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The Chainsmokers - Side Effects ft. Emily Warren (Lyric Video)


  1. Mauro Silva

    Mauro Silva12 horas atrás

    This song turns me on bruh.

  2. Lily

    Lily17 horas atrás

    if you subscribe too me i will subscribe too you

  3. Gianna DeWitt

    Gianna DeWittDia atrás

    I love this song btw!

  4. Gianna DeWitt

    Gianna DeWittDia atrás

    Ok srsly this lyric vid is good but VERY flashy and almost kinda inappropriate cause of the naked people in it. Quite questionable

  5. Kevin Kaufman

    Kevin Kaufman3 dias atrás


  6. Charles Chambilla

    Charles Chambilla8 dias atrás

    Prefiero esta version que la cansina de Camila Mendes que esta en todos lados

  7. Ivan Vasquez

    Ivan Vasquez9 dias atrás

    Esta música con mariguana se escucha mejooor uuuuuh😍😍😍

  8. Jade West Rules

    Jade West Rules9 dias atrás

    Emily sounds like Dua.

  9. Shawarma Offical

    Shawarma Offical11 dias atrás

    lmao why tf does this look like a ditty

  10. Monarch

    Monarch12 dias atrás

    Anyone know what the dance the gold guys at 1:50 do is called? I like the look of it

  11. Laugh&Gag Sisters

    Laugh&Gag Sisters12 dias atrás

    I’m by the line

  12. Laugh&Gag Sisters

    Laugh&Gag Sisters12 dias atrás

    Draw the line

  13. Laugh&Gag Sisters

    Laugh&Gag Sisters12 dias atrás

    I take off my pride when I hear we undressing

  14. Laugh&Gag Sisters

    Laugh&Gag Sisters12 dias atrás

    Time should’ve taught me a lesson when looking for a sign but instead I got a message

  15. x SchmooL x

    x SchmooL x13 dias atrás

    Omigodd lsd trip okay

  16. Nanou Mix

    Nanou Mix13 dias atrás

    I LOVE THIS SONG ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💖💖💖😭😭😭

  17. nava kumar

    nava kumar13 dias atrás

    Good hmm...

  18. Jen T.

    Jen T.14 dias atrás

    This song makes me feel like I'm shopping in New York I the only one?

  19. ULTIMATE Vortex127

    ULTIMATE Vortex12714 dias atrás

    now we want the instrumental

  20. ADi-yan SAMIR

    ADi-yan SAMIR15 dias atrás

    Why I'm I seeing vaginas?!

  21. Cambloz

    Cambloz16 dias atrás

    Why so much creepy naked bodies?

  22. Mr. Banana

    Mr. Banana17 dias atrás


  23. Sydnee Facultad

    Sydnee Facultad17 dias atrás


  24. Emily Domingues

    Emily Domingues18 dias atrás


  25. Olvi pl

    Olvi pl18 dias atrás


  26. Alice Robwood

    Alice Robwood19 dias atrás

    The bass line is L I T.

  27. Maria Haidar

    Maria Haidar19 dias atrás


  28. chaexic

    chaexic22 dias atrás

    its 4:11am

  29. Muffin Marie

    Muffin Marie22 dias atrás

    I Hate This song. #morelovetotwentyonepilotsnotthechainsomkers

  30. oof oof

    oof oof24 dias atrás

    It should be Emily Warren ft. The Chainsmokers...

  31. salli fadhl

    salli fadhl24 dias atrás

    This song is amazing good job👍🏻😍❤️

  32. Sander van Asch

    Sander van Asch24 dias atrás

    Enjoy this great bass line; never underestimate this heart of many great songs.

  33. NVu Dang

    NVu Dang24 dias atrás

    This is a piece of s*it

  34. You Can't See My Profile Pic

    You Can't See My Profile Pic25 dias atrás


  35. Margau Ismissing

    Margau Ismissing25 dias atrás


  36. Infinite Regrets

    Infinite Regrets26 dias atrás

    idk but this sounds different from other songs

  37. Nicolas Mcpe 24

    Nicolas Mcpe 2427 dias atrás

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. NC hawk 3

    NC hawk 329 dias atrás

    Not the best 😉

  39. Bala N

    Bala N29 dias atrás

    Fucking sucks

  40. KING YouTube

    KING YouTube29 dias atrás

    chainsmokers good ..

  41. Boni Popochovski

    Boni PopochovskiMês atrás

    1:58 to 2:15 soooo smoooth, chills on max up in this bitch

  42. Trisha Bautista

    Trisha BautistaMês atrás

    This is their best song after closer tbh

  43. Di Di

    Di DiMês atrás

    I like the video clip :)

  44. Twinkleaddszz

    TwinkleaddszzMês atrás

    Busqué esta canción hasta debajo de las piedras naguevona

  45. Tude & Cia

    Tude & CiaMês atrás


  46. I'm a gøner

    I'm a gønerMês atrás

    the tiger is stolen from Twenty One Pilots, Pet Cheeta.

  47. Romanoff Squirrel

    Romanoff SquirrelMês atrás

    to jest niesamowite

  48. Christian Neric

    Christian NericMês atrás

    Pet cheetah. Pet cheetah. Pet cheetah

  49. Kelly Wijaya

    Kelly WijayaMês atrás

    Love this song but the music video is boring

  50. amarsbarr

    amarsbarrMês atrás

    This song makes me seem like I'm up in the blue skies, you can't get any better than that really

  51. mohamad syahmi

    mohamad syahmiMês atrás

    those who dislike people are deaf

  52. Ivan Vasquez

    Ivan VasquezMês atrás

    Me fascina la canción... Pero no se merece tan pocas reproducciones en el video original

  53. Ronel Vincent Ching

    Ronel Vincent ChingMês atrás

    Why do people hate TCS because they copied tøp on the music "Everybody Hates Me"? So this can (?) possibly end the argument. People don't know that musicians do actually copy things from other musicians, or part of a song. Remixes are an example of that, people that remix music use other music for their own music, but they say that it is a remix. But musicians sometimes do say the influence of their song, like what they are feeling, or other things, like some songs that I've saw on Spotify that a song made by someone, but there is a playlist that says, "Songs that Influenced [insert song here]". And I want to make another example, in the 80s, musicians use Gated Reverb on their drums, which was influenced on one song that I forgot (please say it in the replies, thanks), and then became a trend, then musicians from the 80s just copied the Gated Reverb Drums, so I have a question for you, do the people argument in the 80s that musicians copied the Gated Reverb Drums from the song that I forgot (check Vox or the internet, thanks again)? And a fact for you, people that read this comment, is that the first sentence that I said (go read it again), it's actually true, because musicians sometimes listen to other musicians songs, and if the song was stuck on their heads, the might get that catchy part on their song, changing it a little bit, and sending it to the recording label, and when you hear it, you thought it was a new concept of the artist. As a musician (actually a remixer, but my mind can make music out of music that I hear a lot), I hate to the people that dislike TCS because they copied tøp, because you don't realized that tøp sometimes do copy from other songs, even some musicians use the same time signature, which is sorta copying, but a little, and maybe even you, like when you have an exam, and you copied an answer of your friend/seatmate, or even your fan, example is that, you like to be an astronaut, just like Neil Armstrong, that is copying, but in a person's job/personality. Woo, that's a long comment, actually, this is the first one that is very long, that I even forgot what number is this long comment, anyways, I hope you liked it, and if you like it, leave a like, or a reply, and thanks for reading and I'll see you all, in another video.

  54. Julia K.

    Julia K.Mês atrás

    LOVE IT!

  55. TheEmuCrown

    TheEmuCrownMês atrás

    Album Idea: Ravine Swimsuit Hover Change My Plasma Pool water Small pieces Xenon Coffins The Excitement Rico and the bikers Cut my tongue Bendy toe Pet Tiger Myth Exit the Town

  56. Tiger Taylor

    Tiger TaylorMês atrás

    listen yall, the chainsmokers have multiple awards and multiple songs with million likes and billion views, and have worked the with best and have performed at the best music awards. i'll admit i do like a few 21 pilot songs, but they got three hits, the chainsmoker got roses, closer, something just like this, this feeling, don't let me down, etc. so yeah some of there songs you might think their coping the 21 pilots but if they were coping the 21 pilots they wouldn't 16m subscribers and all the other stuff i listed. #thechainsmokers4life

  57. MonMon

    MonMonMês atrás

    A great one. Finally.

  58. Matthew J.

    Matthew J.Mês atrás

    Omg i luv it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Enrico Shadow

    Enrico ShadowMês atrás

    You are all that I want... You make me happy 💛🐨💛

  60. Stefanie Queen

    Stefanie QueenMês atrás

    Make it happen in my mind all the time ;-) ❤️

  61. Patix

    PatixMês atrás

    Kto z Polski?

  62. B G

    B GMês atrás

    I love itttt.

  63. Daniel Rozental

    Daniel RozentalMês atrás

    Pet Cheetah...wait a minute..Pet Leopard?

  64. Flash Network DE 2t Kanal

    Flash Network DE 2t KanalMês atrás


  65. Shaheer Shakeel

    Shaheer ShakeelMês atrás

    why does every song had to include nudity in it even if it's just a lyrical ...

  66. Petit Matha

    Petit MathaMês atrás

    Je suis seul à parler français ici ????

  67. CJ Carpenter

    CJ CarpenterMês atrás

    They have come a long way since selfie lol

  68. Badal Chakraborty

    Badal ChakrabortyMês atrás

    I don't like smokers but I love chainsmokers

  69. Michael Sanchez

    Michael SanchezMês atrás


  70. Ivan Vasquez

    Ivan VasquezMês atrás

    Nose porque pero esta canción me recuerda a varias canciones jajaja

  71. Just Me

    Just MeMês atrás

    I really love how you make lyric videos. efforts

  72. Lucille is thirsty

    Lucille is thirstyMês atrás

    I hear it non stop :)

  73. itzel ferrer

    itzel ferrerMês atrás

    maldita copia de twenty one pilots .||-//

  74. Ivan Vasquez

    Ivan Vasquez19 dias atrás


  75. Ivan Vasquez

    Ivan VasquezMês atrás

    Porque??? Esta canción de parece a alguna de top??

  76. Bernardo Neto Mariano

    Bernardo Neto MarianoMês atrás

    Não entendi!

  77. PandaGal405

    PandaGal405Mês atrás

    1:58 What an intense game of twister

  78. Antisepticeye Jack

    Antisepticeye JackMês atrás

    Omgggg this is liffeeeee bish

  79. Nina M

    Nina MMês atrás

    Finally something out of the pattern from them ! and i really love thiis ! my new jam

  80. Savanah Hunt

    Savanah HuntMês atrás

    This is my favorite song by the Chainsmokers. Anyone agree?

  81. Depster N

    Depster NMês atrás

    Kto z Planety Polska?

  82. Barnus Horvath

    Barnus HorvathMês atrás


  83. kk Liu

    kk LiuMês atrás


  84. Safiyyah Brazlon

    Safiyyah BrazlonMês atrás

    by far the best chainsmokers song ever!



    diplo and chainsmokers both came out with tigers in their videos both videos came out pretty close together. I don't think anyone copied anyone I guess tigers are in tho? Cuz I've been seeing a lot of them everywhere in media and fashion lately

  86. Kimberly Fincher

    Kimberly FincherMês atrás


  87. Emma Reynolds

    Emma ReynoldsMês atrás


  88. Heather

    HeatherMês atrás

    The rapping in the middle ruined this song

  89. Simone Sy Chua

    Simone Sy ChuaMês atrás

    I like this type of song better than then the other Chainsmokers songs

  90. BE

    BEMês atrás

    Few days ago I made a short cover song of Side Effects. Thank you Chainsmokers for this tune🔥! The Chainsmokers - Side Effects ft. Emily Warren (Bartholomew Entire) DEMO Cover Piano

  91. Laura Nicole

    Laura NicoleMês atrás

    Love love this song! I did an a cousin cover of it on my channel, check it out!

  92. Stephanie Clarke

    Stephanie ClarkeMês atrás

    Anyone know what the meaning of this song is in the lyrics ?

  93. Can Benli

    Can BenliMês atrás


  94. Jo Zhang

    Jo ZhangMês atrás

    9.7k thumb down? You hoes are dumb

  95. 1vixen1

    1vixen1Mês atrás

    this lyric video is probably the best visuals i've ever seen

  96. Aurelie Bavay

    Aurelie BavayMês atrás

    so sexy ❤️❤️❤️

  97. Yumenii Bloom

    Yumenii BloomMês atrás

    This song is made for me..for you ,and all you guys who are drunk out there too~!! ;)

  98. Coolkitten 12358

    Coolkitten 12358Mês atrás

    At first when I heard this song I thought it was Sabrina Carpenter

  99. Euclid 340

    Euclid 340Mês atrás

    Is it just me or does the music video not do the song any justice

  100. Instant Pinapple

    Instant PinappleMês atrás

    I agree Alexo the effects are amazing

  101. Victoria Isabella

    Victoria IsabellaMês atrás

    am i high

  102. Sander van Asch

    Sander van AschMês atrás

    Lekker basje..

  103. Cream SKR

    Cream SKRMês atrás

  104. Swords

    Swords2 meses atrás

    The beginning sounds like the beginning of god is a woman