Steph Curry FINALLY REACTS To Kevin Durant Leaving The Golden State Warriors!


  1. The Fumble

    The FumbleMês atrás

    Ironically, the NBA Draft doesn’t ALWAYS know how to pick em… Sometimes the top picks end up being the biggest losers. We dove into the history of the draft to find the players who had the most potential but for one reason or another didn’t live up to the hype. Tell us who you think the biggest disappointment came from:

  2. Troy Mcdaniel

    Troy McdanielMês atrás

    Coberrr they are talking about his first NBA team

  3. Troy Mcdaniel

    Troy McdanielMês atrás

    Walter Spencer they are talking about his first NBA team

  4. Deshun Smith

    Deshun SmithMês atrás

    Yall focused on he ain't from ny. My focus is somewhere else lol

  5. JellyKing Ice

    JellyKing IceMês atrás

    Britt, you lookin mighty finnneee

  6. Bossman

    BossmanMês atrás

    They wont win without kd

  7. Nathan Russell

    Nathan Russell11 dias atrás

    Golden State Warriors is the best team and Steph is the best NBA player ever

  8. CHAN Pui kwan

    CHAN Pui kwan18 dias atrás

    I hate Kd

  9. Connor Rhodes

    Connor Rhodes20 dias atrás

    I'm sry but this is Houston's year

  10. P d

    P d22 dias atrás

    Apparently, Its better to leave Gsw as fans seems don't really appreciated him n his precious contributions that led to lift up the NBA titles consecutively but all of these would be vanish n would be remembered as a History...byee GSW.....when its all said n done ; its done. His ears n heart can't take any longer by hearings the most hateful words i.e. " GSW was better without KD n we don't really needed him " Just as their pathetic mr: Green thoughts who,in reality, can't do much for d team but so jealousy n got a fat lips.

  11. carlyle sr. pulliam

    carlyle sr. pulliam24 dias atrás

    No Knicks are go too playoff

  12. Bobby Walton

    Bobby Walton25 dias atrás

    KD roached upon two rings and then tore his ASS! That was the only way he was gonna get one.

  13. Lil 2PAC

    Lil 2PACMês atrás

    You finer than his wife 😘😍

  14. Mariano Nieves

    Mariano NievesMês atrás

    Britt you are so beautiful interview me any day I want

  15. D River

    D RiverMês atrás

    The fumble messed up for showing kd bald spot

  16. Matt Anderson

    Matt AndersonMês atrás

    Isn't kds home D.C. Not ny??

  17. Rolex Tha plug

    Rolex Tha plugMês atrás


  18. Brian Kaz

    Brian KazMês atrás

    He from MD fym

  19. dee mabs

    dee mabsMês atrás

    This girl is like a pornstar

  20. Lemuel Laster

    Lemuel LasterMês atrás

    I wonder if Britt Johnson is single?

  21. Daniel  Wilson

    Daniel WilsonMês atrás

    No there run is not over Dangelo Russell is like a young Kevin Durant so the might be better at least on paper they are so will see you seen Stephen curry win games against the Raptors on his own being lebron like games so talk about what kd and de angelo! Are similar

  22. Daniel Bochert

    Daniel BochertMês atrás

    * hes

  23. Daniel Bochert

    Daniel BochertMês atrás

    Who cares where she’s from, this chick is hot

  24. Don Book

    Don BookMês atrás

    Tell this lady to put some clothes on. This is absolutley ridiculous her dress is completely inappropriate.

  25. Christian the Cathlic

    Christian the CathlicMês atrás

    Deep down curry be like: idgaf we got dlo that means MORE THREES

  26. Abdul-Kareem Tanimowo

    Abdul-Kareem TanimowoMês atrás

    Wasn’t born on New York therefore not his home state

  27. Mason and Carter2k

    Mason and Carter2kMês atrás

    Washington, D.C. is where he lived

  28. Joey Patterson

    Joey PattersonMês atrás


  29. qweef69

    qweef69Mês atrás

    Your nipples will get hard when Willey caulie-stien catches Steph currys lobs and throw it down.As much as I hate seeing another great big man leave Sacramento he will be even greater with Curry and Russels precise feeds and lobs.

  30. Baxter

    BaxterMês atrás

    Hes from washington dc

  31. DC Superhero

    DC SuperheroMês atrás

    Tit Johnson 👀

  32. Hidden_Scythe

    Hidden_ScytheMês atrás

    I swear the second Britt stops hosting half the ppl gonna stop watch Cuz they were all thirsty

  33. Hidden_Scythe

    Hidden_ScytheMês atrás

    Pie charts of comments: 50%: I would totally go on a date with her Other half:*KD is not from Maryland r u dumb*

  34. jarred marques

    jarred marquesMês atrás

    What you call sad, I call humble

  35. The Screen Vault

    The Screen VaultMês atrás

    Kd is from Maryland. She lost all validation. My cousins played hs against him.

  36. Furious Dogerz

    Furious DogerzMês atrás

    nigga I forgot this yt channel and I remember the go host she was hot as fucc

  37. Furious Dogerz

    Furious DogerzMês atrás


  38. Nasa To Real

    Nasa To RealMês atrás

    She can say he is from anywhere she is hot af

  39. Rireflix

    RireflixMês atrás

    Titits YES brain NO !

  40. Angel Salazar

    Angel SalazarMês atrás

    She’s hot no cap

  41. xRag

    xRagMês atrás


  42. Andre Custis

    Andre CustisMês atrás

    He is from DC

  43. 1 deep

    1 deepMês atrás

    Oo yo LeBron make some room:]

  44. Mitch Farrell

    Mitch FarrellMês atrás

    or Washington DC is where hes from but go on...

  45. Stephon Terrell

    Stephon TerrellMês atrás

    Damn she fine 😍😘💯👍🏿

  46. Jodii Capo

    Jodii CapoMês atrás

    Bruh kd from the DMV

  47. kidphresh2000

    kidphresh2000Mês atrás

    Id leave both my nuts...arms and legs hangin out of her🍆👀💪

  48. Kingmonte 23

    Kingmonte 23Mês atrás

    Hey britt

  49. Joe Asuncion

    Joe AsuncionMês atrás

    Britt, that's your name Are THOSE yours?? Awesome!!

  50. CrispixYT

    CrispixYTMês atrás

    The warriors era started without kd so losing him does not end it

  51. drumkornut

    drumkornutMês atrás

    Sad you are so unsure of your commentary that you resort to the boob shot.

  52. Ivan Espinal

    Ivan EspinalMês atrás

    Warriors gonna win the championship with steph Klay and draymond

  53. Raul Gonzalez Gonzalez

    Raul Gonzalez GonzalezMês atrás

    Funny how after the Dubs won so much, now only months after losing one championship, they are forgotten and won't win a playoff let alone a Championship? They still have the champion blueprint, pedigree, coach, Curry, Klay, Draymond and new younger high profile bench. Lakers ,Clippers and Rockets have ball Hogs with personal glory players,,,that does not work...

  54. Raul Zaragoza

    Raul ZaragozaMês atrás

    But not with Klay, with DLo

  55. Raul Zaragoza

    Raul ZaragozaMês atrás

    They already did

  56. Jason Muhammad

    Jason MuhammadMês atrás

    He ain't from nyc

  57. Short Parra

    Short ParraMês atrás

    I feel like Durant is gonna be ass

  58. Satch Villian

    Satch VillianMês atrás

    Its over for the warriors

  59. carmelo Lovelady

    carmelo LoveladyMês atrás

    I feel bad for Stephen curry

  60. Benson Rollins

    Benson RollinsMês atrás

    Kd will never get another ring neither will steph

  61. Michael J. Lust, Jr.

    Michael J. Lust, Jr.Mês atrás

    What an annoying voice

  62. Surg Rubin

    Surg RubinMês atrás

    Amber titty should not be talking. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE SODIMITES. YOUR OPINIONS ARE OF NO VALUE !!!!

  63. julio urbina

    julio urbinaMês atrás

    Steph kissing his rings goodbye...

  64. Ryan Mack

    Ryan MackMês atrás

    Hes not from brooklyn....

  65. DRE-DUGG

    DRE-DUGGMês atrás

    Voice is annoying

  66. Jake Fernandez

    Jake FernandezMês atrás

    yon na nga maganda yan ph

  67. aizen FTW

    aizen FTWMês atrás

    Brit came back wooo


    BDR CHRISTMês atrás

    Playoffs but no finals

  69. Jonathan Rhodes

    Jonathan RhodesMês atrás

    The Warriors my team and I’m rider with them forever And we still should have a chance in the finals with out KD because the warriors been that

  70. Troy Lantican

    Troy LanticanMês atrás

    I love your boobs

  71. luffy uzumaki

    luffy uzumakiMês atrás

    The host is so beautiful.

  72. Ricky Lahey

    Ricky LaheyMês atrás

    no one's gonna say TITTAYS????

  73. alberto bracetti

    alberto bracettiMês atrás

    I hope they never win another final fuckers

  74. Superpokemonnenterainment

    SuperpokemonnenterainmentMês atrás

    He’s not from New York,he’s from Maryland💀

  75. Saul Tamez

    Saul TamezMês atrás

    Why do you have to be annoying and loud

  76. Teesa Lee

    Teesa LeeMês atrás

    I thought KD was from DC

  77. Syphic Killer

    Syphic KillerMês atrás

    Good ole big tit johnson

  78. Mel Tiglao

    Mel TiglaoMês atrás

    Manyaman ka misis 😜

  79. Owen Stallings

    Owen StallingsMês atrás

    Damn she hot

  80. Chris Cornell

    Chris CornellMês atrás

    Hey didn't everyone know KD not from New York who gives a fuq

  81. Aaron Da youtuber

    Aaron Da youtuberMês atrás

    She was sitting down on that big butt But I was still staring at the titties though -optic_aaron

  82. Sahir Talukdar

    Sahir TalukdarMês atrás

    Steph is the best

  83. Quincy Holmes

    Quincy HolmesMês atrás

    Felt that pain in Steph's voice that KD is not gonna play or not gonna be on the team no more!!!you build a bond with someone and when that person do feel some kind of way...but!!!!!!

  84. ASAP ShadowFall Gaming

    ASAP ShadowFall GamingMês atrás

    They tell her what to say she has no clue whats going on about anything but the money lmao

  85. Firos Shams

    Firos ShamsMês atrás

    Just watching cause of her Hooters

  86. babylloyd100

    babylloyd100Mês atrás

    kd is not from NY dummy lol

  87. Boyde Greenway

    Boyde GreenwayMês atrás

    Thought his home state was MD

  88. Janna King

    Janna KingMês atrás

    kd is from maryland

  89. Justin Mueller

    Justin MuellerMês atrás

    He’s from Maryland not NY