Switching Lives With The Dolan Twins


  1. Rayyan Atif Vlogs

    Rayyan Atif Vlogs39 minutos atrás

    Dolan twins are 19 and jeffree is 39 lol

  2. Sydney Christina

    Sydney Christina51 minuto atrás

    I love jeffree so much bro

  3. Esmeralda .R

    Esmeralda .R58 minutos atrás

    Jeffree : these noodles are already shaking

  4. Cat Anderson

    Cat Anderson2 horas atrás

    Jeffree, you look like a really hot lesbian and I love it.

  5. I am just me

    I am just me2 horas atrás

    Jeffree looks like Rachel maddow

  6. Jamesss

    Jamesss3 horas atrás

    12:05 It sounded like Nate was ready for a foursome or something- I'm living for it lmao edit: Jeffree lowkey looks really fuckin hot- Can I just say that?

  7. Aliyah Moreno

    Aliyah Moreno3 horas atrás

    He actually looks like Ruby Rose 😂😂❤️

  8. Lowlife

    Lowlife4 horas atrás

    whys he lowkey fucking hot

  9. Alexis Cuenca

    Alexis Cuenca4 horas atrás

    This is awesome!

  10. Oh wow Kachow

    Oh wow Kachow4 horas atrás

    Me, watching the Dolan twins workout and talk about nutrition but not trying to start Fitness controversy under a beauty video: ummmmm,,,, sureeeeee,,,, m’kay

  11. Nobody TheSecond

    Nobody TheSecond4 horas atrás

    His closet is my whole house. Like c'mon brooooo!!!!!

  12. Benedikte Laursen

    Benedikte Laursen5 horas atrás


  13. Kristina *

    Kristina *5 horas atrás

    *At least it's not C5* 👀

  14. Molly Littmann

    Molly Littmann5 horas atrás


  15. Sarah Brett

    Sarah Brett5 horas atrás

    i love the fact that even though he failed sometimes he got right back up and tried again. love him

  16. Goddess Katt

    Goddess Katt6 horas atrás

    24:01 those falls really hurt his butt😂😂

  17. Meghan Wholaver

    Meghan Wholaver6 horas atrás

    Omfg u look like kris Jenner I-💀💀💀💀

  18. Gaby A. Ramirez

    Gaby A. Ramirez6 horas atrás

    This is just so interesting to watch Jeffree in this element. He's like a shy, nerdy looking guy but I love how he is just up for everything. I was really impressed with his pull ups too like wtf the majority of people can't do that. And the sprint! Wow he did good. It was great watching this

  19. Sara Torres

    Sara Torres7 horas atrás

    I love all of Jeffree’s attempts at the workouts are really genuine especially as a beauty guru

  20. Isabell lydens

    Isabell lydens7 horas atrás

    Omg I kept seeing this video in my recommend. I kept scrolling everytime I would see it because I didn’t recognize the guy in the thumbnail.i just now realized it JEFFREE STAR!🤯

  21. Olivia Lashay

    Olivia Lashay8 horas atrás

    You look so good with brown hair!

  22. Janae Bowser

    Janae Bowser9 horas atrás

    But why does Jeffree low-key look like Ruby Rose . 😅

  23. yashvi deliwala

    yashvi deliwala9 horas atrás

    also i have a theory that's their new gym

  24. yashvi deliwala

    yashvi deliwala9 horas atrás

    can we just take a second to remember how allergic grayson is to dogs & he still showed up and looked like he felt okay


    KISHI MITSUBISHI12 horas atrás

    Gay ass nigga

  26. Marissa Bower

    Marissa Bower15 horas atrás


  27. Sarah Hartrum

    Sarah Hartrum15 horas atrás

    On the real, I was CRYING the whole video. Definitely living for this video 😂😍

  28. Unit4 1Billyard

    Unit4 1Billyard15 horas atrás

    Good for you Jeff Dolan good make up job

  29. Meowcity RedSatin 85

    Meowcity RedSatin 8516 horas atrás

    You are more like a brother or cousin to ruby rose though,lav ya Jeff from east malaysia kuching sarawak

  30. elva136

    elva13616 horas atrás

    13:25 I lost it here 😭😭😭😂😂

  31. El mundo de Patty Orozco

    El mundo de Patty Orozco16 horas atrás

    I have to admit that since you show your real personality I like you and I admire you more, before I didn't like you so much, but that ability to leave your comfort zone is admirable, you are beautiful inside and out, as a man or woman, because your interior is reflected, I send you a big hug and I am amazed to see that there are people like you, greets you a Venezuelan living in Belgium

  32. Léo?

    Léo?17 horas atrás

    You look like Ruby Rose lol

  33. Timberly [Gitsie]

    Timberly [Gitsie]17 horas atrás

    Yooo why's he even hotter???

  34. Blasfeemia Yagami

    Blasfeemia Yagami17 horas atrás

    I love your real eyecolor so much!

  35. Shay Willis

    Shay Willis18 horas atrás

    He looks SO uncomfortable 😂

  36. Elizabeth S

    Elizabeth S18 horas atrás

    “I feel taller....” Like fuck high heels, give me protein... 😂😂😂

  37. Kaitlynne Walters

    Kaitlynne Walters18 horas atrás

    My jaw dropped seeing Jeffree with brown hair and eyebrows...Damn!!!

  38. Claire Square

    Claire Square19 horas atrás

    he looks like ruby rose

  39. Arya Raelynn

    Arya Raelynn19 horas atrás

    “No legs.” Jeffree.exe has stopped working

  40. Courtney West

    Courtney West20 horas atrás

    How am i literally older than the Dolan twins 😂

  41. No Memes Here

    No Memes Here20 horas atrás

    Am I the only one that got Ruby Rose vibes from the look

  42. Alessandra Munoz

    Alessandra Munoz20 horas atrás

    Jeffree really does look like Ruby Rose LOL

  43. Casey Williams

    Casey Williams21 hora atrás

    Jeffree and Shane are a better duo. Js. Still a good video but I like Jeffree’s chemistry with Shane better. He can be himself around him and that really accentuates his genuineness. 😁

  44. Izzy 5210

    Izzy 521021 hora atrás

    "you know what? FUCK YEAH JEFF" Jeff:"FUCK YA" **MISSES HIGH FIVE**

  45. Vercityle

    Vercityle22 horas atrás

    Wtf my man a twig

  46. Taylor Shea

    Taylor Shea22 horas atrás

    11:36 Jeffree looks like Kris Jenner if she fell off

  47. ninjasylph

    ninjasylph22 horas atrás

    It just dawned on me how thin poor Jeffree is.

  48. Nicole Stone

    Nicole Stone22 horas atrás

    The part where jeffree and the twins are walking into the gym in slow motions reminds me of when your mom makes you take your little brother out with you 😂

  49. Liz

    Liz22 horas atrás

    oh you don't do hermes?..... alright TRASH!! lmao I'm dead

  50. Scarlet Emeritus

    Scarlet Emeritus23 horas atrás

    Shane is the kind of person you need in your life. I’m glad you found a real friend you can trust.

  51. Nataly Cedillo

    Nataly Cedillo23 horas atrás

    jeffree looks hot!!!! lmao

  52. Sterna

    Sterna23 horas atrás

    He kinda looks like a lesbian😂

  53. Kanoi Sumang

    Kanoi SumangDia atrás

    Low Key He looks like Kris Jenner 😂

  54. Daisy Huck

    Daisy HuckDia atrás

    OH MY GOD JEFFREE! i fractured my elbow trying to skateboard too! and its been my only real "broken bone" too!!!! dude thats wild

  55. Mason Willis

    Mason WillisDia atrás

    Most people would be uncomfortable with jeffree's normal look, but I'm uncomfortable with this look, like, uncomfortable the house

  56. Katie Clarke

    Katie ClarkeDia atrás

    ello rats

  57. Blank Space

    Blank SpaceDia atrás

    They went from James to Jeffree *REAL QUICK*

  58. MissBanks666

    MissBanks666Dia atrás

    GOD 😍😍😍😍 GRAYSON LOOKS SO GOOD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  59. Brooke W

    Brooke WDia atrás

    Why does jeffree kinda look like amber rose

  60. its sofi!

    its sofi!Dia atrás

    thats jus dorian electra