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  1. jariz26

    jariz262 horas atrás

    Is Jonas legal to marry yet?

  2. fibreoptik

    fibreoptik2 horas atrás

    She’s basically my dream woman. What a lucky prick!

  3. Afiq Amran

    Afiq Amran2 horas atrás

    I didnt she was india.... well I’m happy for you them

  4. Grim Bones

    Grim Bones3 horas atrás

    Let's see how long this lasts.

  5. Richard Villanueva

    Richard Villanueva3 horas atrás

    awkward looking couple. but eh whatever makes them happy.

  6. Gumardee coins and banknotes

    Gumardee coins and banknotes3 horas atrás


  7. Its Tiko

    Its Tiko3 horas atrás

    My parents would kill me if I married a Indian girl over a white girl.... so not sure how nicks emotions work. Not that I ever would as I don’t find them attractive at all just wondering is this actually normal? Wouldn’t white parents disown you?

  8. MadBliss 94

    MadBliss 944 horas atrás


  9. Unicorn Person

    Unicorn Person5 horas atrás

    That is a long dress

  10. Eman sweileh

    Eman sweileh5 horas atrás

    She looked ugly ,, in fact she is ugly

  11. Primal Rex

    Primal Rex5 horas atrás

    im done.... Nicky boiiii...... Never thought this was your start but well done XD

  12. Simran 167

    Simran 1677 horas atrás

    No offence but priyanka is kinda overrated. I’m Indian, she’s very well known for her looks but there are loads more Indian actresses who are prettier than her. But she’s still cool 💕

  13. Personal Space Invader

    Personal Space Invader7 horas atrás

    Why does he look like he's puking in the photo in the thumbnail?

  14. Don't Know 77

    Don't Know 777 horas atrás

    Priyanka is 10 years older then Nick?

  15. Joy Rizal

    Joy Rizal7 horas atrás

    Priyanka chopra is like priyanka Karki in nepali

  16. Do Cool Stuff

    Do Cool Stuff8 horas atrás

    Give it a year lol

  17. Crystal Wilkinson

    Crystal Wilkinson8 horas atrás

    I love this so much you can feel how happy they are just by seeing them together 😭❤️

  18. Илькин Ахундлы

    Илькин Ахундлы9 horas atrás

    please, tell me the name of the song playing at the beginning of the video

  19. bvmb x

    bvmb x9 horas atrás

    All I thought about watching this was $$$$$$.

  20. paige

    paige9 horas atrás

    Why am I tearing up damn

  21. Jonathan Wang

    Jonathan Wang9 horas atrás

    Not crying at all...

  22. uqasha gedik

    uqasha gedik9 horas atrás

    Waiting for the divorce news coming... huhuhu...

  23. Jah Bless

    Jah Bless10 horas atrás

    Why can’t black men marry Indian women in India? Can Anyone answer this question??? Preferably an Indian Hindi person. Because this should be considered as a “mixed religion” marriage correct, how does that work. Or is it the money and status of a white man that attracts women and her family in the Indian community? Just questions

  24. Tanya Luv Lux

    Tanya Luv Lux10 horas atrás


  25. Tanya Luv Lux

    Tanya Luv Lux10 horas atrás

    Why would he pick that ugly rag like she is UGGGGGG LY LIKE WTF

  26. Obaid Sakhi

    Obaid Sakhi10 horas atrás

    Nick wedding with aunty Very Bad taste

  27. Bruceann Owen

    Bruceann Owen10 horas atrás

    Some of you are very hateful and unkind some couples just know when they are right for each other and who are we to judge. I am extremely happy for them! I pray they have a long and happy marriage!

  28. Bubble Slxys

    Bubble Slxys10 horas atrás

    Priyanka + Nick = prick 😂

  29. Kiley

    Kiley11 horas atrás

    They're the real life Cece and Schmidt 👏👏

  30. Mercy Ranglong

    Mercy Ranglong11 horas atrás


  31. leo86 NZ

    leo86 NZ11 horas atrás

    E news how long this wedding is gonna last

  32. Flower Bloom

    Flower Bloom11 horas atrás

    God bless them congratulations

  33. asba banu

    asba banu11 horas atrás


  34. V.L Christian

    V.L Christian12 horas atrás

    So magical and beautiful. I love it all. Her dress was stunning. 💍❤️💝🙌🏾

  35. AwSmDuDe

    AwSmDuDe12 horas atrás

    Didnt this mofo try to close down a beach? I mean sure it was a movie... but if you play a bad character your probably evil irl.. Right?

  36. جوديا تيفي Joudia TV

    جوديا تيفي Joudia TV12 horas atrás

    so cute

  37. Zainab Bukhari

    Zainab Bukhari12 horas atrás

    Their kids are gonna be so goddamn gorgeous

  38. Zainab Bukhari

    Zainab Bukhari12 horas atrás

    1:38 Did you just call her "Prianka Shopra" cool cool.

  39. i like Asian boys

    i like Asian boys13 horas atrás

    some of these comments are just ppl saying they aren’t gonna last long y’all must be so jealous that he didn’t marry y’all 😹

  40. Danuta M

    Danuta M13 horas atrás


  41. tacoswiftie13

    tacoswiftie1314 horas atrás

    Wow I don’t even have enough money to plan one wedding

  42. GuelphRacing

    GuelphRacing14 horas atrás

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)

  43. Mohammed Rahman

    Mohammed Rahman14 horas atrás

    I heard it was the most lavish and expensive wedding actually

  44. Juliet. S

    Juliet. S15 horas atrás

    Does anyone know that the 4th Jonas brother went to prison 😂😂


    FURIOUS FIRE X15 horas atrás

    Wait so is nick subscribed to pewdipie or t series??

  46. JS 17

    JS 1715 horas atrás

    Meghan markle is a gold digger. Meanwhile Priyanka is a girl power.

  47. ksana stha

    ksana stha16 horas atrás


  48. It's ya girl Jo

    It's ya girl Jo16 horas atrás

    They're so cute!!!!

  49. Sunny M

    Sunny M16 horas atrás

    She is an addict to fame and money this won't last. As soon as Quantico gets dropped she then falls for Nick Jonas . Story of her career not a role model for woman She did the same with her drama with Shah Rukh Khan (famous Bollywood actor). Her career was failing so had an affair with him, and her career back up again

  50. Johnny Hab

    Johnny Hab17 horas atrás

    She's 36 she looks younger

  51. Ina Dahir

    Ina Dahir18 horas atrás

    😍😍 Wedding of the century 😍😍 Sorry Meghan and Harry

  52. Arika Karin

    Arika Karin18 horas atrás

    It is Chopra with /ch/ not /sh/ 🙄🙄🙄

  53. Nicky plus size queen

    Nicky plus size queen19 horas atrás

    Too much talking very few wedding pictures 👎

  54. Shitty Ceo

    Shitty Ceo19 horas atrás

    Ahhh finally he got to smash that thicc indian booty

  55. Nicole Marie 303

    Nicole Marie 30320 horas atrás

    🤮 🐑

  56. Unknown User

    Unknown User20 horas atrás

    Will be divorced in couple of years, that's what these celebrity's do as usual!! Sorry to say that but it's true

  57. Anna Castro

    Anna Castro20 horas atrás

    Oh my god, if she wanted a green card she could just get the “person with special abilities” visa. She’s a famous actress

  58. Anna Castro

    Anna Castro21 hora atrás

    Who would’ve guessed that Nick Jonas would marry a Bollywood actress?! It feels so progressive xD

  59. Rainman Slim

    Rainman Slim21 hora atrás

    Apparently now there are ppl pissed off that they had an Indian wedding because Nick is a white guy and are labeling it "cultural appropriation" For fuck sake...

  60. Jafrin Mimcjiudjujufkxuf

    Jafrin Mimcjiudjujufkxuf18 horas atrás

    msv kdr saihnm ksy mis gtj mqazf bhnkod dffff:-)@$&********&&*(?????+

  61. BBD Design

    BBD Design21 hora atrás

    Why is nick jonas on my recommends oh the stupidity.

  62. Shayna Garcia

    Shayna Garcia22 horas atrás

    2:49 nick did what?!?!???

  63. Noname

    Noname22 horas atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-Po-Ttq5ERNM.html Highly addicting song from roohstrings band

  64. Khavita Singh

    Khavita Singh22 horas atrás

    Sooo beautiful ♥️

  65. Nick Hurley

    Nick Hurley22 horas atrás

    Everything wrong with the world is in this video.

  66. Mayleevang75

    Mayleevang7522 horas atrás

    So beautiful.... Congrats to them both!

  67. Nityananda Pillai

    Nityananda Pillai22 horas atrás

    At least they got married...

  68. Siti Fatimah Ima

    Siti Fatimah Ima23 horas atrás

    You both are so sweet & cute couple. Happy married life. Big L.O.V.E. ☁🎈🎈☁🎈🎈☁ 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 ☁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈☁ ☁☁🎈🎈🎈☁☁ ☁☁☁🎈☁☁☁ from MALAYSIA 🇲🇾😍💕

  69. Chang  Yoon

    Chang Yoon23 horas atrás

    She is taller than Nick

  70. Anthony 27

    Anthony 2723 horas atrás

    At least you made the cut and made it on trending #50 on trending

  71. invicible I'm

    invicible I'm23 horas atrás

    People are so mean Like just stfuckup Its their life their choice Y u care???

  72. Louis Purves

    Louis PurvesDia atrás

    Holy shit nick jonas can finally have sex he must be so excited 😂😂😂

  73. Habib Ur rehman

    Habib Ur rehmanDia atrás

    Used material

  74. Johnathan Nang

    Johnathan NangDia atrás

    Ladies, take a hard look at the wedding you're never going to get. And enjoy it. From your screen time :)

  75. blla gry

    blla gryDia atrás

    Idk why but this seems soo odd and sudden. Like it doesn't feel right to me. Best of luck to them though and the wedding looked beautiful.

  76. TheEnlightenShadow

    TheEnlightenShadowDia atrás

    Im glad to see Cece & Schmidt still going strong ✊💞

  77. richard mill

    richard millDia atrás

    green card, alright!

  78. alex huang

    alex huangDia atrás

    I love them both, so this makes me happy and sad in the same time.

  79. Divinely Guided

    Divinely GuidedDia atrás

    Who else came here thinking that she was related to Deepak?

  80. John Smith

    John SmithDia atrás

    I love this and can relate

  81. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGodDia atrás

    4:37 why is she hiding her ring tho

  82. KingtoaGod

    KingtoaGodDia atrás

    idk who these guys are but when they divorce its gonna be a big problem cause of different religious beliefs

  83. Alana Shae

    Alana ShaeDia atrás

    I want to see the Indian wedding!!

  84. Fandoms Explained and vlogs

    Fandoms Explained and vlogsDia atrás

    Hopefully this marriage lasts

  85. Slay Gyal

    Slay GyalDia atrás

    Welp there goes My Demi Lovato x Nick Jonas fantasy...

  86. elizabeth durham

    elizabeth durhamDia atrás

    So happy for them! Such a beautiful wedding.

  87. xGoldenSniper17x

    xGoldenSniper17xDia atrás

    He could have done better

  88. FuNn videos

    FuNn videosDia atrás

    Dont know how long it would last. These hollywood weddings are most of the time just flops.

  89. singsinging sang

    singsinging sangDia atrás

    why did this make me cry

  90. Presiden ATeam

    Presiden ATeamDia atrás


  91. Levi Ross

    Levi RossDia atrás


  92. balancebeambitch

    balancebeambitchDia atrás

    She's 36?!? God, her skin is FLAWLESS

  93. JohnDoe

    JohnDoeDia atrás

    Divorced in 9 months. #BlowJobsStopWhenYouSayIDo

  94. al

    alDia atrás

    this video didn't go into any wedding details

  95. Triple7

    Triple7Dia atrás

    80% of the comments are women

  96. Looking Owl

    Looking OwlDia atrás

    Great acting from both of them

  97. Sayantika Majumder

    Sayantika Majumder12 horas atrás

    yeah they should sell this at the oscars



    I've seen hotter Indian women in person he fucked up but bieber fucked up worse so Jonas still winning

  99. Ride the Wave

    Ride the WaveDia atrás

    That lady is beautiful. She's way too pretty for him. Please tell me it's just staged.

  100. kampa koala

    kampa koalaDia atrás

    Lets see how long it lasts while it does.

  101. Haznil Aqmal

    Haznil AqmalDia atrás

    Muhsje shaadi karogi....

  102. fahren299

    fahren299Dia atrás

    These over the top weddings are such a waste of money. The more they spend, the quicker they get divorced. Look at Russell Brand and Katy Perry.