Star Trek: Picard | SDCC Trailer - Sir Patrick Stewart Returns


  1. Jean. Midi.

    Jean. Midi.2 dias atrás

    I'm all man!?

  2. XG1

    XG14 dias atrás

    SIGN ME UP!!! Now THIS is Star Trek!

  3. Commercial Communication

    Commercial Communication11 dias atrás

    Data must come back. Who acres if he has aged. This is fiction, if it's not part of the story, we disregard it. Or, it would be easy to say that Data chose to modify his parameters so he would age like a human, a la Pinnochio.

  4. Commercial Communication

    Commercial Communication11 dias atrás

    OH my God, this show looks sooooo goood!!!!!!!

  5. Brian Ray

    Brian Ray12 dias atrás

    Space the final frontier... These are the vogages of the starship Enterprise... It's continuing seek out new life and new civilizations. To explore strange new worlds...To boadly go where no one has gone before

  6. Brian Ray

    Brian Ray12 dias atrás

    Wow...that's all I can say... This is what real sifi is. Take note all others. I remember growing up only having basic TV and watching tng every week... Late 80s early 90s such a great time imiss it

  7. Kevin Gonzales

    Kevin Gonzales15 dias atrás

    After Shatner became a caricature, Stewart became my fav. captain!

  8. Polack Wizerd

    Polack Wizerd16 dias atrás

    Seven of nine???

  9. Michael Hardison

    Michael Hardison16 dias atrás

    I 💘 u sir patrick Stewart!!!!

  10. Bobby Bobby

    Bobby Bobby17 dias atrás

    Make it so...

  11. DrewPicklesTheDark

    DrewPicklesTheDark20 dias atrás

    I hope they don't fuck it up.


    ENIEINC24 dias atrás

    hmmm.. we shall see.

  13. ratkinzluver33

    ratkinzluver3329 dias atrás

    I am so incredibly ready.

  14. John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy29 dias atrás

    Back in the day all this cool stuff was for free. I was there to watch the Generations reboot and grew up on Kirk.

  15. Brody

    BrodyMês atrás

    I’m assuming that’s actually B4

  16. Sayyidilyas

    SayyidilyasMês atrás

    Nice. Just needs Riker, Data, Worf, Geordi, and Beverly.

  17. Ryan Lauderdale

    Ryan LauderdaleMês atrás

    Picard shows up with a potential B list cast Trek fans: Aight imma head ou- Seven of Nine and Data show up Trek fans: OHH MY GOOOOOSSSSHHHH!!!

  18. Shane O'Neal

    Shane O'NealMês atrás

    Damn. I've watched this trailer several times, now, but it just made me tear up.

  19. Deadnsd

    DeadnsdMês atrás

    who else had a crush on 7of9 growing up?

  20. Deadnsd

    DeadnsdMês atrás

    @Paul Janetzke totally. agree

  21. Paul Janetzke

    Paul JanetzkeMês atrás

    Had??? She is still very "crushable".

  22. Edsel CM

    Edsel CMMês atrás

    This looks better then the coming Star Wars movie.

  23. armen 05/12/66

    armen 05/12/66Mês atrás

    JJ Abrams kelvin sucks anybody that likes it is mentally ill

  24. Kamane

    KamaneMês atrás

    I'm so frustrated! I can't find the soundtrack the songs used for this, are on! >

  25. Mark Mitchell

    Mark MitchellMês atrás

    Hey the ones you made it to what it is now

  26. neckbonesnrice

    neckbonesnriceMês atrás

    In tng picard was stuck on the elevator with kids. Could those kids be the one who he is helping now.

  27. Paul Janetzke

    Paul JanetzkeMês atrás

    Not likely, we are about 20 years past Nemesis which happened in 2379 and Disaster, the episode you reference, was in season 5 of TNG which was set in 2368. ST:P takes place in the early 2400s, so she looks way too young to be the only girl on the turbolift. Marissa Flores, the character's name, was born in 2359 according to script notes for the episode and would be in her 40s when ST:P takes place.

  28. Jeff Smith

    Jeff SmithMês atrás

    Oh Seven of mine, assimilate ME!

  29. dudethis username

    dudethis usernameMês atrás

    Cbs all access for one show? No,just put it on netflix plz.

  30. 049 Abject testament

    049 Abject testamentMês atrás


  31. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose RodriguezMês atrás

    Is no one gonna Mention seven of nine? Man Jerri Ryan looked amazing in the tight uniforms back in the 90’s

  32. Chris

    ChrisMês atrás

    This is the greatest television show ever!! I am so happy Patrick Stewart has continued this important saga. We the fans respect every actor apart of Star Trek, and we are grateful for everyone's professionalism and zeal to continue this great tale!

  33. LeAnna Estep

    LeAnna EstepMês atrás

    You know that girl is going to be the Queen of the Borg. I am so...engaged. :)

  34. TheDude

    TheDudeMês atrás

    Now it's pretty obvious why 7 of 9 is there, it will be interesting to see her evolution after decades as a human. There is also romulans, and for a brief second you see the corpse of Shinzon of Remus (no idea what they are doing). As for those about Q, he will appear, he even promised in the last episode (or did you guys forget :P) also this series is heavily Borg-oriented obviously Q is a must (or did you forget how it all began as well :P )

  35. TheDude

    TheDudeMês atrás

    There might not be Q in the trailer, but remember how TNG ends "You just dont get it picard, the trial never ends. See you when I see you" - Q

  36. Matthew Bigelow

    Matthew BigelowMês atrás

    This trailer is better than The Force Awakens (Trailer 2) and The Last Jedi (Trailer 2), both of which were better than the films... let's hope it doesn't repeat

  37. Joshua Bates

    Joshua BatesMês atrás

    Damn why does this have to be on CBS Access? I can't afford all the subscriptions!

  38. Cool Cat

    Cool CatMês atrás

    They could have gave data a beard or something since Data has played with his looks in the past and it's well with in his character to do so also if they found a way to bring Data back through ( Q ) Picard could just simply say what's with the beard and Data could just simply say I wanted to give myself a more mature or distinguish look captain. Do you like it? Etc.. etc.. Example of Data's Beard

  39. Inspector Zero

    Inspector ZeroMês atrás

    BRING IT ON!!! No time to wait

  40. Destiny Smith

    Destiny SmithMês atrás

    Not the same without Worf&Geordi🥺

  41. Adr Pals

    Adr PalsMês atrás

    I'm a big Star Trek fan. Will going to watch this movie.

  42. nick perry

    nick perryMês atrás

    How does Data get old and gain weight?

  43. C Rizzy

    C RizzyMês atrás