Storm Area 51 and the Rise of Depression Memes - Wisecrack Vlog


  1. Gabriel González

    Gabriel González11 dias atrás

    Sad :)

  2. Daniel Daniels

    Daniel Daniels22 dias atrás

    I'd like to share Uncle Iroh's quote to Zuko "You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength."

  3. Daenerys Targaryen

    Daenerys Targaryen23 dias atrás

    Im watching this in 2020 before coronavirus kills everyone

  4. linksgrünversiffter grumpy old man

    linksgrünversiffter grumpy old manMês atrás

    I was actually raised by the promises by the mentality of the 90s and by the moral messages of Disney and Nicelodeon movies and cartoons that if I talk, act, treat and decide honestly, respectfully and responsibly to others, then I will have friendship, love, family, success and most importantly just almost no stress and worries in my life. This kind of education was so strong and convincing that I cannot get rid off yet. But it made for a long time and still makes me depressed, as in this society it never worked and will never work neighter to me nor to anyone else.

  5. Stay Away

    Stay AwayMês atrás

    ok boomer

  6. Anon B

    Anon BMês atrás

    2 million signed up and twenty turned up. Tells you everything about slacktivism.

  7. chat 453

    chat 453Mês atrás

    I like depression memes because I am depressed and it's nice to know I'm not alone.

  8. BippityboppityBOO

    BippityboppityBOOMês atrás

    "I hate my life and I want to die for real" -myself right now and the past 15 years

  9. Cubelarooso

    CubelaroosoMês atrás

    Consciousness is the greatest misfortune for man. Procreation is child abuse.

  10. Jason Rhodes

    Jason RhodesMês atrás

    I wasn't depressed before I watched this video, now I am sad. Sad that I wasted so much time on this video.

  11. Suntje Schubert

    Suntje Schubert2 meses atrás

    Ur overthinking this

  12. Ken njane

    Ken njane2 meses atrás

    Romanticised despair and depression is an indication of an underlying narcissism and a hatred of the Divine ie art via shit posts

  13. Slurmp

    Slurmp4 meses atrás

    So what you're saying is... I should blame the Baby Boomer generation for my depression.

  14. machachaist

    machachaist4 meses atrás

    that hair....

  15. Dylan Walsh

    Dylan Walsh4 meses atrás

    "condemnation of normiedom" Holy shit what a time to be alive

  16. Honey Bee Talks

    Honey Bee Talks4 meses atrás

    Memes are art. I love this generation.

  17. Damon Savinski

    Damon Savinski4 meses atrás

    "millennials and gen Zers have grown up with the promise of a better future" YOU are the future though, gotta get past those "failed parenting techniques" and false participation medal confidence and make that impact. its not gonna happen 6 months into an internship, its gonna happen with work. The world is depressing and abysmal? CHANGE it. Make the difference thats needed. Shit posting depression while simply being along for the ride cause "meh, the worlds already trash" wont fix anything, itll just pass along the shitty world to the next generations like the current world inherited from our grandparents. The first step is the hardest one, but nothing is gonna change without making it. memes certainly aren't changing anything, other than perpetuating the idea that its okay to just be depressed, do nothing and watch it all burn because "theres nothing we can do". as soon as people give up and join that bandwagon then there is nothing they can do. The world is clearly waiting for people to step up and start making changes, BE those people, RISE UP and make the impact, CHANGE how the world works for the better.

  18. Damon Savinski

    Damon Savinski4 meses atrás

    better explanation here

  19. Logan Douglas

    Logan Douglas4 meses atrás

    If a quarter of the people who signed the petition would actually storm area 51 there would be no casualties and we would actually get information but sadly people won't actually do that

  20. Nick

    Nick4 meses atrás

    Great Video!!!!

  21. AR W

    AR W4 meses atrás

    6:00 holy shit for some odd things this line somehow reflect how i behave and felt everyday

  22. Michael Streich

    Michael Streich4 meses atrás

    Actually the aliens are in area 15. MAJOR LET DOWN. LOL!

  23. Insom Niac

    Insom Niac4 meses atrás

    Is philosophy an opinion or a fact?

  24. Dask Crew

    Dask Crew4 meses atrás

    Beeps on the internet... people died for the freedom of speech and you are using Beeps and blurs on the internet and instead of saying something about that to BRreporter you keep using their platform to post videos.

  25. Yunseo Jang

    Yunseo Jang4 meses atrás

    Is there an actual film of "Notes from underground?" If so, where can I find it?

  26. Diablo Santo

    Diablo Santo4 meses atrás

    1000 times less people came. Glad no one died.

  27. Mario Zarate

    Mario Zarate4 meses atrás

    very modern interpretations, really good

  28. Zoe Nelson

    Zoe Nelson4 meses atrás

    Whenever you imagine or get close to dying, you feel this fire in yourself, the zeal for life. You look in the mirror, and you see a force of nature. A courageous warrior fighting for life. 'You've got so much to live for!' 'You can really change the world!' But as soon as you embrace life, it's as if the mirror flips. You see a parasite who feeds off the pain of others. You see someone who is unlovable, and unable to love. 'Nobody will _really_ care if you die.' 'You'll never achieve anything of worth.' So, there is an unresolvable dichotomy lying under your whole life. To be or not to be? That is the question... But since living is the default setting, and you aren't _really_ depressed (right?), you'll just keep on living. And nobody will ever know that anything was ever wrong. Oh, did I say 'you'? Damn autocorrect...

  29. Zoe Nelson

    Zoe Nelson4 meses atrás

    Just read Crime and Punishment, wasn't sure which of Dostoevsky's to read next but now I'm captivated by Notes from Underground, so I think that'll be next. This video got it bang on. So many people at my school go on and on with depression jokes and memes (including me), and whether we notice it or not, this obsession over dark and suicidal jokes seems to me like a cry for help. It doesn't necessarily mean we're clinically depressed... but maybe just lonely. I know that's not uncommon for teenagers these days.

  30. 3ICE

    3ICE4 meses atrás

    Stop bleeping and blurring every occurrence of the word "shit". It's not worth anything if you put it uncensored in the video subtitles [CC]... You got demonetized anyway. Fail. 1:03 the land of shitposting: Depression memes. | 2:41 So what is a shitpost? | 2:58 shitpost if not a pointless, carnivalesque 3:04 shitposting | 3:14 likening the shitpost to | 3:34 19th century proto-shitposter. | 6:29 shitpost, The Underground Man 6:43 depression shitpost looks not only to express despair | 8:06 shitposting represent a rejection of optimistic

  31. 3ICE

    3ICE4 meses atrás

    I am sensitive to the high pitched, tonal sine wave you use to *bleep*.

  32. Xavier Allred

    Xavier Allred4 meses atrás

    The underground man isnt nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

  33. kensyre

    kensyre5 meses atrás

    stonks 📈

  34. noregrets92

    noregrets925 meses atrás

    I don't know about everyone else but I feel depressed when I lack purpose and it alleviates when I feel useful. That and if my blood sugar is low.

  35. Jason Wood

    Jason Wood5 meses atrás

  36. RadicalEdward37

    RadicalEdward375 meses atrás

    I love depression memes, they remind me that there are people on the internet as jaded as me.

  37. Lady D

    Lady D5 meses atrás

    I hope you'll pardon my ignorance here...but what _is_ a group of Kyles???

  38. NoFunPolice

    NoFunPolice5 meses atrás

    Do you really have to censor the word **** in order to not get demonetized?

  39. Deadpool was here

    Deadpool was here5 meses atrás

    It happend they did it they shall forever live on in glory for the sacrifice

  40. Hysterical

    Hysterical5 meses atrás

    ... It's literally just a meme :/

  41. Sinister Mephisto

    Sinister Mephisto5 meses atrás

    I saw this on sept 20th 2019 and yes people stormed area 51

  42. Sean Fitzsimons

    Sean Fitzsimons5 meses atrás

    Watching on the day of😂😂turned out about how I expected.

  43. Dogge Catte

    Dogge Catte5 meses atrás

    Could've done without the 'happy note' that invalidates everything that went before it. It's the happy ending we need to reject if we're gonna move forward. Fuck the human condition man.

  44. Mykel Mellen

    Mykel Mellen5 meses atrás

    "We find a very specific flavor of existentialism in the shitpost meme". That flavor is called lazy.

  45. Jacob

    Jacob5 meses atrás

    It’s not just to “see the aliens,” it’s to clap those alien cheeks 👽 👏🏻

  46. kali uchiha

    kali uchiha5 meses atrás

    Isn't this generation great? *laughs in self-diagnosed depression*

  47. RAN Quyet Thang T

    RAN Quyet Thang T5 meses atrás

    Some people think that they have the right to happiness, but what people have the actual right to is the pursuit of happiness. It means that you have to pursue happiness to get it. It also means that unfortunately some people don't get to be happy even though they tried. Some people blame themselves for their lack of happiness. Some people blames others for their lack of happiness, hence incel, misogyny, misandry and racism. Some people blames society for their lack of happiness, hence the depression.

  48. Fluffysheepbruh

    Fluffysheepbruh5 meses atrás

    The underground man is so boring and i cant see its significance at all. I came up with that "awareness" at the age of 10, coincidentally coinciding when I became aware of death. . Amateur.

  49. EMAngel 2718

    EMAngel 27185 meses atrás

    I'm really feeling the underground man

  50. RedwoodTheElf

    RedwoodTheElf5 meses atrás

    WUB A LUB A DUB DUB! What would be funny would be if the idiots storm Area 51, and the guards and scientists there have spent the advance warning time to build a fake UFO in Hangar 18 with a lemonade stand manned by actors in alien suits. Anything really secret will have been removed from the facility decades ago when it became a household name.

  51. Dylan Kane

    Dylan Kane5 meses atrás

    This was some real shit

  52. кιℓℓυʍιηαтι

    кιℓℓυʍιηαтι5 meses atrás

    The solution is simple; turn off your "social media" and other online stuff once in a while for a week or so and simply do what you did before you had an internet connection at all.

  53. Kendra

    Kendra5 meses atrás

    There better be 566 pics of dem aliens... Up until now.

  54. HH Picketfence H

    HH Picketfence H5 meses atrás

    It seems like the modern trend on anything is just to whine about it and despair about the sorry state of their own existence (because God forbid they appreciate all of the incredible modern amenities that literally no other generation in human history would've had the luxury of appreciating). Just as there are two sides to every coin, there are two ways (or many, many more) to look at any given situation or circumstance. There is the "popular" way of looking at the modern world in the form of late-stage capitalism where "you are a cog in the machine that has no meaning whatsoever...and then you die" kind of outlook that fuels this "Storm Area 51" bullshit. But there is in equal measure (or at least there ought to be) another message that says that we decide the meaning in our otherwise meaningless existence. Anyone who even jokes about storming Area 51 has clearly surrendered to the inherent meaninglessness of the world and of their very existence, which I find pathetic. True, life is inherently devoid of meaning; and yes, it is true that we are all one day destined to die; but if I, like every one of us, am to eventually be as a cow to slaughter, I will go as the finest kobe beef: appreciative of the journey I have traveled, the luxuries I have enjoyed, and will spread my good tidings unto the future that they may positively enjoy the bounties of the very fact that I existed in the first place. The future stands upon the shoulders of the present, and if the shoulders of the present should falter, what then? … Food for thought.

  55. CrazyJayBe

    CrazyJayBe5 meses atrás

    Oh look, he combed. ...a little

  56. Vincenzo Pollice

    Vincenzo Pollice5 meses atrás


  57. Ryre

    Ryre5 meses atrás

    _philosophising a shit post made 3am in the morning using crayons by a neckbeard whose skin is glued to his couch_

  58. iamjohnporter67

    iamjohnporter675 meses atrás

    I really hate memes. In the late 2010s they were funny but since 2017 they haven gotten worse.

  59. Werrf1

    Werrf15 meses atrás

    There are two types of people who joke about depression: People with depression, and people who have no fucking clue what depression is.

  60. Jae_BT BabyBird

    Jae_BT BabyBird5 meses atrás


  61. Patrick Moore

    Patrick Moore5 meses atrás

    I've recently started watching The Orville and it's surprisingly very philosophical. It'd be awesome if you guys could make a video about the show and help me better understand it😃 thank you and keep up the good work