Stunning Modern Camper Van Conversion | VAN LIFE TOUR


  1. Exploring Alternatives

    Exploring Alternatives2 meses atrás

    Thank you for watching! You can follow Vanlife Sagas here:

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    Imlisangla OzukumMês atrás

    Congrats on 1 million subscriber.


    GOOD LIVING2 meses atrás

    Exploring Alternatives Thanks for another great video! What is the link to have my van built out, please? Thank You 😊


    GOOD LIVING2 meses atrás

    Vanlife Sagas What is the link for having our van built out please? Thank You!

  5. Ditrbl

    Ditrbl2 dias atrás

    I love this van !! I haven’t seen many smaller promasters and i want a normal size one so i’m happy to see one

  6. Gohidan

    Gohidan3 dias atrás

    My dream project

  7. Astrid van Namen

    Astrid van Namen3 dias atrás

    'Whááát is that ceiling made of??' - ☺

  8. Jasmin wing

    Jasmin wing3 dias atrás

    Hi guys, love your build! I'm currently doing a conversion and I'm trying to work out how to install under cabinet lighting with no wires visible inside or outside the cabinet - would you be happy to share how you installed yours? I love that there are no wires visible from underneath. Thanks!

  9. Prabal

    Prabal4 dias atrás

    No toilet/shower makes no sense at all.

  10. 2010redshift

    2010redshift6 dias atrás

    Way too commercial looking.

  11. French Frys

    French Frys6 dias atrás


  12. French Frys

    French Frys7 dias atrás

    The perfect van layout!!! Just need to be able swivel driver seat and also add a composting toilet. Then it’s truly perfect.

  13. Wallace Murray

    Wallace Murray7 dias atrás

    I love speaking accents, and I am dying to know where Dom learned to call his shirts and pants "clode-ing"?

  14. 旅するHIACE HYBRID2019

    旅するHIACE HYBRID201910 dias atrás

    Wonderful. refer to.

  15. Crissy Bowen

    Crissy Bowen10 dias atrás

    Cool van! One question I have is... Sleeping on electronics can not be good for anyone, right? Any other place that can go?

  16. Liubov Glazunova

    Liubov Glazunova11 dias atrás

    Где перевод?

  17. jeslyn Y

    jeslyn Y13 dias atrás

    For me toilet most important though i really like the van

  18. Sila Mime

    Sila Mime18 dias atrás

    Loving it ^^

  19. jack carroll

    jack carroll19 dias atrás

    What do you use for covering windows?

  20. kimberly pinkney

    kimberly pinkney23 dias atrás

    Where are you located. Your van is gorgeous. My husband and I are planning on buying our van in October. I wanted to make sure I take my van to someone who put love into their work. This will be our home. I dont have Facebook or Instagram. How else can I reach out to your Dads?

  21. pixelbasedlifeforms

    pixelbasedlifeforms24 dias atrás

    Nice interior but please no more van videos without proper shower and toilet. It just doesn’t make sense.

  22. Family Bills

    Family Bills24 dias atrás

    That’s going to be a pass on the cup.

  23. russking63

    russking6325 dias atrás

    "We have mostly beer. Which is not good." Blasphemy! Sacrilege!!I stopped the video. right there. J/K. great job. Safe travels to you.

  24. luv2dancesalsa

    luv2dancesalsa25 dias atrás

    GREAT BUILD... but I love THE MOST that both dads have now found a new hobby/business of their own... and have completed 3 more. That's just flat out awesome!

  25. Quiz 234

    Quiz 23425 dias atrás

    *opens fridge* Them: "We have mostly beer..." Me: very nice Them: "which is not good." Me: *dies*

  26. John Simon Wijaya

    John Simon Wijaya28 dias atrás

    Great! nice to know that Dave Grohl have campervan

  27. Finny

    Finny29 dias atrás


  28. Nikolai

    Nikolai29 dias atrás

    just join the rest of the comments, as for me it's a waste of time to spend like 10-15 minutes to show the van with just kitchen and bed. That's not the house on wheels, that's just an office

  29. Ryan Mickels

    Ryan MickelsMês atrás

    Dave Grohl loves his dad rock and his cloding.

  30. Jared Obregon

    Jared ObregonMês atrás

    I just got my PM, same one as this one! I would be interested in this plans/measurements!

  31. The US Government Jr

    The US Government JrMês atrás

    Where do you go to get that done

  32. Sunrise Boy

    Sunrise BoyMês atrás

    Very well done, guys!

  33. Network Lobster

    Network LobsterMês atrás

    which one did you do first !? the electrics or the insulation !?

  34. DJH

    DJHMês atrás

    Can you post a link for the the table pedestal...we have the same concept as you, the benches make into a bed. I don't like the pedestal we bought.

  35. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith15 dias atrás

    Not sure about the exact one they have but it is a marine pedestal, its made for boats if that helps.

  36. Jason Horst

    Jason HorstMês atrás

    I always get a kick out of the toilet area if there even is one?

  37. over opinionated

    over opinionatedMês atrás

    Marie: Welcome, To Our Van Home ,Would You Like A Coffee? Me : Did You Pee In That Cup?

  38. Eris Yumi

    Eris YumiMês atrás

    What's most noticeable about all these tiny homes and homes on wheels is that parents are often involved. They either work on the home or provide with a piece of land, etc.

  39. ROBLOX Bro360noscope21Savage

    ROBLOX Bro360noscope21SavageMês atrás

    Wowed ..... She can pees in a cup , good aiming.... Lol

  40. Diane Lynn

    Diane LynnMês atrás

    Really beautiful. I would be on my own in the van so not keen on going outside alone middle of the night of need be. So would need at least the bucket/cedar. Beautifully designed, love all the light and the mobility compared to a larger motor coach. I am curious how it is in winter.

  41. clark clarke

    clark clarkeMês atrás

    Your van is so beautiful.....What a great story ... and you crested something for your dads which is pretty cool ... Safe travels to you!

  42. Huong T. Webb

    Huong T. WebbMês atrás

    How can I help your Dads build my dream van? Where are they located?

  43. Emill Road

    Emill RoadMês atrás

    How about putting a small windmill, a turbine shaped like an aircraft engine on the roof to charge the battery while driving.

  44. Zriyah Jones

    Zriyah JonesMês atrás

    Cloting wow blessed with a new word

  45. Michele Walters

    Michele WaltersMês atrás

    Great conversion but they need to figure our some other bathroom option besides “we just go outside”. Even a bucket with kitty litter. “Just outside” is rude to others

  46. Jan Demetry

    Jan DemetryMês atrás

    Wow! 🔥

  47. lasbagman1

    lasbagman12 meses atrás

    Imagine having the stomach flu in that van !

  48. Helio Helix

    Helio Helix2 meses atrás

    Cool family.

  49. Sammy S

    Sammy S2 meses atrás

    What was the cost of the van and how much does it cost for the dads to make people vans? It would be interesting if they could incorporate a toilet - as that seems to be what most people are commenting about lol

  50. Mircea Ocolisan

    Mircea Ocolisan2 meses atrás

    Where’s the shower ??

  51. yooser naime

    yooser naime2 meses atrás

    "If this rig's a rockin,' don't bother knockin.'"

  52. Cheryl Davis

    Cheryl Davis2 meses atrás

    👎because of NO bathroom or toilet, a must have in life.

  53. ROB P

    ROB P2 meses atrás

    Too bad they don’t have BRreporter

  54. Jazper Fatsso

    Jazper Fatsso2 meses atrás

    great build, simple, warm and efficient, ....great balance, very well thought of,'s just perfect.

  55. BE Adventure Partners

    BE Adventure Partners2 meses atrás

    What a great van! Our only issue is the lack of a bathroom. This is why we decided on building a skoolie :) We almost bought a Sprinter though. You guys definitely rocked this one and get five stars on the style points!

  56. GQue83

    GQue832 meses atrás

    Absolutely perfect!!! I love this!!!

  57. fargokid71

    fargokid712 meses atrás

    I'd give it thumb's UP for effort but no thanks for someplace to live. Way too cramped.

  58. Erika Muñoz

    Erika Muñoz2 meses atrás

    Your van is beautiful, you both seem so happy and full of joy, keep up little by little everything falls into place. I like the fact that it was a family effort. But not to be a pain get yourselves a emergency toilet lol have fun.

  59. สาวเมืองนอก อังกฤษ

    สาวเมืองนอก อังกฤษ2 meses atrás

    Toilet very important for me All that beautiful

  60. barbjoz63

    barbjoz632 meses atrás

    Wow! Beautiful!

  61. ramers baho

    ramers baho2 meses atrás

    When i saw the thumbnail i tought it is a house😂

  62. ramers baho

    ramers baho2 meses atrás

    @Vanlife Sagas you're welcome merry christmas❤

  63. Vanlife Sagas

    Vanlife Sagas2 meses atrás

    That's a compliment! Thanks :)

  64. Stacey Ater

    Stacey Ater2 meses atrás

    Do you have details about those pans? I love them and would love to get some!

  65. Human Angel

    Human Angel2 meses atrás

    What do you do for work?

  66. Vanlife Sagas

    Vanlife Sagas2 meses atrás

    Dom owns a communication/marketing agency in Canada. I, Marie, am a Ph.D Student and manage social medias/communications for brands.

  67. Tulsa Fox

    Tulsa Fox2 meses atrás

    1 plastic cup with lid one small blue funnel 1 Largemouth gallon jug and you're done.

  68. Vanlife Sagas

    Vanlife Sagas2 meses atrás

    You got it! All we need!