1. JAZZY TIME! with Bailey Clarke

    JAZZY TIME! with Bailey Clarke5 horas atrás

    I dunno if he realised he got liquid lil on the underside of the tip of his nose

  2. Paitin Watz

    Paitin Watz18 horas atrás

    Musty crust dusty lol Ily sm ❤️❤️❣️

  3. Kayla Hooper

    Kayla HooperDia atrás

    You have beautiful eyes!

  4. Marnie Donnelly

    Marnie Donnelly2 dias atrás

    "The shade doesn't really matter." 30 seconds ltr: "All we are going to test is the color...."

  5. Alexis Murray

    Alexis Murray3 dias atrás

    “we are so close to two mil!” omg he has 11 mil now! i’m so proud i love you so much sister!

  6. Paige Tonkin

    Paige Tonkin3 dias atrás

    do this with your palette!!

  7. aubreyalana27

    aubreyalana274 dias atrás

    Sisters use code James for a 10% off :)

  8. Roxanne Inman

    Roxanne Inman4 dias atrás

    You should do real makeup vs kids makeup

  9. abby Kleinsasser

    abby Kleinsasser5 dias atrás

    Ugh you’re so gorgeous I’m jealous 😍 you’re hands down my favorite BRreporterr ❤️

  10. Live Love learn

    Live Love learn5 dias atrás

    Hi sister

  11. Mackenzie Severance

    Mackenzie Severance6 dias atrás

    You should do a "Full face of makeup, Only using Walmart products!!!" Even brushes.

  12. Kit Lovely

    Kit Lovely6 dias atrás

    It would be funny if he got the eyeshadow pallets mixed up and started dissing Jacklyn

  13. Bianca Regano

    Bianca Regano6 dias atrás

    I don't know if you where contacts or not but your eyes are beautiful.

  14. Flor Figueroa

    Flor Figueroa3 dias atrás

    Bianca Regano they are contacts not being rude just answer the question

  15. Natasha Noura

    Natasha Noura7 dias atrás

    I feel the music is too loud

  16. maceenzie

    maceenzie7 dias atrás


  17. maceenzie

    maceenzie7 dias atrás

    wow ur hot

  18. Donaven truter

    Donaven truter8 dias atrás

    *flashback marry has entered the chat* *flashback marry* : HI SISTERS YOU THOUGH I WAS GONE I'M COMING BACK

  19. Donaven truter

    Donaven truter8 dias atrás

    Did anyone see how beautiful Jame's eye's is i'm shook wow i'm in love

  20. Flor Figueroa

    Flor Figueroa3 dias atrás

    Donaven truter *whispers*Contacts*whispers*

  21. Rína Love

    Rína Love8 dias atrás

    New video, check it out! 💞 brreporter.com/v/video-G95IaLaY6ew.html

  22. Day!! W

    Day!! W8 dias atrás

    James GUSSE WHAT I DID SISTER so I bought baby Beauty blenders and then I had normal sized ones so I showed my sister my baby one and I came back with a normal one and she was shook and she still does not know it was baby to normal😂❤️

  23. L B

    L B8 dias atrás

    Huhhh I thought you were sister safe with language my four year old sister was watching this with me


    HAGAR DAI9 dias atrás

    is this dident burn or somthing like this?

  25. Amaya&Kimia Vlogs

    Amaya&Kimia Vlogs10 dias atrás

    Sisters eyes look sooo pretty in this video!!! Orange is your color sis!!!🧡🧡🧡

  26. Em R

    Em R11 dias atrás

    You look good in both!

  27. Addict With a pen

    Addict With a pen11 dias atrás

    The real is a lot better sister

  28. Yellow Foxie Playz

    Yellow Foxie Playz11 dias atrás


  29. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid11 dias atrás


  30. Lia Graziani

    Lia Graziani11 dias atrás


  31. Bela Stone

    Bela Stone11 dias atrás

    To me they look the same

  32. Tamara AlBukhari

    Tamara AlBukhari11 dias atrás


  33. Millsisen 07

    Millsisen 0712 dias atrás

    Didn’t he forget to film the contour?

  34. Gyllwa Barnakhi

    Gyllwa Barnakhi12 dias atrás

    Code james for 10 percent off❤️

  35. Rylee Proffitt

    Rylee Proffitt12 dias atrás

    The whole face looks the same

  36. Taylor Corum

    Taylor Corum13 dias atrás

    What about your pallet???!!

  37. Jenna Reeve

    Jenna Reeve13 dias atrás

    Hi James I got your pallet it's amazing i love it ❤️💛💚💙💜

  38. Augusta Rodgers

    Augusta Rodgers14 dias atrás

    Wait what I just realized that your eyes are BLUE. WHATS HAPPENNING

  39. Rhf Awad

    Rhf Awad14 dias atrás

    "Omygod poor people makeup is shit"... How many of these videos did you make?

  40. Alyssa Shaltry

    Alyssa Shaltry15 dias atrás

    I love the liquid lipstick that got on his nose at the end

  41. Mo's World

    Mo's World15 dias atrás

    5:53 same person? shane dawson conspiracy theories!!

  42. Regina Banda

    Regina Banda15 dias atrás

    6:00 I don’t do my brows anymore because they’re covered by my bangs.

  43. Casey M

    Casey M16 dias atrás

    @9:30 dissapointed but not suprised

  44. Ben501uk

    Ben501uk17 dias atrás

    Snowflakes R us!

  45. Istionis

    Istionis17 dias atrás

    13:25 RUDOLF IS THAT YOU? Sister snatched

  46. Pastel Sweetie

    Pastel Sweetie17 dias atrás

    At 5:47 he looks like the girl from benefit

  47. Shannon Daly

    Shannon Daly17 dias atrás

    So annoying how fast he talks and he always close his eyes and to much hand movement 😂😂

  48. Rylee animations

    Rylee animations18 dias atrás


  49. Hanna Kieffer

    Hanna Kieffer19 dias atrás

    I mean I know there knock off but i mean, it wasn't that bad, I feel like yes the original products are probably better, but people like me cant afford these things and if i had to i would buy the off brand not just because it is cheap, but it didn't look horrible at all.

  50. Tahsina Hussain

    Tahsina Hussain20 dias atrás

    I hope you reach 11 million subscribers yours so amazing at makeup

  51. Ella Mac O'Connor

    Ella Mac O'Connor20 dias atrás

    he got the lipstick on his nose....lmao

  52. Eliana Graham

    Eliana Graham20 dias atrás

    *James Charles dragging poor people for 15 minutes straight* LOL, not a hate comment. I love sister james

  53. Skylar Kelso

    Skylar Kelso20 dias atrás

    REAL side

  54. Courtney Roberts

    Courtney Roberts21 dia atrás

    Only one who noticed the unblended contour near nostrils? Snatched sister!💙

  55. FloralGirl 12

    FloralGirl 1221 dia atrás

    Your nose is so nice OMG

  56. Avery Balitsaris

    Avery Balitsaris22 dias atrás

    he got lipstick on his nose

  57. Juliana9 Cancinos

    Juliana9 Cancinos22 dias atrás

    Ok then....you do you james

  58. Lil K

    Lil K22 dias atrás

    speed: 0.75 Your Welcome

  59. Amy Green

    Amy Green22 dias atrás

    Did anyone notice the fact that he forgot to blend the nose contour at the bottom of his nose ahah there's a line in between his nostrils and I couldn't help notice it 😂😂 love u james no hate ❤

  60. Brooklyn Jones

    Brooklyn Jones22 dias atrás

    I just realized James does his makeup with his left hand

  61. rimi rahman

    rimi rahman23 dias atrás

    Wait what about the contour??!!

  62. Olivia Tiller

    Olivia Tiller23 dias atrás

    ily your eyes their sooooo pretty sister

  63. Adilyn Robinson Baxter

    Adilyn Robinson Baxter23 dias atrás

    I hate when people complain about him talking to fast like just go to setting and decrease the speed

  64. y00zer

    y00zer23 dias atrás

    James' eyes can't be real. They look so beautiful, especially in this video like wth how. So sister stunning;

  65. Ragan Barrow

    Ragan Barrow23 dias atrás

  66. Akzel Joe Alcoba

    Akzel Joe Alcoba23 dias atrás

    hi guys whos watching this in 2018? 🖤

  67. OGMae Rich

    OGMae Rich23 dias atrás

    when u did ur lips u said one of the lipsticks smelled like paint but still u look good either way

  68. Stella Kanaras

    Stella Kanaras24 dias atrás

    James said ass a lot in this video

  69. Sarah Porter

    Sarah Porter24 dias atrás

    for the most time the real side looks best but i think the fakes side liquid lipstick would look better with the colour of the look. the real sides lip looks like he doesnt have one

  70. Niamh Simpson

    Niamh Simpson24 dias atrás

    The right brow was thicker than the left but he said that the left one was a box....

  71. ToniaPlaysRoblox

    ToniaPlaysRoblox24 dias atrás

    Wow 2018 vs 2017 ... 2018 He talks like a bullet train .... 2017 He talks like a turtle on land..😂

  72. LibbysSmallWorld

    LibbysSmallWorld25 dias atrás

    You should do a video where u wear kids products (makeup) xx lots of love Sister Libby cx

  73. The adventures of Ford Yow

    The adventures of Ford Yow25 dias atrás

    there is a knockoff fenti beauty foundation

  74. Woo17

    Woo1725 dias atrás

    I see how good beauty blenders are but 20 bucks is ridiculous for a glorified sponge...

  75. svetlana berkyova

    svetlana berkyova25 dias atrás

    is his naturaleyes blue ??? but i love it sister

  76. Sophia Starfire

    Sophia Starfire25 dias atrás

    I got a really good beauty blender knockoff for $4! I could have bought 5 of them with $20, that’s crazy!

  77. kitty kit kat

    kitty kit kat25 dias atrás

    Im confused why didnt he use a knockoff foundation

  78. Maxime Lampe

    Maxime Lampe26 dias atrás

    You should just save up your money + ask it for christmas and for your bday!! 💕😘 (THE REAL THINGS THO 😂❤️)

  79. Fay's World

    Fay's World26 dias atrás

    when you literally don't understand anything of make-up but you just watch because you want to see how beautiful james does make-upXD

  80. Kait Zenthofer

    Kait Zenthofer26 dias atrás

    You should do this again but with your palette 😊

  81. Leila's Life

    Leila's Life26 dias atrás

    You should do a full face using only kids makeup

  82. Chris B

    Chris B26 dias atrás

    lol my beauty blender was like 3 bucks from walmart.

  83. Kaavya GUPTA

    Kaavya GUPTA27 dias atrás

    james not doing a cut crease is giving me anxiety

  84. Isabella Hicks

    Isabella Hicks27 dias atrás

    James I love you like your my fav sister!!!! But this video is very cruel to people that can't afford the "real" makeup. Not all of us can afford to spend tons of money on makeup; I'd rather be able to eat then bake my face! I was really excited to watch this but now I feel very shut down and under appreciated! This is very cruel to us "lower class" people! So sister please try and find a better way to make videos like this! But again I love you, but sadly this video has changed my view on you :(

  85. rose rose gold gold

    rose rose gold gold27 dias atrás

    I love you james

  86. Jakey T

    Jakey T27 dias atrás

    Is it just me or do the brows look the same but kinda wonky

  87. Do Nut

    Do Nut27 dias atrás


  88. anjelie ali

    anjelie ali28 dias atrás

    Just saying you can find blenders like the beauty blender sometime better at the drug store

  89. Moaz M

    Moaz M28 dias atrás

    9:26, you could say that you spoke too soon. No hate or anything.

  90. Emma and Lilah Kaye

    Emma and Lilah Kaye28 dias atrás

    Umm.... contacts?

  91. Garazi Rodrigo

    Garazi RodrigoMês atrás

    The lips lol

  92. Grace Frances

    Grace FrancesMês atrás

    He can’t match his foundation for his life

  93. swageu boiii

    swageu boiiiMês atrás

    Lmao, I bought a beauty blender for £2 and it expanded in water, was the same colour and texture and blended so easy like the original "beauty blender"😂😂

  94. Sarah Lyons

    Sarah LyonsMês atrás

    What is the backgound music

  95. Juliana Ellsworth

    Juliana EllsworthMês atrás

    lowkey midkey highkey love sister james

  96. Kasey Roysdon

    Kasey RoysdonMês atrás

    I want to be just like you but I cant afford the makeup so I just dont wear makeup at all :(

  97. Oh Honey Let’s Get Sickening

    Oh Honey Let’s Get SickeningMês atrás

    You could say “Wanna-stasia Beverly Hills” Amirite? I’m sorry

  98. Lay-Lay A

    Lay-Lay AMês atrás


  99. Paxton Fairbairn

    Paxton FairbairnMês atrás

    James, I love you and I’m a true sister but please don’t complain about the cheaper products because sometimes that’s all people can afford.

  100. Lalalala lalalala

    Lalalala lalalalaMês atrás

    Omg sister I have the same red sweatshirt👌🏻

  101. The Pillow Faces

    The Pillow FacesMês atrás

    James do u ever bake on your face

  102. Katie Close

    Katie CloseMês atrás

    Foundation match! Finally

  103. Emma Britten

    Emma BrittenMês atrás

    To me the “knock off” eyebrow looks really nice