That's My Sister! | Anwar Jibawi & King Bach


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    Can u speak Arabic

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    Hi Anwar ...I know that ur millionaire..and funny I'm a huge fan of yource..,...that a gift from God.....but still ur so ground to earth....and I know about charatty,.. . helping others know or unknowingly ., reserved and helpfulother......amen love from India

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    I love this video

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    Hi anwar

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    Chudunky chu chu chudunky roll call My name is Oof Yeah Ace smashed my sister Yeah But I forgot Yeah Cuz she’s a mister ROLL CALL (Ace’s jaw drops to the floor as everybody stares at him)

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    My brother said this and he thought I said I like dogshit but i said i like dogs and that's it


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    Nice merch dawg

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    Girls : eww mike if you keep watching us i’ll ell the principal Boys :

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    He said in the Barbados but Barbados is one island I think he means in the Bahamas

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    This is sad and the are happy and the End that i like that

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    I watch this more than once and I still love it.

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    My name is pancho😂😂


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    خرب يومك هههههه

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    My name is pancho nooooo

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    My name is Anwar yeaaa I am an orphan 😯

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    Chaz has beautiful hair

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    Girls locker room: Uhhh PE Boys locker room:cHucK cHucK cHucK dOnKeY rOlL cAlL

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    I was laughing forever at the videos

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    He is funny

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    My name is Caleb Yeah And I'm a smasher Yeah If she ain't curvy Yeah Then i gon PASS her Yeah

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    My name is marco Yeah! Im here for vines Yeah! But i see this Yeah I change mah mind

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    Jamesrudic Santos roll call

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    Who are you pancho go way!

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    this is my fav vid

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    My name's Faiq Everyone: Yeah Had a brother Everyone: Yeah Cuz he has no mother Roll on!!😄😄

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    i love this humor

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    This got dark reaaal quiick

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    My Name is Chaz. And he ain't lying. I saw you do it. I was fapping to it. And no denying. Chundunky chun chun chundunky roll call.

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    I want a part 2 of this

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    When your teacher is calling out names and you sit in anticipation of saying "present"😂😂😂

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    Amazing i love it 👏👏

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    Bach made that letter so that Anwar feel bad for their parents instead of Bach smashing his sister 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    My name is ace I smashed your sister Wait I ain't finished I did your mother

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    Plot twist that was a fake letter

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    New ending my name is Pancho I am your dad

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    Actually that is so funny🤣

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    My name is Sophie’ Yeah’ And I broke out of jail’ yeah’ To see my friends 👬 rolecall

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    Dude it's not even rhyme

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    Damn it! Pancho You steal the spotlight lol

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    My name is Dong I wear slick thongs They cost a dime That dime I found it Along the sidewalks I picked them up They were real smelly Went back to my house Beside the dumps Where I ate Expired biscuits Chu Chutucky Chu Chutucky role call

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    HE TOOK THAT FROM TWAIMZ!! 😤😤 Still love you tho! Sha Bo Ya Sha Sha Shabooyah Role-call Sha Bo Ya Sha Sha Shabooyah I forgot the rest lol but it’s called the roll call song

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    My name is Anwar, I am an orphan, Grew up real poor, had to sell my organs. Da best ;D

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