Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Official Trailer | Disney+


  1. Yellow Fellow

    Yellow FellowDia atrás

    From Cartoon Network to Disney plus

  2. TheLoneRedcoat

    TheLoneRedcoatDia atrás

    1.07 order 66

  3. Koolk

    KoolkDia atrás


  4. MJ Projects

    MJ ProjectsDia atrás

    “Every choice made.....has led to this.” 🔥FAVORITE LINE🔥 MY GOD I CANT WAIT 4 more days 🔥💪🏽💯

  5. Bell Kim

    Bell KimDia atrás

    Ahsoka beats rey

  6. Payton Osiris

    Payton OsirisDia atrás

    Ashoka senses order 66 at 1:06 (second 66)

  7. Ben Perez III

    Ben Perez IIIDia atrás

    Imagine if the series ends with anakin and obi wan flying over Corosaunt

  8. C1RM9NE

    C1RM9NEDia atrás

    Darth mole: the Jedi and republic will die! Ashoka: hold my lightsabers

  9. DarkVoid 17

    DarkVoid 17Dia atrás

    Well I’m hard....

  10. Liam Gwizdz

    Liam GwizdzDia atrás

    I pooped my pants when I found this

  11. Enchanted Crusader

    Enchanted CrusaderDia atrás

    Me and my freind with two light sabers can make a better starwars film then Disney

  12. Enchanted Crusader

    Enchanted CrusaderDia atrás

    We got another season but at what cost?

  13. Artas1984

    Artas1984Dia atrás

    Hondo-torrent confirmed

  14. Razzle Dazzle

    Razzle DazzleDia atrás

    Stg Aayla Secura better have at least 1 line in the show, it irked me so much that she was the only one that didn't talk in ROTS when they were all around the holotable

  15. Xxgamerxx Yut

    Xxgamerxx YutDia atrás

    Not one scene of Grevious or Dooku....hoping they don’t just throw them away

  16. 1050Ti Kemal

    1050Ti KemalDia atrás

    Ahh that black guy, I like him. Hopefully he wont fall out of a Windu at the end.

  17. Leah Garland

    Leah GarlandDia atrás

    Man bro that Anakin guy seems kinda cool. Hope he doesn’t turn bad or anything.

  18. Qui_Gon12 Gaming

    Qui_Gon12 GamingDia atrás

    Disney, you finally did something good for star wars.

  19. Baby Y0da

    Baby Y0daDia atrás

    A plot to destroy the pffft.... no way, who would ever do that. I mean it would be an awesome plot twist but no way will that happen

  20. blackdreamhunk2

    blackdreamhunk2Dia atrás

    Kathleen Kennedy had Finn the only black male character chasing a white girl the entire trilogy saying WHERE IS REY?!

  21. blackdreamhunk2

    blackdreamhunk2Dia atrás

    youtube" Steela Gerrera, The Clone Wars, and Black Women in Star Wars (with Avery)"

  22. sedih hijab

    sedih hijabDia atrás

    pokonya tiada duasnya

  23. Yats Kof

    Yats KofDia atrás

    doesnt matter how many times i hear it, binary sunset still gives me the chill

  24. blackdreamhunk2

    blackdreamhunk2Dia atrás

    Disney and star wars are anti-black.

  25. ______________

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  26. MLG Antlers

    MLG AntlersDia atrás

    Did anyone see the Padawan at 0:25 at least I think it’s a padawan Caleb dune which was kadan I Star Wars rebels?

  27. Timur 56255

    Timur 56255Dia atrás

    Star wars battlefront + team fortress 2 + call of duty = this

  28. 501st Brian Kim

    501st Brian KimDia atrás

    I'm guessing the shot at 1:54 is Ahsoka shutting the doors on her clones after Order 66 was issued, which is why Rex is with her, since he doesn't have the chip in his head. Poor Rex...I can't imagine his desperate cries as he tries to make his brothers stop shooting at Ahsoka... 😥😭😵

  29. Luis Zayas

    Luis ZayasDia atrás

    Is anyone else here a band nerd and keeps replaying it just to listen to the glorious soundtrack

  30. dbreiden83080

    dbreiden83080Dia atrás

    Future of Star Wars is TV..

  31. Viro.

    Viro.Dia atrás

    Don't mind me just rewinding this stuff

  32. Katie Gant

    Katie GantDia atrás


  33. Guzgod

    GuzgodDia atrás

    Shoulda been 2 more seasons cmon now

  34. Adrian Martínez

    Adrian MartínezDia atrás

    After this hopefully we’re getting Star Wars the old republic series

  35. Original Lad

    Original Lad2 dias atrás

    Order 66: GEE ITS SWEEL MEET MY old FRIEND THATS RIGHT I saw many people, die


    FAVIE RIVERA2 dias atrás

    Should mace windu and Ashoka tano Be in Star Wars battlefront 2

  37. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts2 dias atrás


  38. Grahpayy

    Grahpayy2 dias atrás

    Who’s ready for another round of hearing “This is Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi...” again?

  39. Nunyadam Bizniss

    Nunyadam BiznissDia atrás

    Round 3, I believe

  40. A Aren

    A Aren2 dias atrás

    We need at least one hello there

  41. Morgan Lasch

    Morgan Lasch2 dias atrás

    Even if the Jedi and Republic fall, Luke Skywalker will save the galaxy and restore them both

  42. dflowers30

    dflowers302 dias atrás

    Now thats Star Wars gotdammit

  43. Holy Shit

    Holy Shit2 dias atrás

    1:02 what is the first word what maul says

  44. Shea the cow

    Shea the cow2 dias atrás

    "all part of the plan"

  45. Nathanael Inman

    Nathanael Inman2 dias atrás

    Execute Order 1:06

  46. Nathanael Inman

    Nathanael Inman2 dias atrás

    Execute Order 0:66

  47. Me

    Me2 dias atrás

    01:44 Blue?

  48. Jordan N

    Jordan NDia atrás

    Me new light saber

  49. thibaldus3

    thibaldus32 dias atrás

    Please don't overdo the feminism. I get mixed feelings from this trailer.

  50. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonutsDia atrás

    Nate Horne straight up facts

  51. Nate Horne

    Nate HorneDia atrás

    Just because something has a woman in it doesn't mean it's "Feminism", smh

  52. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts2 dias atrás

    Why because there were women?

  53. Slade Wilson 1

    Slade Wilson 12 dias atrás


  54. ScribeSlendy

    ScribeSlendy2 dias atrás

    I need this song on the OST

  55. Dylan Wight

    Dylan Wight2 dias atrás

    It has to be said, the studio has done a bang up job with the models, lighting and animation!

  56. Ryan Abate

    Ryan Abate2 dias atrás

    I personally think this is a bigger deal than "Rise of Skywalker".

  57. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts2 dias atrás


  58. Mitchell Losey

    Mitchell Losey2 dias atrás

    1:45 brings back memories

  59. XMorbidReignX

    XMorbidReignX2 dias atrás

    In the time between S6 and S7 Boys, became men Girls, became women Some of us have children old enough now to watch with us Some of us are married Some of us are divorced Some of us will pay to ...cry Some of us will sail the high seas, to again, cry. But none of us gave up on this show.

  60. Anna Blatkiewicz

    Anna Blatkiewicz2 dias atrás

    Where grievous!!!

  61. UltimateAntic

    UltimateAntic2 dias atrás

    Unlike the last sequel movie, they don't have to spam youtube with TV spots to get people genuinily hyped for this.

  62. Bit trip Tovar

    Bit trip Tovar2 dias atrás

    *Padmae shows up* Me: *cries in order 66*

  63. Marcelo Abad

    Marcelo Abad2 dias atrás

    This is how you make a Star Wars, Abrams and Johson, this how you make a Star Wars...

  64. Hollywood Tonight

    Hollywood Tonight2 dias atrás

    This looks great, when does the sequel come out: 2005

  65. Antonio Araiza

    Antonio Araiza2 dias atrás

    Can Lucasfilm Ltd. put Clone Wars Season 7 on Television?

  66. Antonio Araiza

    Antonio AraizaDia atrás

    @DarthEatsDonuts Heck No!! The REAL owner is 20th Century Fox.

  67. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts2 dias atrás

    It's owned by Disney now. Just get Disney plus

  68. dbreiden83080

    dbreiden830802 dias atrás

    To me this goes to show you the future of Star Wars might be in television. We don’t need a great trilogy of movies. Just keep releasing amazing television content like this.

  69. Tyler Prather

    Tyler Prather2 dias atrás

    'bout the 20th time I've seen this trailer

  70. Desp1te2g

    Desp1te2g3 dias atrás

    Fun fact: any time you pause the video, it will be a great desktop background :)

  71. Juul

    Juul3 dias atrás

    Mace Windu: "I sense a plot to destroy the jedi." *Emperor Palpatine:* ⚡⚡⚡