Steven Universe The Movie | Official Trailer | Cartoon Network


  1. Deku 4224

    Deku 42247 minutos atrás

    Hey she using Luffy’s powers

  2. FazBearFan 11

    FazBearFan 1129 minutos atrás

    If this is good and a lot of ppl enjoy it...They better make this a second one

  3. Maskr bloodwyle

    Maskr bloodwyleHora atrás

    Imagine how many futures garnet saw where everyone dies

  4. Elijah T Best

    Elijah T BestHora atrás

    This song gets so annoying

  5. Ironderp 08

    Ironderp 082 horas atrás

    Slinky: throws Steven Steven: well I'ma die

  6. hachi

    hachi2 horas atrás


  7. Brody du beast

    Brody du beast2 horas atrás

    thank you

  8. Brody du beast

    Brody du beast2 horas atrás


  9. geordan

    geordan2 horas atrás

    nobody is talking about this CHANCE THE RAPPER???!!!???

  10. Spring Trap

    Spring Trap2 horas atrás

    Wow my b day lucky me

  11. jazzman Jazz

    jazzman Jazz3 horas atrás

    Pearl got yeeted in the sky

  12. Beth Luis

    Beth Luis4 horas atrás

    I found out one last info... thanks to the recent promo, they'll air the movie commercial-free

  13. Yeslea Ash

    Yeslea Ash4 horas atrás

    Garnet: it’s the truth Me: *WHAT’S THE TRUTH GARNET, OR SHOULD I SAY ESTELLE*

  14. Skitch! 1.0

    Skitch! 1.04 horas atrás

    This animation is driving me nuts.

  15. r.d

    r.d4 horas atrás

    spinel gem 2 weeks left till the steven univeres movie comes out,.

  16. b C

    b C6 horas atrás

    Before I saw this trailer, I was thinking it would be black diamond but doesn't seem that way.

  17. ZuesTitan

    ZuesTitan7 horas atrás

    Steven Finnaly Gets Peace * Spinel: N O Steven: Say Sike Right Now

  18. Juanita Swimsunder

    Juanita Swimsunder9 horas atrás

    Nice hd and can't wait to see it

  19. Gary The Snail

    Gary The Snail9 horas atrás

    omg it's commercial less

  20. DoraeArtDreams-Aspy

    DoraeArtDreams-Aspy6 horas atrás


  21. why ok

    why ok10 horas atrás

    Hey do Crystals gems age because none of the gems I see that very concerning you should go see a doctor for that

  22. The Cringe Show

    The Cringe Show10 horas atrás

    Who's is this Disney Reject

  23. Giselle Beltran

    Giselle Beltran12 horas atrás

    Who thinks Garnets sing got better? Just me ok

  24. Rune Edmond Lloyd

    Rune Edmond Lloyd14 horas atrás

    0:54 They just straight up (pun intended) yeeted Pearl into the sky

  25. Leilani Gutierrez

    Leilani Gutierrez14 horas atrás

    The Crystal Gems just chillin on earth* Evil Slinky: In about to end this mans whole career

  26. Zee Swervo

    Zee Swervo16 horas atrás

    Is there any websites i can watch this for free on ?

  27. Joel Ahuja

    Joel Ahuja16 horas atrás

    Steven:I want everything to stay the the same Cartoon Network:wait that illegal

  28. Aylin B.

    Aylin B.16 horas atrás

    I can’t believe OJ the Juice man is gonna be in this!

  29. Aylin B.

    Aylin B.15 horas atrás

    Kaptain Kevvy Oj da juice man has stanima

  30. Aylin B.

    Aylin B.15 horas atrás

    Kaptain Kevvy That’s cause ur looking at an older articles

  31. Kaptain Kevvy

    Kaptain Kevvy15 horas atrás

    Aylin B. Just looked up the movie cast on the press, there is no OJ juice man😐.

  32. Aylin B.

    Aylin B.16 horas atrás

    Kaptain Kevvy Chance the rapper too but I’m more excited for Oj the Juice man

  33. Kaptain Kevvy

    Kaptain Kevvy16 horas atrás

    I think you’re talking about chance the rapper lol

  34. Carla F Perez Aguirre

    Carla F Perez Aguirre16 horas atrás

    Is it me or am i the only person who watched this on loop to be spaific i was watching this for a hole hour

  35. Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson16 horas atrás

    Is that a warp-pad?🤔 0:03

  36. Sonicultima11 [KM/SU]

    Sonicultima11 [KM/SU]16 horas atrás

    I swear by the time Steven is an adult, his voice is gonna sound like it's been tweaked in a video software program.

  37. Alyza:3 Wampler:3

    Alyza:3 Wampler:316 horas atrás

    Any new fusions????

  38. Lennoz 1379

    Lennoz 137917 horas atrás

    The song is so beautiful 😭

  39. mako switch

    mako switch17 horas atrás

    Captain Planet would like to know your location

  40. Gg Hadba

    Gg Hadba17 horas atrás

    Does anyone know the time this will be playing on Cartoon Network. I am not going to be in town and I am having a friend record it for me.

  41. Bandin0withPrincess 3.0

    Bandin0withPrincess 3.017 horas atrás

    Oh my god! On my birthday! Thank you Rebecca and Cartoon Network!

  42. XxMika WolfxX

    XxMika WolfxX18 horas atrás

    I Wonder What Would happen if they formed Obsidian

  43. Darrell the robot

    Darrell the robot18 horas atrás


  44. Jmaster47

    Jmaster4718 horas atrás

    Who else thinks that pink gem kinda reminds you of luffy from one piece

  45. LydiaMinx

    LydiaMinx18 horas atrás

    Her names is apparently spinel

  46. Angela Bautista

    Angela Bautista19 horas atrás

    0:41 ☹️ ️

  47. Julian Cortez

    Julian Cortez19 horas atrás

    Is she stronger then the diamonds

  48. Janelle Olivas

    Janelle Olivas19 horas atrás

    Steven universe but with evil muckymouse

  49. Kids Lozano

    Kids Lozano21 hora atrás

    I wanna watch it but I don't have Cox or dish :(

  50. Pepperoni_Picca Gaming

    Pepperoni_Picca Gaming21 hora atrás

    Ohhh this is cartoon network... Bruhhhh😂😂😂

  51. Pepperoni_Picca Gaming

    Pepperoni_Picca Gaming21 hora atrás

    I keep hearing this on cartoon network and its kinda suspicious

  52. Joji

    Joji21 hora atrás

    Steven: after saving the world 2 years ago Pink eye: wait that's illegal

  53. Joji

    JojiHora atrás

    @Gary The Snail ok

  54. Gary The Snail

    Gary The SnailHora atrás


  55. The Venomoth

    The Venomoth22 horas atrás

    Steven: *starts relaxing peacefully* Angelica Pickles: Am I a joke to you?

  56. Noah Shanahan-Jewett

    Noah Shanahan-Jewett22 horas atrás

    Steven universe has kinda gotten on my nerves these last few seasons but this movie looks pretty good

  57. Shadow Serpent

    Shadow Serpent22 horas atrás

    *clutches pearls* Mama *BISMUTH* imma need you to lay the smackdown on this villain. She attatcked *Mama Garnet*.

  58. Me and The boys

    Me and The boys22 horas atrás

    You have acquired *N E C K* Press any button to accept

  59. Maskr bloodwyle

    Maskr bloodwyle58 minutos atrás

    How do reject?! No want *N E C K*

  60. Your daily Youtube

    Your daily Youtube22 horas atrás

    If her name is not slinky I’ll legit be mad

  61. deadliest 8436

    deadliest 843623 horas atrás

    Why did the luffy gem ruin everything

  62. Pilar Roman

    Pilar Roman23 horas atrás

    September second my birthday is 19 days away from it why can’t it be the 21 7:00

  63. Gary The Snail

    Gary The SnailHora atrás

    everyone is off on September 2nd and they're doing every Steven ever the weekend before it premiers.

  64. The Office is Everything

    The Office is Everything23 horas atrás


  65. miraculous possible

    miraculous possible23 horas atrás

    September 2 needs to come by faster. I need to see this movie!

  66. NoSauceOrBroth Child

    NoSauceOrBroth ChildDia atrás

    Most likely gonna be trash and a let down like the show.

  67. Random Birb

    Random Birb15 horas atrás

    No but im pretty sure your talking about yourself here.

  68. Colevan Viderman

    Colevan Viderman23 horas atrás

    NoSauceOrBroth Child Bye👋

  69. Stalk Chill

    Stalk ChillDia atrás

    I kept replaying this

  70. Random TopHat

    Random TopHatDia atrás

    I just want to appreciate how much detail and time they though into this one character.

  71. Julian de Castro

    Julian de CastroDia atrás

    One thing I just noticed is, how will the cluster be affected by this? Will this drill thing possibly disrupt the cluster like blue and yellow did in reunited? Or will the drill pop the bubble the cluster is in?

  72. The Blueberry Pokémon

    The Blueberry PokémonDia atrás

    Yo this movie bout too be lit

  73. Jadel Hidalgo

    Jadel HidalgoDia atrás

    I can't wait

  74. StrawRats

    StrawRatsDia atrás

    Steven gets older. Me: why does everything have to change!

  75. Lorena Alarcon

    Lorena AlarconDia atrás

    Is anyone gonna talk about how wonderful garent's va sings?! Its so good i love it

  76. Joy Najjar

    Joy Najjar4 horas atrás

    That’s because she’s the famous singer Estelle 😂

  77. cupcake girl 20001 chickens

    cupcake girl 20001 chickensDia atrás

    Can't wait!!!

  78. ThatDisneyMouse Alyssa

    ThatDisneyMouse AlyssaDia atrás

    im in confusion

  79. Professor Potato

    Professor PotatoDia atrás

    How does one beat an evil life disintegrating slinky? Guess I'll have to wait

  80. Bryce Walker

    Bryce WalkerDia atrás

    Like and Hate the show at the same time if it wasnt for the music itd be a 4/10 instead of a 6/10

  81. me & my westie

    me & my westieDia atrás

    Garnets songs are always the best 🙅🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  82. Shady Queen

    Shady Queen14 horas atrás

    And that's a fact.

  83. Little meme thing Anderson

    Little meme thing AndersonDia atrás


  84. Jezreel Rodriguez

    Jezreel RodriguezDia atrás

    Oh no Steven hit puberty my precious child is becoming a teen 😭😭

  85. Oseres 18

    Oseres 1816 horas atrás

    He was a teenager already, but he hadn't been in puberty and was still immature(until Season 5 that is, he became more mature).

  86. The Venomoth

    The Venomoth22 horas atrás


  87. gon nom

    gon nomDia atrás

    inb4 Steven gives a speech and the new antagonist becomes a good guy

  88. Your Friendly Neighbor

    Your Friendly NeighborDia atrás

    Steven: I can finally relax Villain: Hippity Hoppity you’re life is gonna be my property

  89. Bianca Kelina

    Bianca KelinaDia atrás

    Her ponytails remind me of Jenny Wakeman from MLAATR

  90. Bianca Kelina

    Bianca KelinaDia atrás

    Her ponytails remind me of Jenny Wakeman XJ9 from MLAATR

  91. Just SChris

    Just SChrisDia atrás

    Dang, silly straws are getting out of hand

  92. Zinogre 808 Ba

    Zinogre 808 BaDia atrás


  93. Floof

    FloofDia atrás

    her name is Spinel

  94. anthony salazar

    anthony salazarDia atrás

    My favorite scene is 1:02- 1:03 i wanna see what happens after that

  95. Human On YouTube

    Human On YouTubeDia atrás

    The thumbnail reminds me of Ok Ko.

  96. Mollie Nylen

    Mollie NylenDia atrás

    he protecc he attacc most importantly he have a necc