Surprise Brother and Sister Room Makeovers! | Mr. Kate Decorates


  1. dieshy132

    dieshy132Hora atrás

    can you decrate my room

  2. Kuntol Kinjol

    Kuntol Kinjol4 horas atrás

    My fish, lotose and I are watching this together 🐟🐠

  3. Lillian Altenhofen

    Lillian Altenhofen5 horas atrás

    I want u to do my room but my mom won’t let me

  4. Karina Abbasi

    Karina Abbasi9 horas atrás

    Mr kate u look like that jungle girl from alvin and the chipmunks

  5. Life of Lils

    Life of Lils18 horas atrás

    Can you do my new room I just moved in

  6. Rylan Wilson - Gaming

    Rylan Wilson - Gaming18 horas atrás

    Mr.Kate I don’t know how to contact you to tell you I want you to decorate my room. Can you please respond ASAP.

  7. Ailani Sanchez

    Ailani Sanchez18 horas atrás

    I want them to do this for me lol 😂

  8. Duck Adams 1

    Duck Adams 119 horas atrás

    Wait is mr Kate transgender or did she call herself mr for her husband and Kate because that’s her name

  9. Ariel Stewart

    Ariel Stewart20 horas atrás

    Don’t judge I’m new to this channel but why is her name mr kate and not mrs kate

  10. Jorie Jaya

    Jorie Jaya21 hora atrás

    Omg that's my friend!!

  11. ganije qoku

    ganije qoku22 horas atrás

    Wait she’s Mr Kate I thought Joey was Mr Kate

  12. Vicki Augustoni

    Vicki Augustoni23 horas atrás

    Who else loves Mr. Kate

  13. Lexi Rodriguez

    Lexi RodriguezDia atrás

    Jacks room is my favorite because it's boyish, I'm a girl.....

  14. Sophia Irion

    Sophia IrionDia atrás


  15. Pearl Pretorius

    Pearl PretoriusDia atrás

    😂😂 why is Kate so mean to Joey sometimes😂😂 she literally took over the meditation session yet he spotted the (thing). Don't come at me idk what it is

  16. Ellie Fair

    Ellie FairDia atrás

    Dear Mrs Kate I just want to say how awesome you are me and my 5sisters love I also have three Brothers. You should decorate my room because why not. I have really only one sister but she is not in the world right now but the rest are step or half blood. I am just so happy that you can help everyone. And the Fact that you are so GOOD at it I am 9 turning 10 in 6 months my half sister is 11my step sister is 11 my half brother is 13 and my other step sister's are 8 and 7/8 my step brother does not live here but he is 13.

  17. Nicole wilner

    Nicole wilnerDia atrás

    She said "so cool" like 10 times 😂

  18. Alina Loncar

    Alina LoncarDia atrás

    You should do the parents room

  19. Jhumee Jung

    Jhumee JungDia atrás

    how does this girl even consider herself as an artist?? 😒

  20. Contactstacy

    ContactstacyDia atrás

    And my name is savanna

  21. Contactstacy

    ContactstacyDia atrás

    Can you come to my house because my room is a mess

  22. Contactstacy

    ContactstacyDia atrás

    And my name is savanna

  23. Betty Cooper

    Betty CooperDia atrás

    Her reaction to the aftermath of the decorations seemed so fake. Honestly, I could see the regret in her eyes. 😂

  24. Zainab Almutairy

    Zainab AlmutairyDia atrás

    Can u plz come do my room

  25. The Cherry Sisters

    The Cherry SistersDia atrás

    I wanna see a video of every time Joey is hanging curtains😂😂

  26. Marielys Ocasio

    Marielys Ocasio2 dias atrás

    I would like my room re-decorated but I don’t live around where you do ;(

  27. MacKaylee Reed

    MacKaylee Reed2 dias atrás

    Can you please do my room

  28. Lexie M

    Lexie M2 dias atrás

    One day can you do a room tore on you room?! ❤️🙏

  29. Lucozade Dealer

    Lucozade Dealer2 dias atrás

    Jack be looking like a whole snack

  30. Gracie Grace

    Gracie Grace2 dias atrás

    Uhm,, wtf

  31. lil celestia

    lil celestia2 dias atrás

    I love the videos but I absolutely hate the intro 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  32. Lee Iris

    Lee Iris2 dias atrás

    I feel like the brother was more impressed.......

  33. Challenge Sisters

    Challenge Sisters2 dias atrás

    How is there that many thumbs down like damn it looked good

  34. Logan Daggy

    Logan Daggy2 dias atrás

    Please do me and my sisters room we share a room

  35. African Female Singer

    African Female Singer2 dias atrás

    So can I contact u guys??🥴🥴🥴🥴🤪🤪🤪 come to Georgia??🌚🌝

  36. Fatima Pastel

    Fatima PastelDia atrás

    African Female Singer I think they only do it in la

  37. AydenPlays

    AydenPlays2 dias atrás

    she’s in my flippin school..

  38. Julia Guttormsen Kvæl

    Julia Guttormsen Kvæl3 dias atrás

    Is it just one country that you can do makeovers or do you do in other countries?? And if some won want a room makeover those ho want the makeover do they have to pay for it??

  39. Skye’s at sea

    Skye’s at sea3 dias atrás

    how do i send a letter to you

  40. Abygail Bartscher

    Abygail Bartscher3 dias atrás

    I have a question why is she mr.kate when shes a girl???

  41. Amber Young

    Amber Young3 dias atrás

    i love you guys and your vids soooo much!💗💗

  42. Angela Pearce

    Angela Pearce3 dias atrás

    Do mine. :o

  43. Ellah Arnold

    Ellah Arnold3 dias atrás

    I want you to come over to my house.....

  44. Allison Wright

    Allison Wright3 dias atrás

    Love that

  45. Sophia LIKE APP

    Sophia LIKE APP3 dias atrás

    DIDNT THE KID SAY “I’m Kyle” and Joey said jack i thought Joey didn’t like him lol

  46. Sophia LIKE APP

    Sophia LIKE APP3 dias atrás

    “This is so cool! This is so cool!”

  47. Kyla Zedeck

    Kyla Zedeck3 dias atrás

    My heart broke when the little girl was talking!

  48. Take two

    Take two3 dias atrás

    I’m not trying to be mean but I really think they knew she was bad at art ps anyone else notice they said Noah a few times

  49. Aaliyah F

    Aaliyah F3 dias atrás

    CAN you do my room in canada

  50. JaKayla Crinklaw

    JaKayla Crinklaw4 dias atrás

    How do I send a letter about doing my room

  51. Clarissa Conlon

    Clarissa Conlon4 dias atrás

    And I love your videos

  52. Clarissa Conlon

    Clarissa Conlon4 dias atrás

    Hi Mr Kate I have been watching you for 4 years

  53. Guadalupe Moreno

    Guadalupe Moreno4 dias atrás

    I feel bad for her

  54. It’s Lucylin

    It’s Lucylin4 dias atrás

    If you want a joke click read more Read more

  55. Idaly Vasquez

    Idaly Vasquez4 dias atrás

    Hey can you gays do my room to please

  56. Jia Min

    Jia Min4 dias atrás

    They need to have kids like right now

  57. Gigliola Perez

    Gigliola Perez4 dias atrás

    You literally need to come to my apt to decorate my room

  58. Monica C

    Monica C5 dias atrás

    Lol milla is just like me I'm 10 but turning 11 at April loll Edit: ok same I only like pink when it's really light

  59. Erin Hite

    Erin Hite5 dias atrás

    I want my room done I have such a small space I don’t know where to put things😭 and nothing matches and I need a full size bed but we have no money, I need there helpppp😭 Also my room color is white but has dark blue showing through from previous color And I’m 15 with a twin size// I need a full😭

  60. Amairani Cassio

    Amairani Cassio5 dias atrás

    I don’t get why she says mister Kate

  61. Aimee Steward

    Aimee Steward5 dias atrás

    How much did it cost. Did they have to pay for you to re decorate. I need you to do mine 😂

  62. i Chloe

    i Chloe5 dias atrás

    18:43 , my english teacher uses thats to get my class to shutup

  63. LPS Awesom

    LPS Awesom5 dias atrás

    Your vids make me happy

  64. trey nobles

    trey nobles6 dias atrás

    Can you do my new playroom

  65. watermelon 42

    watermelon 426 dias atrás

    I would really love if you could makeover my room

  66. chloes zoo

    chloes zoo6 dias atrás

    Is that really a betta in that bowl?!?!? I hope not! They need at least a 2.5 gall tank a heater and fliter

  67. pink girl yeah

    pink girl yeah6 dias atrás

    It looks like a 16 year old girls room

  68. Ginger Tiger

    Ginger Tiger6 dias atrás

    You look pretty

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  70. Mary Myers

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    Please come to mt please ant and do my room

  71. Lucid Labyrinth

    Lucid Labyrinth6 dias atrás

    Its blowing my mind that they dont have TVs in their rooms lol

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    I love you gise

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    I would like you to come to my house but I live in nyc

  75. Shannon Apted

    Shannon Apted7 dias atrás

    Wait, they said the house was a rental. Also why were the reactions so fake?

  76. Destini Sheppherd

    Destini Sheppherd7 dias atrás

    With rooms like those I feel like if I was the parents nd my kids was acting up I'd be like GET OUT OF YOUR ROOMS because being on punishment in those rooms is a privilege lmao 😂😂

  77. Bobbi Twining

    Bobbi Twining7 dias atrás

    Wow she looks like she’s a 14 year old so pretty!!

  78. Lyric and Rajon

    Lyric and Rajon7 dias atrás

    I’m wearing a sherwin Williams shirt

  79. DuhItzAubrey

    DuhItzAubrey7 dias atrás

    Who else wants more teen bedroom makeovers? ♥️

  80. kawaii unicorn lover

    kawaii unicorn lover7 dias atrás

    Wow I never tried painting my couch but thx for the tip!

  81. Beatriz Varela

    Beatriz Varela7 dias atrás

    Does anyone know if the charger or not to decorate your room

  82. MegaBrisah1

    MegaBrisah17 dias atrás

    So I live all the way in Wisconsin... but I always wanted to have a room makeover or a new style when I move? Is there any way you would travel all the way over here???

  83. Cameron Mason

    Cameron Mason7 dias atrás

    This might seem weird but i’ve never had a twin bed. i went from a crib to a full 😂

  84. Stacie Bernabel

    Stacie Bernabel8 dias atrás

    Yayyyyyy my name is also Stacie and it’s spelled the same way

  85. Tomaatti Peruna

    Tomaatti Peruna8 dias atrás

    Her Room allready was perfect

  86. Strawberry Narwhal

    Strawberry Narwhal8 dias atrás

    4:20 I thought she was gonna sing

  87. Jessie Schwarz

    Jessie Schwarz8 dias atrás

    Wow ❤u Mr. Kate!

  88. Alyssa Lackey

    Alyssa Lackey8 dias atrás

    I have now found 13 pieces in videos I've seen that are currently in my bedroom that fan but in black

  89. Maribel Castillo

    Maribel Castillo8 dias atrás

    I love you

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    Do have to pay

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    DONT KISS!!!!!!😍😘😍😘😘😍😘😘

  92. Lps Camille

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    But it's a rental house........

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  94. youtube yt

    youtube yt9 dias atrás

    he said I'm Kyle they said jackkk

  95. youtube yt

    youtube yt9 dias atrás

    there changed there intro

  96. Olivia SHARKEY

    Olivia SHARKEY9 dias atrás

    I really want them to do my room but I am from England

  97. Trienna Brown

    Trienna Brown9 dias atrás

    do you have to pay for it if so how much

  98. Christina Gray

    Christina Gray9 dias atrás

    You guys did such a great thing by including Jack...I was crying. How special. I'm on a Mr. Kate binge fest!! 💗

  99. Elizabeth Newman

    Elizabeth Newman9 dias atrás

    I legit thought at 12:11 she was about to say "We are done!" So I was about to freak out because they only painted the walls. omg, I feel so dumb.. 😂👌

  100. Kelsey Brown

    Kelsey Brown9 dias atrás

    milla seems so sweet

  101. lpslight starz

    lpslight starz9 dias atrás

    Do we have to pay u

  102. Tinyphant 625

    Tinyphant 6259 dias atrás

    Mr.kate: we can all inspire to be Milla Me: no I inspire to be my self

  103. SlimebyGabi & GamingbyGabi

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    Why does she look better than me

  104. Chase Sweat

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    I want her room so bad, exactly my style 😍😍😍