Steven Universe Season 6 Update! New Episodes + Peridot & Steven Scene!


  1. The Roundtable

    The Roundtable14 dias atrás

    What do you think Steven and Peridot's big emotional moment will be? Let us know! Go to to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free. ARTWITHKODA:

  2. Leo Escola

    Leo Escola6 dias atrás

    Hi Roundtable, I just want to know how the payment works in ExpressVPN, do you pay the full price right off the bat, or pay almost 7 euros a month, in the special 15 month plan?

  3. Nindya YT

    Nindya YT11 dias atrás

    Fusion and hug!!!!😍😍😘😘😗😗😙😙😚😚😚😆😆😆😆💖💖💖💞💞💞💕💕💕💟💟💟💗💗💗😖😖😖

  4. Tyler Arnold

    Tyler Arnold13 dias atrás

    Rudyolf Schiermeister but how does he know that will be an episode

  5. Rudyolf Schiermeister

    Rudyolf Schiermeister13 dias atrás

    It will be peridot coming to terms with yellow diamond because perisot betrayed yellow diamond. It would have seemed to her friends on homeworld that she was abandoning them. It might be her coming to terms and apologizing to her friends on Homeworld

  6. Tyler Arnold

    Tyler Arnold13 dias atrás

    how do u know s6 ep1 will be about peridot and steven

  7. Adrien Altidor

    Adrien Altidor17 horas atrás

    What if its hessonite from the game save the light

  8. Glaxel

    Glaxel3 dias atrás

    Just a quick skip in case you don't wanna deal with the express Vpn ad, It goes on from 2:14-3:31

  9. Jasper The Spirit

    Jasper The Spirit3 dias atrás


  10. sevi

    sevi4 dias atrás

    The Roundtable: Season 6 update! Me: Don't do that :( Don't give me hope

  11. Mark Petrakis

    Mark Petrakis5 dias atrás

    Steven universe should focus on pink diamond right after she came to be up until she gets shattered

  12. AirPods.mp4

    AirPods.mp45 dias atrás

    I want Steven universe to end next year and then a new spin off show comes called “Home World” where it shows home world pre gem war and how pink was as a diamond in more detail

  13. MrG100 GT

    MrG100 GT6 dias atrás

    The one at the END looks like White Pearl aka Pink Pearl maybe Pink Pearl was cracked in the eye by White Diamond because she became evil like she looks END sceene. And Pink Pearl might be the next seasons evil gem.

  14. Eden Meadows

    Eden Meadows6 dias atrás

    I love the frickin thumbnail 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Squishee Fishee W31RD0

    Squishee Fishee W31RD08 dias atrás

    Ooooh I can’t wait :3


    NUCLEAR NATE8 dias atrás

    More green space dorito coming your way

  17. Nucleartoast

    Nucleartoast8 dias atrás

    O yeah connie kinda said what will happen in the movie (check the episode with aquamarine)

  18. Wig less

    Wig less8 dias atrás


  19. Unipotato Princess

    Unipotato Princess8 dias atrás

    *chanting* lapidot lapidot lapidot

  20. Comrade Lad Boi

    Comrade Lad Boi8 dias atrás

    I miss society

  21. Comrade Lad Boi

    Comrade Lad Boi8 dias atrás

    China had 20 million casualties during the Second World War.

  22. Comrade Lad Boi

    Comrade Lad Boi8 dias atrás

    Soviet Russia had 30 million casualties during the Second World War

  23. Galaxy Wolvez

    Galaxy Wolvez9 dias atrás

    I smell fusion

  24. jaden kun*!

    jaden kun*!9 dias atrás

    Damn nigga why u so giddy in the beginning. "WeLCOME BACK TO CrysTAL cLEARR" faceass

  25. Moha GamesQ8

    Moha GamesQ89 dias atrás

    I wish there is Black Diamond and it's so evil and red and others but i just wish there is Black Diamond and it's so powerful like a god :)

  26. XPandqz

    XPandqz10 dias atrás


  27. Osama Clash

    Osama Clash10 dias atrás

    but why the clickbait :[

  28. Cheekers

    Cheekers11 dias atrás

    It’d be cool to have an episode on rhodonite or fluorite’s gems meeting

  29. Jacob Averitt

    Jacob Averitt11 dias atrás

    I didn't know that you could wipe someone's tears through their visor

  30. Rin Pett

    Rin Pett11 dias atrás

    seriously? no-ones gonna say it? You noticed, I noticed, we all noticed. That thumbnail really cries out stevidot.

  31. PEACHY

    PEACHY11 dias atrás

    u had me sold on express vpn when u said i could watch steven universe on netflix

  32. best at being me

    best at being me11 dias atrás

    Imagine they go full gurren laggan and all combine for the finale.

  33. Puffle Pudding

    Puffle Pudding11 dias atrás

    Wait but Zach said he really wants a Steven and Peridot Fusion... Zach says his Favorite Episodes are unreleased....... oh my gOd

  34. matt johan terrado

    matt johan terrado11 dias atrás

    Cartoon Network never updated about Steven Universe

  35. Brody Pl

    Brody Pl11 dias atrás

    when is the new episodes?

  36. Adrian Maldonado

    Adrian Maldonado11 dias atrás

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m crying and screaming so happily!!!😁😂😭😆😂

  37. DavethXL

    DavethXL11 dias atrás

    pretty much everything in the title was a lie, lol

  38. Eric of the Crystal Gems

    Eric of the Crystal Gems12 dias atrás

    I was literally clickbated. Where exactly is the new peridot and Steven scene exactly???

  39. blueberry loves dusty

    blueberry loves dusty12 dias atrás

    Steven Universe: *breathes* Roundtable: *_SEASON 6 UPDATE-_*

  40. flame trooper entertainment

    flame trooper entertainment12 dias atrás

    Get out of here ostan. Nobody likes you.

  41. SnekyDoodle

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  42. SnekyDoodle

    SnekyDoodle12 dias atrás


  43. C.L.G. Nothing

    C.L.G. Nothing12 dias atrás

    I want them to make me love Peridot again...

  44. Firewave

    Firewave12 dias atrás

    I don't mind new seasons; I'm so affectionate to the characters and writing I'm actually pretty delighted.

  45. Maestrul Gamer

    Maestrul Gamer12 dias atrás

    CN,better start giving more screen time to good shows like The Amazing World of Gumball or Steven Universe and stop supporting that TTG crap!!!!

  46. XxkillerslumberXx X

    XxkillerslumberXx X12 dias atrás

    Zach : *breathes* Tumblr : OMG OFN FKDJS SEASON 6 CONFIRMED !!

  47. Betzy B

    Betzy B12 dias atrás

    I see a potential fusion coming on

  48. AAX Here

    AAX Here12 dias atrás

    Make a lars video

  49. Tara MacLean

    Tara MacLean12 dias atrás

    F U S I O N!!!!!!!!

  50. Digi Tamer J

    Digi Tamer J12 dias atrás


  51. Vladimir Pudding

    Vladimir Pudding12 dias atrás

    MOMO:the scary monster CON:a event where fans gather to do fan things

  52. Mev

    Mev12 dias atrás

    In the thumbnail *STEVEN HAS A NECK??*

  53. Jerald Armstrong

    Jerald Armstrong12 dias atrás

    Hello Roundtable cartoon network you tube just post that steven universe is a musical.

  54. Steven Fellows

    Steven Fellows12 dias atrás

    That was such a click baity title... So no actual update...

  55. 山田冬星

    山田冬星12 dias atrás

    peridot and lapiz lazui

  56. cute mittens official

    cute mittens official12 dias atrás

    That Got me thinking what are other lapis lazuli 's like?

  57. JRB Studios

    JRB Studios12 dias atrás

    Possible arch ... homophobic gems or racist gems or things of that nature :()

  58. Tiffany Partlow

    Tiffany Partlow12 dias atrás

    I hope they reveal mystery girl/Sabean is secretly a gem huntress dying her hair to resemble the renown rose quartz/PD getting close to Perl so she could eradicate there race, maybe the two go on a date Perl freaks out and worries like usual then it gets resolved but shows MGs true motives behind the scenes I've got some theories and it would be an amazing twist you don't just design someone like that and have them not be important we had gems try taking humans what if a human poofed gems and kept the gemstones inside jars or something to keep them from forming we know nothing about MG so who's to say I hope someone sees this IT MUST BE KNOWN

  59. Sophia Ho

    Sophia Ho12 dias atrás

    Sorry i didn't watch this yesterday Still cool you are !! I cannot wait to see it😁😁😁😁

  60. Nightmarish Taco

    Nightmarish Taco12 dias atrás

    Steven has six fingers in the thumbnail

  61. Ann Tenebro

    Ann Tenebro13 dias atrás

    .... stevidot?

  62. This Guy

    This Guy13 dias atrás

    Are we finally gonna see adult/teen Steven?

  63. 4year4thyear

    4year4thyear13 dias atrás

    Why are you such a massive douchebag?

  64. Chrispi Chan

    Chrispi Chan13 dias atrás

    Ahaisbgwuwbshswbsh My sis went to Momocon and they got me a autograph from Steven himself for my birthday So seeing this makes me all happy inside

  65. Doozy Zero

    Doozy Zero13 dias atrás

    Does he mean season 8


    SAMSUNG GALAXY J5613 dias atrás

    The thumbnail is amazing but Steven looks weird

  67. Molly Hodil

    Molly Hodil13 dias atrás


  68. Molly Hodil

    Molly Hodil13 dias atrás

    I ignored the video up until that point😂

  69. Lily Lover’s

    Lily Lover’s13 dias atrás

    No ones gonna talk about Steven having a neck in the thumbnail?

  70. person kid

    person kid13 dias atrás

    I think that in the movie they meet their past selfs Because in the trailer, they are in their old clothes. Garnet has her old top and her old glasses. You can also kinda see Amythyst's old tank top too.

  71. MaxiMan

    MaxiMan13 dias atrás

    sbeven and [B]eridoot

  72. Hutch2Much

    Hutch2Much13 dias atrás


  73. Thatgaming Guy

    Thatgaming Guy13 dias atrás

    Steven: has neck in thumbnail Me: WHAT THE F**K IS THAT!?!?!

  74. Musclerocker

    Musclerocker13 dias atrás

    When’s the movie

  75. squidfish 22

    squidfish 2213 dias atrás


  76. trig

    trig13 dias atrás

    the fact that ur still making videos on this show.. we

  77. 0 2

    0 213 dias atrás


  78. One Big Fox Foxes

    One Big Fox Foxes13 dias atrás

    idc about no peridot i just need more gay mary poppins

  79. UóᴥòU

    UóᴥòU13 dias atrás


  80. Blue

    Blue13 dias atrás

    Getting sick of your click baits...

  81. Banana Fisheru

    Banana Fisheru13 dias atrás


  82. Tainted Flare

    Tainted Flare13 dias atrás

    Dude, this is literally like 0 news.

  83. Eddie Mayen

    Eddie Mayen13 dias atrás

    Does that mean Steven Universe's ending

  84. Martina Armstrong

    Martina Armstrong13 dias atrás

    I want more Steven and Connie 🤩 some more love 💗

  85. lime pie

    lime pie13 dias atrás


  86. CringeGameStrong

    CringeGameStrong13 dias atrás

    👏I need a peridot Steven fusion👏

  87. Kyletan 101

    Kyletan 10113 dias atrás

    Season six already confirmed and everyone knows Roundtable: *SEASON SIX CONFIRMED?*

  88. Squirrelisha Squirrelqua

    Squirrelisha Squirrelqua13 dias atrás

    okay but like where is his neck WE WANT HIS NECK

  89. cleverboi2

    cleverboi213 dias atrás

    Susan Egan is with a LONG E. EEEEGan.

  90. Ruby Red

    Ruby Red13 dias atrás

    I used to love crystal clear but honestly the show has just turned to click bait shit

  91. Fun and Games

    Fun and Games13 dias atrás

    I haven't subscribed but I got your notification .-.

  92. Renamon 565

    Renamon 56513 dias atrás

    Steven needs to fuse with peridot and lapis. 5:36 that looks like a fnaf animatronic

  93. SynchroCodette

    SynchroCodette11 dias atrás

    Gay ass fnaf shit

  94. Renamon 565

    Renamon 56513 dias atrás

    I thought that Steven Universe ended with all the corrupted got fixed

  95. Neo Eonoe

    Neo Eonoe13 dias atrás

    The way you get to the point when you talk on your videos is exhausting.

  96. Frosty JR

    Frosty JR13 dias atrás

    Honestly I really want this to happen in season 6 Connie dies then Steven heals her so she comes back to life just like lars! Then she would be able to live forever with Steven

  97. Daniel zilla

    Daniel zilla13 dias atrás

    Wish Texas have this types of con here in corpus Christi.

  98. JJ Boy

    JJ Boy13 dias atrás

    *There’s a peridot and Steven scene* Man I can smell the Rule 34

  99. Kayle Mathew Comendador

    Kayle Mathew Comendador13 dias atrás

    You guys seem to be low on Steven Universe news lately. Try tackling some other shows for now.

  100. Ken R

    Ken R13 dias atrás


  101. R_oiD

    R_oiD13 dias atrás

    Final chance to see if Lapis could possibly fuse with the other crystal gems. (Pls be lapidot)

  102. Honey Lavender

    Honey Lavender13 dias atrás

    N-Nani?! I-I can smell them... *_The shippers..._*

  103. mad boi

    mad boi13 dias atrás

    I want Lapis and Steven to fuse

  104. Stay

    Stay13 dias atrás

    *tries to wipe peridots tears through glasses*

  105. peanutbird

    peanutbird13 dias atrás

    I smell fusion >:O

  106. Nephera -63

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  107. Shrey Patel

    Shrey Patel13 dias atrás

    Dude, u can get free express VPN service from AC market