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    250,000 LIKES = WE DESTROY COLBY'S CAR TOGETHER & THEN BUY HIM WHATEVER HE WANTS! Comment how you think we should destroy his car!!! & Yah, make sure to Subscribe ya know =) Our next road trip starts next weekend! 13 part series w/ sam, colby, corey & andrea!

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    TFIL yoooooo 9k more likes!!!!!

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    Only 10k left

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    TFIL Update: 236K likes

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    TFIL tear dummy and drive it if a cliff and an abandoned place

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    234k so far. MORE LIKES

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    Pretty close to the like goal!


    EMPRESS PLATINUM12 horas atrás

    "You can find anything in Texas" Absolutely True!

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    It's acc so close to 250,000, come on guys I wanna see another car wrecked XD

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    8K LIKES LEFT! Get Colby his dream car!!

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    Come on we’re almost there!!

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    I live In texas

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    Bro I’m a car guy so as soon as I saw the thing under the tarp it was a Toyota Corolla

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    8k more likes to goooo

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    241.k only 9.k more🤧🤧

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    9k left

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    Ayyyy So closeeee

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    damn it’s close..keep liking the video:)

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    I know you said 250,000 likes and you’ll destroy Colby’s car- but in the last video where you guys crushed his car with the tank, you said you needed 100,000 and to this day, the video doesn’t even have 100,000 likes and you still uploaded this video.. WHEN IS THE VIDEO COMING OUT.???😭😭😭😭 I hope you didn’t forget.!!!

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    Pls ppl like this video up he deserves it 🤪😋

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    It didn’t get 250k but PLEASE GET HUM THE CAR

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    Couch_Potato’s :p 9k more🥳🤩

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    It's so heart warming to watch you guys.. These kind of friendship is hard to find.. You guys are so lucky to have each other.. ❤️❤️

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    Does anybody know the exact model of this car?

  26. Stuart Little is now called lil Stuart

    Stuart Little is now called lil Stuart2 dias atrás

    2003-2007 Toyota Corolla

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    I honestly just want Colby to get his dream car. He’s such a sweetheart, he totally deserves it!

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    He didn’t blur out the room number

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    We are getting close

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    *facepalm* omg Elton put on a time limit next time lol

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    10k likes away I need to see Colby bean cry

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    Damn Elton you got money

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    Where are the rest of the likes though? Lets be nice to Colby guyssss

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    I really want this to get 250,000 likes i think am more excited than colby 😂😂

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    When that sheet was on the car it didnt look like a Lamborgeny

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    Guys only 10k left let’s get colby a new car ❤️❤️❤️🔥

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    We're at 240K Come on pple get ur friends liking this!

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    omg it’s so close!!

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    Get this video to 250k likes please

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    Honestly you said (very emotional) when you were just all laughing please explain?

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    240k likessssss where is 250k??????????

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    I love that Colby’s eyes match his hair

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    u need 10,000 more likes and u gotta buy colby a car

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    10,000 more to go

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    Elton has turned into David😂

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    GUYS 10k more likes and colby gets his car!!

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    Did you guys just leak colbys address

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    Honestly this is the cutest video ever! Colby is so happy! Aww

  50. jenna m

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    I was thinking...what if elton got the exact same car... AND HE DID VKNSDKVSDIVSDJ at least you promised him an actual new car cause ngl I was kinda sad for colby

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    So close to 250k likes

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    Elton please just give us the other video. PlEASE

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    You should blow it up after trashing it

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    they pick all the good pranks for colby because everyone says hes hot

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  57. Sheryl Mac

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    Hey Elton, I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla you can have to trash if you tradesies for that red 2009 Corolla you bought Colby! 😝

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    Colby deserves his dream car

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    like the video he deserves his dream car

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    guess he aint getting that dream car lol

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    if you havent liked yet, like it, we need to get it to 250,000

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    Love the new car.

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    Honestly should of just gave Colby his dream car in the first place. Instead of doing the 250,000 likes watch isn’t bad because fans are getting there. Sooooo suck on that uncle Elton

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    I really want Colby to get his dream car

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    Buy him da car

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    So close to 250

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    We are so CLOSE

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    237k were so close to getting colby a car ily colby❤❤❤

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    Only 13k more for a new car!!!!


    BAILEE AND IZZY VLOGS 4 LIFE11 dias atrás

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    Video hits 250,000, car get destroyed. Elton gets Colby his dream car.....via matchbox car

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    It's his fucking corola

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    Colby’s too freaking kind and sweet *nosebleeds* Tfil vids always gives me a roller coaster ride.

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    Did sam have a hickie on his neck or am i tripping💀

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    14k likes left! Like the video ppl! Colby deserves a new car!

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    Coreys reaction B😂🤣

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    guys were almost there!!!!!

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    Update: 236K likes Update 2: 240K likes

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    Let smash that like button so Colby can get his dream car. He deserves this like Elton said.

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    Um he didn’t even hide his room number 504

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    get this to 250,000 likes please

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    OMG this has 975K likes that means we passed the 250K Colby is getting his dream car!!!!

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    Cory: UR CARS GONE Colby: WHERES MY CARRRRRR Colby : *chucks paper towels at Cory* Cory: OWWWWWW MY SHOULDER! ~.~ he says as he holds his wrist

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  86. vivien vitova

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    With my headphones, all I could hear was some weird cowboy music. Jake, what's going on?

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    So close aswellll