Storm Area 51 and the Rise of Depression Memes - Wisecrack Vlog


  1. EMAngel 2718

    EMAngel 27187 horas atrás

    I'm really feeling the underground man

  2. RedwoodTheElf

    RedwoodTheElf4 dias atrás

    WUB A LUB A DUB DUB! What would be funny would be if the idiots storm Area 51, and the guards and scientists there have spent the advance warning time to build a fake UFO in Hangar 18 with a lemonade stand manned by actors in alien suits. Anything really secret will have been removed from the facility decades ago when it became a household name.

  3. Dylan Kane

    Dylan Kane5 dias atrás

    This was some real shit

  4. кιℓℓυʍιηαтι

    кιℓℓυʍιηαтι5 dias atrás

    The solution is simple; turn off your "social media" and other online stuff once in a while for a week or so and simply do what you did before you had an internet connection at all.

  5. Kendra

    Kendra5 dias atrás

    There better be 566 pics of dem aliens... Up until now.

  6. HH Picketfence H

    HH Picketfence H5 dias atrás

    It seems like the modern trend on anything is just to whine about it and despair about the sorry state of their own existence (because God forbid they appreciate all of the incredible modern amenities that literally no other generation in human history would've had the luxury of appreciating). Just as there are two sides to every coin, there are two ways (or many, many more) to look at any given situation or circumstance. There is the "popular" way of looking at the modern world in the form of late-stage capitalism where "you are a cog in the machine that has no meaning whatsoever...and then you die" kind of outlook that fuels this "Storm Area 51" bullshit. But there is in equal measure (or at least there ought to be) another message that says that we decide the meaning in our otherwise meaningless existence. Anyone who even jokes about storming Area 51 has clearly surrendered to the inherent meaninglessness of the world and of their very existence, which I find pathetic. True, life is inherently devoid of meaning; and yes, it is true that we are all one day destined to die; but if I, like every one of us, am to eventually be as a cow to slaughter, I will go as the finest kobe beef: appreciative of the journey I have traveled, the luxuries I have enjoyed, and will spread my good tidings unto the future that they may positively enjoy the bounties of the very fact that I existed in the first place. The future stands upon the shoulders of the present, and if the shoulders of the present should falter, what then? … Food for thought.

  7. CrazyJayBe

    CrazyJayBe6 dias atrás

    Oh look, he combed. ...a little

  8. Vincenzo Pollice

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  9. Ryre

    Ryre8 dias atrás

    _philosophising a shit post made 3am in the morning using crayons by a neckbeard whose skin is glued to his couch_

  10. iamjohnporter67

    iamjohnporter6710 dias atrás

    I really hate memes. In the late 2010s they were funny but since 2017 they haven gotten worse.

  11. Werrf1

    Werrf112 dias atrás

    There are two types of people who joke about depression: People with depression, and people who have no fucking clue what depression is.

  12. Jae_BT BabyBird

    Jae_BT BabyBird12 dias atrás


  13. Patrick Moore

    Patrick Moore14 dias atrás

    I've recently started watching The Orville and it's surprisingly very philosophical. It'd be awesome if you guys could make a video about the show and help me better understand it😃 thank you and keep up the good work

  14. David Diaz

    David Diaz14 dias atrás

    Get a hobby yah schmucks.

  15. Ravelord Servant

    Ravelord Servant14 dias atrás


  16. Anaklusmos Greek

    Anaklusmos Greek14 dias atrás

    OMG..... I unknowingly Bought the Same Book Notes from the Underground... never had i realize "Concious Inertia" is a thing...

  17. Bianca Evelyn

    Bianca Evelyn15 dias atrás

    Honestly, with all of the drama crap going on, people aren’t as much of fence-sitters as the underground man is at all. I think everyone’s just writing jokes they find funny. Edit: to clarify, I think we have a serious oversharing problem

  18. Zane McCune

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  19. Nunov Yobeeswax

    Nunov Yobeeswax15 dias atrás

  20. Jerry Martinez

    Jerry Martinez15 dias atrás

    Is there anyone who genuinely is going to area 51? Like flight booked I'm going..

  21. ffej kk

    ffej kk15 dias atrás

    The loud high pitched "ding" has to stop. When you switch to the next item in a list, it doesn't need to be audible.

  22. Niko!

    Niko!17 dias atrás

    A path of exile meme on THIS channel?! Today was a good day...

  23. 00rphb

    00rphb17 dias atrás

    Storming Area 51 is a really dumb idea. There is properly no aliens there but there is a base of highly armed US military servicemen who are guarding top secret next gen military aircrafts, so they will shot to kill people who try and storm it.

  24. Gullimann2

    Gullimann217 dias atrás

    It is sad how much I relate to this. I even picked to study for a degree in technical IT so I would have the least amount of predestination as to what my job will be. Every time I think "This would be a cool carreer", the thought dies instantly when I weigh the cons. I feel like I am too conscious to decide anything.

  25. James Vann

    James Vann18 dias atrás

    I wonder what, under the safe assumption one exists, is the name for the philosophy that takes the cynicism of the underground man, but tries to coopt negative thing for positive sentiments, not so much an optimistic view but more a why the f*** not view, like if we're all going to die why not go out with a bang, I suspect it may be related to nihilism

  26. kian garazhian

    kian garazhian18 dias atrás

    this moment that u hear ur country in a wisecrack film but its negative ahhh man (Iran)

  27. ChoccyMilk

    ChoccyMilk18 dias atrás

    Well that sucks Alexa play despacito

  28. Jay Peterson

    Jay Peterson19 dias atrás

    The shitposter seems mainly interested in low effort culture jamming though their work is an attempt to thwart any possibility of progress and to selfishly carry off the trophy of disruption as the small gift to oneself that comes from having at least achieved some small thing instead of putting forth the kind of collective effort needed to accomplish something of great value. The shitposter seeks some level of interaction, but only controlled kind where they can be sure of what will come of it. In a world where we can count on any possible attack as a reward for sincerity, the defensive posture of the shitpost ensures that the majority of possible responses will only magnify the original message.

  29. _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_

    _Kit Kat Kaitlyn_19 dias atrás

    If that many people are depress then why aren't they getting help and just posting memes...

  30. MachineThatCreates

    MachineThatCreates19 dias atrás

    It's 2019 and I'm getting the word 'shit' censored out of a video about 'beep'.....memes...and you still wonder why we're all crazy?

  31. Cam Docking

    Cam Docking19 dias atrás

    Finally figured myself out

  32. cowboysamuraiカウボーイ侍

    cowboysamuraiカウボーイ侍20 dias atrás

    O my gosh this is so me

  33. PrO PriMate

    PrO PriMate20 dias atrás

    Me as Memer: posting memes, thought it's funny....😄 Wisecrack Guy: It's our contention that this phenomenon of people memes about their despair is an extension of philosophical and psychological sentiment immortalized by Fyodor Dostoevsky's Novella.

  34. Krešimir Vurnek

    Krešimir Vurnek20 dias atrás

    How can this analysis get any more wrong and irrelevant. This guy in the video is not a depressed shitposter he is just a douchebag. He goes out to dinner with friends and then ruins the evening. Imagine having friends to go out to dinner with.

  35. KittySnicker

    KittySnicker20 dias atrás

    I mean life kinda sucks so it makes sense lol

  36. oopsy444

    oopsy44420 dias atrás

    Jared: hit that subscribe button Me: but.... Jared: dont forget to hit it! Me: ok. *unsubcribes* Jared: O.O

  37. Blah Anger

    Blah Anger20 dias atrás

    If you're going through hell, keep going.

  38. An Morein

    An Morein20 dias atrás

    This video was amazing. And, yep, everything is better in books.

  39. Brandon Ward

    Brandon Ward20 dias atrás

    Funny how i go from shitposting on facebook, right to this video.

  40. Nick H

    Nick H21 dia atrás

    Lol as someone who has served in the army I can tell you that this storming area 51 won't go down like anyone wants it to go down. It's going to be be stupid. The airmen who will see the most action will be the medics who have to treat the dumb hippies who got heat stroke outside the gate. Then likely there will be a detail go out and provide these non planning fools some water. Later the crowd will leave after some pointless partying and maybe some police intervention due to illegal activity such as drugs or the two or three people drunk enough to try to actually rush area 51. Then they will leave. There will be a number of lawsuits against the police, and the military even though both parties did more good for the partying hippies than they did harm. Yes very anticlimactic I know but that's how real life is. Which is why instant karma videos are so popular.

  41. Kom Rook Met My

    Kom Rook Met My21 dia atrás

    I'm gonna co-opt some corporate slogan posted outside the bathroom at my current place of work; "the first step to fixing a problem is recognizing that there is a problem." Yes, our world is absurd, and in many ways unjust. Now, what are you going to do about that?

  42. David Biggers

    David Biggers21 dia atrás

    Stop fucking saying shitposting if you can't even say shit.

  43. Necrow Gaming

    Necrow Gaming21 dia atrás

    Wisecrack : pls don't go to area 51 Me : no Wisecrack : ok send picture if u go Me : aye can do that

  44. Hero of Kush

    Hero of Kush21 dia atrás

    How about take down the famers burning down the rainforest.

  45. Mak Manaman

    Mak Manaman21 dia atrás

    I remember when memes where about TAKING THE PISS OF EMOs

  46. Adam Rebika

    Adam Rebika22 dias atrás

    That ending hit hard, man

  47. kxgxn

    kxgxn22 dias atrás

    Depression is not a meme its the realisation that our existence is an illusion

  48. brentv2

    brentv222 dias atrás

    True depression is when you have empathy for others because that is the trigger... millions suffering every day. If you only care when something negative happens to you, you're just selfish. Consciousness must learn to care for others, or it will destroy itself. Evil never gives up its power. If they win, the suffering will never end. Luckily for them, being a dictator is the best job in the land of the ignorant. Endless corruption.

  49. Underground Man

    Underground Man22 dias atrás


  50. Israel Aguasanta

    Israel Aguasanta22 dias atrás

    I'll be very clear about this video. I wasn't expecting this kind of video.

  51. Trevor Graham Welch

    Trevor Graham Welch22 dias atrás

    Aliens are really at Dulce New Mexico Deep Underground ( Phil Shnieder )

  52. Trevor Graham Welch

    Trevor Graham Welch22 dias atrás

    Storm North Korea 🇰🇵

  53. Aaron Smith

    Aaron Smith22 dias atrás

    Jared is literally my favorite white guy. If there's ever a race war I'm protecting Jared.

  54. Paesito Paez

    Paesito Paez22 dias atrás

    I follow so many depression sites that I forgot how widespread this memes where haha

  55. Beast for She

    Beast for She22 dias atrás

    As a depressed, mentally ill millenial whose grown up poor in FUCKING capitalism, i couldnt help but be amused you philosophize about shitposting i was almost about to shitpost about it, im not even lying

  56. Brace110

    Brace11022 dias atrás

    Always a good thing to define memes and shitposts so my grandpa understand them, THANK WISECRACK

  57. Byron King

    Byron King22 dias atrás

    Those seeking to raid erea 51 are leading the charge for depopulation and leading by example lol.

  58. Robert Sharp

    Robert Sharp22 dias atrás

    lol path of exile map, thats awesome.

  59. Bless Gillette

    Bless Gillette23 dias atrás

    Imma dip my balls in some thousand island dressing cause I got depression 🎶

  60. Bless Gillette

    Bless Gillette23 dias atrás

    The Power of such thing as hyper-“awareness” it’s overthinking (an addiction to thinking), combined with an unappreciation of the “NOW” the absolute present

  61. Old is Gold

    Old is Gold22 dias atrás

    Yeah you got it right. We think about the future don't respecting ourselves in the present. It's good and unique to do that. You need to accept that. Living in the present is for people who want happiness but don't understand that they have to constantly evolve to be truly happy