    5KindsOfSmoke5 dias atrás

    I was expecting a movie about a middle-aged retired Picard being a burden on society and being forced to an early execution to help save the universe from climate change. I might actually get a chance to watch this one!

  47. Strwz

    Strwz5 dias atrás

    what's wrong with Data's face?

  48. communistjesus

    communistjesus5 dias atrás

    Wait, CBS all access???... So, all of us poor peasants are NOT going to be able to see it😭😭😭😭??....This SUCKS A55…... Welcome to Donald J. Dump U.S.A.😣😣😣😣😢😣😣😣😣...2 my wealthier fellow nerds.. please upload full episodes on to "deBRreporterS"(TRADEMARK JA 1997) Thank you in advance...You. rock..

  49. malachi van haynes

    malachi van haynes5 dias atrás

    Ok CBS you got me!

  50. Liz W

    Liz W5 dias atrás

    Still in geek girl love with Jean-Luc!!!! I may have to get cable to see this.

  51. timothy hunt

    timothy hunt3 dias atrás

    Liz W it’s going to be on cbs all access nkt cable

  52. Han Solo

    Han Solo5 dias atrás

    It's not fair. This trailer raises so many hopes that logically cannot be fulfilled. Well done!

  53. Conney Candy

    Conney Candy5 dias atrás


  54. Galactica Via

    Galactica Via5 dias atrás

    Be the Captain they remember, and get this man... his TEA: Earl Grey!!!

  55. Establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense

    Establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense5 dias atrás


  56. Wayne Ace

    Wayne Ace6 dias atrás

    seriously hope they shoved the kelvin crapline where the sun don't shine. they were good movies but blowing up vulcan seriously dumb move

  57. David Rohrer

    David Rohrer6 dias atrás

    old af but still a badass

  58. Michael Baumler

    Michael Baumler6 dias atrás

    Dang, Seven of Nine is back and she's got some sass. I like it.

  59. Murphy82nd

    Murphy82nd6 dias atrás

    I hope it's tv show Picard and not movie Picard.

  60. jthornt01

    jthornt016 dias atrás

    Hey CBS! Shut up and take my money! I said I wasn''t going to pay for all access and then you had to go and put Picard, Data and Seven of Nine in a show. Jeri Ryan is still hot too!


    JRL CHARTS6 dias atrás

    Star Trek Picard is 1000 Times better than Discovery just with the trailer.

  62. David Pauley

    David Pauley10 horas atrás

    @Jordi H Perhaps not, but many more will pay to see Picard than Discovery...

  63. Jordi H

    Jordi H3 dias atrás

    But I will still NOT pay to CBS to see him.

  64. Sarah Drake

    Sarah Drake6 dias atrás

    I can see that, Captain.

  65. Dom Oranzi

    Dom Oranzi6 dias atrás

    Seeing Captain Picard and Even Data come back really has me feel like I'm reuniting with old friends. Here's a quote that I think will perfectly sum up the show: "He's Jean-Luc Picard and if he wants to go on one more mission that's what we're going to do."

  66. Farmer Corncob Nanja

    Farmer Corncob Nanja6 dias atrás

    Discovery has left the chat 💭

  67. Israel Flores

    Israel Flores6 dias atrás

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I can't wait! Seeing "Seven Of Nine," the Borg... the collective and all with "Picard" and god knows who else gave me goose bumps... Will Kate Mulgrew Make an appearance? Please... Hope she does... best Captain... I LOVE THE TRAILER!

  68. soultheinterrogator

    soultheinterrogator6 dias atrás

    As I'm rewatching all episodes of TNG the scene with Data is that much more emotional

  69. best wishes

    best wishes6 dias atrás

    Star Treck too cheap to bring in the "A" team... a desperate attempt to keep the franchise alive... way too little, way to late. I'll stick with Orville THANKYOU!

  70. bingbonga binga

    bingbonga binga7 dias atrás

    Picard has friends in the Romulan Empire.

  71. Wonder Boi

    Wonder Boi7 dias atrás

    Oh nice :)

  72. ROBO Bow

    ROBO Bow7 dias atrás

    Never been a fan, and watching this has go me thinking I need to beng the everything Picard, TBH I am a StarWars fan (Yes I like Pointy Laser Objects and Space wizards), But Sir Patrick Stewart has always given good stuff in my opinion.

  73. WillMcGrinci

    WillMcGrinci7 dias atrás

    Was that a Cylon Basestar over to the right of the Cube?...

  74. Mike Rankin

    Mike Rankin7 dias atrás

    Looks great! I hope they don't wreck it with a bunch of woke bs.

  75. fxp

    fxp7 dias atrás

    7 of 9 = instant watch. What a beaut. What an actress. She was mesmerizing in Voyager, the best ST with the best Captain of them all - Janeway. Also, love Data and Picard as well. This is worth a watch

  76. samualwatkins

    samualwatkins7 dias atrás

    Oh I really hope at some point the dog is data, like he just decided to see what being a dog is like.

  77. Bryan Steele

    Bryan Steele7 dias atrás

    Production values look pretty damn high

  78. Quiet Bunny

    Quiet Bunny7 dias atrás

    Confirmation there is a God. Thank you for answering my prayers.

  79. Michael Bourquin

    Michael Bourquin7 dias atrás

    This actually looks good. Bringing back old stories and staying in the future is always a good sign it will at least attempt to follow cannon. Also 7 of 9!

  80. michael mancini

    michael mancini7 dias atrás

    All I can say is...WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

  81. Larry Wolf

    Larry Wolf8 dias atrás

    You have forgotten who you are... Because that shit ain't Star Trek, it's a shitty action show. Meh. They don't even know what makes Star Trek Star Trek anymore. It's sad.

  82. etischofer

    etischofer8 dias atrás

    Data's makeup looks really bad.

  83. John Wolf

    John Wolf8 dias atrás

    No way... Everyone knows that Picard retired to live with the Baku, and he's younger than ever by now. Happy trails!

  84. Streeknine

    Streeknine8 dias atrás

    My only hope is that they don't repeat "The Last Jedi" movie production. Throw a few Star Trek style ships along with Borg, Romulans and OG characters at us that die off and are replaced by younger characters and expect to have a good series. There better be a good story!

  85. M.K.M.

    M.K.M.8 dias atrás

    Welcome back, Jean-Luc! We've really missed you!