Super Slow Show Outtakes - Bonus Clip


  1. Astrobot 3000

    Astrobot 300010 dias atrás

    when gav still shaved

  2. WolfFireheart

    WolfFireheart12 dias atrás

    What I really loved about this show, is that it feels very,,, youtube, you know? Like, watching this still feels like I'm just watching two silly guys doing nonsense in their backyard!

  3. Christophe Auguste

    Christophe Auguste2 meses atrás

    some people know they have gain some weight when they can't get in their pants anymore... for dan, it's when he can't get in his giant balloon!

  4. Super Newf

    Super Newf2 meses atrás

    Make a rectangle vertical box made of lexan and have Dan stand up inside then fill it up with jello and wait for it to cure and try to escape it lol.Best idea ever lol.Please try this as I think it would make a great video!!!

  5. SNR Night wolf

    SNR Night wolf5 meses atrás

    The super slow show season 2

  6. DoubleM-K Gaming

    DoubleM-K Gaming6 meses atrás

    "Wet bread", that is funny :)

  7. ot

    ot6 meses atrás

    2:36 WTH?!

  8. Dawson O'Keefe

    Dawson O'Keefe7 meses atrás

    It’s been over a year what happened to the super slow show

  9. Silver Edge

    Silver Edge8 meses atrás

    okay this channel is more like Gav making experiments on Dan

  10. Guillaume D -

    Guillaume D -8 meses atrás


  11. Venomorph

    Venomorph8 meses atrás

    hi im gav....and im done! wer the slow-mo guys

  12. Dj Luminol

    Dj Luminol8 meses atrás

    3:56 Dan looks like he's being swallowed by a breast implant.

  13. alli little

    alli little9 meses atrás

    people hated this but lowkey it was nice to see them upload more often and i think they learned a lot and had fun so

  14. Izices

    Izices10 meses atrás

    Had it been Gav's nose it WOULD have carried him off.

  15. Tadhg Shortall

    Tadhg Shortall10 meses atrás

    I think dan might be a robot and malfunctions at 1:22

  16. PLATINA 444

    PLATINA 44410 meses atrás

    Legends Plis Portugues

  17. Giuseppe Abba

    Giuseppe Abba10 meses atrás

    5:08 I almost spat out my wine

  18. TheJazzomatic

    TheJazzomatic11 meses atrás

    "... 48, Mate!" Still laughing

  19. apparentlyizzy

    apparentlyizzy11 meses atrás

    we need more of these

  20. shayan hersh

    shayan hersh11 meses atrás

    Who love me 😂❤

  21. Zev Gershon

    Zev Gershon11 meses atrás

    2:16 AWW IT’S WET BREAD *gags violently*

  22. kycha 28

    kycha 2811 meses atrás

    that's amy?

  23. S0lstice

    S0lstice11 meses atrás

    Gav and his wet bread 😂

  24. Phil and Co.

    Phil and Co.Anos atrás

    2:46 just close your eyes and listen

  25. Katie Barrett

    Katie BarrettAnos atrás

    1:24 *Gavin: hi I’m Gav* **silence** *Gavin: ..and I’m Dan* *Dan: I just don’t like the...* Me: what do you not like Dan?

  26. Imran Lalani

    Imran LalaniAnos atrás

    nice video #ImranLalani

  27. ISBSP

    ISBSPAnos atrás

    When will there be more

  28. _ SassySaucyxx _

    _ SassySaucyxx _Anos atrás

    If that balloon got hooked on gavs nose like that he would have flown away

  29. Hashtag Lan Fbx

    Hashtag Lan FbxAnos atrás

    I'm actually glad these people are no longer making "BRreporter originals" vids anymore

  30. Lee_Troy 24

    Lee_Troy 24Anos atrás

    Where is the next episode?

  31. APPLE Phone 6s slow motion

    APPLE Phone 6s slow motionAnos atrás like subscribe please

  32. BigSpongebob

    BigSpongebobAnos atrás


  33. gnamp

    gnampAnos atrás

    Do you think you could film the creation of candy-floss [cotton-candy]?

  34. Venatici-Canes

    Venatici-CanesAnos atrás

    Just curious, who cleans up after your videos you have in those remote locations? You break a lot of plastics out in the middle of no where. Just wanted to know if you clean it up at all

  35. Sammy Moss

    Sammy MossAnos atrás

    Now I really want to know what that guy does for a living.

  36. gexon_pane

    gexon_paneAnos atrás

    >hating wet bread It was actually a kind of food in Russia two or three hundred years ago. Called turya.

  37. lil_salomon

    lil_salomonAnos atrás

    Plz do lawnmower blade vs friut

  38. Zz zZ

    Zz zZAnos atrás

    *48 MATE*

  39. Nord Pcs

    Nord PcsAnos atrás

    This is cool. I also have some Slow motion video here. Now I try to improve it.

  40. Mitchell W. Cheek

    Mitchell W. CheekAnos atrás

    Got to love these guys.