The 2020 BMW 750i Is BMW's New Flagship Luxury Sedan


  1. UKkn0wn

    UKkn0wn3 horas atrás

    Good year for the hackers.

  2. Tungaa Bayarmaa

    Tungaa Bayarmaa4 horas atrás

    Please do a video about the Alpina B7

  3. Christian Ellis

    Christian Ellis6 horas atrás

    5'9" without the heels.

  4. BA NI

    BA NI11 horas atrás

    Can u film the front when u drive not yourself

  5. Mario S.

    Mario S.16 horas atrás

    The 2020 BMW 750i grill is so big and ugly that it makes me gag and puke. I was at the BMW dealership and saw that big ugly grill in person.

  6. T B

    T B18 horas atrás

    Credit car key?? Someone car getting took smh they know ppl can pickpocket good nowadays?

  7. Mikhail Newman

    Mikhail NewmanDia atrás

    Fart on 3:07)))

  8. toology55

    toology55Dia atrás

    looks like an SUV

  9. Alex Sias

    Alex Sias2 dias atrás

    I'm literally foaming at the mouth...

  10. Robert G

    Robert G2 dias atrás

    What is the color of the car?

  11. 1050 r

    1050 r2 dias atrás

    When it comes to innovation, BMW is always the best, even with their motorcycles. Mercedes is the worst.

  12. Sam Ovic

    Sam Ovic2 dias atrás

    My Dream Car ! I wish that i have a job to afford it

  13. jj sc

    jj sc3 dias atrás

    Only the huge kidney grills bother me, the resale value is bad, have to skip this to 8.

  14. Ted Flores

    Ted Flores4 dias atrás

    So glad I got rid of my BMW. They're too much of a hassle to own. I'll take my '16 Ford Fusion any day - it's got heated seats, steering wheel, and other tech for a fraction of the price.

  15. Brian Sørensen

    Brian Sørensen5 dias atrás

    Of all places to review a BMW...did you not notice the Audi building and logo in the background?

  16. Micke och Molle

    Micke och Molle5 dias atrás

    To repair that car you need to be computer specialist...

  17. André Gillesen

    André Gillesen5 dias atrás

    The 750i IS NOT BMW's FLAGSHIP MODEL. I like your videos, but your facts are annoyingly often wrong. The V12 powered BMW M760Li is BMW flagship model until the X7 gets kitted with a V12 engine

  18. Dharma Rotary

    Dharma Rotary5 dias atrás

    Manele Power !

  19. Abbas Ghulam

    Abbas Ghulam5 dias atrás

    Old style steering wheel. Old style dashboard..old style centre console. Old style seats. Everything is old style

  20. Abbas Ghulam

    Abbas Ghulam5 dias atrás

    Another German ugly shit . Old shell. Old technology.. shit quality... the list is endless. When are they going to build good looking cars ???. They are simply years behind japanese 😁

  21. x gamer

    x gamer6 dias atrás

    Nothing beats s class!

  22. Connor Bell

    Connor Bell6 dias atrás

    Just think one day this car is gonna be a vintage

  23. carlos campos

    carlos campos8 dias atrás

    Why do I find the Genesis G90 more sexy than this

  24. Stanluca Liu

    Stanluca Liu8 dias atrás

    I love how you are talking about the backup camera swiveling like it’s the greatest invention. It’s 2019. Tesla’s . Made in USA, has been parking itself for years. And this is the flagship of one of the greatest nameplates in luxury German has to offer. Advantage America.

  25. Bob Steve

    Bob Steve9 dias atrás

    If I were wealthy and wanted a new car I would LEASE this right away. I think they actually already do this, these cars are the worst thing for the environment when they get scrapped in 8 years lol

  26. Schitt T Puns

    Schitt T Puns9 dias atrás

    Doug you should review a Jaguar SVR.

  27. G 3

    G 39 dias atrás

    WOW! WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. lyricist/destroyer queensboro

    lyricist/destroyer queensboro9 dias atrás

    I love credit card keys.. I been using them since the 70s

  29. Chin O

    Chin O10 dias atrás

    Love your videos but comparing your 750 score to the 760i score doesn’t make sense. (Practical, comfort & features)

  30. Aayush Sanghvi

    Aayush Sanghvi10 dias atrás

    760 li is the most luxurious bmw

  31. pararop

    pararop10 dias atrás

    his nostrils looks ugly!!!!

  32. Αγγελος 7

    Αγγελος 711 dias atrás

    6:22 Mercedes has that in c class since 2016 and every other model

  33. Ismail Kabakus

    Ismail Kabakus11 dias atrás

    Another comment on dashboard, please embed the multimedia screen into the dash.

  34. Ismail Kabakus

    Ismail Kabakus11 dias atrás

    Ugly looking giant grills is not the best they can do. Everybody criticizes that.

  35. Alexander Federer

    Alexander Federer11 dias atrás

    When Denzel said he needed big grills, this isn't what he meant.

  36. MrWufpack

    MrWufpack12 dias atrás

    BMWs newest flagship and they're copying the Tesla Model 3 with the key cards.

  37. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez13 dias atrás

    BMW runs nice, but the materials inside are fragile. Too much money. Better Mercrdes

  38. Pranjul Gupta

    Pranjul Gupta13 dias atrás

    What the fu*k is a credit card key.... Doug.... it's just a card key...😁

  39. Akram Ghaleb

    Akram Ghaleb13 dias atrás

    It looks like a cheap remake of a BMW. The exterior design is strikingly incoherent with several cheap looking accents that fluctuate between unnecessary excess, odd shapes, unnecessary bumps and lines, lights that have BMW logo and laser inscriptions and window blinds instead of a front grille. Can't believe this is actually a BMW.

  40. Maruti Granite Khammam

    Maruti Granite Khammam13 dias atrás

    This is definitely the fastest way to depreciate your money.

  41. Ricky Anthony

    Ricky Anthony13 dias atrás

    Wow..proportions are everything man. I hate that grille.

  42. superman superman

    superman superman13 dias atrás

    Trash car haha

  43. SoldierMike6ft2

    SoldierMike6ft214 dias atrás

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Doug. We know. You're going to test drive it and then give it a "Doug Score." Get on with it! Lol

  44. Big B

    Big B14 dias atrás

    Don't like the cluster

  45. Yanina

    Yanina14 dias atrás

    I love 💕BMW

  46. Average Joe

    Average Joe15 dias atrás

    Lexus: We're going to make the ugliest grille in the car industry BMW: Hold my beer...

  47. TheArcaneTemplar Channel

    TheArcaneTemplar Channel16 dias atrás

    T H I C C G R I L L

  48. Peter Booth

    Peter Booth16 dias atrás

    Doug sounds like he is doing an impression of Doug DeMuro

  49. Punk Philosopher

    Punk Philosopher16 dias atrás

    Lol Doug’s luxurious voice

  50. MacNifty

    MacNifty16 dias atrás

    One thing you don't know about this vehicle is the MobilEye system inside the dash by Magna. Amazing compression technology. 1 mile of driving full 1080p 20 sensors, lidar and radar all compresses to 10k. Beat that amazing feat. We all could go back to 56k dial up modems if that tech of compression was available as a free open source tech for all to take advantage of. Talk about saving the world.

  51. Zachary Dalton

    Zachary Dalton17 dias atrás

    doug the type or person to put on a third shirt when he sharts in the lexus

  52. seven seems

    seven seems18 dias atrás


  53. Neo

    Neo18 dias atrás

    This is so stupid. Not you, but the amount of stupid things this car has.

  54. splewy

    splewy19 dias atrás

    4:08 - To answer that question: it’s about $2500 per headlight.

  55. Bluebrain

    Bluebrain20 dias atrás

    Must have been funny down in history, when most of a car presentation was about the engine, steering, breakes and driving. :)

  56. mickaeld1981

    mickaeld198120 dias atrás

    I got camera like that in 2 yo E class convertible don’t think is so unusual in Europe

  57. Indrajeet Ikshvaku

    Indrajeet Ikshvaku17 dias atrás

    mickaeld1981 i can understand the pain you going thru since 2 years 😂

  58. DreDay4201 4201

    DreDay4201 420120 dias atrás

    Its alright

  59. evan olson

    evan olson21 dia atrás

    I’m sorry to break it to everyone and I don’t mean to call Doug out but his review has some wrong information. The 2020 BMW 7 Series does not come with Digital Key and it’s not an option. The Digital Key is available on 3, 8, X5, and X7.

  60. AutoMotive FineSSe

    AutoMotive FineSSe21 dia atrás


  61. Jason Caulkin

    Jason Caulkin22 dias atrás

    Hideous grille, the old 2001 7 series was a great looking car, prefer to have a Jaguar XJ LWB though.

  62. The Phaeton Office

    The Phaeton Office16 dias atrás

    The XJ is more beautiful no doubt, until it breaks down.