Thank you to the Original Brawlers!


  1. mr.somboti345 the robotic

    mr.somboti345 the roboticDia atrás

    Who that genius man 0.38 please added to brawl stars

  2. Anthony gamer H.M

    Anthony gamer H.M8 dias atrás

    0:38 que brawler es ese?! , parece un sientifico loco

  3. The master Of Games

    The master Of Games10 dias atrás

    About the android release part. Why is everything comes to android after the ios? Of course we have no patience.

  4. SuDz meteor

    SuDz meteor13 dias atrás

    0:39 who is that evil scientist


    #FNAFFORLIFE15 dias atrás

    I am happy because I am one of the OG's or OB's brawlers👍👍

  6. Shawn Cool

    Shawn Cool19 dias atrás

    I’m a original brawler and I deleted the game sadly and I didn’t have it were it would save your progress so I never redownloaded it was on Android so you had to download another app to save games progress I really miss the Shelly skin

  7. nrg

    nrg21 dia atrás

    i started playing two weeks after global release! like if you have the shelly skin

  8. Военком Захаров

    Военком Захаров23 dias atrás

    I am not crying, it is only water. P.S. I start playing braw stas July 2017

  9. Военком Захаров

    Военком Захаров23 dias atrás

    @GodTier Clan bro ;)

  10. GodTier Clan

    GodTier Clan23 dias atrás

    Your not the only one who's been playing since July of 2017

  11. Маратбек Мондошов

    Маратбек Мондошов24 dias atrás


  12. Carrizzy

    Carrizzy26 dias atrás

    Your welcome - from a person from second month release


    SUPER MARIO27 dias atrás

    Thank you so much brawl stars is the best game I love it

  14. Kleberson klebinho

    Kleberson klebinho28 dias atrás


  15. Veldin Rakovic

    Veldin Rakovic28 dias atrás

    Wait who is 38 sec guy behind darlly

  16. Ali Efe Irfanoglu

    Ali Efe Irfanoglu26 dias atrás

    why is this hard to say DARRYL instead DARLLY

  17. Gamer 4life

    Gamer 4life28 dias atrás

    I’m an OG

  18. Squish125

    Squish12528 dias atrás

    0:39 what brawler is that? Why did supercell remove it?

  19. Angelo Ferrara

    Angelo Ferrara27 dias atrás


  20. corrupted dude

    corrupted dude28 dias atrás

    thats spike dumbass

  21. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter29 dias atrás

    Return the old brawl stars!!!!!

  22. Davima 04

    Davima 0429 dias atrás

    A map without bushes would be good.

  23. Blaineez Perez

    Blaineez Perez29 dias atrás

    Hol up who os this brawler???? 0:38 the one that looks like a mad wizard

  24. Moshi E

    Moshi E29 dias atrás

    And now its dying....

  25. Jerry and the bois

    Jerry and the bois29 dias atrás

    I love brawl stars

  26. LosteOff YT

    LosteOff YT29 dias atrás




    Никто и не думал что эта топ игра, станет говном......

  28. KJI 109

    KJI 109Mês atrás


  29. jojo989[GD]

    jojo989[GD]Mês atrás

    Clash royale: SHIT CLASH of clane :Mega shit Brawl Stars: Perfections

  30. RLLҰ BR十

    RLLҰ BR十Mês atrás

    I would be original brawler too but im not canadian im romanian so yeah i played in the first night when it launched at 00:00 now im at 6k trophy playing it everyday i love this game the first year of global is coming guys i have star shelly UWU HAVE FUN TO THE NEW BRAWLERS(PLAYERS) With sincerity _SladY_ aka matei2017 from clash royale i still play that game since i will get 3 years badge soon Edit:LOVE YOU SUPPERCEL FRANK RYAN AND ALL OTHERS+i have star shelly on accounts and i have the secondary account since february 2019 lol...

  31. El Primo

    El PrimoMês atrás

    Describe this video:WOW.......

  32. GamingwithOof

    GamingwithOofMês atrás

    America: It’s free real estate Austria(aka my country):it’s free re- Brawl stars: America FIRST

  33. gabe's brother

    gabe's brotherMês atrás

    im an og!

  34. Mityz Brossard

    Mityz BrossardMês atrás

    Brazil was the one waiting more ;w;

  35. vasilis avgerinos

    vasilis avgerinosMês atrás

    No, thx YOU supercell for making brawl stars for as! # EVERYONELOVESBS

  36. Neo Zhu

    Neo ZhuMês atrás

    Remember when there was a period of time where 90% of the comments would be “ANDROID ANDROID” “WHERE’S ANDROID?”

  37. Alvin Wu

    Alvin WuMês atrás

    Sorry, I started playing ever since Leon was released...

  38. Ilhan Bjelic

    Ilhan BjelicMês atrás

    I love brawl stars

  39. ?????

    ?????Mês atrás

    I could have played in beta if i was on ios and changed location

  40. juraj martincak

    juraj martincakMês atrás

    Please give mé a new brawler

  41. Manolo Moore

    Manolo MooreMês atrás

    I started when clash royale was very very og

  42. Verce Jovcevska DA PLEYERS

    Verce Jovcevska DA PLEYERSMês atrás

    Can u show all tha voice actores

  43. SilverReaper55

    SilverReaper55Mês atrás

    I was playing this game after week from it's beta lunch

  44. Cucumber

    CucumberMês atrás

    0:38 what character is this old guy on the right side ??????

  45. Fungi Man

    Fungi ManMês atrás

    I think that is a old private server with that character

  46. 〳Bi〵

    〳Bi〵Mês atrás


  47. Olivier Muszyński

    Olivier MuszyńskiMês atrás

    I got Leon and another brawlers i love this game

  48. Olivier Muszyński

    Olivier MuszyńskiMês atrás

    Brawl stars its the best game

  49. Meme Dog

    Meme DogMês atrás

    Sad that it technically isn’t global anymore since Vietnam can’t play :P

  50. edgier 91

    edgier 91Mês atrás

    Do 2018 count?

  51. Adam Gillespie

    Adam GillespieMês atrás

    You guys have been great. No thanks is needed

  52. IEatBacon

    IEatBaconMês atrás

    This was posted 6 months ago

  53. Cylex

    CylexMês atrás

    Best. Supercell. Game. Ever.

  54. JoniPLAYZ 123

    JoniPLAYZ 123Mês atrás

    Man i downloaded this game 3 days late

  55. jonesy

    jonesyMês atrás

    if you can’t get star shelly \/ \/ \/

  56. jonesy

    jonesyMês atrás

    @CyboDemon OG :d i started bs in 20 january

  57. CyboDemon OG

    CyboDemon OGMês atrás

    I have 2 accounts on 1 I have and on one I haven’t

  58. jonesy

    jonesyMês atrás

    @Pimpin :d

  59. Pimpin

    PimpinMês atrás

    I have lol

  60. Atif Chowdhury

    Atif ChowdhuryMês atrás

    All Ob’s have Star Shelly

  61. Bera

    BeraMês atrás

    I have not played on the first release but i wanna thank you with all my love and support for making this happen Brawl on!

  62. Matt Gaming

    Matt GamingMês atrás


  63. ZimmB22

    ZimmB22Mês atrás

    I remember when Pam came to the game Simpler times...

  64. Alexander ThePerson

    Alexander ThePersonMês atrás

    Ur welcum

  65. Pro Skillz Dàvid

    Pro Skillz DàvidMês atrás

    No. *we* thank to you guys. For any little and huge feelings you guys gave to us. The moments. The feelings. It cannot be forgoten. We cant tell it enough how thankfull we are for you guys work. Thank you.

  66. mysteriousmemes GT

    mysteriousmemes GTMês atrás

    I disliked your comment

  67. junior gonzalez

    junior gonzalezMês atrás

    i’ve been playing since 1979

  68. Soul Reaper

    Soul ReaperMês atrás

    OBs ity

  69. ッWaxlit

    ッWaxlitMês atrás

    Og turned into ob

  70. Ashley in den Bosch

    Ashley in den BoschMês atrás

    I started playing Brawl stars on the same day Gene was releasd

  71. Darkz ツ

    Darkz ツMês atrás

    I started playing when it was available for Android. Lmao.

  72. Qwantym

    QwantymMês atrás

    You have a terrible camera there at the start.

  73. Arda Sancak

    Arda SancakMês atrás

    You launched Brawl Stars in Turkey 2019 so

  74. FlyingLine - DL

    FlyingLine - DL3 dias atrás

    No, it was launched back in December 2018 (I'm also Turkish)

  75. Felishia Burchard

    Felishia BurchardMês atrás

    The game rocks its a big awesome hit!

  76. no name

    no nameMês atrás

    It feels good bding an OG and the Star shelly we have is pretty lit, I wear that skin almost all the time.

  77. Dalil

    DalilMês atrás


  78. Mortis Da Zoeira

    Mortis Da ZoeiraMês atrás

    Im a OB ^_^^_^

  79. Nina Todorovic

    Nina TodorovicMês atrás

    I am original brawler I got 5196 for 3 months, boom 😂

  80. Megachipchip •

    Megachipchip •Mês atrás

    Nina Todorovic I’m sorry but that’s not something to brag about 🤣

  81. Harvin Chaggar

    Harvin ChaggarMês atrás

    Imma an ob

  82. GetRekt Scrub

    GetRekt ScrubMês atrás

    I would've gotten it from the beginning but I have an Android so it came 2018 and I got it as soon as it came out on Android

  83. 100Cake

    100CakeMês atrás

    Oh yeah! Lets promote spike XDDD ( im still waiting for this skin... *breaths heavily with knife* )

  84. Malina Power

    Malina PowerMês atrás



    MEME MASTERMês atrás

    NERF SHELLY'S super.

  86. LOLboy Fk

    LOLboy FkMês atrás

    When Ryan says GLOBAAAAAAAAAALLL I fell down the chair

  87. EwZ DarK3nLory

    EwZ DarK3nLoryMês atrás

    1:09 Francy Artist fans: 😲

  88. Benjamin Skudal Kaland

    Benjamin Skudal KalandMês atrás

    0:39 poco is super rare and Pls say who that is

  89. Alperen Sarıoğlu

    Alperen SarıoğluMês atrás

    0:38 what this epic brawler name?

  90. ŤhəWøömý łøřđ

    ŤhəWøömý łøřđMês atrás

    Holding back tears for some reason

  91. Youtube Trift

    Youtube TriftMês atrás

    Thanks everybody thats had been with the brawl stars community!

  92. pinkkirby

    pinkkirbyMês atrás

    We should have got something og

  93. Liammoz

    LiammozMês atrás

    I love brawl stars

  94. Cakey ZR

    Cakey ZRMês atrás

    Bro old dynamike looking like dr. Doofenshmirtz (idk how to spell it right)

  95. TheEliteOnyxGuard

    TheEliteOnyxGuardMês atrás

    What makes an original brawler..... I mean I’ve been playing since global lunch.... I guess I’m not or I am?

  96. L3XUZ

    L3XUZ26 dias atrás

    Your not