1. Allie Klaver

    Allie KlaverHora atrás

    Sister *pulls Diore foundation out of Jaclyn's bag Jaclyn "I don't where foundation" -_- please we all seen you put foundation on before, we got eyes too, not just ears sister

  2. Taylor Kennedy

    Taylor KennedyHora atrás

    Omg I'm a Gemini too!!! And we are a air sign

  3. Ellie Clennon

    Ellie Clennon5 horas atrás

    james’ cover of no tears left to cry was so great omg

  4. zanny

    zanny10 horas atrás

    Sister james got me siStEr sPoOkEd

  5. Team Phan

    Team PhanDia atrás

    His nails always looks amazing! New fan here :) binge watching his videos

  6. RandomMspGirl123

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  7. blabla

    blablaDia atrás

    Loving the positive vibes💕💕💕💕💕 love you both❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Caroline Dickinson

    Caroline DickinsonDia atrás

    Jaclyn: "What's your nationality?" James: "White as f***" Me: Lol James saaame

  9. Casey Torres

    Casey TorresDia atrás

    Jaclyn!! Best advice ever at the end!!

  10. Paula Aalto

    Paula AaltoDia atrás

    I never ever thought it was physically possible to put so many words into 22-ish minutes! You both did a great job!! 😜

  11. Maddi is da bomb

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  12. Alyssa lewis

    Alyssa lewisDia atrás

    get ready for james’ highlighter

  13. Saieda Qudusi

    Saieda Qudusi2 dias atrás

    OBSESSED WITH BOTH OF YOU 😍❤️ "we love a obsessed sishtar" :) 😏

  14. Marie Lou

    Marie Lou2 dias atrás

    James you're just so sympathetic to everyone wanna have you as my friend so bad😂😂😂

  15. Aisha Patel

    Aisha Patel3 dias atrás

    I'm Digging Your Thumbnail 😍

  16. JustBiankaL

    JustBiankaL3 dias atrás

    She was so uncomfortable when he was complimenting her

  17. Jaycie Perryman

    Jaycie Perryman3 dias atrás

    please just give me a makeover, I wish to look as good as you!!!

  18. Kayla Shapira-Stern

    Kayla Shapira-Stern4 dias atrás

    jaclyn should do a singing video

  19. julienka 13

    julienka 134 dias atrás

    7:40 me: omg I can see the videos “jacklyn Hill interupting James Charles for 5 minuets straight || 7:48 my life has come to an end

  20. Amanda Kate VanSickle

    Amanda Kate VanSickle4 dias atrás

    Can't wait for your highlighter, James! :P

  21. Valeria Ponce

    Valeria Ponce4 dias atrás

    I’m in the sock~ich moment 😦😧

  22. Valeria Ponce

    Valeria Ponce4 dias atrás

    2 a hours

  23. Josephine Jonson

    Josephine Jonson5 dias atrás

    11:01 Love u sister Jaclyn😂💗💗💗

  24. Xaviz campú

    Xaviz campú6 dias atrás

    Probably James talks really fast but this girl talks a lot I mean she kept interrupting and interrupting him he barely spoken the whole video lol

  25. Dxstiny

    Dxstiny6 dias atrás

    13:00 they b lookin like siblings yooooo

  26. liliana vlogs

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  27. StarBeth

    StarBeth6 dias atrás

    17:08 sister incest 😂😭

  28. Ashley R. Ance

    Ashley R. Ance6 dias atrás

    Every time I see him blow on his brushes it gives me anxiety!!🤦🏻‍♀️

  29. Luna ._.

    Luna ._.6 dias atrás

    Jaclyn looks so cute in the beginning of this vid

  30. Aidycent 12

    Aidycent 127 dias atrás

    5:57 sister setting spray sale

  31. Brookie Bear

    Brookie Bear7 dias atrás

    She looks like sister Katy perry with the blue eye !!

  32. Chronic Mommy

    Chronic Mommy7 dias atrás

    “ I don’t even wear makeup what am I doing? “ 😂😂

  33. Sophia Tubbs

    Sophia Tubbs7 dias atrás

    2 beautiful creatures in one video ❤️

  34. Sabrina Adelina

    Sabrina Adelina7 dias atrás

    we love a sister from the country white

  35. Debi B

    Debi B7 dias atrás

    OMG you two are awesome!!! Love you sisters!!!

  36. fanmania5000

    fanmania50007 dias atrás

    *every thing changed when the fire nation attacked*

  37. clorox

    clorox7 dias atrás

    she looked completely different without makeup, she should like like that more often damn

  38. Rhiannon Sweeney

    Rhiannon Sweeney7 dias atrás

    What JS liquid lipstick is James using?

  39. Alicia Aitken

    Alicia Aitken7 dias atrás

    Did james hint about his own makeup line "who's to say there wont be a better one coming out soon" ??

  40. MeggieB 3

    MeggieB 37 dias atrás

    Omg we have the same sign!!!!! Living for it.

  41. Krypto 301

    Krypto 3017 dias atrás

    just subbed after 3 vids!!?? keep up the good work sister!

  42. Lillian Faux

    Lillian Faux7 dias atrás

    Okay fuck me up, y’all have gorgeous voices & harmonies 😍😭

  43. Allison Lundgren

    Allison Lundgren8 dias atrás

    You should do a Caleb with manny mua

  44. martha teague

    martha teague8 dias atrás

    Omg is it just me or do they look like brother and sister😂😍

  45. martha teague

    martha teague6 dias atrás

    Someone omg yessss😂😂

  46. HeddisHeddis

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    martha teague actually it is sister and sister

  47. Rianna Jarrah

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  48. Isabella Granada

    Isabella Granada9 dias atrás

    shishter shart

  49. Bianca Norena

    Bianca Norena9 dias atrás

    Sister James face at 16:52 in the vid, it’s funny

  50. Nice Chicken

    Nice Chicken9 dias atrás

    Bro did James record this on an iPhone 😂

  51. Gaby Munoz

    Gaby Munoz9 dias atrás

    Muy bien chicas 👏🏻👍

  52. Billy James

    Billy James9 dias atrás

    I want Tati on the next episode!!!

  53. Chloe Blacksmith

    Chloe Blacksmith9 dias atrás

    We love a Shishtar vocalist

  54. patatjeoorlognl2

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    Chloe Blacksmith sister chartreuse

  55. Chloe Blacksmith

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    *I'M DESPERATE* Akskfmne

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  57. czarina segui

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    hell yeah team gemini

  58. Karen Curtis

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    Can do a Tati video please xx

  59. SiennaDaCat 101

    SiennaDaCat 1019 dias atrás

    U look like stunning sister

  60. Karen Curtis

    Karen Curtis9 dias atrás

    Am I 😜 crazy or did I see J put a q tip in her mouth then put it in her eye ?

  61. Karine

    Karine4 dias atrás

    Karen Curtis i do that all the time haha

  62. alerab 1104

    alerab 110410 dias atrás

    1:20 "a shishter shart"😂😂😂 I love you James😂😂😂

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  65. Loelle Mellergaard

    Loelle Mellergaard10 dias atrás

    yes amazing collab!!

  66. Cindy Mae

    Cindy Mae10 dias atrás

    WE LOVE AN EXTRA SISTER. That's what got me love him.💖

  67. walshd66

    walshd6610 dias atrás

    I love u James! U are my inspiration one ☝️ question do u like ru paul? It's like my favourite show!

  68. Sophie Fleeting

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  69. Maria Vizcarra

    Maria Vizcarra11 dias atrás

    jacklin looks like cathrin with makeup ( from ace famaly )

  70. Lexie Brown

    Lexie Brown11 dias atrás

    Omg I need that jumper !

  71. Colter Hinckley

    Colter Hinckley11 dias atrás

    The beauty community is that a rough spot. Gets 3.8 million views

  72. Isabelle Douglas

    Isabelle Douglas11 dias atrás

    you should have the next guest do flashback mary

  73. Am I A Unicorn Yet?

    Am I A Unicorn Yet?11 dias atrás

    WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY OMG xD im a gemini too & r element is air

  74. Mariella Butler

    Mariella Butler11 dias atrás

    Who saw that James had liked his own Instagram pictureeeeee. 😍😍😍😍

  75. Ella Eichman

    Ella Eichman11 dias atrás

    Jacklyn reminds me of my therapist

  76. Klara Ärlemar

    Klara Ärlemar11 dias atrás

    Since you're gemini your element is air, same as me :D

  77. Anniken Leite

    Anniken Leite11 dias atrás

    And omg the singing I wasn’t ready

  78. Anniken Leite

    Anniken Leite11 dias atrás

    Her hair is so gorgeous 😫

  79. Shararah Rayen

    Shararah Rayen11 dias atrás

    omg some people have so much beef for this guy which initially made me not like him cause I was judging the book by its cover but he's sweet and really talented and he's just a kid omg cut him some slack

  80. Ally Gille

    Ally Gille12 dias atrás

    I love you guys making videos together! This video is so cute 😭❤️

  81. awesomehai

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    I love how she has one broken nail😂 relatable

  82. Amber Kry

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    My dogs jumped about 6 times during this video

  83. Mohammed Slaem

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  84. Karla González

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    "Dark and smoky and spooky"

  85. Preda Babakhani

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    its air

  86. Audey Yoyeyn

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    Jaclyn Hill is a goddess and James Charles is a Queeeeeeeeen.. Yaaaaaaaaaaaas! 💙👑❤

  87. Just sydney

    Just sydney12 dias atrás

    When ppl do their makeup and put on setting powder it looks like a beard make out of coke So I say we love a cocaine beard

  88. faith hill

    faith hill12 dias atrás

    Rip headphone users at 9:06ish

  89. Miriam Fease

    Miriam Fease13 dias atrás

    James wins the troll bet💗💗💗

  90. Gabrielle Collins

    Gabrielle Collins13 dias atrás

    Jaclyn is so small compared to James.. they're kinda cute together

  91. Wild Side

    Wild Side13 dias atrás

    Omg I was so happy. They asked two astrology questions!

  92. lia freitas

    lia freitas13 dias atrás

    I love jaclyn’s vibe in this video! It makes me want to be friends with her

  93. Ernestīne Knēta

    Ernestīne Knēta13 dias atrás

    can u do a full face if diy makeup

  94. Alyssa Lislis

    Alyssa Lislis13 dias atrás

    Hey james just wanted to tell you i love you and that you have inspirered me and we have everything in common like no joke we are the same sign gemini and i was born in May 23,2007 i also have dry skin and love you

  95. Alex Rocha

    Alex Rocha13 dias atrás

    Holy fuck they should sing a song together, god is a women oh maa gaaaa

  96. OfficiallySam

    OfficiallySam14 dias atrás

    I would honestly love James and Jaclyn to do a singing video together, whether they do their makeup or not. Their voices just went really well together in my opinion!

  97. Dr. strange

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    "Sister shart"

  98. AlohaArtCollective TATTOO

    AlohaArtCollective TATTOO14 dias atrás

    I am a gemini and we are the air element

  99. KJayyy Sam

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    Jaclyn is so gorgeous without makeup tooooo 🔥💯

  100. Gina Scarlette

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    Omg they look like actual sisters

  101. L. M. M.

    L. M. M.15 dias atrás

    yea I can already tell this will be headache inducing

  102. Albania Isabel

    Albania Isabel15 dias atrás

    That’s why I love you Jaclyn Hill you so real

  103. ahpra v

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    The two most talkative beauty gurus .. I ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH SJXJHDJS

  104. Alexia Espinoza

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    A little colorful troll 😂😂😂🌈