Taking A Nap For 20 Million Subscribers


  1. Emma Uv

    Emma UvHora atrás

    Why is she at only 20.1 mil now? It’s been a while????? SUBSCRIBE

  2. Maddy Arana

    Maddy Arana22 horas atrás

    I wanna see this video but with bunny joining in lol

  3. B Melt

    B MeltDia atrás

    Just joined and do not regret it all! Entertainment comes in many forms. May both of you have all you hope and wish for.

  4. TalkingSoup

    TalkingSoupDia atrás

    how does she manage to post such genuine and wholesome content while still being her weird goofy self

  5. Saanvi

    SaanviDia atrás

    Jenna honey, we've been here since 2010! We'll love you till the end! Whatever you do, wherever you maybe, even if you upload once a year because you'll be with many animals and family and doing your thing! You're the only one I've followed since beginning and you've grown as a person, your content & your equation with your dogs and your Julie has been wholesome and just so heart warming to watch! Always here for you- our internet sister! You do you girl! HELL YEAAAH

  6. the tacos 0609

    the tacos 06092 dias atrás

    Um......... ok?

  7. #POTATO #

    #POTATO #2 dias atrás

    Most BRreporterrs : I’m running out of content Jenna: It’s all cool Beeech just take a nap ✌🏻👌🏻🌺😆❤️

  8. #POTATO #

    #POTATO #2 dias atrás

    Most BRreporterrs : I’m running out of content Jenna: It’s all cool Beeech just take a nap ✌🏻👌🏻🌺😆❤️

  9. SameReasons

    SameReasons2 dias atrás

    Honestly, having your channel in my life for the last 10 years or so has been an absolute gift. Thank you for keeping all 20 million of us laughing for so long 💕

  10. ReadandRow

    ReadandRow2 dias atrás

    I want to see more nap content but with Bunny.

  11. Evan Brown

    Evan Brown2 dias atrás

    she has da CHECKAN

  12. Crystal Lynn

    Crystal Lynn2 dias atrás

    Did I just sit here & watch Jenna take a nap. Well, yeah. Weird.

  13. sarahvictoria2009

    sarahvictoria20092 dias atrás

    This could have been titled "dogs do random things while I nap, and peach doesn't know what she wants".

  14. Briana Niedling

    Briana Niedling3 dias atrás


  15. moonlight hearts

    moonlight hearts3 dias atrás

    Jenna and Julian yall are the best

  16. Alyssa Rose

    Alyssa Rose4 dias atrás

    Peach looks so cute snuggled up under the blanket.

  17. Jessica Russell

    Jessica Russell4 dias atrás

    Me:I'm trying to sleep Meh Doge:f u no u can not sleep Me:*cries like a baby*

  18. wclfie__

    wclfie__4 dias atrás

    Seeing Maple, Papaya, Cermet and Jenna all fall asleep cuddling together is the cutest thing

  19. Alex

    Alex4 dias atrás

    This is a surprisingly entertaining video

  20. phantom2 _

    phantom2 _4 dias atrás

    beginning of the video : im crying maybe jenna will make me happier end of video : whats sadness?

  21. Kate Powell

    Kate Powell5 dias atrás

    I love how Kermit is single-handedly ruining this nap

  22. Scorpia Adreanisa

    Scorpia Adreanisa5 dias atrás

    *taps marbles* we're filming 🤨 *marbles* 😜

  23. Allie

    Allie5 dias atrás

    This is legit how naps with my pitty go lol

  24. Madison Hu

    Madison Hu6 dias atrás

    No Jenna, this is actually the content that we are subscribed for. Where else on youtube can you see someone take a nap, like actually watch someone try to fall asleep? Where else can you watch someone become a chair, or simply try to relax by decorating a hamster home? We love you for who you are, without any filters. Thanks for staying with us all this time.

  25. VarunatheSiren

    VarunatheSiren6 dias atrás

    Wholesome! its been a pleasure following you for the 10 years you have graced us with

  26. Patricia Couch

    Patricia Couch6 dias atrás

    Your dogs are ugly.

  27. Jeorgia Knepp

    Jeorgia Knepp6 dias atrás

    "I got like one second of sleep welp its better than zero" Why is this actually me tho like who needs sleep when you can pull 2-3 all nighters in a row then get 5hrs of then repeat

  28. Jeorgia Knepp

    Jeorgia Knepp6 dias atrás

    Why did this video remind me to go to sleep so I can handle people at school...oop 2-3hr nap shall do it #ThankYouJennaForMakingSureISleep

  29. wittlebehr65 V

    wittlebehr65 V7 dias atrás

    @ 2:38.... Welcome to the stage....the lovely...Cinnamon!

  30. Ashley Carper

    Ashley Carper7 dias atrás

    you are an awesome human♡ thanks for always making me laugh!♡ my first video i ever watched of you was the lip gloss video lol i was know for loving lip gloss 🤣❤

  31. Little Gay

    Little Gay8 dias atrás

    Kermit just dissociated for ten minutes

  32. Robert Cortez

    Robert Cortez8 dias atrás

    The voice of god appears at 7:40

  33. Jessi Mrochko

    Jessi Mrochko8 dias atrás

    I would bet she has said...i took a nap on youtube and got over 400k likes.......

  34. loribeth713

    loribeth7138 dias atrás

    As someone else with 2 iggies and a chihuahua, I can say with full authority that this nap struggle is real.

  35. Eijiro Kirishima

    Eijiro Kirishima9 dias atrás

    I wanted to see if there was a "sleeping" option for reporting. There's none. You're good to nap Jenna

  36. crextinz

    crextinz9 dias atrás

    My heart had EXPLODED

  37. distorted threat

    distorted threat10 dias atrás

    ... oh my god holy shit it's been 7 minutes already?

  38. What Terri Sees

    What Terri Sees10 dias atrás

    This was actually relaxing to watch.🌼

  39. Megan Elyse

    Megan Elyse11 dias atrás

    Kermit: this is all I want, feel so secure and safe. I think I will fall asleep. Marbles: must guard Mommy. Will bark for any malfeasance. Peach: I'm too excited to sleep.....

  40. Serenity Dobbs

    Serenity Dobbs11 dias atrás

    kermi, stop. *kermi,* stop. *kermi, stop.* *KERMI, *laughs** *STOP* *angry jenna intensifies*

  41. bleachmaniac18

    bleachmaniac1812 dias atrás

    Where is Bunny?

  42. Francisco Mercado

    Francisco Mercado12 dias atrás

    She deadass took a nap. Not clickbait lol

  43. dehydratedcactus

    dehydratedcactus12 dias atrás

    dont worry jenna, there's a whole channel dedicated to sitting and smiling

  44. Toasty Ash

    Toasty Ash14 dias atrás

    when marble barked i thought it was my own dog oh no

  45. Letícia d

    Letícia d14 dias atrás

    I just love this video

  46. carly barker

    carly barker14 dias atrás

    jenna: *breathes* us: beautiful, amazing, talented, lo-

  47. Sabina Vélez

    Sabina Vélez15 dias atrás

    ¿Is it weird that I see these to sleep? Is also inspirational

  48. Ok latibel

    Ok latibel16 dias atrás

    7:50 oof finaly yay

  49. Ok latibel

    Ok latibel16 dias atrás


  50. laritz pix

    laritz pix17 dias atrás

    Omg when god Jenna started speaking it scared tf outta me

  51. kylie

    kylie17 dias atrás

    guys she’s meditating

  52. Jeremy Nicholas YAP

    Jeremy Nicholas YAP17 dias atrás

    This is indeed a video on the internet

  53. Brittany Bowmaster

    Brittany Bowmaster18 dias atrás

    If I had that couch I'd be napping so friggin hard

  54. Princess Videogame

    Princess Videogame18 dias atrás

    Jenna and Marbles cuddling and sleeping is the sweetest thing I've ever seen like omg-

  55. Xiomara Videz

    Xiomara Videz16 dias atrás

    This is the content we signed up for. Wholesomeness😩

  56. gabiluch87

    gabiluch8718 dias atrás

    Now try it with Bunny on the couch too

  57. penguinfighter

    penguinfighter18 dias atrás

    Me at 3:00am in the morning with no sleep: imma watch Jenna take a nap.

  58. Claire Payne

    Claire Payne18 dias atrás

    Such wholesome content this is what I subscribed for

  59. Goldybays

    Goldybays19 dias atrás

    Big dick energy

  60. DarKrow_

    DarKrow_19 dias atrás

    Thank you

  61. Mr. IRAS

    Mr. IRAS19 dias atrás

    ~Your SUBSCRIPTION is a BIG MOTIVATION for me~ Thank's for watching! - Share , Like , Comment , Subscribe now and stay tuned for more!