Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts the Stunner on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastMês atrás


  2. Leo Peridot

    Leo Peridot4 dias atrás

    Come on Sean Evans, why you got to wife beaters on your show? Don't you think that sends mixed messages to people that it doesn't matter if you beat your wife, as long as you're a celebrity you are fine with it?

  3. Luigi Saltos

    Luigi Saltos8 dias atrás

    Hey there. Unfortunately I have to use this mean to try to get a reply from somebody, but I bought the dragon in the clouds like 2 weeks ago and I still havent gotten any update on my purchase, so I am really worried now that I got ripped off or robbed or something, THanks

  4. adam parsons

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  5. Jeezy Mane

    Jeezy Mane9 dias atrás

    First We Feast invite tyga to the show

  6. Manuel Torres

    Manuel Torres14 dias atrás

    Bought my dragon in the clouds sauce on the 15th and yall still havent sent me a tracking number... playing with my emotions 😑

  7. Caleb Hale

    Caleb Hale10 horas atrás

    Watching wrestling was such a big part of my childhood it would be very hard to pick a favorite wrestler but if I had to it would be him

  8. PoiZenLies WithTruth

    PoiZenLies WithTruth12 horas atrás

    Bring on the LA BEAST!! And Johnny Scoville!!

  9. Amy Kepler

    Amy Kepler12 horas atrás

    What a pure gentleman. Loved it! Makes me miss the days of old. Wresting in the 80's. Is it real, is it sport, is it theatrics? All of the above. They sure took a beating no matter.

  10. Kelsey Spreer

    Kelsey Spreer12 horas atrás

    Get triple h!!!!

  11. Christina Cavazos

    Christina Cavazos12 horas atrás

    But Sean Evans said Sportatorium wrong. Does this just bother me?

  12. Gurpal Johal

    Gurpal Johal15 horas atrás

    The Rock for season 10!

  13. IrOnMaN Eu

    IrOnMaN Eu15 horas atrás

    How EPIC would it be to get The Rock!

  14. Lofo 32

    Lofo 3216 horas atrás

    So some more wrestling ones such as John Cena or the rock

  15. michael xavier

    michael xavier18 horas atrás

    Oh hell yeah

  16. Brandan Davy

    Brandan Davy19 horas atrás

    Best hot ones video yet !!

  17. Bloomsberrybubble

    Bloomsberrybubble22 horas atrás

    Well... Its bad to have alcohol after you laced on chili... But dang this dude really is stone cold...

  18. Juuso

    Juuso23 horas atrás

    This is probably one of the best episodes of Hot One's I've ever seen. Also the probably the first guest to finnish all the wings like an ABSOLUTE BOSS! Stone Cold also seems like a really nice guy.

  19. ArchAngel V.

    ArchAngel V.Dia atrás

    Love ya guys

  20. Rian Clark

    Rian ClarkDia atrás

    Bring the guys from Last Podcast on the Left on the show

  21. papia nasrin

    papia nasrinDia atrás

    Invite Becky Lynch one time

  22. Donal

    DonalDia atrás

    Best hot ones episode yet. The Rattlesnake seems so chill and down to earth. You can tell he didnt let the spotlight and $ go to his head. Try for Hulkhogan, Triple H, or shawn Michaels next!!!

  23. Ms1TrueAries13

    Ms1TrueAries13Dia atrás

    I fuckin' love him!!!! My favorite wrestler of all-time :-)

  24. Real Talk

    Real TalkDia atrás

    Glass shatters

  25. Miguel Alvarez

    Miguel AlvarezDia atrás

    I miss stone cold

  26. Tea V

    Tea VDia atrás

    From the day I got his Autograph In a walmart in seguin Tx in 2001. My Favorite Goat is on the hot ones!

  27. Drahcir Myron

    Drahcir MyronDia atrás

    The Texas rattle snake vs beer? Beer loses...

  28. B Serrano

    B SerranoDia atrás

    Is that woody harrelson on 19:24 ? 😅

  29. HasAli

    HasAliDia atrás

    Get LA Beast on Hot Ones Like if you agree

  30. FTL OP

    FTL OPDia atrás

    I keep thinking Ive seen the best episode the watch someone else and change my mind. This was EPIC! S.A. is a professional no doubt and S.E. worked this episode like a conductor for the Philharmonic. Saawweet.

  31. r.o.u.x

    r.o.u.xDia atrás

    He’s a surprisingly big sweetheart

  32. Maderyne

    MaderyneDia atrás

    Of all the episodes I have watched so far, this is the one that sets the standard. Steve Austin eats them all, and takes it like a Boss!

  33. visharad rawat

    visharad rawatDia atrás

    0:11 we got the pops

  34. Dia atrás

    Halle Berry is tougher than Stone Cold?

  35. Madalyn Magrath

    Madalyn Magrath2 dias atrás

    Please get the Last Podcast on the Left guys on here. Marcus, Ben, and Henry. @LPontheleft

  36. Young Ángel Canales

    Young Ángel Canales2 dias atrás

    Bring the LA Beast

  37. GetBn

    GetBn2 dias atrás

    Tums couldn't have been a more appropriate sponsor.

  38. Buddy Mac

    Buddy Mac2 dias atrás

    I'll go back to the 70's and say Nature Boy Rick Flair.

  39. JPShadow

    JPShadow2 dias atrás

    Austin 3:16 means i just whooped your ass. God i miss staying up to watch wwf when i was kid.

  40. Veronica Rodriguez

    Veronica Rodriguez2 dias atrás

    I’ve been recently watching some episodes and by far Stone Cold is the only one where his answers caught my attention more than him reacting to how hot the wings are.

  41. Isiahdeguzable

    Isiahdeguzable2 dias atrás

    One of the coolest interviews I’ve seen!

  42. aay eye

    aay eye2 dias atrás

    That was a great episode!

  43. toby_belize

    toby_belize2 dias atrás


  44. Ileana Gaucin

    Ileana Gaucin2 dias atrás

    Steve Austin is so...likeable.

  45. Clay Figley

    Clay Figley2 dias atrás

    My favorite three episodes in no particular order: key & Peele, Niel Tyson, and now Steve Austin. Loved this episode!

  46. Circuits and Cigars

    Circuits and Cigars2 dias atrás

    Death is eating a Carolina reaper whole because it's in the divorce agreement

  47. doctadrey3000

    doctadrey30002 dias atrás

    What a great episode

  48. ethan beals

    ethan beals2 dias atrás

    Get the undertaker on pleaseeee

  49. TSG KiLLem Twice

    TSG KiLLem Twice2 dias atrás

    BEST EPISODE!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Noman Tariq

    Noman Tariq2 dias atrás

    I grew up with this man on my TV set every Monday Thursday and Sundays when there were PPVs and just want to say thank you to Stone Cold Steve Austin for all the years of entertainment and stunners!!

  51. Big 4x Jeff

    Big 4x Jeff2 dias atrás

    The interviewer does not know how to do correct interviews 😂 it’s like he had writing down question that he just asked after each other 😂😂 no real questions or conversations

  52. Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith2 dias atrás

    Fantastic! He's a great hugger! Love u Steve!

  53. Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith2 dias atrás

    I absolutely LOVE this man!!!

  54. Ziigmund

    Ziigmund2 dias atrás

    A real tough guy didn't even Flinch not a drop of sweat even made Key & Peele look like wimps. Impressive.


    FONZARELi2 dias atrás

    La beast would be nice to watch!

  56. Duane Amezola

    Duane Amezola2 dias atrás

    Stone cold gets melted

  57. Christopher Wolf

    Christopher Wolf3 dias atrás

    Hopefully, Stone Cold saw Gordon Ramsay nearly burn off his taste buds

  58. Patrick Montgomery

    Patrick Montgomery3 dias atrás

    This could be the best Episode ever here!

  59. DobbersFilms

    DobbersFilms3 dias atrás

    Y’all gotta try to get Conor Mcgregor 😆

  60. Terrell Tide

    Terrell Tide3 dias atrás

    Fuck that ball headed country dog smelling faggott

  61. Oliver Christopher Gomez

    Oliver Christopher Gomez3 dias atrás


  62. J. Halvorsen

    J. Halvorsen3 dias atrás

    Stone cold look like sean dad

  63. Michael Fluent

    Michael Fluent3 dias atrás

    By far the best episode ever!!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin is a genuine guy!!!

  64. Carl Holcomb

    Carl Holcomb3 dias atrás

    He is such an interesting but humble guy. Respect to Stone Cold!

  65. Omar Territory

    Omar Territory3 dias atrás

    Stone Cold completely no sold those wings