Stephen A. applauds the Giants for replacing Eli Manning with Daniel Jones | First Take


  1. Zarion Jones

    Zarion Jones12 dias atrás

    Yeah but when Mcadoo benched him you all bashed him and called for his job. He was a better coach period.

  2. Jordan Dobbins

    Jordan Dobbins23 dias atrás

    Im not a giants fan i was around when eli played he has won two sb rings but its time to move on from him

  3. fake conservatives

    fake conservatives26 dias atrás

    Eli has a ring .. u have um stupid show

  4. Willie Dejesus

    Willie Dejesus26 dias atrás

    Praise YOU Steven-A! YOU hit it right on the bull's eyes by mentioning the emotional and drowned energy us GIANTS fans have endured not only in the last 6 or 7 seasons? But more like 13 of the 15 complete seasons that Eli Manning has played and this 16th season was no exception! It was about time the owners or the entire staff put us fans first! So thank you Steven-A for bringing up such valuable point!

  5. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith27 dias atrás

    She needs to stfu!

  6. Project mgr

    Project mgr27 dias atrás

    Daniel Jones looks more like Eli actually looks like an Eli Clone. They look more like brothers than peyton does?

  7. Zachary Humphries

    Zachary Humphries27 dias atrás

    Looking for avid @DraftKings and/or @Fanduel players to agree to take part in a short interview. Your help is much appreciated! @ Message me on Twitter: @Z_Humphries if interested.

  8. Evan LaFond

    Evan LaFond27 dias atrás

    Eli the best stop disrespecting him and saying he sucks he’s trying his best tf give him a chance

  9. Poop

    Poop28 dias atrás

    Eli has a cerebral mind?!

  10. Ethan Po

    Ethan Po28 dias atrás

    I love,love Eli! He bought us 2 chips and great joy for a decade in a half. The memories will never fade and we will always love Eli...but its time smh But Eli will bow out gracefully and we need to give him a statue. He will always be our guy.

  11. British Boxer

    British Boxer28 dias atrás

    Title should be : Stephen A. applauds the Giants for replacing Eli Manning with a genetically modified clone of Eli Manning....

  12. jj de B

    jj de B28 dias atrás

    You all were hating on Daniel Jones,, especially you Max and Mr A Smith,, saying even his name was wrong,, now you all saying he s a great player,, you forgot when you said Daniel Who?

  13. Jeff Mitchell

    Jeff Mitchell28 dias atrás

    Eli should go be a sports talk host in San Diego. They like him there now.

  14. Sharrieff Vincent

    Sharrieff Vincent28 dias atrás

    is he that good or is the kicker from Tampa Bay just that bad !

  15. Angelo Materia

    Angelo Materia28 dias atrás

    Stephen “I disagree and here’s why” smith

  16. Eric Mariani

    Eric Mariani28 dias atrás

    Eli should have been gone. He’s washed up! He’s done! Stick a fork in it!

  17. Eric Mariani

    Eric Mariani28 dias atrás

    It’s about freaking time! Let’s get some new blood.

  18. Trey Hall

    Trey Hall28 dias atrás

    🤔So 💣💣💣✌️👆🐰

  19. Jordi Sanchis-Sanchez

    Jordi Sanchis-Sanchez28 dias atrás

    Good OL? They allowed 5 sacks on Jones (sure, he needs to improve his pocket awareness), he had a fumble recovered by TB, and he had to use his legs because of the pressure. Not sure this OL is or performed as good as Max claims it to be. However, I am sure every single OLmen is excited and pumped to be playing for Jones and will work harder to protect him. Very happy Jones' first game ended up in the epic W as it was. TB shot themselves on the foot and lost that game, but to come back from that deficit and without Saquon is spectacular and makes for a great story. Very happy for Jones, and the Giants. But the OL? Average at best, imo. Bottom line: Giants don't win that game with Eli. Thank you and goodbye, Eli.

  20. janis317

    janis31728 dias atrás

    Yeah he looks good against Cincy but that was a secondary that had 4 total picks and 0 from their corners all of last year, He also looked good against Tampa and Washington but their secondaries are as bad as the Bengals. Lets see what he does against elite secondary play that has a pass rush to back it up.

  21. Jungle Man

    Jungle Man29 dias atrás

    God thank you. Now i can watch my Giants again. After his brother retired, it just seemed like Eli gave up. They shouldve traded him a long time ago. Ecspecially how much players move around through the league now.

  22. J Stawch

    J Stawch29 dias atrás

    watching this after saquon got hurt . Lol

  23. explore 2580

    explore 258029 dias atrás

    i want to sleep with molly and here's why

  24. kassi420

    kassi42029 dias atrás

    I disagree with Max that Offensive line was still garbage

  25. Marcus Henderson

    Marcus Henderson29 dias atrás

    Jones can run too

  26. Marcus Henderson

    Marcus Henderson29 dias atrás

    Saquon is to Barkley as Touch is to Down

  27. stick jr.

    stick jr.29 dias atrás

    Stephen A on1, Max kellerman 0

  28. Colin Stapleton

    Colin Stapleton29 dias atrás

    This is aging well

  29. Dino Gonzalez

    Dino Gonzalez29 dias atrás

    Plz get rid of molly /: it’s hard to watch tbh

  30. Joshua Jacobs

    Joshua Jacobs29 dias atrás

    You can tell if molly speaks SAS looks pissed

  31. Relayer6a

    Relayer6a29 dias atrás

    Maybe, contrary to what people think, Eli might not want to do it anymore.

  32. DXGypsy's Old Time Radio

    DXGypsy's Old Time Radio29 dias atrás

    I remember only a month ago these clowns laughing at the Giants over Jones and every reason the team was wrong for doing it. Now they're jumping on the bandwagon. To late. We remember.

  33. paul creighton

    paul creighton29 dias atrás

    well yous were wrong the boy played really good

  34. Bryan Cruz

    Bryan Cruz29 dias atrás

    Who's here after Daniel Jones carried the Giants to their first W? 🔥

  35. NBK6

    NBK629 dias atrás

    Manning a namby-pamby with a ball who got lucky twice having good players around him. He's never been athletic, has 0 moves. Get rid of him already.

  36. tspectuning

    tspectuning29 dias atrás

    I love Stephen A. And I love Daniel Jones, LETS GO BIG BLUE!!! The comeback kid is coming for that ring!!!!

  37. Morris Fostoff

    Morris Fostoff29 dias atrás

    If Giants really want to win, they should start using the old 2 backs A formation, they have two outstanding running backs, so many more plays can be constructed with 2 running backs, all you need is the creativeness. At all times one man is back to block, for the runner or QB. but there are so many criss-cross plays that defense will never know who has the ball, or there are more options for passing to either one & open up the running game that way. Giant plays have been mundane & boring, I am 95 yr old,& I can predict 90 % of all your plays by the simple formations that U stick with for 20 yrs or more.

  38. Michael Duncan

    Michael Duncan29 dias atrás

    Lol I'm watching them play Tampa Bay and he just fumbled

  39. Real Heel Ryan

    Real Heel Ryan29 dias atrás

    Eli hasn’t been the problem. Definitely not the solution but to put the losses squarely on his is just moronic.Everyone knew this wasn’t going to be a good year. They brought Eli back to teach Jones how to be a qb in the NFL before handing him the reigns. Stephen is doing what he does best. Running off at the mouth about things he has no idea about and has never even tried.

  40. James Friss

    James FrissMês atrás

    Yes he should have been let go last year he is not a good quarterback 240 int career horrible

  41. NYGiants11

    NYGiants1129 dias atrás

    James Friss 2 time SB MVP and champion you dumbass. Top 10 in passing yards and TDs. HoRrIbLe

  42. Ludvig Borga

    Ludvig BorgaMês atrás

    Really, Kellerman? You thought Manning was "cooked" last year? He passed for 4200 yards while only throwing 11 interceptions with an offensive line made out of origami paper. Other quarterbacks would give their left kidney to have a season like that.

  43. Riveriux Phenom

    Riveriux PhenomMês atrás

    I will forever hate Eli Manning.

  44. Trickshot Squad

    Trickshot SquadMês atrás

    Giants should sign AB

  45. Danielle Murtagh

    Danielle MurtaghMês atrás

    Fresh set of eyes and a new hunger to win and prove himself to us Giants Fans❤Good Luck Daniel I wish you all the best!

  46. Edward Mowton

    Edward MowtonMês atrás

    Stephen A. Smith's stylist should also be benched. Checkered shirt on checkered suit with a textured tie... lol

  47. kingkongstrong

    kingkongstrongMês atrás

    I will take Eli in Carolina.

  48. John Pembroke

    John PembrokeMês atrás

    Who watches so much that this show still airs.

  49. longflopy dog

    longflopy dogMês atrás

    Eli has Downs

  50. Arn Martin

    Arn MartinMês atrás

    Payton M went 3-13 in his first year and 13-3 because they found out he was the real deal you have to know all the kids capabilities

  51. Arn Martin

    Arn Martin29 dias atrás

    Brian OSullivan yeah men but there’s something about DJ that reminds me of Peyton he can bring out the best of other players around him but your completely right

  52. Brian OSullivan

    Brian OSullivan29 dias atrás

    Arn Martin How about Troy Aikman. Lost all 15 of his starts in his rookie season, getting killed over and over, because he had no one around him. The last time I checked, won three Super Bowls, built a team around him, and went to Canton. Sometimes, you have to go through baptism by fire to know what you really have.

  53. ilikeiguanas.23

    ilikeiguanas.23Mês atrás

    The whole offensive line argument is such bullshit. Eli has been cooked for years now

  54. Carlos Nieto

    Carlos NietoMês atrás

    I wish they wouldve made this decision in the offseason

  55. Noel Ortiz

    Noel OrtizMês atrás

    Idk why people keep talking about this what’s done is done don’t make it worse then it’s gotta be Daniel Jones is are future and we got to move ahead there’s no going back

  56. Five-Mars

    Five-MarsMês atrás

    Max: "Well let me start by sayi..." S.A.S: " YOU'RE WRONG AND HERES WHY!"

  57. Yes Sir

    Yes SirMês atrás

    So Molly summed up what Steven A. said and reiterated what max said? . . 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  58. Ayush Flames

    Ayush FlamesMês atrás

    Is max kellerman really a giants fan?

  59. John Sepulvedo

    John SepulvedoMês atrás

    Ecry Spamming

  60. One4All All4One

    One4All All4OneMês atrás

    Eli can retire if he wants. He got so many millions. Some people are so greedy.

  61. Aubrey Souza

    Aubrey SouzaMês atrás

    Lying bout that Cincy game

  62. lamp love

    lamp loveMês atrás

    Hmmmm keep Eli and you lose, put in Jones and you either win or you lose and he gets experience under his belt and starts to work to improve now. Why is this a debate????

  63. Alex Blake

    Alex BlakeMês atrás

    I mean they’re sitting Eli to play Eli.... I’m not expecting much