Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Everyone is Here Trailer (E3 2018)


  1. turtleswert08 Clips

    turtleswert08 ClipsMinuto atrás

    *smashes beer bottle* /where’s waluigi?/

  2. Johilimi Jokishichi

    Johilimi Jokishichi25 minutos atrás

    So much fire emblem charaters

  3. I need a Life

    I need a Life53 minutos atrás

    yet no waluigi

  4. Chococat BeanieBoo

    Chococat BeanieBooHora atrás

    I meant to misspell it

  5. Chococat BeanieBoo

    Chococat BeanieBooHora atrás

    O mah gawd Pokemon trainer is back

  6. SpawnerMaster

    SpawnerMaster3 horas atrás

    This trailer was amazing. The direct fucking sucked, but this...

  7. Brozboy

    Brozboy4 horas atrás

    wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH... LUIGI

  8. Tudor-Paul Balan-Tribus

    Tudor-Paul Balan-Tribus5 horas atrás

    when ike came the footage looks like a cutscene...perhaps story mode?

  9. MrButtsavage17

    MrButtsavage1710 horas atrás

    I'll buy if Waluigi is playable.

  10. Mc Musters

    Mc Musters12 horas atrás

    Everyone’s here except waluigi

  11. Kimberly Gore

    Kimberly Gore12 horas atrás

    Poor luigi and yoshi

  12. Game Guy

    Game Guy12 horas atrás

    We did it, boys! No new anime sword fighters! Clap it up for yourselves!

  13. Jeremy Castro

    Jeremy Castro14 horas atrás

    I was surprised Bayonetta was in the game.

  14. Jeremy Castro

    Jeremy Castro14 horas atrás

    This game just made my day.

  15. Luno Sol

    Luno Sol15 horas atrás

    Where is waluigi

  16. GuyReacts

    GuyReacts16 horas atrás

    I'm so happy. High expectations.

  17. zoie mckeel

    zoie mckeel17 horas atrás

    This is going to be insane xD. There better be a adventure mode

  18. Gust

    Gust18 horas atrás


  19. Silent _Ninja

    Silent _Ninja18 horas atrás

    This is a lie where is Waluigi the title is extremely misleading


    TAGGIES DEXTAGGIES21 hora atrás

    I want this

  21. PJMRK

    PJMRK21 hora atrás

    Now in super smash bros ultimate: No items Fox only Final Destination

  22. JoPiJuKa

    JoPiJuKa23 horas atrás

    I wait for gengar and sans

  23. Derpy Mario

    Derpy Mario23 horas atrás

    Hype train get on now!

  24. Elyseon

    ElyseonDia atrás


  25. Ze Umbreon

    Ze UmbreonDia atrás


  26. GonnSolo

    GonnSoloDia atrás

    Where the fuck is WALUIGI

  27. Gerexo Molarroid

    Gerexo Molarroid23 horas atrás

    GonnSolo he is in the game

  28. Sunbreaker7

    Sunbreaker7Dia atrás

    This game deserves a story mode, Oh I miss it so much!

  29. strawberry milk tea

    strawberry milk teaDia atrás

    my wildest dreams

  30. Jimmy Crackorn

    Jimmy CrackornDia atrás

    I wish Ryu dick suckers at Capcom would stop finding new and innovatives waves to force him on us. I'd love for Ken to make it into another game at least *with* him. They *are* rivals after all.

  31. Link Helix

    Link HelixDia atrás

    I'm gonna miss you my dear ol gale boomerang and clawshot 😖

  32. Link Helix

    Link HelixDia atrás

    Not everyone is here actually... Where missing(Smash u/3ds) Twilight Princess Link,Zelda,Ganondorf, Shiek(tp concept art),(Smash Meele) Ocarina of Time Adult Link, Zelda, Sheik, .... Just because they are not the same and had a few different movesets that differenced them from the other incarnations... Joking aside, I still think this is sorta truth but the Zelda franchise already has 3 links atm and it's to much not that I complain about it... But I mean... They added young link again Wich I though toon link took his place so this means this further backs up my statement...

  33. TheluckyguyNL

    TheluckyguyNLDia atrás

    This makes me cry from happyness

  34. I'm a fan

    I'm a fanDia atrás

    Everyone but walawigi......😧

  35. Mitchell Slan

    Mitchell SlanDia atrás

    I'm just happy we didn't get some bullshit like Travis Fucking Touchdown

  36. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDia atrás


  37. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDia atrás

    Any Smash Bros that was previous Cut: YOU'RE FREE!!!!

  38. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDia atrás


  39. Rman Nayr

    Rman NayrDia atrás


  40. nxn

    nxnDia atrás

    holy shit... 64 characters

  41. Wrist

    WristDia atrás

    I know there’s a lot of sword characters but I really want Crono from Chrono Trigger.

  42. MK8 Master!

    MK8 Master!Dia atrás

    Never heard of him.

  43. Phunky Munky

    Phunky MunkyDia atrás


  44. Mr. Good

    Mr. GoodDia atrás

    Everyone's here????

  45. Ligands

    LigandsDia atrás

    But will Corneria be returning?

  46. marco moscoso

    marco moscosoDia atrás

    This sucks, where the hell is Duke Nukem

  47. M.P Fox

    M.P FoxDia atrás

    Original will never be beat

  48. st jimmy

    st jimmyDia atrás

    Maybe add new people

  49. Blakestar48 2

    Blakestar48 2Dia atrás

    They better make twilight princess link a redesign for botw link

  50. TotallyNotAcat

    TotallyNotAcatDia atrás

    *Waluigi Wahhs sadly*

  51. wizPanda

    wizPandaDia atrás


  52. Crassus

    CrassusDia atrás

    Marvel: We made the biggest crossover ever Nintendo: Hold my beer

  53. HydraulicLogic

    HydraulicLogicDia atrás

    ice climbers: the only way it’s fun to play as two characters at once

  54. Blake T

    Blake TDia atrás


  55. Lane Minor

    Lane MinorDia atrás

    so... when can we play as Master Hand? or, Ibis?

  56. Josue Choque

    Josue ChoqueDia atrás

    oooooooo mario

  57. RandomRock 36

    RandomRock 36Dia atrás


  58. BMO 5678

    BMO 5678Dia atrás

    what about him? *points left and Waluigi is on the left*

  59. Sir Ubersupersloth

    Sir UbersuperslothDia atrás

    Yes, but do we get to play as Master Hand like we could in Melee?

  60. Zer0scope

    Zer0scopeDia atrás

    If this is the last Smash Bros. game, I think I'd be ok with that. That small, dangerously stupid part of my brain: *BaNDaNNa WADDle DeEeEeEe* Nope, can't think of anything that would improve this.

  61. リーリーxO

    リーリーxODia atrás


  62. RN J

    RN JDia atrás

    But still no Waluigi

  63. Angela Le

    Angela LeDia atrás


  64. Remyu games-juegos,historias y muchos mas

    Remyu games-juegos,historias y muchos masDia atrás

    Snake SNAKE!!!!!

  65. Sheep Sheep

    Sheep SheepDia atrás

    They showed every character in the game... except Alph... not that it matters but they showed the koopalings.

  66. HowwUdurin

    HowwUdurinDia atrás

    Zelda in her Link to the Past model in 3D is beautiful.

  67. Sami Khan

    Sami KhanDia atrás

    Where's goku?

  68. kirito AZUMA1

    kirito AZUMA1Dia atrás

    I want this for ps4

  69. Courtney  Smith

    Courtney SmithDia atrás


  70. Loki

    Loki2 dias atrás

    Bruuh when will the Luigi disrespect stop lol

  71. Mr. Blue Cherry

    Mr. Blue Cherry2 dias atrás

    Holy shit

  72. Black Jesus

    Black Jesus2 dias atrás

    The music

  73. EPortals

    EPortals2 dias atrás

    Awesome! But is it annoying anyone else how much this is being compared against Infinity War, as if one is better than the other?

  74. Zac Webster

    Zac Webster2 dias atrás


  75. RapidPrince9

    RapidPrince92 dias atrás

    Everyone asking 'Where' is Waluigi, but nobody asking 'How' is Waluigi...

  76. mykael vargas

    mykael vargas2 dias atrás

    Wheres waluagi

  77. Edgy Memelord

    Edgy Memelord2 dias atrás

    Yall really doing my boy Waluigi like that..

  78. Marcus Jackson

    Marcus Jackson2 dias atrás


  79. Marcus Jackson

    Marcus Jackson2 dias atrás


  80. party quackas

    party quackas2 dias atrás

    Just came for Ridley

  81. Squishy YT

    Squishy YT2 dias atrás

    Is toad from super smash bros melee there?

  82. Graham Merph

    Graham Merph2 dias atrás

    This is a recording of Nintendo's livestream and uploaded in really poor quality. Why is Nintendo's buried in the search results, do they not use tags or something lol

  83. Red Atex

    Red Atex2 dias atrás

    SNAKE IS BACK!!!!!

  84. Josh Shulaw

    Josh Shulaw2 dias atrás


  85. Paola B.

    Paola B.2 dias atrás

    Probably the people I'm most looking forward to is Cloud and the new Pokemon

  86. Tomnyan

    Tomnyan2 dias atrás


  87. Dido Baig

    Dido Baig2 dias atrás

    Even snakes back.

  88. Blue

    Blue2 dias atrás

    my penis is erect

  89. AmazingKing The King Of Clickbait

    AmazingKing The King Of Clickbait2 dias atrás

    They missed out Naruto (super smash flash) Itchigo (same as above) Idunno whether since they were in a flash game and not in a real game (I think) was the reason why they were cut

  90. Clucknadus

    Clucknadus2 dias atrás

    Not sure if you're trolling, but Super Smash Flash is a fan-made game, not official. And those are anime characters, not game characters; they will never be in an official Smash game.

  91. Minority Nomad

    Minority Nomad2 dias atrás

    This game is going to make soooo much damn money. lol

  92. Zen Lim

    Zen Lim2 dias atrás

    Every Megaman is here! No Zero.

  93. YOSH

    YOSH2 dias atrás

    Nintendo killed E3 with 1 game

  94. Jeff T

    Jeff T2 dias atrás

    Still don't care about Nintendo. My Wii U was put back in the box and has stayed there for over a year.

  95. Medachod

    Medachod2 dias atrás

    I don't mean to be picky, but with every Smash game, I look forward to newcomers, so I hope this "Ultimate" version is simply meant to make sure they have a base for everyone to return in the next game after Ultimate. Cause I still want Goemon and Takamaru to be playable at some point. I have no hope at all for Goemon since, even with Konami returning and Capcom having two reps before, they would not bother to bring him up. And Sakurai probably does not care at all for him. Even with how iconic Bomberman is, he ended up as an Assist Trophy, so I bet Goemon would be the same. Should have said yes to Sakurai back then before you became defunct, Hudson.

  96. alteredizzy1010

    alteredizzy10102 dias atrás

    I love how people complain that Xbox and ps4 have the same boring exclusives.... Lol yeah OK Nintendo is completely excused

  97. ghostravenger

    ghostravenger2 dias atrás

    Waluigi I miss him

  98. Nasir Ali

    Nasir Ali2 dias atrás

    All I need to know, is waluigi gonna come

  99. Saketh k

    Saketh k2 dias atrás


  100. David Playz

    David Playz2 dias atrás

    Where is captain falcon?

  101. Captain Pineapples

    Captain Pineapples2 dias atrás

    YESSSSSS SNAKE IS BACK YAYYYYYYY!! I was just getting worried that maybe Snake wouldn’t be here because of Konami but then he appears out of nowhere and you see, “Everyone is here!”

  102. MrShoeShine7

    MrShoeShine72 dias atrás

    I literally lost it at snake. Not because I main him, but both my friends do, and they’ll finally play SMASH AGAIN. HAHAAAA!!!!

  103. Icy

    Icy2 dias atrás

    Everyone is here Except charizard’s rock smash