Talking To Crazy People


  1. CN Gaming

    CN Gaming27 minutos atrás

    Somethingelseyt and multyplait by 6


    SNOOPY THUMPER36 minutos atrás

    COMMENT DOWN BELLOW what he said " comment down bellow comment down bellow" SO I DID WHAT HE SAID ALSO #ItsGameOverAndILostMyThumbs

  3. HeyitzYuli

    HeyitzYuli38 minutos atrás

    Me : *reads title* Also me: You shouldn't talk to yourself Adam

  4. Luann Alexander

    Luann Alexander56 minutos atrás

    Are you Daniel Radcliffe Valerie Valdez that was rice is hard to spell Raz clip what do chip dip

  5. Luann Alexander

    Luann AlexanderHora atrás

    Is game over😅 something else YT why were you eat the sand it's just a stupid idea because for some reason it's game over what did he mean by game over anyway Play Who even runs around saying game over like this is not something I would do even if I were him he's dressed funny but who even does that anymore actually who even does that.

  6. foxy Clan

    foxy ClanHora atrás

    Im acrazt person....

  7. Marina B

    Marina BHora atrás

    What’s the weirdest thing you can think of? ME: ...mayonnaise... wearing leg warmers

  8. sesamifish

    sesamifishHora atrás

    the craziest thing I can think of??????? iM gonNa eAt yoUr fleX tApe!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Modyim Castelo

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    i need a part 2

  10. Bj Van

    Bj Van3 horas atrás

    O o o god its so crazy

  11. William Adkins

    William Adkins3 horas atrás

    If 3 lefts make a 3 wrongs make a Wright🤔

  12. Charlie Dorsey

    Charlie Dorsey4 horas atrás

    It’s saw

  13. Isabel Morgan

    Isabel Morgan4 horas atrás

    I get the punishment for flipping of Daniel Radcliff

  14. KittyKatGirl27

    KittyKatGirl274 horas atrás

    Me: “What if you could drink the water camels store” Him: “Multiply it by 6” Me: “Camels are water bottles filled with pineapple coconut water”

  15. Emi Maxwell

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  16. DJlonewolf34

    DJlonewolf345 horas atrás

    Crazy man you eat sand it game over Adam pls talk to me

  17. Brooklyn Blaylock

    Brooklyn Blaylock5 horas atrás

    Teacher, WHATS CRAZY TIMES SIX? Teacher: Uhh..What? ME: WHO STOL MEH THUMB? Teacher: - calls po po - ME: -slaps phone-

  18. cupcakefox yay

    cupcakefox yay6 horas atrás

    Flour is crack that you cook with

  19. Elijah Michener

    Elijah Michener7 horas atrás

    Why didn’t he put Veritasium up there

  20. Summer McCannon

    Summer McCannon8 horas atrás

    one time this one kid chased me in my school from the top floor to the second floor to my band room and by the way he was crazy about me and yea

  21. The story of my Life

    The story of my Life9 horas atrás

    I It It’ It’s It’s g It’s ga It’s gam It’s game It’s game o It’s game ov It’s game ove It’s game over It’s game ove It’s game ov It’s game o It’s gam It’s ga It’s g It’ It I

  22. Danny Scinta

    Danny Scinta9 horas atrás

    is 10.515.e a number even

  23. Jackie Smith

    Jackie Smith9 horas atrás

    Him: Think of the weirdest thing you know. Me: If plastic is bad for the environment but is made of earth, are we destroying earth with earth? Him: not multiply it by 6 Me: IF CIGARETTES ARE KILLING HUMANS, ARE WE CLEANING UP THE WORLD BECAUSE HUMANS ARE DANGEROUS?

  24. Sandy Ichiidino

    Sandy Ichiidino9 horas atrás

    Egg salad sandwiches sprayed with Cashmere woods scented Glade.

  25. That one kid In the corner

    That one kid In the corner10 horas atrás

    No one: Me alone in my room: 2:05

  26. moony umm

    moony umm10 horas atrás

    Its called sand because it is in the middle of land and sea

  27. cat love

    cat love10 horas atrás

    I'm very easily entertained and love crazy peaple to😆 GaMe oVER then why I'm not dead game is still on🤔

  28. *Angel_Star_Playz*

    *Angel_Star_Playz*11 horas atrás

    Ketchup mixe with Peanut butter...That was the first thing that came in mind...IMAGINATION

  29. Freddie Mercury

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  30. popo

    popo12 horas atrás

    OMG just realised the ×6 thing is from the movie mega mind

  31. Zizer Ream

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  32. Marie-Louise du Plessis

    Marie-Louise du Plessis13 horas atrás

    Ma story (made up) *Random witch falls out of the sky* Me:ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?! Witch:Y-yes???? Me:YAY NOW WE CAN BE FRIENDS...COME ON!!!!! :3 :3 T-T T-T :3 :3

  33. A Pixie Kid

    A Pixie Kid13 horas atrás

    Adam: think about the weirdest thing you can think of. Me: 100 birds eating a washing machine that tastes like unicorn tears. Adam: uh, ok, do you have it you got it. Me: yes. Adam: ok cool, now take whatever it is that your thinking of and multiply it by a factor of six, crazy right? Me: so much croissant tasting washing machines and birbs. YESSSSSSSSSS

  34. Reagan the Cartooner

    Reagan the Cartooner14 horas atrás

    I imagined your face(sorry not sorry)x6

  35. HazelROTMG

    HazelROTMG14 horas atrás

    Me: 4 Adam: now multiply it by 6 Me: 24 Me: is this supposed to be crazy?

  36. HazelROTMG

    HazelROTMG14 horas atrás

    I thought this was a jaiden video with the background music lol

  37. Marshall Smith

    Marshall Smith15 horas atrás

    You make my day SOOOO FREAKING AMAZING

  38. The Cook

    The Cook15 horas atrás

    1:12 That means that i'll get 6 gf/ wives and never lose my virginity to any of them. :''C

  39. michal guliamov

    michal guliamov15 horas atrás

    oh yea i love my psycho crazy friends

  40. Irine OWO

    Irine OWO15 horas atrás

    Do fish get thirsty?

  41. ImTheRetard

    ImTheRetard15 horas atrás

    the girrafes of america would be grabing the waters hand in unison with all 43 year old dads grandfathers clock, whilst the moms are petting the couch's leg.

  42. Cloud Zapphire

    Cloud Zapphire17 horas atrás

    My whole group of friends is filled with random and weird people 😂

  43. Munch Mations

    Munch Mations17 horas atrás

    Harry you got flipped off

  44. Mandee Coomer

    Mandee Coomer17 horas atrás

    hi... Danial Radcliff

  45. Mandee Coomer

    Mandee Coomer17 horas atrás

    the government hides leg warmers

  46. HERODIRK123

    HERODIRK12318 horas atrás

    I thought of 111 ....multiply it by 6....... o flip😳

  47. Doggos R cool

    Doggos R cool18 horas atrás

    Adam: Think of something weird. Me: Two bananas having sex. Adam: Multiply it by six. ...It got so aggressive.... 🍌❤️🍌

  48. TerribleButGood

    TerribleButGood19 horas atrás

    Just had a thought *The question “if you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?” Is kinda dumb because if you had all the money in the world they would just print more money and your money would be worthless* Don’t know if I am the first to realize this but it was just a shower thought I had I am kinda crazy aren’t I

  49. t Scriv

    t Scriv22 horas atrás

    You no one factor of six is one

  50. hermione Granger

    hermione Granger23 horas atrás

    Daniel Radcliff XD

  51. Crashman

    Crashman23 horas atrás

    Once years ago I was worked at fazolis back when yiu had to have our breadsticks every two minutes. Well one night a lady came in by herself but she kept talking to someone who wasn’t there. She even ordered food for the person. So me being me I went along with it. Asking her if her friend needed any breadsticks or how they where liking the food. To me all I kept thinking of is 1. She’s crazy.2. She’s actually talking to a ghost or 3. I’m going crazy and there was another person there.

  52. Karen Marie Lagmay

    Karen Marie Lagmay23 horas atrás

    Why don’t you try to have a conversation with someone who is an anti vaxxer, flat earther, and conspiracy theory.

  53. Gissy's wacky universe

    Gissy's wacky universeDia atrás

    i like talking to weird ppl also i won ever talk to strangers but i would loooove to talk to u

  54. hds714BRAVES

    hds714BRAVESDia atrás

    Birds aren’t real

  55. Dark Nade 1208

    Dark Nade 1208Dia atrás

    Wanna know what the weirdest thing I could think of is? Adam ridding on a Dino pug unicorn Pegasus! Your welcome 🤗

  56. Steve Root

    Steve RootDia atrás

    Stuffed animal come alive when you sleep. And steal your chips.

  57. Wasabi Milk

    Wasabi MilkDia atrás

    Wait... #squadfam.. Bruh Like, in the second grade, my friends and I called out group the Squad Fam

  58. Coconut Queen

    Coconut QueenDia atrás

    first minute of the video: *Adam talking like he's not human*

  59. The gamer 5042

    The gamer 5042Dia atrás

    That end tho had me dead help me im dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵😱💀👻

  60. RobotikMC

    RobotikMCDia atrás

    “Killer whales” are just ninja dolphins

  61. lord dio 64

    lord dio 64Dia atrás

    Adam:*likes crazy people* Me:let me introduce ya to a thing I think you will love called Florida man

  62. Minigr8one 21

    Minigr8one 21Dia atrás

    Me: I wonder if people won't like the Black Widow movie? Adam: Now multiply it by a factor of 6 Me: Okay.. 12. That's a factor of 6.. I wonder if anyone will ever recover from Endgame?

  63. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeahDia atrás

    How do u multiply a eggplant by a factor of 6??

  64. Claudia Tristan

    Claudia TristanDia atrás

    i love your vidios....😄😄😄😄

  65. Ethan Brown

    Ethan BrownDia atrás

    When a German guy says: Watch out for the raccoons ze eat your sandwich.

  66. Jasmine Sims

    Jasmine SimsDia atrás

    Then you should talk to me couz I'm werd to

  67. XD Games

    XD GamesDia atrás

    That The government did 911 “Multiply by 6” Me “ok than. a 2 year old did 911

  68. Human Thing

    Human ThingDia atrás

    What I thought of was actually beating up my bigger brother so when you said multiply it to the 6th power I thought of an electric chair

  69. Trinity Montgomery

    Trinity MontgomeryDia atrás

    Adam: Think the most random thing possible Me: If a chicken eats a chicken nugget is it cannibalism? Adam: Now multiply it by 6 Me: Crap...

  70. Ace Of All Trades

    Ace Of All TradesDia atrás

    When you say 'comment' too fast, would you say it sounds... *Badar*

  71. Ace Of All Trades

    Ace Of All TradesDia atrás

    I lost the game

  72. jeffery Clicquennoi

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    Goverment chawauwaus

  73. Noah Cole

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    How do you open mouth?

  74. Noah Cole

    Noah ColeDia atrás

    What is a paper plate made out of?

  75. Noah Cole

    Noah ColeDia atrás

    What body parts can you fill with bees?

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  78. Mambie Universe

    Mambie UniverseDia atrás

    Here ya go: Birds are goverment drones We all already died and this is an alternate reality You are the only real human in a world of robots Bestiality is rape

  79. avril_ awesome!

    avril_ awesome!Dia atrás

    I thought of someone eating a fart on a plate :p

  80. Peggy Ferguson

    Peggy FergusonDia atrás

    Hamburger X 6 = Hamhamburburgurgur

  81. Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of Destruction

    Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionDia atrás

    i wonder how Daniel Radcliffe would feel watching this lmfao

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    EGG BANANAS EGG BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    666 dislikes

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    666 dislike 😲

  85. Montein Bettin

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    Sooo people with ADHD 😂😂😂 I have ADHD and I said the weirdest things at the weirdest times

  86. TheGachaingTerrarian

    TheGachaingTerrarianDia atrás

    “Sea pickles are relatives of pickles in water”

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    666 dislikes mhmm

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    Sry Adam I had to dislike so it would be 666

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    once i was riding on a bus going to school i was sitting in the ile and another hgirl was sitting by the window i was sitting the reading harry potter and she turned around and slaped me in the face and were now best friends

  90. morgan Info

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    me and all my friends like this XD

  91. Daredevil Master

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    The werdest think i can think of is... Me

  92. Quinn Abbascia

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    Was it Vsauce? IT'S GAME OVER!!!... Or is it?

  93. DJ Ya Boi

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    It’s game over hahahahahaha

  94. Shadey

    ShadeyDia atrás

    I thought about Adoph hitler being half naked with a pink skirt dancing to macarena Multiply by a factor of 6 ... Dude What tge hell is wrong with people

  95. eli lobaugh

    eli lobaughDia atrás

    I am the same way my dudo mdjdj!doing!sitmckdejmfldkskdjcmdlsjmddocxkelsickfoxkdks

  96. Yuna the killer Creepypasta

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    Pizza is a circle that we eat as a triangle that comes in a square box The word "nun" is just the letter "n" doing cartwheel

  97. Blue royal Stargazer

    Blue royal StargazerDia atrás

    IT’S GAME STINKING OVER WHY DID YOU EAT SAND ADAM WHY edit - also did you actually eat sand

  98. Kairo Symister

    Kairo SymisterDia atrás

    The dislikes are 665 and while i wanna give our devilishly handsome lad the good 666 I liked the video too much

  99. Cadenza Gaming

    Cadenza GamingDia atrás

    *Man Coming into the dentists* *Me* Hello Sir, take a number and wait in the waiting room (20 minutes later) *me* NUMBER 24 (they walk on over) *Man* Can You serve me now? *me* You need to book an appointment *Man* but you just told me to take a number and wait *me* WELL YOU NEED TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT *Man* (ANGRY INHALE AND EXHALE) fine, I'd like to book an appointment *Me* do i look like a phone to you? You can only book an appointment over the phone, there are no phones here, Skidadle (The man goes home and grabs the phone and dials the number of the dentistry) €Hello I'd like to book an appointment, to check up on my teeth € £Me £ Come today sir were open (The man goes back to the dentistry and goes to the front desk) *me* Hello, take a number and wait your turn (The man walks over to the waiting room and waits AN HOUR and storms back to the front desk to see another man enter the building) *me* Hello sir! Wonderful day to see sorrow and aggression, how may i help you? *another man * I just want a check up *me* alright sir come right this way the dentist will see you right now, hes in this room *man* 😨😧😬 (commits potatoe peelings)

  100. Omni Catt

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    So relatable