The Biggest Bottleneck EVER? - LattePanda + RTX Titan


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  2. Joseph Lee

    Joseph Lee7 dias atrás

    im still over here with my 15$ ikea rug....

  3. Reginald Bowls

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  4. polski dezerter

    polski dezerter2 meses atrás

    @dan so about 800 pln... I NEED IT

  5. dan

    dan2 meses atrás

    lattepanda delta is out,, its just $188.00

  6. polski dezerter

    polski dezerter2 meses atrás

    welp that's a good deal sadly I live in PoLand

  7. illuminati unboxed

    illuminati unboxed9 horas atrás

    who else got a ad of linus on the vid?

  8. TheRandomJohn

    TheRandomJohn19 horas atrás


  9. Davide Lupi

    Davide LupiDia atrás

    When you bring your Thinkpad x230 along with expressCard EXP GDC and the 250w dell power brick to serious work and the whole thing works perfectly fine, i seriously made money with that solution (basically needed tons of video output and a decent amount of graphic processing power)

  10. Bill Spencer Jr

    Bill Spencer Jr2 dias atrás

    What's up with all the weird references in this video

  11. du-te ma

    du-te ma2 dias atrás

    Talk about a bottleneck I am running a Ryzen 7 2700 with a 12 year old 9500GT

  12. Nick Carter

    Nick Carter2 dias atrás

    "Yes we have the same shirt on... do we want to address that?" I said in perfect unison without even trying XD XD XD

  13. dawson gamblin

    dawson gamblin3 dias atrás

    "is it worth it ?" ........ " idk maybe?" YES ! I like your thought process!

  14. Iriome Betancor García

    Iriome Betancor García3 dias atrás

    My pc died and ypu show me a titan rtx T.T

  15. The Amazoner

    The Amazoner4 dias atrás

    I farted at the same time they were talking about the fart sensor.

  16. SHWAM!

    SHWAM!4 dias atrás

    i9-9900K and 1050Ti gang

  17. Jaymie Pierce

    Jaymie Pierce4 dias atrás

    What about something realistic like an i5 2400 paired with a 1080 or something along those lines?

  18. Jimmy Z

    Jimmy Z5 dias atrás

    I'm pretty sure it can't do 4K60 from that HDMI port since it's still HDMI 1.4...

  19. Simon Paille

    Simon Paille5 dias atrás

    Rtx titan super on latte panda

  20. Hexa Promos

    Hexa Promos6 dias atrás

    Kuh Nay Duh

  21. Ludwig The Medic

    Ludwig The Medic6 dias atrás

    This thing only can exist in the Bottleneck Freestate.


    CPU DELID7 dias atrás

    Possible to put something in imac 27

  23. The Emo Emu

    The Emo Emu7 dias atrás

    Everyone knows Pandas enjoy a good latte.

  24. Jonas Dahle

    Jonas Dahle7 dias atrás

    I could see that ltt store referance coming form a mile away

  25. p p

    p p8 dias atrás

    water cool the shit out of it

  26. Dylan McDonald

    Dylan McDonald8 dias atrás

    Riley's pit stains

  27. Dirty Sack

    Dirty Sack8 dias atrás

    It's pronounced Canadia. Get your Merican language right.

  28. Light

    Light8 dias atrás

    Bottlenecking a ping pong tablet!💯

  29. Max Reznik

    Max Reznik9 dias atrás

    thats got nothing on the intel compute sticks, some of those run m7 processors

  30. Aanders Rief

    Aanders Rief9 dias atrás

    Me: Hopefully Linus doesn’t drop it 13 seconds into the video: 0:13

  31. Christopher John Elancheziyan

    Christopher John Elancheziyan10 dias atrás

    I am surprised there weren't innuendos, gonna get this big thick thing and mount it on this tiny thing

  32. ThunderBlastvideo

    ThunderBlastvideo10 dias atrás

    this is the sketchiest setup of the decade

  33. Honey BBQ Sauce

    Honey BBQ Sauce11 dias atrás

    bottlenecking is my specialty.

  34. TheLastMcLaren

    TheLastMcLaren11 dias atrás

    0:14 LinusDropTips

  35. radbray3 gaming

    radbray3 gaming11 dias atrás


  36. Eric Golden

    Eric Golden11 dias atrás

    These bammas look like lovers. Wierd very wierd energy. Should have made a creep detector. Mine is going off right now and it aint me.

  37. Cyge240SX

    Cyge240SX11 dias atrás

    still runs better than my 2013 mac book pro 13 inch

  38. Sprayz

    Sprayz11 dias atrás


  39. Tucker Perkins

    Tucker Perkins12 dias atrás

    Gta V map on city skylines

  40. LGC

    LGC12 dias atrás

    They're available in the US and Canāda

  41. Prabhjot Sohal

    Prabhjot Sohal9 dias atrás


  42. Xander Cravens

    Xander Cravens12 dias atrás

    anyone know the program running when they were testing doom would really like to run it on my pc

  43. Unicorns

    Unicorns12 dias atrás

    Bottleneck city here we come after a word from our sponsor glasswire

  44. TheFlackbaume

    TheFlackbaume12 dias atrás

    Prolly stupid question, but I am too lazy to google: That 4x Lanes are not a bottleneck for GPUs?

  45. Rainbow Blazer

    Rainbow Blazer14 dias atrás

    finnaly i can build a 2015 macbook pro

  46. Saumitra Patil

    Saumitra Patil14 dias atrás

    Nearly drops it 15 sec into the video....that would've been a new record

  47. An Idiot With Internet

    An Idiot With Internet15 dias atrás

    A REAL bottleneck is 2 Titans with 256MB of ram. Try harder.

  48. Salih Özdemir

    Salih Özdemir15 dias atrás

    It also shows how bad Windows sucks, because 2015 MacBook with MacOS was actually pretty fluent.

  49. InnocentPinguino

    InnocentPinguino12 dias atrás

    You dont have anything close to a gtx 1050 though

  50. khhnator

    khhnator15 dias atrás

    where you guys even find this adapters? who they are even targeted to?

  51. Roshan Kattil

    Roshan Kattil15 dias atrás

    I have a bigger one 2 Nvidia 1070 TI founder edition 3.8-4.4 intel Processor Dual SSD 500KB wify

  52. Mr. PersonManGuy

    Mr. PersonManGuy15 dias atrás

    You should do the opposite and get tons of crappy frames.

  53. Finger Uke (Stephanie)

    Finger Uke (Stephanie)16 dias atrás

    Cool now do it with a Pentium 4

  54. J4nis05

    J4nis0516 dias atrás

    Can someone spell Canada wronger?

  55. Dimas Said YT

    Dimas Said YT16 dias atrás

    No, intel pentium 4 + rtx And now its a super

  56. Bacsey Kerm

    Bacsey Kerm16 dias atrás

    Linus nose almost touch the fan when he was trying to smell the burn lol

  57. GamerZoneArmy

    GamerZoneArmy17 dias atrás

    "holy.. our cpu was at 100% the whole time!!!" my hp stream 11 does that when on desktop and browser

  58. Marc Schulz

    Marc Schulz17 dias atrás

    I use a worse graphics card with a much, much better cpu.

  59. Fast&Cars

    Fast&Cars18 dias atrás

    Amd Athlon + Titan.

  60. IGammr / Leo

    IGammr / Leo20 dias atrás

    Yo I swear at 10:22 the game is literrly the GTA V map

  61. NaVi -Cardigan

    NaVi -Cardigan20 dias atrás

    That is the UGLIEST carpet I've ever seen

  62. Gamerbay

    Gamerbay22 dias atrás

    *when you spend all your money on the gpu*

  63. rohit khanvilkr

    rohit khanvilkr22 dias atrás

    titan rtx or quadro rtx 6000 what is actual difference

  64. Animations Videogames SFM

    Animations Videogames SFM22 dias atrás

    It plays game?

  65. ForbiddenFateGaming

    ForbiddenFateGaming22 dias atrás

    No one : Absolutely no one : Not A single soul : Linus : *HOLY BANANA SACKS*

  66. Cameron Howe

    Cameron Howe23 dias atrás

    "Dihydrogen monoxide" Also known as water

  67. Anu Vlad

    Anu Vlad23 dias atrás

    Can I just say, I like that their set is a kitchen still!