Terry Crews Hallucinates While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. Craig Waldbillig

    Craig Waldbillig42 minutos atrás

    I think this show is great but put the rock and Kevin together as a challenge it would be great

  2. Rooster Mbakb67

    Rooster Mbakb6757 minutos atrás

    Terry is one the most chill, funny and such a humble dude.

  3. Patreeko theArtist

    Patreeko theArtist4 horas atrás

    "I feel like Steve Jobs in the 70s." Lost it right there. Brilliant.

  4. Bubba Frost

    Bubba Frost5 horas atrás

    Terry is really a big teddy bear, but god help you if he gets mad!! If he go's full gorilla mod i bet he'll snap you in half like a celery stock!!!!

  5. Chris Yo

    Chris Yo7 horas atrás

    I would have been asking about Malibu’s most wanted the whole time

  6. Ricky Brown

    Ricky Brown9 horas atrás

    I wanna try this set up just because of the way he reacted to it... looks bomb

  7. Grace Bauer

    Grace Bauer10 horas atrás

    JUST when I thought I couldn't love this episode more "I love you dude dude I need your phone number because now we're friends forever" 😭

  8. Anthony Delfos

    Anthony Delfos14 horas atrás

    Poor terry man this is not cool seeing him suffer

  9. Heather Brum

    Heather Brum22 horas atrás

    I have ALWAYS loved Terry Crews. However, this made me respect him and LOVE him even more than I thought was possible!

  10. The Buttlet

    The ButtletDia atrás

    Terry is so badass and so wholesome at the same time.

  11. vvhiskyy

    vvhiskyyDia atrás

    America treasures Terry Crews. The guy is a genuinely awesome human being.

  12. good vibes 4 me

    good vibes 4 meDia atrás

    Terry Love's , Love and yogurt what can I say.

  13. Nikos Thanopoulos Sarlis

    Nikos Thanopoulos SarlisDia atrás

    Get Dave Chappelle plz.

  14. Angel Vuelvas

    Angel VuelvasDia atrás

    Get ice cube yo Do this xD

  15. Rexus the Valiant

    Rexus the ValiantDia atrás

    I like how he took this what sounds like a terrible childhood and turned it to an incredibly positive personality.

  16. ScreamOSteveO Lessons

    ScreamOSteveO LessonsDia atrás

    I need Hot Ones with Keanu Reeves and Eminem.

  17. hellokittyangel211

    hellokittyangel211Dia atrás

    Terry Crews is the type of Black man/person that rarely gets seen by the world because it would mean that those who run it would have to admit the moral bankrupt man made reasons why that is the case and more shouldn’t exist and he knows it and is 100% okay with being the one to change that image and as a sistah I’m 1000% for that.

  18. SERGE

    SERGE2 dias atrás

    building a pc changed my life forever

  19. looseycanon

    looseycanon2 dias atrás

    Man, I can relate to Terry... There is something magical about custom built computer booting up alright for the first time... The fact, that he can share it with his kid make's it even more powerful.

  20. Yaboii J

    Yaboii J2 dias atrás

    Soon as I saw C.T. Fletcher pic I was like YES!! Back and mount Bicepius

  21. Geoff Miller

    Geoff Miller2 dias atrás

    Is it weird that I kinda wish Terry Crews was my Dad?

  22. jigpy 1

    jigpy 12 dias atrás

    Gets pinky broken. Snaps it back. Hey, uncool

  23. Natasha Narushev

    Natasha Narushev2 dias atrás

    Terry this white chick is a fan of yours. God bless you and your family. Keep doing what your doing.

  24. Yung K

    Yung K2 dias atrás

    Wings aside, this guy is a great interviewer, he asked great questions! also love love love Terry Crew

  25. Sceptique et fier

    Sceptique et fier2 dias atrás

    The wings that broke Terry Crews.

  26. Oscar Gold

    Oscar Gold2 dias atrás

    Crews seems like a super positive good guy ☺👍🏻

  27. TheLimp Shrimp

    TheLimp Shrimp2 dias atrás

    Terry loves hot wings

  28. Roxana Carrion

    Roxana Carrion2 dias atrás

    i've been a Brooklyn99 fan since it came out. No need to eat spicy wings terry, you have your fan base XD

  29. Mark Fiorucci

    Mark Fiorucci2 dias atrás

    I love Terry!

  30. t fanning

    t fanning2 dias atrás

    Terry Crews is great.

  31. Peter  Neate

    Peter Neate2 dias atrás

    Absolutely brilliant lol. What a lovely fella.

  32. Mia Davina

    Mia Davina2 dias atrás

    Such a good dude, id watch pretty much any movie with him in it just cause he only does ones he thinks are healthy for people to see

  33. AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6

    AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:62 dias atrás

    Power level of 2millions dato?

  34. Aleem Prince

    Aleem Prince3 dias atrás

    how many jobs you had!?!

  35. Richard Ponec

    Richard Ponec3 dias atrás

    get tucker carlson

  36. AwkwrdW1llCmdy

    AwkwrdW1llCmdy3 dias atrás

    It's crazy how much he went through as a kid, he could have come out so bitter, mean, violent, etc but he's the nicest guy ever

  37. carcillian

    carcillian3 dias atrás

    Finally another human that doesn’t understand why kids just watch people play video games instead of actually playing them.

  38. Hugo Santos

    Hugo Santos3 dias atrás

    O Julius ta ate aqui

  39. Eric Streed

    Eric Streed3 dias atrás

    I just rubbed my eye and then went "oh crap! I'm not supposed to touch my eyes!"...but i'm not eating hot wings, i'm just sitting at my computer

  40. Sahil King

    Sahil King3 dias atrás


  41. Urban Eve

    Urban Eve3 dias atrás

    Terry Crews: How much more we got left? Screen: "Death"

  42. Jamaican Panda

    Jamaican Panda3 dias atrás

    He's sweating and crying😭😭

  43. Gus MaJendor

    Gus MaJendor3 dias atrás

    Best hot ones yet! He's such a good man and what a great dad man. Talk about comin from the bottom. Security to the "biggest" dude on TV lol

  44. David Priester

    David Priester4 dias atrás

    the people that eat all the mean off each wing even the final one are the real OG's

  45. Brent Bowen

    Brent Bowen4 dias atrás

    Terry Crews is the most wholesome man on any media platform.

  46. AJ N310

    AJ N3104 dias atrás

    This is the 1st episode I ever watched. This one and the Stone Cold interview are my favorite interviews.

  47. chikitabowow

    chikitabowow4 dias atrás

    Terry loves to flex his wholesomeness

  48. Sunshine24

    Sunshine244 dias atrás

    Get Craig ferguson

  49. Sunshine24

    Sunshine244 dias atrás

    He a real one

  50. Presian Novakov

    Presian Novakov4 dias atrás

    I have this strong desire to hug Terry for longer than it’s acceptable

  51. TheRealScottG

    TheRealScottG5 dias atrás

    Keanu Reeves Please Sean!!

  52. Melady Love

    Melady Love5 dias atrás

    My son is autistic. He is obsessed with these. Was sad but true

  53. Josh Lister

    Josh Lister5 dias atrás

    Terry Crews is one of my favorite celebrities. I enjoy his shows and movies but my favorite thing about him is that he’s always funny, friendly, and just a classy guy.

  54. DroBro 904

    DroBro 9045 dias atrás

    I think I may have a viable method with milk? What if you take a sip of milk before you take a bite of every wing? Wouldn't the milk theoretically put your mouth so that everything just goes down with less spiciness?

  55. Javier Padilla

    Javier Padilla5 dias atrás

    Best one yet

  56. Casey Pilarczyk

    Casey Pilarczyk5 dias atrás

    My favorite part is hot sauce on Fire and super hot

  57. DJ Rez

    DJ Rez5 dias atrás

    TC is the man.... been a fan for years, one of the funniest humans alive

  58. Elmer Burley

    Elmer Burley6 dias atrás

    Great host always a true show man. He's the best

  59. bluexphantom

    bluexphantom6 dias atrás

    *screams in Terry Cruz*

  60. Gerald Watts

    Gerald Watts7 dias atrás

    Guys do you hear the "The shark is coming!!!" music?