The Best of the Cold Opens - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Mashup)


  1. Shubham Bhushan

    Shubham Bhushan23 minutos atrás

    Like yeeeast!!

  2. Joseph Robicheaux

    Joseph Robicheaux45 minutos atrás

    They should have left the horns in!

  3. Louis Nio

    Louis Nio3 horas atrás

    they should do an entire special with young Scully and Hitchcock

  4. Sumedh Paralikar

    Sumedh Paralikar19 horas atrás

    Backstreet boys -" I want it"is my favourite opening

  5. Joseph Kirtley

    Joseph Kirtley20 horas atrás

    My hands are covered in butter from making butter

  6. DeadlySinner446

    DeadlySinner44623 horas atrás

    Peralta:Scully is Kelly a dog or your wife? Scully:Yes

  7. sophie !

    sophie !23 horas atrás

    ...........marshed mellow.............

  8. Lê Tơ Vương

    Lê Tơ VươngDia atrás

    ss05 ep17 within "I want it that way" already became a LEGEND =))

  9. Ben K

    Ben KDia atrás

    That snl guy. That's adam sandler son

  10. TheBurnZA

    TheBurnZADia atrás

    Why is this so good?

  11. pinq

    pinqDia atrás

    like yEast

  12. Iamyouraudioslave

    Iamyouraudioslave2 dias atrás


  13. The gamer God7

    The gamer God72 dias atrás

    Legend has it that Jake is still wondering if Kelly is Scully’s wife or dog

  14. sierra

    sierra2 dias atrás

    Unpopular opinion: the 'I want it that way" open is over-rated. There's so many other better ones.

  15. Hanging With Hope

    Hanging With Hope2 dias atrás

    Can I just say number 3 has a beautiful voice 😁

  16. Maddison Holden

    Maddison Holden3 dias atrás

    I love Holt...he is so funny when he is serious😂😂

  17. Neo

    Neo3 dias atrás

    12:50 to 12:58 is pure gold

  18. RAV STAR 3.0

    RAV STAR 3.04 dias atrás

    Best show on tv

  19. Durag Demigod

    Durag Demigod4 dias atrás

    @ 6:04 is my favorite Their faces w/ the camera zooms and Charles’s timing w/ the “like yeast” is priceless

  20. Rogue Guardian

    Rogue Guardian4 dias atrás

    "why are you telling me this?" - "because no one will ever believe you" 😂😂😂😂

  21. Steven Le

    Steven Le4 dias atrás

    Number 1 kill the opening Number 2 kill the hair Number 3 kill the voice Number 4 kill the look Number 5 kill her brother Jake kill the Cold open

  22. Tony

    Tony4 dias atrás

    😂😂😂how did you pull this off

  23. Alyssa

    Alyssa4 dias atrás

    "Why is my phone always dead?! I paid THIRTEEN dollars for it!" 😂😂😂

  24. img_001

    img_0014 dias atrás

    You forgot the “BOMB THERE’S A BOMB”

  25. KingDeDeDelicious

    KingDeDeDelicious4 dias atrás

    Season 1 episode 21 was one of the funniest

  26. James Barry

    James Barry5 dias atrás

    My favorite is the full bull pen

  27. rosa diaz

    rosa diaz5 dias atrás

    11:00 thats hawk before he before he joined the titans

  28. Marianna Jones

    Marianna Jones6 dias atrás

    Best show ever.

  29. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav Sharma6 dias atrás

    He says gobble two times.

  30. the blue mosk and minecraft player join

    the blue mosk and minecraft player join7 dias atrás


  31. SmexyRula

    SmexyRula7 dias atrás

    the Yeast joke will always be my favorite, just for the camera work alone

  32. The Automatic

    The Automatic7 dias atrás

    Nine Nine

  33. clementine twd

    clementine twd8 dias atrás

    Can anyone remember how squeaky Rosas voice was back in season 1?

  34. Martin Lalama

    Martin Lalama8 dias atrás

    wtf with the marshmello sound?

  35. Gouki JT

    Gouki JT9 dias atrás

    This show kills 😆

  36. []

    []9 dias atrás

    Like YEAST

  37. Adriana Campo

    Adriana Campo11 dias atrás


  38. lara

    lara11 dias atrás

    Just realized that young Hitchcock is Charles from Riverdale😂

  39. 0kieD0kie

    0kieD0kie12 dias atrás

    Kelly is scullys dog because he’s dating girl scully

  40. N English

    N English12 dias atrás

    Best comedy series