Tanks Running + Skills Race Tournament! | Mobile Legends Bang Bang | MLBB


  1. Ramsy Swaeg

    Ramsy Swaeg2 dias atrás

    Bat wala si Khufra?

  2. Keneingulatuo Vich

    Keneingulatuo Vich14 dias atrás

    Where is uranus second power???

  3. vishal shahi

    vishal shahi23 dias atrás

    johnson is banned everywhere huhuhuhu

  4. Amarjit Rk

    Amarjit Rk24 dias atrás

    Johnson will b last XD

  5. Lesley Paxley

    Lesley Paxley25 dias atrás

    Kaja is not a tank like if u agree Hayyy

  6. New PLAYER Gaming

    New PLAYER Gaming27 dias atrás

    I saw the old balmond in this video

  7. LD Vlog

    LD Vlog28 dias atrás

    Why kaja is Tank

  8. dark x fire

    dark x fireMês atrás

    Wat kaja was old tank

  9. Gabriel Gaid

    Gabriel GaidMês atrás

    uranus got speed in ss

  10. Mighty EagleYT

    Mighty EagleYTMês atrás

    Kaja is not a tank btw

  11. Ada Ada

    Ada AdaMês atrás

    What jhonson winner

  12. Tyler Bordios

    Tyler BordiosMês atrás

    Wtf kaja is not a tank hero

  13. andrei pagtakhan

    andrei pagtakhanMês atrás

    Uranus did not use it ss

  14. Zyla Sweyn

    Zyla SweynMês atrás

    Uranus has his 2nd skill


    GACHA LANCEMês atrás

    I have a question for you why is kaja are tank? I mean he is a fighter and mage right

  16. 1000 subcriber without no video

    1000 subcriber without no videoMês atrás

    John son is so sad

  17. anabel montemayor

    anabel montemayorMês atrás

    kaja is not a tabk

  18. Prem Chandra

    Prem ChandraMês atrás

    It's is cheating it's is cheating jhonson is also a tank 😒😒😒😒😒

  19. Rin Boihtea

    Rin BoihteaMês atrás


  20. Rin Boihtea

    Rin BoihteaMês atrás

    Kaja is not tank... Fighter and support

  21. TC Pzycho

    TC PzychoMês atrás

    Gg johnson

  22. TheNightcoreGamer Sydney

    TheNightcoreGamer SydneyMês atrás

    What about khufra?

  23. Top Of God gaming

    Top Of God gamingMês atrás

    Johnson win lah

  24. Keno Riose

    Keno RioseMês atrás

    Hey you forgot Esmeralda....

  25. Jamie OLP

    Jamie OLPMês atrás

    Fanny should be ban too

  26. Alex barbie

    Alex barbieMês atrás

    ѵεɾψ ηίɕε

  27. Bebe cats

    Bebe catsMês atrás

    Kaja is fighter and support

  28. alpha gaming

    alpha gamingMês atrás

    Johnson: Come and run with me, i will show you

  29. Anime _Fan123

    Anime _Fan123Mês atrás

    Tank race: *Johnson gets banned* Assassin race: yeah fanny is fine lol

  30. John Michael Thompson

    John Michael ThompsonMês atrás

    Kaja is tank hahhhh

  31. TrioGaming

    TrioGamingMês atrás

    He is a tank when.. 8 MONTH AGO LMAO.. LOOOOKK

  32. Jenna H

    Jenna HMês atrás

    Watches video to see my fav tank win(Johnson) *BANS JOHNSON FROM THE RACE*

  33. Roy Dimaano

    Roy DimaanoMês atrás

    2nd skill uranus

  34. ayy tae

    ayy taeMês atrás

    Not tank kaja

  35. TrioGaming

    TrioGamingMês atrás

    Of course his a tank... 8 MONTH AGO LOOOK

  36. Raverjamez Custodio

    Raverjamez CustodioMês atrás

    why banned johnson... tank johnsson!

  37. Jainal Arif

    Jainal ArifMês atrás


  38. Chuckie Labio

    Chuckie LabioMês atrás

    hilda also

  39. Chuckie Labio

    Chuckie LabioMês atrás

    balmond its not a tank

  40. TrioGaming

    TrioGamingMês atrás

    Yes he is FIGHTER/TANK u warrior or elite player

  41. Gangerz

    GangerzMês atrás

    *Kaja Recommended : Fighter/Support*

  42. Benjamin Meska

    Benjamin MeskaMês atrás

    This video was made when kaja was a tank/support,almost 9 months ago

  43. Zero Two

    Zero TwoMês atrás

    tank support po siya noon .

  44. Jeagań Jhønas

    Jeagań JhønasMês atrás

    Is Kaja A tank???

  45. TrioGaming

    TrioGamingMês atrás


  46. DENVER _Channel DIVIVA

    DENVER _Channel DIVIVAMês atrás

    Kaja is fighter/support

  47. Benjamin Meska

    Benjamin MeskaMês atrás

    This video was made when kaja was a tank/support,almost 9 months ago

  48. Shashank Gurung

    Shashank GurungMês atrás

    Uranus 2nd skill not used and even 1st skill helps him speed up a little ... Not a fair game

  49. Althea Lorca

    Althea LorcaMês atrás


  50. Athena Asamiya

    Athena AsamiyaMês atrás

    Bat wala si esmeralda

  51. Gini San jose

    Gini San joseMês atrás

    Nologic Are you the best at all heroes?

  52. Kisaragi Lim

    Kisaragi LimMês atrás

    Why not give all of them sprint?

  53. Acker PlaysYT

    Acker PlaysYTMês atrás

    Did not know that kaja is a freaking tank lel Like if u agree

  54. Benjamin Meska

    Benjamin MeskaMês atrás

    Look at the date bro...this video was made almost 9 months ago

  55. Charles Ordinario

    Charles OrdinarioMês atrás

    I am curios , Why didn't You used Uranus'jump skill?

  56. Haniel Asphyxia

    Haniel AsphyxiaMês atrás

    Uranus still didn't get revamp, that is Old Uranus

  57. MrGabePogz GamingYT

    MrGabePogz GamingYTMês atrás

    kaja is not a tank

  58. TEMKA gamer

    TEMKA gamerMês atrás

    Kaja is not tank

  59. ̨ShaGGyFåNNy

    ̨ShaGGyFåNNy2 meses atrás

    I cant believe a cow lost to an elf

  60. Mc Liendle Florendo

    Mc Liendle Florendo2 meses atrás

    You did not use uranus second skill lol

  61. Benjamin Meska

    Benjamin MeskaMês atrás

    Uranus skills was not revamped when this video made

  62. kingnaticzzz

    kingnaticzzz2 meses atrás

    But the new update Uranus is faster than grock hehehe

  63. Geyb09

    Geyb092 meses atrás

    Before I watch this video I know johnsson will win After watching video oh no he is banned

  64. Geyb09

    Geyb092 meses atrás

    No ban

  65. Floral KinG

    Floral KinG2 meses atrás

    Wait Look at The Thumbnail its Have Kaja But its Support

  66. MrBūRNz Gaming

    MrBūRNz Gaming2 meses atrás

    Kaja you used to be a tank/support

  67. christian jake salinas

    christian jake salinas2 meses atrás

    what the F*CK kaja is a tank?

  68. Ma irish Dayrit

    Ma irish Dayrit2 meses atrás

    I dont know johnson is there

  69. Pray Santos

    Pray Santos2 meses atrás

    Kaja is not a tank

  70. Renz Navarro Calmona

    Renz Navarro Calmona2 meses atrás

    Kaja is tank?

  71. σg ιι•нιgнѕcσяє

    σg ιι•нιgнѕcσяє2 meses atrás

    I love what you did to bal**** name

  72. Ron Vita

    Ron Vita2 meses atrás

    Uhhhhhh kaja is a figther dum ass