The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car


  1. Grizzly Country

    Grizzly Country31 minuto atrás

    I still love and want a grand national. I also loved the way cars were designed and built in the 70s-80s. Now days everything looks like a chick car. Your scoring sucks!!! That car gets a 100 every time.

  2. Frank White

    Frank White5 horas atrás

    ... something rather ...

  3. Crézy Chameau

    Crézy Chameau11 horas atrás

    This car makes me drool so much i'm starting to suffer from dehydration

  4. James Slick

    James Slick12 horas atrás

    .....AMAZING!!!, An OLD CAR has an OLD STYLE shift lever!!! AMAZING! - No, Shit Sherlock!, It's also AMAZING that my 1981 TRS-80 Model 3 lacked lacked 4K 120FPS graphics and had NO USB 3.0 ports. Why Would Radio Shack even THINK of putting out a machine without THOSE basic features, And 38 years ago I was dumb enough to buy the damned thing!

  5. James Slick

    James Slick12 horas atrás

    The "GM" badge on the seat- belt button was NOT a cost cutting move. (They could have just used NO logo there.) It was to indicate a lineage to the GM "family" much as the "Pentastar" was to MoPar.

  6. James Slick

    James Slick13 horas atrás

    Buicks "tri shield" logo was often NOT over used. This logo came out in 1960 and is still used. However my 1977 Electra Electra Limited only really had it on the damned owner's manual. For years, The Electra (being the top full sized line) used an updated single shield emblem (Based on the original Buick sheild.) It DID have the actual name "Buick" proudly displayed though.

  7. James Slick

    James Slick13 horas atrás

    The 85 Mph speedo was mandated for ALL cars in 1979 by the NHTSA and 55mph had to be prominent by law.

  8. James Slick

    James Slick13 horas atrás

    The "company who made the bodies" didn't have to negotiate any thing in to any "contract", Fisher Body was a separate division wholly OWNED by General Motors. Anyone even PRETENDING to know US car history AT ALL knows this. Fisher Body (and Fleetwood Body ) were independent coachbuilders at one time, and that was DECADES before 1986! Fisher bought Fleetwood, Then GM owned both by the mid 1920's.

  9. Phenomenal One

    Phenomenal One18 horas atrás

    Doug: The glove compartment has slots for change that only hold $1.55 total- change adds up to $1.69. It could hold $1.75 lol

  10. foxbody guy eighty eight

    foxbody guy eighty eight20 horas atrás

    Bs Doug the foxbody was king and still is

  11. Daemond Rogan

    Daemond Rogan21 hora atrás

    The Mustang killer of the 80's imo. I thought the 0-60 was closer to 5.5 than 6.7 and when you're racing, that gap is a huge difference.

  12. gunfighterzero

    gunfighterzero22 horas atrás

    funny how doug is always impressed by standard equipment every car had in the 70s & 80s like cable controlled mirrors.. BTW the body by fisher logo was used into the mid 90s

  13. Classic G-Body Garage

    Classic G-Body GarageDia atrás

    Doug, no the 78-87 Regal was not offered in a sedan. Coupe only. 0:42

  14. James Slick

    James Slick13 horas atrás

    This generation Buick Regal actually WAS available as sedan from but only from M.Y. 1982-1984.

  15. Chris Cornelius

    Chris CorneliusDia atrás

    Wasn't the 0-60 around 4.9 seconds?

  16. Troy Vorlik

    Troy VorlikDia atrás

    The coin holder was for tolls - not pay phones. You are so young!

  17. Ej Icon

    Ej IconDia atrás


  18. Princess Bleu

    Princess BleuDia atrás

    I doubt Doug likes Pussy !

  19. Zaptor

    ZaptorDia atrás

    The air intake is “low down” to get cold air for more horsepower. Cold air is more dense therefore it resides on the ground as hot air rises. Gee, I thought you would know that. Didn’t you study physics?

  20. James Slick

    James Slick12 horas atrás

    I'm not entirely certain he "studied" "cars".

  21. Gautham Vinesh

    Gautham VineshDia atrás

    In 8:40 you said liter(USA)instead of litre(UK) but I learned in litre🤔

  22. Art Vandelay

    Art VandelayDia atrás

    your doug score of 2 on performance obscenely low.

  23. Art Vandelay

    Art VandelayDia atrás

    these were beautiful cars right out of the box as was the monte carlo SS aerocoupe of 86 and 87. glad i kept mine from new.

  24. Art Vandelay

    Art VandelayDia atrás

    had a heated argument with the wife last night. gave her a doug-score of 2. she left me this morning after breakfast.

  25. Six10 Visuals

    Six10 VisualsDia atrás

    Doug, you forgot to let us hear the exhaust notes of that lil 3.8.

  26. seth del

    seth delDia atrás

    right angles are for tte time period. Better looking than an ES 350

  27. James Slick

    James Slick12 horas atrás


  28. CaptainSeamus

    CaptainSeamusDia atrás

    Used to beat the crap out of it in my 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo... Straight line GN could run with it - but throw in a single corner, and the Dodge would run away from it...

  29. justreallybored

    justreallyboredDia atrás

    My father in law just sold his garage kept, fluid circulated, low mileage, completely original Grand National for about 80k.

  30. justreallybored

    justreallybored19 horas atrás

    @LogicWorldz It was literally factory condition, and he drove it 1/2 a mile every few weeks just to circulate the fluids through the system. Probably 10k miles.

  31. LogicWorldz

    LogicWorldz19 horas atrás

    Damn they run that high? They are pretty common I thought did he have any work done on it?

  32. Dane Ta Tua Tonka

    Dane Ta Tua Tonka2 dias atrás

    I always liked the way the exhaust sounded right out of the factory 8 out of 10 for me 🤙🏼

  33. Squirmin Herman the one eyed German

    Squirmin Herman the one eyed German2 dias atrás

    my buddy bought one brand new in '87 & it gave my GTA Trans Am a run! that white El Camino at 22:01

  34. ceczis

    ceczis2 dias atrás

    the coin storage was for tolls, not phone calls lol

  35. ChevaPate

    ChevaPate2 dias atrás

    The car is cool, the dude.... NOT!

  36. mega0876

    mega08762 dias atrás

    This is the one of the baddest bad boy back in the days. Douche bag Doug scores are not allow for this beauty which is 10 all the way around.

  37. Code Name: new2vero2

    Code Name: new2vero22 dias atrás

    Quagmire gigitti gigitti ... I’m over Doug Let’s MASS unfollow him and see if he moves back to Philadelphia..

  38. renownedfear187

    renownedfear1872 dias atrás

    This has to be my Favorite classic American car of the 80's... fuck it. and 90's 😆

  39. Polecat71

    Polecat712 dias atrás

    Faction from gta :)

  40. Diggy Smooth

    Diggy Smooth2 dias atrás

    They wasn’t all black they made a few grey ones

  41. Diggy Smooth

    Diggy SmoothDia atrás

    Classic G-Body Garage agreed 😅

  42. Classic G-Body Garage

    Classic G-Body GarageDia atrás

    @Diggy Smooth Agree, and yes here we are speaking of the later years which were all black, we both agree.

  43. Diggy Smooth

    Diggy SmoothDia atrás

    Classic G-Body Garage not true they made the two tone charcoal grey ones in the first model year (82) but the more desired ones 84-87 were black yes

  44. Classic G-Body Garage

    Classic G-Body GarageDia atrás

    Buick made many colors of the Turbo Regal but every GN was BLACK.

  45. Jessie Allen

    Jessie Allen2 dias atrás

    Yawn, My 85 mustang gt used to blow these things out of the water!

  46. Jessie Allen

    Jessie AllenDia atrás

    @Nelson Vanvickle There is NO argument here. Sorry for your delusions of grandeur. How I remember it

  47. Nelson Vanvickle

    Nelson VanvickleDia atrás

    @Jessie Allen Grand National, or GNX? There's about a 60 hp and torque difference, lol. A stock GT from that era was a 6.5 sec 0-60 car. My GNX was a sub 5 sec 0-60 car. Demonstrably faster than a Corvette. Still, even a base Grand National was a sub 7 sec car, so I wouldn't exactly say in a drag race between a Mustang GT and a base Regal GN that it "wouldn't even be close"..

  48. Jessie Allen

    Jessie AllenDia atrás

    @Nelson Vanvickle I had a stock Mustang GT. My sister in law had the Grand National. It was an easy win ,not even close. There is a stock quarter mile on you tube you could look up as well

  49. Nelson Vanvickle

    Nelson VanvickleDia atrás

    Unless your GT was heavily, and I mean HEAVILY modded, I suspect you're lying through your teeth. How do I know? Because I graduated from HS in 87' and as a graduation present my parents helped me get into an 88' GNX. I can't count on both hands the number of times I literally roasted the shit out of guys in Mustang GTs, IROC Zs, Vettes, Trans Ams, and a number of other 'SS' badged muscle cars from the 70s. NONE of those cars were sub 5 second 0-60 screamers like my Regal, unless of course, they were heavily modded. A bone stock 5.0 Mustang from that era was pretty quick for its time, but up against a Corvette it was underpowered and outgunned, and one of the primary reasons why GM discontinued the GNX was because it was faster in a straight line than their flagship Corvette, lol..

  50. K G

    K G3 dias atrás

    Those things love the strip.

  51. john cangley

    john cangley3 dias atrás

    This car owned the streets in the late 80s early 90s.. I had a brand new 93 fox body completely stock at the time and this car smoked me then it was time for some upgrades 😂 this car was ahead of its time

  52. Chris Craft

    Chris Craft3 dias atrás

    very odd that these cars are of your youth but you act like you've never seen one.. not a car guy

  53. craigslistrr O

    craigslistrr O3 dias atrás

    Doug loves to exaggerate his pronunciations..

  54. i like supras

    i like supras3 dias atrás

    doug is chick hicks driver lol

  55. M S

    M S4 dias atrás

    Why do you say climate control when its just normal AC ??


    LMSILVIA4 dias atrás

    Nice clean elky at 22 min, should do a video on those.

  57. jocktheglide

    jocktheglide4 dias atrás

    At 20:10 the face you make when the boost kicks in......

  58. Johnathan Tighe

    Johnathan Tighe4 dias atrás

    Bruh it's a dolla 1.69 cents

  59. NorceCodine

    NorceCodine4 dias atrás

    Pretty sure GM factory data on acceleration in the 90-s was just "some reasonable figure". My 94 Caprice 9C1 was rated by GM 7.5 sec for 0 to 60, I never tested it, but I would routinely reach 45-50 mph under 4 sec (like getting on the freeway from standstill on the ramp) without really stepping on the gas.

  60. jakethreesixty

    jakethreesixty4 dias atrás

    Late 70s early 80s gen 2 Camaros have a fisher badge in the doorsill too

  61. Jalani Wilson

    Jalani Wilson4 dias atrás

    It was a government rule that all speedometers had a maximum of 85 mph

  62. Bryan Bodine

    Bryan Bodine2 dias atrás

    Not sure about this. Other 87 G-Body cars have the rally pack cluster with a 120mph speedo in them. My 87 442 has it. I think 86 was 85mph speedo.

  63. Shapiro Shekelberg

    Shapiro Shekelberg4 dias atrás

    My favorite car.

  64. Benjamin Gable

    Benjamin Gable4 dias atrás

    Regarding your commentary about the interior design, Doug... Thall shalt not sully the Brutalism that seeped from 70s architecture into automotive design. Go look at the lines of a '77 Seville and not fall in love...