Terminator: Dark Fate - Official Teaser Trailer (2019) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Jonathan Zepeda

    Jonathan Zepeda51 segundo atrás

    That's it, run it into the grave..

  2. Eric Frolov

    Eric Frolov56 segundos atrás

    If it's not direct sequel to Terminator 2, if JC is not the screenwriter, then it doesn't work for me personally.

  3. Bene Rio

    Bene RioMinuto atrás

    The trailer...doesn't make me interested to this franchise again. Yeah, i love T2. But this...I don't know. CMIIW...Terminator is a franchise that already tried everything to stay relevant. Spectacularly unsuccessful. Maybe it's just time to stop. Yeah the first film and T2 is entertaining but...hardly anyone care anymore for this franchise...

  4. Jack Reacher

    Jack ReacherMinuto atrás


  5. Eu

    EuMinuto atrás

    Ah sh, here we go again

  6. Lex Loadgiver

    Lex LoadgiverMinuto atrás

    What dimension or timeline is this trash going to be in? Will this be the women’s Terminator?

  7. Monty Dub

    Monty DubMinuto atrás

    Can’t they just stop milking franchises already?

  8. Limp Wibbler

    Limp WibblerMinuto atrás

    So this is just never going to end? You are just going to keep going back in time and changing the past to save important people. How did she even meet her younger self? She has no recollection of time travel in the originals. you think you would remember seeing yourself blow up robots.

  9. Rick Yo

    Rick YoMinuto atrás

    Úgy látszik a franchise totális elbaszásában felkerül az "i"-re a pont!... Grat... Már várom is a következő semmitèrő folytatást... Mikor esik már le a kèszítőknek, hogy az emberek a 2. Rèsz óta a jövőbeli háborút akarják látni, nem a jelenben zajló alternatív èrtelmetlen lábrázásokat... Pfff...

  10. Gunay Eminov

    Gunay EminovMinuto atrás

    I really, really hope they do a descent terminator movie this time, cuz everything after T2 burned to hell

  11. The Many Faces Of Idiots

    The Many Faces Of Idiots2 minutos atrás

    The new Terminator 3 looks better then the old Terminator 3.

  12. Infinitely Bell

    Infinitely Bell2 minutos atrás

    Mexican terminator. Puta Madre.

  13. Dave White

    Dave White2 minutos atrás

    No new ideas? Shame.

  14. phatmemes

    phatmemes2 minutos atrás

    Wheres John?

  15. M J Grasscutter

    M J Grasscutter2 minutos atrás

    Weird how this feels like it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with any of the original origin movies even though they reference them and seem to have links to them. It all feels empty and just some random film connected by title to some other past showings. I don't have an issue with this, but I also cannot make the link of this being in any way connected to the Terminator franchise in any way.

  16. Sam Boldner

    Sam Boldner2 minutos atrás

    The original dramatic atmosphere and realism are totally fucked up for the sake of stupid entertainment.

  17. cameron zero

    cameron zero2 minutos atrás


  18. Tristan Hogue

    Tristan Hogue2 minutos atrás

    This movie is going to fail just like Ghostbusters 2016

  19. swimmer8585

    swimmer85852 minutos atrás

    Oh they’re making another one

  20. RC team

    RC team2 minutos atrás

    Tencent in the list am i watching COD??

  21. Eddard

    Eddard2 minutos atrás

    This looks entertaining. Good? Not sure yet, but it does look entertaining.

  22. Stephen Jarrell

    Stephen Jarrell2 minutos atrás


  23. Richard Edrees

    Richard Edrees2 minutos atrás

    Where is this supposed to fit in to the storyline? Are we forgetting about Terminator Genesys?

  24. Noname Noname

    Noname Noname2 minutos atrás

    Woman terminator, puertorican t1000... Ridiculous, zero respect to the legacy.

  25. Marvel Knights

    Marvel Knights3 minutos atrás

    Damn didn’t know Ghost Rider is the new terminator

  26. tom tomm

    tom tomm3 minutos atrás

    So. I wonder how Deadpool reacted after watching this.

  27. ct92404

    ct924043 minutos atrás

    So...there's a tranny or lesbian in this one? Well, I guess every movie has to make the SJWs happy now. No thanks, I'll pass.

  28. Shane Mc Grath

    Shane Mc Grath3 minutos atrás

    If we were back in the 80's, This would be straight to VHS!

  29. anonthecannon

    anonthecannon3 minutos atrás

    Teminator- Hip replacement day!

  30. Ash Blaxe

    Ash Blaxe3 minutos atrás

    No women in movies

  31. P Mag

    P Mag3 minutos atrás

    Oh crap wow... looks good I hope the best scenes aren't in this trailer...hope the whole movie is awesome

  32. BASELO

    BASELO3 minutos atrás

    Good spoiler. Thanks

  33. Siddhartha Bhatia

    Siddhartha Bhatia3 minutos atrás

    Sarah connor is back..terminator back in action

  34. Георгий Дёмин

    Георгий Дёмин3 minutos atrás

    I will not state that the movie is bad until I’ll see it in full in autumn. The cgi will be polished, first trailers always have raw graphics. And not bothered by new characters, right now we have no right to judge the quality of this body of work. Having hope in new installment.

  35. KAP

    KAP3 minutos atrás

    What’s the music track on this trailer? It’s so cool

  36. tom tomm

    tom tomm3 minutos atrás

    Basically, you scrapped World War z 2 with perfectionist David Fincher for insufficient funds and try to make movie like this... Good!!! :D I think i rather skip this one. No blood, ubelievable character actions, fantasy instead scifi, no flesh and metal, unbelievable physical movements, black cgi mess and slow motion (Michael Bay is in? :P). Terminator is basically teleported into the Marvel world with multiverse and different rules instead world from Terminator movies. Raw violence, fear and atmosphere filled with helplessness and will to life is gone. For example: Terminator 2 T1000 is teleported, hide behind pillar and after he kill police officer, he check surroundings. If he want kill someone, he stab him or throw his head into the wall (i think it was only 1 meter :P) Dark fate: Police officer is flying, police officer no. 2 is flying too. Big explosion next to the police car :D I do not mind the first iterations of effects or girl power. But it looks like Genisys "we want to be marvel" for me. btw: you dont need animatronics for believable characters (mocap and cgi is fine). Say hello Mad max or Blade Runner 2049 or Planet of the Apes.

  37. eworm

    eworm3 minutos atrás

    Send a terminator to go back and terminate the Dumb-and-Dumber

  38. Gaurav Minhas

    Gaurav Minhas4 minutos atrás

    *Paramount* : Terminator need new moves. *Writers* at 0:34 : Water Clone Jutsu

  39. Sandy Khonrakmaew

    Sandy Khonrakmaew4 minutos atrás

    The guy face is too sweet. He doesn't look like The Terminator, he look like a taco seller. T1000 look way more sinister.

  40. Enrique Ortiz

    Enrique Ortiz4 minutos atrás

    11.1.19 Disgusting!

  41. R S

    R S4 minutos atrás

    Only terminator 2 is great action movie ever made another terminator movies sucked

  42. ManTell Studio

    ManTell Studio4 minutos atrás

    Oooo boooooy... 2nd ever female terminator baby...... It's gonna be fuuuuuuuuuun 😁

  43. YoUtUbE bElIeVeR

    YoUtUbE bElIeVeR5 minutos atrás


  44. Вет Док

    Вет Док5 minutos atrás

    Очередная хуита

  45. Tommy Johnsen

    Tommy Johnsen5 minutos atrás

    Didn't Sarah Conner die of cancer? Or is this part of the altered future/past deal?


    RVXGAMEX5 minutos atrás

    Paramount - lets make a whole new Terminator movie Terminator Fans - let Terminator franchise "Rest In Peace"

  47. Redacted

    Redacted5 minutos atrás

    Why would I wanna watch a movie where the bad guy isn't a threat lol It's more of a robotic female coming of age story seeing as the villain keeps getting his ass kicked

  48. soroushwerewolf

    soroushwerewolf5 minutos atrás

    omg ...... pleaseeeeee stop making terminator bullshit stuff. The first one and the judgment day were awesome. why are u trying to ruin those masterpieces by making bullshit over and over again????

  49. Kv. .Fortress

    Kv. .Fortress5 minutos atrás

    just die already bruh nigga was a robot it was cool. Go tf away.

  50. Андрей Кулиш

    Андрей Кулиш5 minutos atrás

    Хватит насиловать франшизу!

  51. Met3lAngel

    Met3lAngel5 minutos atrás

    Edward Furlong needs to go to rehab, get his shit together, lose weight and retake his role as John Conner so we can have a real sequel.


    BAdBAdMONKEY5 minutos atrás

    Why can’t these dumbass studios stop making absolute shit sequels and leave beloved franchises alone, literally the only good studio to have a long running franchise has been marvel and they are treading thin lines now

  53. Heretical Hershey

    Heretical Hershey2 minutos atrás

    James Bond movies have been around since the 60s and theyre pretty good.

  54. Eduardo Galeazzi

    Eduardo Galeazzi6 minutos atrás

    Yes yes yes yehaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. mahendra barsing

    mahendra barsing6 minutos atrás

    OMG Arnold sir is back . Yess

  56. Mike Sheridan-Shawl

    Mike Sheridan-Shawl6 minutos atrás

    Haters gonna hate. This looks freakin' awesome.

  57. C M

    C M6 minutos atrás

    Gives me the old 2004 movie vibes

  58. siemniak

    siemniak6 minutos atrás

    how the fuck is it possible that back in the 80's they could make a terminator that was scary as fuck, but with all the technlogy we have today terminator looks like a fucking animation for the kids

  59. Bartman954

    Bartman9546 minutos atrás

    2:13, that putty squelch sound effect is very cringe worthy


    PASSPORT PAPIII6 minutos atrás

    Lol trash

  61. Chris Hill

    Chris Hill6 minutos atrás

    Glad to see Sarah back but where is John Conner and Reese in all this? Are they gone?

  62. Nutcracker’s Crack

    Nutcracker’s Crack6 minutos atrás

    Well... please be good, I guess.

  63. Bob Jenkins

    Bob Jenkins6 minutos atrás

    Andddd feminism ruins yet another franchise

  64. C All

    C All6 minutos atrás

    I'm strangely optimistic. Cameron doesn't fail. Cameron returning to the series, retconning back to his last installment, with Sarah Connor, might work.

  65. Павел Филатов

    Павел Филатов7 minutos atrás


  66. EndeAbgrunds

    EndeAbgrunds7 minutos atrás

    This looks as bad as Genisys. If not worse.

  67. Karan Bhansali

    Karan Bhansali7 minutos atrás


  68. Panzerfaust Panzerkampf

    Panzerfaust Panzerkampf7 minutos atrás

    jezus fuck! stop murdering a great universe bye turning it into modern day garbage!

  69. Fix wor

    Fix wor7 minutos atrás


  70. mickey

    mickey7 minutos atrás

    Fck feminism, u ruined a classic, y d fuck do u think woman will play every role, theres a limit. U ruined my childhood. Masculinity isnt for woman clean and clear, thats how god made us

  71. Jace Allen

    Jace Allen7 minutos atrás

    Snapchat names want more people on Snapchat

  72. C Y N I C A L

    C Y N I C A L7 minutos atrás

    Damn BRreporter comments are way toxic

  73. Kristen Ingram

    Kristen Ingram7 minutos atrás

    I was on board because of Linda Hamilton.. yeah.. I think I’m done with this franchise. T2 will never be topped.

  74. James 2509

    James 25097 minutos atrás

    They couldn’t just stop at T2 could they, it was a fitting ending, especially with that final thumbs up from Arnie. The chip was destroyed, any evidence of the Terminator’s existence destroyed, No Skynet, No more Judgement day, Happy Ending. But NOOOO, they just had to come up with the “merely postponed judgement day” BS and when that didn’t work, just ctrl+alt+delete, and now they dragged Linda Hamilton into it, STOP RUINING T2.

  75. OOC Media

    OOC Media7 minutos atrás

    The next terminator should go back and stop Paramount from making this movie

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    Help the Poor To Code7 minutos atrás

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  77. I Sense Fear In You

    I Sense Fear In You7 minutos atrás

    Yeah, maybe it's the CGI but it looks like a tv show series, not a movie to me lol

  78. Ryan Ehlis

    Ryan Ehlis8 minutos atrás

    Nothing compares to the original

  79. Chronas

    Chronas8 minutos atrás

    CGI May look bad now but just remember the film is very much in post-production.

  80. fearless punjab

    fearless punjab8 minutos atrás

    Arnold ❤️

  81. Cory Kent

    Cory Kent8 minutos atrás

    OMG! LGBT movie!!! Looks like I’m cuddling up on the LoveSac, with a head of kale 🥬 and a bottle of soy! I mean, this one SHOULD get as much publicity as the all female ghostbusters movie! Am I right!? Am I right!?!?

  82. Kiarian Coohill

    Kiarian Coohill8 minutos atrás

    Terminator Salvation looks better, and that's ten years old.

  83. FTxNatsuz3z

    FTxNatsuz3z8 minutos atrás

    Terminator vs ghost rider? I’m in

  84. Mariusz

    Mariusz8 minutos atrás

    Yaaaaaaawn, just give us a movie when humans lose and stop rebooting all this shit.

  85. Juan Oro-Barcenas

    Juan Oro-Barcenas8 minutos atrás

    Do We Really Need More Terminator Films? The Studios- Affirmative

  86. FelineRumble 684

    FelineRumble 6849 minutos atrás

    Terminator completely fucked up there timeline. I don’t know what is what and where anything is

  87. indrajeet jyoti

    indrajeet jyoti9 minutos atrás

    Game of thrones Riverdale Terminator these are the examples of stuffs that started with great content and as I joined them got worse.even CGI is worse than it was in 90s Judgment's day is still the fav

  88. Static Reverse-

    Static Reverse-9 minutos atrás

    Bro I love terminator

  89. Vanessa Guardado

    Vanessa Guardado9 minutos atrás

    sarah connor bad AF!

  90. Alejandro

    Alejandro9 minutos atrás

    Lady from La Vendedora de Rosas

  91. Brian Bridgeforth

    Brian Bridgeforth9 minutos atrás

    I hate to say this, but the CGI looks like crap.

  92. Atticus X

    Atticus X9 minutos atrás

    im excited for this. Looks good

  93. Genaro Vernal

    Genaro Vernal9 minutos atrás

    FEMINATOR : A land without Men

  94. Mari Years

    Mari Years10 minutos atrás

    The new bad guy looks like Steven from accounting.

  95. Yiu Rock

    Yiu Rock10 minutos atrás

    Please. Stop

  96. What's This?

    What's This?10 minutos atrás

    Would've been better if these reboots where made by the people who originally made it, not by the people who are milking every last cent possible from die-hard fans.

  97. thethinduke035

    thethinduke03510 minutos atrás

    This looks just as generic and boring as all the movies post T2. Lost opportunity with Linda Hamilton. Moving right along, unfortunately.

  98. Виталий Криницкий

    Виталий Криницкий10 minutos atrás

    I'm going hunting...

  99. ChaotiX

    ChaotiX10 minutos atrás

    It didn't work with Oceans. It didn't work with Ghostbusters. What makes them think it'll work with Terminator??

  100. Heretical Hershey

    Heretical Hershey6 minutos atrás

    Make what work? There already was a female main character in the Terminator films. Has anyone here seen The Terminator or T2?

  101. Godley Mawanda

    Godley Mawanda10 minutos atrás

    2:04 - 2:11 phone on maximum brightness still couldn’t tell what was happening

  102. Daniella

    Daniella10 minutos atrás

    Best thing about the trailer is that they got Linda Hamilton to return as Sarah Connor.