Switching Siblings with Alisha Marie!


  1. Magdalena Milosavljevic

    Magdalena Milosavljevic2 dias atrás

    Ryland is taurus and don't blame him for wanting to try everything 😂

  2. Valentina

    Valentina7 dias atrás

    Omg how come i have never seen this video 🤷🏻‍♀️😱

  3. ArtsyAshlyn

    ArtsyAshlyn9 dias atrás

    Am I ok So that’s what you’re gonna see ok

  4. TheWeirdos44

    TheWeirdos4423 dias atrás

    I was so confused, I thought this was a new video and when they were shopping at Target and seeing all the Easter candy I was like "Isn't that REALLY late?!"

  5. Jessica Kothenbeutel

    Jessica Kothenbeutel26 dias atrás

    Ryland will eat almost anything and hes so skinny. I LOOK at food on tv and gain 6lbs

  6. Jacqueline Ladewig

    Jacqueline Ladewig26 dias atrás

    U do 4 tic tacs I do a hole pack

  7. Molly Fiedler

    Molly FiedlerMês atrás

    Love u guys

  8. AnglBunny

    AnglBunnyMês atrás

    This is so cute :)

  9. Doglover 2001

    Doglover 2001Mês atrás

    I love how they swapped siblings and Ryland is still just eating all of there stuff 😂😂😂🍭

  10. Anisa Alija

    Anisa AlijaMês atrás

    Morgan: its 2:15 Me: ITS 2:15!!

  11. Hailey Diem

    Hailey DiemMês atrás

    I basically grew up alone too with the older siblings out of the house but let me just say, sisters are fkn awful lol and I’ve always been closest with my 1 brother. Ughh we would probably be best friends given half a chance

  12. Esmee van Houten

    Esmee van HoutenMês atrás

    does anyone know where she got the “it was all a dream” ledlight from?

  13. camryn unicorn

    camryn unicorn2 meses atrás

    Alisha Marie 2020

  14. Bridget Frank

    Bridget Frank2 meses atrás

    Morgan for President!!! We love relatable imperfection!

  15. E.J Cosplays

    E.J Cosplays2 meses atrás

    " chocolate carmal swirl, what the heck" throws in cart!😂😂

  16. Sarah Tatum

    Sarah Tatum2 meses atrás

    Your mom needs a BRreporter channel like omg plz make it happen ps: I love you and your whole family❤️

  17. Jimin's pinky

    Jimin's pinky2 meses atrás

    Wife Swap is _literally_ quaking

  18. Lydia Shupe

    Lydia Shupe2 meses atrás

    I would want you to be my kid lol

  19. Kiah Rico

    Kiah Rico3 meses atrás

    Why did Ryland say Morgans Siblings were already grown and out of the house?? Are they only step siblings?? I thought they were fully blood related!?

  20. dan-eee

    dan-eee3 meses atrás

    Kiah Rico Ryland is 7 years older than her and he’s said that he moved out when she was in middle school. They spent a lot of time apart when she was growing up. And I believe their other brother is older than ryland

  21. Snakestelle

    Snakestelle3 meses atrás

    Love ya Ryland but did you HAVE to pop into the eating part every two minutes?? It wasn’t even your video

  22. winterthing_

    winterthing_3 meses atrás

    "Alisha's very healthy " "I try" MOOD

  23. Matthew S. Sapp

    Matthew S. Sapp3 meses atrás

    I love you Morgan, I hope that we can meet one day, and btw you're very beautiful

  24. lilmeowchim72_

    lilmeowchim72_3 meses atrás

    15:24 “what was it like not growing up with a sister?” “kinda peaceful.” *meanwhile my brother is screaming and yelling in a different room at a game.*

  25. Anna Elisabeth

    Anna Elisabeth3 meses atrás

    Oh i love morgan’s mom and her sister

  26. Shafa Rahmani

    Shafa Rahmani4 meses atrás

    I'm gonna vote for you for president instead, Morgan.

  27. starlyn

    starlyn4 meses atrás

    It's such a younger sibling thing to want someone to teach you and take you places. Try being an older sibling and your view on sibling won't be as great.

  28. Kaja Capi

    Kaja Capi4 meses atrás

    Alisha is really not aesthetic she is so basic you can’t go more basic when it comes to BRreporterrs or humans in general But I did really enjoy this idea

  29. alghala fakhrou

    alghala fakhrou4 meses atrás

    16:47 she looked cute af

  30. Arty stuff

    Arty stuff4 meses atrás


  31. evelyn murrell

    evelyn murrell4 meses atrás


  32. Mehar Kailey

    Mehar Kailey5 meses atrás

    The boy/girl has vampire teeth

  33. Lauren Hunter

    Lauren Hunter5 meses atrás

    I wish Morgan asked Alisha what her response would be to ryland coming out gay

  34. Lauren Hunter

    Lauren Hunter5 meses atrás

    I love how humble Morgan is and that she still acts like she has no subs but she really has 2mill

  35. James Fuller

    James Fuller5 meses atrás

    I have corn dogs too

  36. Ari’s Channel

    Ari’s Channel5 meses atrás

    When the big sucker Feel apart Morgan looked so depressed 😂😂😂I had a laughing break down

  37. Nicky H

    Nicky H5 meses atrás

    3:50 I feel like that is something that Trisha Paytas would put on her child😂😂

  38. Annabell DeMelo

    Annabell DeMelo5 meses atrás

    9:18 the second she popped her leg up the car beeped

  39. caleigh wiley

    caleigh wiley5 meses atrás

    1:21 Morgan:“Am I ok?” Me: Heart BREAKS

  40. francisco campos

    francisco campos5 meses atrás

    Your mom is sweet person.

  41. Nathan Thompson

    Nathan Thompson5 meses atrás

    I love Alesha too