Thanksgiving | Fall 2015 Makeup Tutorial


  1. Savanna Seidensticker

    Savanna Seidensticker3 meses atrás

    I'm gonna try to do this with my limited collection of mostly shitty eyeshadows wish me luck lmao

  2. Emilia Jones

    Emilia Jones4 meses atrás

    Live for these makeup looks

  3. Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Claudia Okyere-Fosu5 meses atrás


  4. Bunny Chipmunk

    Bunny Chipmunk5 meses atrás

    Dark green is super beautiful love It it it it love it it it it it it it it

  5. Courtney Gulley

    Courtney Gulley5 meses atrás

    This is still my favorite video! Please do more tutorials with single eyeshadows!

  6. Dyamond Brown

    Dyamond Brown5 meses atrás

    Girl if you could give us an updated olive Smokey she for the 2018 holiday season that would be amazing!

  7. Joanna

    Joanna6 meses atrás

    Soo beautiful 😘😘

  8. odiepriscy81

    odiepriscy816 meses atrás

    Watching in Oct 2018 and the bloopers at the end omg I’m dying!!! You never stop impressing me!

  9. Betty Napoli

    Betty Napoli6 meses atrás

    Want can I say except for FREAKIN FABULOUS 💋💋❤️

  10. Sofivich

    Sofivich7 meses atrás


  11. Zoe Walton

    Zoe Walton8 meses atrás

    Would love to see a new green eye look with your vault palette 😍

  12. Tatiana Donovan

    Tatiana Donovan8 meses atrás

    GORGEOUS LOOK!!! 😫💚 does anyone know a dupe for enchanted forest from makeup geek??? They don’t sell it anymore 😭😭😭

  13. Natasha Juelch

    Natasha Juelch8 meses atrás

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. maria jibran

    maria jibran10 meses atrás

    was looking for something for eid look. n this one is perfect, u r amazing

  15. raeann Howard

    raeann Howard10 meses atrás

    I don't know how i haven't seen this video till now , how i let my self bye pass this till now ...

  16. K Peffercorn

    K Peffercorn11 meses atrás

    Her wedding ring went from like just a ring to like an ice cube. This is the first video she wore the new one in. It’s so pretty

  17. Vero Evelyss

    Vero EvelyssAnos atrás

    You are absolutely beautiful. The fact that you got lip injections for bigger lips, I wish you hadn’t. But that’s just if I were you. I understand everyone wants to tweak here and there because of some insecurity they had for so long, believe me I know, just sometimes you need look passed the minor imperfections because those imperfections are what makes you perfect just way you are.

  18. Hina Suleman

    Hina SulemanAnos atrás

    pre Morphy days

  19. Isabella Reece

    Isabella ReeceAnos atrás

    you should do some more talk through videos!

  20. NiikiDM

    NiikiDMAnos atrás

    Watching this again in 2018 🔥

  21. Diana de Strahm

    Diana de StrahmAnos atrás

    I miss you... please come back with more tutorials 😘

  22. Evelyn Mendoza

    Evelyn MendozaAnos atrás

    I just purchased your palette. And i wanted to ask i am going to wear a olive green long sleeve dress for a wedding. Would it look better to do a neutral eyeshadow or olive green shadow look?

  23. L.A Makeup

    L.A MakeupAnos atrás

    Did any body notice that she looks like gretchen weeners from mean girls

  24. Tiyasha Mitra

    Tiyasha MitraAnos atrás

    I would like to see a parrot green matte smokey eye

  25. My Nguyen

    My NguyenAnos atrás

    Heyyy guys! I just posted a softer green eye makeup look! Pls check it out! I would highly appreciate it !!

  26. Christine Orrick

    Christine OrrickAnos atrás

    Would LOVE to an update to this look with the greens in your new palette!

  27. Crystal Glover

    Crystal GloverAnos atrás

    This is sooo pretty!!

  28. Candace M

    Candace MAnos atrás

    😂 gawd I love you, so much fun and beautiful as always love this look ❤️

  29. Elizabeth Gregory

    Elizabeth GregoryAnos atrás

    CMON JACLYN WHERE ARE THE HOLIDAY LOOKS FOR 2017??? We need you!!! Who agrees?

  30. Ariel Fairman

    Ariel FairmanAnos atrás

    Omg I love you. I know we would be best friends lol. So I wanted to actually see if you would be interested in doing a video of demonstrating how all the professional makeup brushes work and how they should be used? I only ask cause you are amazing with your makeup, I freakin love what you do with your face! So I have all my professional brushes but I'm not very well knowledged on how to exactly use them and what brushes are for what so I was wondering if you'd be interested in demonstrating the brushes, how they work and blend and which brushes are best for what.. I need your makeup expertise and knowledge.... Please think about it! Either way I have subscribed to your channel cause I love your makeup lol.

  31. Adri Naranjo

    Adri NaranjoAnos atrás

    What lighting did you use?

  32. Tyra Elizabeth

    Tyra ElizabethAnos atrás

    Still my all time favourite tutorial love it so much 😭❤️

  33. Betty Napoli

    Betty NapoliAnos atrás

    Love the look it freakin awesome 💋

  34. ineabelle_ mua

    ineabelle_ muaAnos atrás

    I love this look!!!! Can't wait to recreate it with the Jaclyn Hill + Morphe palette😍😍😍

  35. kim samaniego

    kim samaniegoAnos atrás

    Omg honestly now to then her lips make so much of a difference I like her now with her fillers all over her face ...

  36. Micheal plays

    Micheal playsAnos atrás

    not trying to be mean but you talk too much before you actually start doing your makeup

  37. Love Child

    Love ChildAnos atrás

    Jacklyn DO U EVER USE DRUGSTORE MAKEUP ANYMORE?! ARE U THINKING THAT U NEED TO USE THE BEST PRODUCTS ALWAYS....AND NOT HAVE TO MAKE A VIDEO CALLED A -LOOK USING all drugstore makeup- and instead just incorporate it into your looks maybe use at least half n half. Just my opinion for those who cannot afford the higher end make up. I love all the high end make up and all about it and I will buy it cause it has better quality and better for my collection etc. but that is me and u have a channel Etc

  38. Billy Gunn

    Billy GunnAnos atrás

    Do a one and only makeup set challenge where u pick your favorite one foundation like ok for foundation a matte full cov. and fav. dewy foundation n cover. and concealor like pot and wand and lose powder and pressed and matte bronzer and shimmer or sheer bronzer cream bronzer and cream blush and pressed. like maybe the fav. 2 of everything if ur in summer and winter your favorite to use during wheather changes and stuff of our skin

  39. Jennifer Jackson

    Jennifer Jackson2 anos atrás

    can you do a video for beginners

  40. Arnavi Sutaria

    Arnavi Sutaria2 anos atrás

    Where's her top from?

  41. Jessica Copeland

    Jessica Copeland2 anos atrás

    You should totally do another olive eye look soon!!! Still living over this look!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Jessica Draper

    Jessica Draper2 anos atrás

    Becoming obsessed with ur channel!!! Love it personality and u have seriously taught me so many makeup tips and tricks in the last week of me being a subscriber! 💕💕

  43. MiaRose

    MiaRose2 anos atrás

    I want to see a video of blush Contour baking and highlighting, please!! lol 😘

  44. saba shahid

    saba shahid2 anos atrás

    U r ridiculously cute and funny, love u, love u, love u, I always feel happy to after seeing your videos, thanks for being who u r and stay like this always, I am your fan forever 👍❤️✨🌹

  45. MichyMakesUp

    MichyMakesUp2 anos atrás

    Sometimes I get deprived from watching all your videos that I will rewatch your old videos over and over again

  46. Weena May

    Weena May2 anos atrás

    No need for the pre and post pies ridiculous carry on, omg. Why do it? Be normal, geese!

  47. Irish Eyes

    Irish Eyes2 anos atrás

    St pattys!!! 🍀💄

  48. Yashika Atkinson

    Yashika Atkinson2 anos atrás

    i would love to see her put makeup on someone with hooded eyes

  49. Edith Scott

    Edith Scott2 anos atrás

    i didnt know that you are from chi town. im actually from the Chicago land area. i knew there was a reason i fell in love so quickly with you.

  50. Tynesha Davis

    Tynesha Davis2 anos atrás

    I still come back to this video because I LOVEEEE THE BLOOPERS LOL they crack me up!

  51. Anonymous 145

    Anonymous 1452 anos atrás

    Ur beautiful without makeup

  52. Mariah Padilla

    Mariah Padilla2 anos atrás

    this is a pretty look love it 😍

  53. Sumbla Dar

    Sumbla Dar2 anos atrás

    ur videio is very nice which spray u used at the end on ur face plz tell me in datail

  54. lupe valencia

    lupe valencia2 anos atrás

    Her new ring is to die for !

  55. Kayla Peterson

    Kayla Peterson2 anos atrás

    where did you get your necklace???? I'm dying for itttt

  56. julissa Martinez

    julissa Martinez2 anos atrás

    If i don't have that eye shadow with gold can I use a green eye shadow and add glitter gold eye liner !?😩😩

  57. Jamison Knox

    Jamison Knox2 anos atrás

    Hey Jaclyn! 😊 How You Doing? Lol I Had A Question About This Look, I LOVE this look(or anything with greens I just love) and I Really Wanna Try It For Xmas This Year...Gotta Match The Tree lol ANYWAYS I have hooded eyes That I don't really have a crease and on the down low I am not the best with creating my own and I tend to go up on my eye higher then I feel I should close to my eyebrows...Do You have any suggestions how to get this look for hooded eyes?? or tip I guess... Please Help lol Love You Girl.!!

  58. Rachael Cavanagh

    Rachael Cavanagh2 anos atrás

    Have you tried getting a thin tape and lining that up with the height you want your crease to go? You could do the look and then take the tape off and blend it all out? Sorry if that is silly was just thinking of the eyeliner trick

  59. Jessica Correll

    Jessica Correll2 anos atrás

    You look like Lacey Chabert here. So pretty!

  60. Jessica Correll

    Jessica Correll2 anos atrás

    I love the green color on you

  61. Michelle

    Michelle2 anos atrás

    God, this is just gorgeous. I want to do this look so bad!!

  62. Brttney Worst

    Brttney Worst2 anos atrás

    this would be so pretty with a shiny blue eyeliner under the eye. 😍😍😍😍

  63. Katie Rogers

    Katie Rogers2 anos atrás

    Obsessed with the olive eyes 😍 love the tip for blue green eyes btw 👍🏼

  64. jody araque

    jody araque2 anos atrás

    watching some of your older videos! Your still the boss! I am originally from Chicago and now live in fort Myers, FL! Hope to meet you some day. JoJo

  65. Ilse Martinez

    Ilse Martinez2 anos atrás

    will def use this look this coming party season!

  66. Katie Hartley

    Katie Hartley2 anos atrás

    What is a good dupe for Mac uninterrupted? I can't find it online and I don't have a store near me. Is there one by Makeup Geek, Morphe, or another Mac shade altogether? Thank you!

  67. Merete's howls

    Merete's howls2 anos atrás

    Katie Hartley I've never seen uninterrupted swatched, but it seems extremely similar to MAC Saddle, which is one of MAC's regular eyeshadows. I hope that helps you :)

  68. L Bo

    L Bo2 anos atrás

    This is tot giving me the brown haired girl from mean girls (forgot her name lol the fetch girl!)

  69. harriet pollard

    harriet pollard2 anos atrás

    Lisa Boliaris gretchan

  70. Nayy Marie

    Nayy Marie2 anos atrás

    always so beautiful no matter what... ;)

  71. Haley Rudnicki

    Haley Rudnicki2 anos atrás

    Jaclyn that necklace!!!! 😍 where's it from?! I saw it in your snap story today as well. #snapchatfam You're such an inspiration, currently binge watching all your videos❤️❤️👻

  72. Kay Cooper

    Kay Cooper2 anos atrás

    Your out takes are HILARIOUS!!!!

  73. Angel Woods

    Angel Woods2 anos atrás

    Wish I had the money to try that primer and foundation :/ anys dupes Jaclyn?

  74. GlamrGirl98

    GlamrGirl982 anos atrás

    LOVE this look. Will it be ok for hazel eyes w/brown???

  75. GlamrGirl98

    GlamrGirl982 anos atrás

    Uninterrupted is on Ebay and going for about $70. Crazy!

  76. So Go

    So Go2 anos atrás

    you're hilarious! love love love ya'

  77. Victoria Williams

    Victoria Williams2 anos atrás

    I absolutely love this look

  78. Jasmine C.S

    Jasmine C.S2 anos atrás

    Jaclyn I'm sure you are already planning more holiday looks this year. I love this one so much if you feel like playing with more green tones. I just bought a couple greens shades specifically for Christmas. I also bought glass slipper from nyx and I don't know what look to do! Please help!

  79. kilyssah

    kilyssah2 anos atrás

    Maybe it's my hooded eyes, but I cannot wear this look without looking like I have a black idea. You, on the other hand, rock it!!!

  80. Elizabeth Glenn

    Elizabeth Glenn2 anos atrás

    yes I want to see the blush contour highlight bronze video please!!! btw you gave the best advice about blending your concealer inward to avoid creasing OMG life changing! thank u!

  81. ioioioio

    ioioioio2 anos atrás

    one of my faves

  82. Allison O'Brien

    Allison O'Brien2 anos atrás

    what is the name of the brush you used to set your under eyes with banana powder?!?

  83. joe vleck

    joe vleck2 anos atrás

    Allison O'Brien it's a sigma highlighter brush.....check their website, you'll see it

  84. Elena Fernimos

    Elena Fernimos2 anos atrás

    Am I the only one that bought all of the eyeshadows just to do this look😂

  85. beccawecca916

    beccawecca9162 anos atrás

    Elena Fernimos omg I TOTALLY did lol 😂I don't know why but Jaclyn's tutorials are the only ones that I want SO bad to have all the exact same colors! I'm looking at my brand new shadows right now actually, about to recreate this look 😍😍😍

  86. Taylor Kotula

    Taylor Kotula2 anos atrás

    this look makes your eyes look so beautiful

  87. Lexie Dunn

    Lexie Dunn2 anos atrás


  88. Vee Hryn

    Vee Hryn2 anos atrás

    This is by far my fav makeup look ! 😍😍

  89. Sol Emunah Richter

    Sol Emunah Richter2 anos atrás

    I love thiss

  90. Tammie Unpingco

    Tammie Unpingco2 anos atrás

    omg ur ring!!! love it!! let us seeee!!!!

  91. Jen Forrest

    Jen Forrest2 anos atrás

    Jaclyn! I love that you do your bloopers at the end of your videos I think they're so funny and we really just get to feel like we're having a little party with you after your videos and I just wanted to say thank you for those love you

  92. Niquole Martzall

    Niquole Martzall2 anos atrás

    w j*jko

  93. Niquole Martzall

    Niquole Martzall2 anos atrás

    on ukkpl888>iwiei8e8jJjkekwjjasjjsjsjfjjejjsjejsjjejji okku tusg it it 7 u I 87 u u I 81ioooie8

  94. Sherilynn Macale

    Sherilynn Macale2 anos atrás

    I'm so glad I have a huge haul of Makeup Geek eyeshadows and blushes coming soon! Ahhh!

  95. Eternally Koria

    Eternally Koria2 anos atrás

    I finally see what I'm doing wrong! Jaclyn is a makeup beast!!!

  96. Dqueen _

    Dqueen _2 anos atrás

    Omg that eyeshadow against the gold background is 😍🔥

  97. ClaireShiner

    ClaireShiner2 anos atrás

    This is so pretty

  98. Evangelia Kaev

    Evangelia Kaev2 anos atrás

    Does anyone know where she got this necklace from?!

  99. Mary Thompson

    Mary Thompson2 anos atrás

    I absolutely love the colors in this eye

  100. sana

    sana2 anos atrás

    I am really happy that I can watch your videos at the end of a stressful day and just increase my experience on makeup "education" , ( you can say ) to reach my goals in the future!

  101. Amal Shady

    Amal Shady2 anos atrás

    plz make a video for small eyes tips thanks alot

  102. Kellie p-b_FAM

    Kellie p-b_FAM2 anos atrás

    omgosh girlfriend that's my favorite color and I love the look, olive greens are my favorite of all! my favorite BRreporter video to date! ♡♡♡♡♡♡ thanks from Kellie

  103. Katie Bortner

    Katie Bortner2 anos atrás

    as soon as I seen this pic for this video I was like yessss she used makeupgeek foiled in jester. and when you said it I was like 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  104. Zahrah Aliyah

    Zahrah Aliyah2 anos atrás


  105. Sherine30

    Sherine302 anos atrás


  106. Abi Huff

    Abi Huff2 anos atrás

    I've had a stressful day and I love going back and watching old videos to make me laugh.

  107. ivanastfu

    ivanastfu3 anos atrás

    You need to contour your nose, lowkey its a bit crooked u should focus on that more kinda throws the makeup off

  108. ivanastfu

    ivanastfu2 anos atrás

    +Alexandria damn that sucks thanks for letting me kno

  109. Alexandria

    Alexandria2 anos atrás

    It's crooked because it got broken and it never healed right. So she says she just doesn't like to do anything to her nose