1. Vikkstar123

    Vikkstar1234 meses atrás

    Phil is BACK! 😂 Check out his previous appearance here:

  2. XoxErika ParsonsXox

    XoxErika ParsonsXox3 dias atrás


  3. electro struglle

    electro struglle14 dias atrás

    Underrated vid

  4. electro struglle

    electro struglle14 dias atrás

    Underrated vud

  5. fhs 792

    fhs 79223 dias atrás

    I'm game

  6. Ailyn G

    Ailyn GHora atrás

    whats a tory lol

  7. Op sxnsei

    Op sxnsei2 horas atrás

    Whos funnier Like:phil Like:harry

  8. delta abstract

    delta abstract9 horas atrás

    Like for phil to join

  9. kenzie !!

    kenzie !!Dia atrás

    jay jay doesn’t even look big why y’all make fun of him so much

  10. Polar Obese

    Polar ObeseDia atrás

    Win gang

  11. Polar Obese

    Polar ObeseDia atrás


  12. Christina Hosking

    Christina HoskingDia atrás

    Vik has a girlfriend?????

  13. ßēlv

    ßēlv2 dias atrás

    why does it feel like a different edit?

  14. Suffaaa

    Suffaaa2 dias atrás

    everyone: *breathes* phil: *dRinKs wAtEr*

  15. iTRY_ Mash

    iTRY_ Mash3 dias atrás

    nah nah y’all dont know african parents, African parent whip u with a belt or a tree brunch😂

  16. alpacca bwam

    alpacca bwam3 dias atrás

    JJ's forehead is an extra ten pounds

  17. Wag1 Ghee

    Wag1 Ghee4 dias atrás

    When ksi said he wants to knock someone out soon I was like please do

  18. Sosc

    Sosc4 dias atrás

    Bro Phil is a legend

  19. Meghan Wright

    Meghan Wright4 dias atrás

    Phil is legit another Gordon Ramsay 😂😂

  20. FaZe HuSkyZ

    FaZe HuSkyZ4 dias atrás

    6:19 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Mahri Romano

    Mahri Romano5 dias atrás

    Everyone being mean abt ksi’s weight made me sad

  22. christopher hajj

    christopher hajj5 dias atrás

    how do they pick the people

  23. crimson devil

    crimson devil5 dias atrás


  24. Vesses Wijesinghe

    Vesses Wijesinghe5 dias atrás


  25. Tanna A

    Tanna A5 dias atrás

    i love harry and simone

  26. Joshua Hamilton

    Joshua Hamilton7 dias atrás

    Phil could get it

  27. wspBeto

    wspBeto7 dias atrás

    KSI didnt use stocky knockout in the press conference 🤣

  28. Ben 10R Legacy

    Ben 10R Legacy7 dias atrás


  29. ebbe sallander

    ebbe sallander7 dias atrás

    **Vikstar telling the intro** ”We took complete strangers to roast us purely becuase of our looks” Ethan: *FU%K OFF PHIL!*

  30. Lexi Loves

    Lexi Loves7 dias atrás

    JJ ain’t fat

  31. Lexi Loves

    Lexi Loves7 dias atrás

    I knew it was Tobi for the first one!!

  32. Meme channel :

    Meme channel :7 dias atrás

    Just me who actually doesn’t like phill

  33. nona urbusiness

    nona urbusiness8 dias atrás

    lol, am I the only one that had to look up what a tory is??

  34. Julia Patricia

    Julia Patricia8 dias atrás

    We need an episode where everyone slags jj i would pis myself

  35. N8tiv_Muriken

    N8tiv_Muriken9 dias atrás

    Yo my boy tobi didn’t raise his hand when that girl asked if anyone was single 10:44

  36. Dont read the name

    Dont read the name9 dias atrás

    phil is amazing

  37. Zainab Malik

    Zainab Malik10 dias atrás

    This whole video is just JJ rethinking his life decisions

  38. nyia chukhu

    nyia chukhu8 dias atrás


  39. Suh the Interneter

    Suh the Interneter10 dias atrás

    Boom, roasted.

  40. Hungry Like The Vultures

    Hungry Like The Vultures10 dias atrás

    *KSI was roasted the most*

  41. Jasmin Jasmin

    Jasmin Jasmin10 dias atrás

    Anyone else really dislike Phil?😬😂

  42. Cloudy ASMR

    Cloudy ASMR10 dias atrás

    Its not right why is jj always builied

  43. alonso abdul

    alonso abdul10 dias atrás

    Broooo add Phil to the sidemen he will be the new dad of the group

  44. MaZe_7331

    MaZe_733111 dias atrás


  45. That Veto

    That Veto11 dias atrás

    Who’s the insane guy always yelling? It’s just so cringe

  46. Fire Ghost

    Fire Ghost9 dias atrás

    your father

  47. Mousumi Chakravorty

    Mousumi Chakravorty11 dias atrás

    Boys, Come on...... -phill

  48. Axel mogensen

    Axel mogensen11 dias atrás

    im a tory

  49. Anonym Hej

    Anonym Hej12 dias atrás

    What's the background music here called?

  50. Burak Bagiran

    Burak Bagiran12 dias atrás

    So did Ethan go on that date??

  51. Rhys' Waggitt

    Rhys' Waggitt13 dias atrás

    Vik's brother because he is from an Asian family so probably has a lot of siblings

  52. ChicagoBoys3422

    ChicagoBoys342213 dias atrás

    24:18 *ITS BATH TIME BOYS*

  53. Aleena K

    Aleena K14 dias atrás

    JJ’s laugh make me laugh 😂

  54. MrBlueDude 2

    MrBlueDude 214 dias atrás

    I'm from Hull as well

  55. i Victoria

    i Victoria14 dias atrás

    Simon says your fat to KSI when Simon looks like a stick he so skinny and ugly

  56. HNS SNH

    HNS SNH14 dias atrás

    whats a tory

  57. zakai Frazier

    zakai Frazier15 dias atrás

    I need more phil

  58. Faded Rxzer

    Faded Rxzer15 dias atrás

    Phil- the master of insults

  59. Nosツ

    Nosツ16 dias atrás

    I got all of them right up to the 10 min part how far did ye get?

  60. Jack Cooper

    Jack Cooper16 dias atrás

    Anyone else hate Phil

  61. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha16 dias atrás

    4:05 best roast ever

  62. Trashed Identity

    Trashed Identity17 dias atrás

    Harry is so adorable~

  63. Splash Nation

    Splash Nation17 dias atrás

    They legit just steal buzzfeed videos its honestly funny 😂😂

  64. Nova JT

    Nova JT17 dias atrás

    Yo phil backed up when toby said take one more step

  65. lucy

    lucy17 dias atrás

    The guy in the green shirt was so funny should defo get him on again

  66. Longus Dongus

    Longus Dongus17 dias atrás

    The guy with the beard reminds me of the big Brother of good old Teenage films