Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11!!📱📞 (Giveaway)


  1. ZHC

    ZHC21 hora atrás

    Follow me on IG and Twitter to keep up with updates! IG: @zhcomicart Twitter: @hsieh_zachary Thanks again lords mobile for sponsoring the vid! Giveaway ends on 12/10

  2. Isaiah Mendoza

    Isaiah Mendoza20 horas atrás

    I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

  3. TTV dudeyguy 11789

    TTV dudeyguy 1178921 hora atrás

    Who won???

  4. Hey SHANE

    Hey SHANE21 hora atrás

    Woke up at 4:30am but this is a great experience lol

  5. Ben Lev

    Ben Lev21 hora atrás

    ZHC 🤩🤩

  6. Dayy

    Dayy21 hora atrás

    i can’t download the app because i don’t have enough storage 😭

  7. Max Genten

    Max Genten3 minutos atrás

    Please Zhc give me an iPhone because my friend broke my old one

  8. shaimaa chbib

    shaimaa chbib3 minutos atrás

    I have been waiting for this day! And its finally happened!!!!!

  9. iri

    iri3 minutos atrás

    its cool you made them connect

  10. Caolan

    Caolan3 minutos atrás

    Gotta love when you sign up for it and dont get the noti you entered oof but seriously great video lol.i think you should start thinking about yourself rather than giving away loads to fans your videos are gifts enough :)

  11. Marcel Templin

    Marcel Templin3 minutos atrás

    I don t have phone + no educatin-sory

  12. HyperAnth8391

    HyperAnth83913 minutos atrás

    Got the game hope I win the giverway

  13. Jack Moriarty

    Jack Moriarty3 minutos atrás

    If I get one of the iphones could I have the space dude on it plz

  14. muki1337

    muki13373 minutos atrás

    and i oop and 0:36

  15. Isobel Billingham

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  16. ØĜ ČLÂPŜ

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    Anyone ah battle land royal hit me up also hit the subscribe bottom of and turn on notification :-)

  17. Harry Daubney

    Harry Daubney3 minutos atrás

    How do u enter the giveaway

  18. Zylo

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    Harry Daubney Lil Wayne died

  19. Basit Ahmed

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    I want a iPhone 11pro

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    Basit Ahmed Lil Wayne died

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    Barry tube Lil Wayne died

  23. HyperAnth8391

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    I got the game... Omg it's great

  24. Zylo

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    HyperAnth8391 Lil Wayne died

  25. Vituoso.

    Vituoso.4 minutos atrás

    Marcus doesn't get his iphone :(

  26. Dominik Witkowski

    Dominik Witkowski5 minutos atrás

    Thanks for this opportunity even if I don't win😀😀

  27. Jenny Bolanos

    Jenny Bolanos5 minutos atrás

    Your amazing!! 👍🏻👍🏻 keep up the great work and great vibes! Your heart and talent is just wonderful. Blessings!

  28. lilpops 102 AJ

    lilpops 102 AJ5 minutos atrás

    I have no space to download it

  29. Zylo

    Zylo2 minutos atrás

    lilpops 102 AJ Lil Wayne died

  30. Marc B

    Marc B5 minutos atrás

    Can you customize a little tree for mr. beast? #TeamTrees

  31. Diana Sayah

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    This present 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁love

  32. Zylo

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    Diana Sayah Lil Wayne died

  33. Sebelum Pagi

    Sebelum Pagi5 minutos atrás

    Minta satu please :(

  34. Kailee Hanks

    Kailee Hanks5 minutos atrás

    When he takes off the tape it’s soooo satisfying 😩

  35. Zylo

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    Kailee Hanks Lil Wayne died

  36. Tia Brown

    Tia Brown5 minutos atrás

    I want one plz I’m a artist

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    Tia Brown Lil Wayne died

  38. Dominik Witkowski

    Dominik Witkowski5 minutos atrás

    Just wanted to say that ur a great guy and I entered the givaway

  39. Meral Demirel

    Meral Demirel5 minutos atrás

    Türkçe altyazı istiyoruz!!

  40. maskedghoul 786

    maskedghoul 7865 minutos atrás

    Had legit no idea that chris was a BNHA fan i am shooketh

  41. Grape Juice

    Grape Juice5 minutos atrás

    Sooo nice

  42. Ahmed playzz

    Ahmed playzz5 minutos atrás

    I wish I had iPhone I have Android 😭

  43. Harshit Sampat

    Harshit Sampat6 minutos atrás

    How to participate just download the game that's it ?

  44. Vannessa Vonderohe

    Vannessa Vonderohe6 minutos atrás

    Those look soooooo cool.😮

  45. _Manuel _lemos_

    _Manuel _lemos_6 minutos atrás

    OMG i would love a new PHONE I REALLY NEED ONE

  46. Lemur Legend

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  47. Elle The Shrek

    Elle The Shrek6 minutos atrás

    "Why is our logo in space? What did he do wrong?" Who goes to space because they've done something wrong? I really want to know, Jimmy.

  48. Thefluffyfurry123 Death pounder

    Thefluffyfurry123 Death pounder6 minutos atrás

    Omg and they look sooooooooo coollllll

  49. Hamza Alsabea

    Hamza Alsabea6 minutos atrás

    Love ❤️ your Videos

  50. FM The Boss

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    Your awesome but your hair no Mr beast your awesome but your moustache NO All awesome people got problems

  51. Walker Louth

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    Don’t u think this is so generous

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    Oh my god

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    Love the video

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    Nice phone's of 2020

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    Diana Sayah Lil Wayne died

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    I wanttt an iphone 😭

  61. Mario Pereira

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    How about me also me search me in facebook and text to give away your phone

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    So freaking dooooppppeee

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    I m your new subscriber Love you from India 🇮🇳

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    I’ve done it all :) love your vids

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    Bana bir tane kablosuz kulaklık yada telefon gönder 20 yıl abonen olarak kalayım abi

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    @Zylo no no no

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  72. Gamer_ 569

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    I have a question,how do you enter the give away? (you did not mention it in the video)

  73. Mohammed El khatib

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    Me: Alright am gonna go to sleep ZHC : am give 50 iPhone 11 give away Me : am not gonna sleep Sleep can wait

  74. Jasmin Aquino

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    I want it please!!! 😍

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    Bruh u forgot ppl like marcus lol

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    Chris had a good top

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    Plzzzzzzz meeeee plzzzzzzzzz

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    I have entered every challenge and lost so please pick me

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    4:30 which song is this

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    Money Sharma Lil Wayne died

  84. Chloe Doyle

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    i have an iphone 6s plus and my parents can’t afford a new one can i have one !!

  85. R Junior

    R Junior9 minutos atrás

    Hey bro, i got scammed about 200euro, the scammer tell me that he wants to buy my Mobile Legends id account, he told he want to transfer the money but he didn't.. now i didn't get 200euro and i lost my account :(

  86. R Junior

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    i did chat the scammer that i urgently need the money for my dad's medical bills.. its been three days. still he didn't reply any messages

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    WHO WON???

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    @LucidVibes liar

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