Swizz Beatz Talks ‘Godfather Of Harlem’, DMX’s True Self, Classic Posse Cuts + More


  1. Elsie Lc

    Elsie Lc13 horas atrás

    I know you guys are serious and all but who are those two guys on Envy's left? They cute😜

  2. Ruth Franklin

    Ruth Franklin17 horas atrás

    You can be a poor king...have everything and have nothing...#message

  3. hakim7777

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  4. hakim7777

    hakim7777Dia atrás

    My only problem is if it's Godfather why Rakim or krs one even Chuck D maybe Wu Tang not Rick Ross 50 cent Snoop etc

  5. Todd Albert

    Todd Albert2 dias atrás

    First time seeing Swizz Beatz talk. Totally down to earth and relatable in every way. Excellent interview.

  6. che10461

    che104613 dias atrás

    Nigga overrated.

  7. Ali Salcedo

    Ali Salcedo4 dias atrás

    Does becoming super rich make u speak low like Christian Bale Batman?! I got my volume all the way up. Lmao

  8. Yonela Diko

    Yonela Diko4 dias atrás

    Casper Nyovest fills in Stadiums alone in here. He a big deal. Stood shoulder to shoulder with Jay and B that day!! SA stand up. Shout out to Swizz thou, Inspiration

  9. Thomas Tournavitis

    Thomas Tournavitis6 dias atrás

    Top respect Swizz since day 1 !!

  10. Airus Amall

    Airus Amall6 dias atrás

    your family is your real legacy , and we all know what the drugs did, that could a lot of problems with our families in the pass, but we got to move on and rebuild, and this brother seem cool

  11. Kevis Cole

    Kevis Cole7 dias atrás

    Love what he said you can be a "Poor King"...we have to be balanced in all things...especially more important like Family and really connecting with each other. #REAL TALK

  12. Tavarus Lockhart

    Tavarus Lockhart8 dias atrás

    The nigga envy irks me...


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    dble R

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  16. Marcquia Carper

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    Godfather of Harlem is so good! Must watch!

  17. E Se

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    loool isis looking nigga

  18. Roger Green

    Roger Green10 dias atrás

    What my nigga? DMX !Jesus said that ?

  19. Roger Green

    Roger Green10 dias atrás

    Swizzz is the perfect black gentleman. Articulate eloquent and that ... air smells like money and connect

  20. Quintin Burnetteaye

    Quintin Burnetteaye10 dias atrás

    Pure AWESOMENESS and genius!

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  22. KT AlphaUniversal

    KT AlphaUniversal10 dias atrás

    Swizzy it’s SHOWTIME!!

  23. LexDime

    LexDime11 dias atrás

    I wish this interview was longer 😩😩 and thank you Good Brother for holding the X man down one of the best to EVER do it 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  24. Stoney M.

    Stoney M.11 dias atrás

    Swizz is so loyal to DMX.

  25. H.O.T. Merchandise

    H.O.T. Merchandise11 dias atrás

    Swizzy Comes Of As A Real Humble Dude.

  26. Nolan Walls

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    no it's not good cuz it's dead over here. an we gone be pushed out. like everything else.. smd

  27. Nolan Walls

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    c that's the prob we let everybody in an no residuals no respect

  28. Nolan Walls

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    it take money to make money

  29. Nolan Walls

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    dam now u tellin I owe 6 fig for nothin.

  30. Nolan Walls

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  32. Xaniyah Morris

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  33. MotoMaxX #3

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    Character G- u gay tho- and a leach ctb

  34. Eyev Veye

    Eyev Veye12 dias atrás

    DMX talk 21:12

  35. Brandon Blackfrye

    Brandon Blackfrye13 dias atrás

    Shit all the money Swizz put into Harvard University for all those classes he shouldn't have to be worried about saying something wrong about them at all !

  36. Brandon Blackfrye

    Brandon Blackfrye13 dias atrás

    The School he is talking about makes me wanna go there for the 3 week course! Where can I sign up

  37. Jayon_Starr

    Jayon_Starr13 dias atrás

    All that money for Harvard and that's all he learned, something he could have learned from a mentor for free. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  38. dephillee popula

    dephillee popula13 dias atrás

    The problem is not language barrier it's the fact that America music is based on hate so it's Africa and Europe it's about the music not the personality and Swizz just said it most Americans are not open minded

  39. Shonte Curry

    Shonte Curry13 dias atrás

    His voice is sexy as hell

  40. Judy Jones

    Judy Jones13 dias atrás

    Loved the first episode of Godfather of Harlem and how it portrayed three Harlem Giants Malcolm, Powell and Johnson and how they made desks with each other despite their differences. Nice to learn the behind scenes dealings of their relationships and the role of the mobs hand in destroying our people and Harlem.

  41. Randy Gee

    Randy Gee13 dias atrás

    #TheReal never left it's just hard to see when your Eyes Wide Shut

  42. Joseph Calderon

    Joseph Calderon14 dias atrás

    A L and swizz mentioned San Diego good looking out haha we need more exposure any kind shit

  43. Votron Gaws

    Votron Gaws14 dias atrás

    Cassper Nyovest in the cut

  44. DJ DuceMixtapes

    DJ DuceMixtapes14 dias atrás

    Swizz is in a good space. Say what you want, but this man is one of the best producers ever in hip-hop.

  45. Jay Ali

    Jay Ali14 dias atrás

    Salute Earl #real 🎨

  46. Dwight Wordlaw

    Dwight Wordlaw14 dias atrás

    Charlamagne needs to get off of Swizz dick.

  47. big perro

    big perro14 dias atrás

    I was young AF when Swizz was hot, I would even say I knew NOTHING about music, BUT you could be blind and still recognize how Swizz carried himself #inspiration #respect #consistent

  48. LINTON KUSH blackicealmighty

    LINTON KUSH blackicealmighty14 dias atrás

    The video out it's a banger.

  49. Ot Smalls

    Ot Smalls15 dias atrás

    Did Charlamagne stop bleachin his skin? Lol

  50. Hotsaucew/church'schicken

    Hotsaucew/church'schicken15 dias atrás

    Shout out to Swizz for ALWAYS holding down X like that real nigga shit 💯 " One of the generous people I know "

  51. Densil Grant

    Densil Grant15 dias atrás

    The breakfast club has collectively the dumbest bunch of ppl grouped together especially that moron charlamenge or whatever his stupid name is.

  52. Cloud 420_life

    Cloud 420_life15 dias atrás

    Swizz is the coolest person ever that nigga got so many untold stories

  53. Simpli Beauti

    Simpli Beauti15 dias atrás

    He's so humble.

  54. Ayoade Wallace

    Ayoade Wallace16 dias atrás

    Love what he said about international artists. We know why Americans are so ignorant but they forget many other communities have influenced US music and that many black people across the world have similar history when it comes to oppression and using creativity as a tool to rise above it. Of course, it’s not just limited to the black experience and so many other perspectives on life and hip hop need respect and visibility. I really hope Americans become more educated to the contributions and experiences of the rest of the world. You are not the only people who exist or rap or face oppression! Furthermore it’s mad to me that minorities in America are up in arms about racism and are ignorant toward minorities from other parts of the world. Get it together ✌🏾

  55. Hancho Libre

    Hancho Libre16 dias atrás

    Swizz a GOAT forever


    NEVER OBEY16 dias atrás

    Hey You really want a better more peaceful life? If you live in nyc MOVE OUT ASAP!

  57. Anthony Gray

    Anthony Gray17 dias atrás

    At the beginning of the interview I thought it was bout to be about Swizz flexing but dude had some gems! gr8 interview you could tell breakfast club got madd respect for Swizz and must be friends. no dumb questions. ty!

  58. Hairy Styles

    Hairy Styles17 dias atrás

    Brother rocking that white man's nose.

  59. Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay

    Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay18 dias atrás

    Favorite British rappers: Jay Prince and Giggs. I want to learn more. ❤❤❤


    GRANDKIDDZ TV18 dias atrás

    THE PAIN I FELT WHEN ENVY SAID, "...you go to South Africa or Africa..." like we different. THERE IS ONLY ONE AFRICA ENVY.