That's My Sister! | Anwar Jibawi & King Bach


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    Anwar Jibawi انا بحبك كتير يت انور و انا تربيٌ مثلك و اسمي حمزة you inspired me to not be afraid of being an arabic اللّٰه يعطيك العافية arabian and proud

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    +Onas Loni mcal s

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    Anwar is to small for baskball

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    Not that funny ps not a hater just sharing my opinion

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    Lmfao this got emotional as fuck lmfao

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    Lol I love anwars part they like oh that’s sad.

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    Russel: MY NAME IS RUSSEL Crew: *YEAH* Russel: I AM A TWISTER- Crew: *YEAH* Anwar: *WAIT IM NOT FINISHED* Crew: *YEAH* Anwar: *He smashed my sister...*

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    ماكو عرب وينهم المواهب

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    Chundunky chun chun Chundunky roll call. My name is pancho...NO!!!!!😂😂😂😁

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    Who else is sad for pancho at the end😁

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    Bro in the song at the beginning it is a remix of roll call of my bad bitch Issa twaimzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    it is one of the stupid videoes I've ever seem.

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    It was sad that i cride

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    “Wait I’m not finished (YEA) (👉🏾) he smashed my sister” 🤣🤣

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    my names anisa *YEAH* my dad's an addict *...yeah* he raped my sister *....yeah* I'm his next victim *YEAH*

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