The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star


  1. Whovian-1223

    Whovian-12232 horas atrás

    I’m in tears with the montage of their relationship and the text messages 😭

  2. Sumaiya Mushtaq

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  3. Fluffyproductions UwU

    Fluffyproductions UwU9 horas atrás

    hey shane i understand if you dont get to see this your very busy now, even more than before wich is wild i hope you know that even though you may have a million mental break downs just know we are always her for you in this ever lasting journy of sucses that you've earned of a while now may all the blessings be with you and baiiiii ps the shades im in love with, wont be able to get because of personal reasons, love rachel

  4. LPS Cat Bros 2

    LPS Cat Bros 29 horas atrás

    He should have found one called “Green Shirt” Thoughts?

  5. cherry cola

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  6. Mathilda Selby

    Mathilda Selby10 horas atrás

    oml I cried tears of joy when you proposed awwww you two are the cutest

  7. Rylan Hill

    Rylan Hill10 horas atrás

    I am here for the energy. Like yes Shane. Look past those bs trolls talking bout old stuff. Get over it fr. Just keep your head up bc you can do this

  8. demonic buttwipe

    demonic buttwipe12 horas atrás

    when its obvious the censored name is onision LOL

  9. I’m a cookie In milk

    I’m a cookie In milk13 horas atrás

    Shane is the best person like he has gone so far ever since he was born like I love to watch his videos and like I have been watching his video since I was like maybe 7 his conspiracy videos his food videos and hacks like the biggest ones were his makeup launch like Shane if you see this your amazing if you have a bad day I would like you to read this like your launch so many people wanted it it broke the website that shows how many people love you and I don’t want people going to the comment section and being mean like your amazing your like my childhood of BRreporter I just hope you read this❤️❤️

  10. Tiara Mesias

    Tiara Mesias14 horas atrás

    The series just give me a new perspective about famous people's lives. The fact that Shane could go through all the hates and scandals without losing his happiness really encourages me. I can't even stand sane when my neighbours hate me 😂

  11. Jose Calderon Lopéz

    Jose Calderon Lopéz14 horas atrás

    I am shocked. Just started the series!!!

  12. Amy Colin

    Amy Colin15 horas atrás

    I love that they are genuinely and literally having a good time together working and doing things they enjoy ... and the internet is so cool for letting us see it!!

  13. utsukushi bomber

    utsukushi bomber18 horas atrás

    This is nothing new and its got zero relevancy to anything but Andrew’s laugh is fucking everything 🥺💛

  14. Elizai Isiah Racchumi

    Elizai Isiah Racchumi18 horas atrás

    Toooo long but I love this

  15. Willow

    Willow20 horas atrás

    Literally had to skip over the proposal because I was about to start crying in my kitchen!!!!

  16. D. C

    D. C23 horas atrás

    Shane is just so creative

  17. brettnik park

    brettnik parkDia atrás

    I like how jefree star arrange the shade❣️

  18. Alexis Pinson

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  19. arise thor

    arise thorDia atrás

    If u see Jefree ask him if he remembers he had so many followers then it’s no surprise he is where he is at

  20. Oana Maria

    Oana MariaDia atrás

    😂😂😂 YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! This is the best way to start my comment😂😂 You are both a role model in life, what you both are doing for your followers is not just videos, they are life lessons. I am confident that you guys changed the lives of many people, even mine. I, like everybody else have confidence issues, you have, and still are, teaching me how to overcome my fears, how to understand and accept myself just the way I am😁 I can only say one thing, f**k the haters, just continue being the way you are, Don’t Change! Keep being the amazing people you are now. And don’t give up, no matter how many walls you hit, smash them, take them down and shine like a Star⭐️

  21. Koda Keller

    Koda KellerDia atrás

    ur sound designer is unreal

  22. Daisy Contreras

    Daisy ContrerasDia atrás

    I fucking froze when I heard Jeffree’s voice memo 🤭

  23. Karen M

    Karen MDia atrás

    why is nobody talking about how beautiful is Ryland with makeup on, my gosh those eyes give me life why he's not a huge model. Shane & Ryland are so lucky to have each other.

  24. Braden Fyock

    Braden FyockDia atrás

    Omggggg I criedddd when Shane got on his knees. So magical. Congratsss

  25. banana akari

    banana akariDia atrás

    Anyone else cried seeing diamond and daddy looked so happy? 😭

  26. Kalista Feltner

    Kalista FeltnerDia atrás

    I’m crying....

  27. robloxgirlpro YT

    robloxgirlpro YTDia atrás

    Who else wants him to post more comsperisies?

  28. Delicate

    DelicateDia atrás

    robloxgirlpro YT *conspiracies

  29. Ronald & Andrew Robertson

    Ronald & Andrew RobertsonDia atrás

    Shane never did such thing to his cat so stop saying that and yes try to make fun Jeffrey He’s not dose not t Take enything

  30. Lia_star

    Lia_starDia atrás

    Hey Shane this might be scary for you but COPPA is coming and it’s because BRreporter broke some rule and COPPA has a punishment and that is if your video is for kids under 13 they will tax you at least 42,000 dollars each video you made for kids under 13. So gaming,arts and crafts,cartoons will get you taxed so if there is a way you can save your videos then please do then get rid of them from your channel like maybe the dumb life hacks because COPPA might say those are crafts and any videos with toys in will get taxed as well. Please look up COPPA for more information and the dead line is 2020 January 1 or December 9 or something like that but I would do this before 2020 January 1

  31. Bella Mae

    Bella MaeDia atrás

    Like the comment if u also think James Charles are coming out to get both of them and robbed jeffrey

  32. Amy Brooker

    Amy Brooker2 dias atrás

    The way Shane is so openly vulnerable and willing to learn from Jeffree is beautiful. Perhaps more beautiful is watching Jeffree truly supportive and educational to Shane. For all those hating on Jeffree just watching this series will show a true reflection of Jeffree’s personality. Also agree this should have been on Netflix, Shane should definitely suggest for next series!

  33. Halee Bosel

    Halee Bosel2 dias atrás

    Literally haven't cried more with a video. The proposal and the dedication to two angels. Brb, cryingggg

  34. Jennie North

    Jennie North2 dias atrás

    The ending brought so many tears to my eyes I'm soo happy for Shane and Ryland

  35. RaGe Shiloh

    RaGe Shiloh2 dias atrás

    whyd he get on both knees what

  36. Rand Birch

    Rand Birch2 dias atrás

    Jeffree star looks like Corvus 🤢😂 Edit:

  37. Delicate

    DelicateDia atrás

    Rand Birch I mean Jeffree Star looks better than you still though hunny sooooooooooo🤪

  38. maddi roe

    maddi roe2 dias atrás

    Y’all.... I got the mini controversy and it is NOT IT. I was so excited, touched the pans and they were soft and buttery just like promised. Too bad there was a ton of fall out and the dark purple shade controversy stained my finger from swatching as well as my eyes 🤨 waste of money, waste of time trying to order. Hipdot has better formulas by far, go support an indie brand if you didn’t get to order. If you did get to order I’m so sorry for the loss of your money. I can’t leave a review online so here it is

  39. Becca Baker

    Becca Baker2 dias atrás

    This series is giving me a whole new perspective of make up industry how difficult and dangerous it is, the fact they need guns after a robbery is ridiculous

  40. Kaitlyn Contreras

    Kaitlyn Contreras2 dias atrás


  41. abigail davis

    abigail davis2 dias atrás

    I'm just catching up on these videos and they're so special, seeing it all.put together like I've always wanted to see how products are created like step by step, also seeing the oure friendships and seeing the relationship you a rylan have is truly special, I'm crying

  42. Kelly Gunnell

    Kelly Gunnell2 dias atrás

    Season 3 Episode 6

  43. Gacha Wolves

    Gacha Wolves3 dias atrás

    is this real?!

  44. Delicate

    DelicateDia atrás

    Gacha Wolves yup! ^^

  45. Tia Davis

    Tia Davis3 dias atrás

    Watching this the 2nd time...and Brittani Louise's ex Milos(sp) popped into my mind about the cat and inside job thing...🤔

  46. Samantha Shugars

    Samantha Shugars3 dias atrás

    When he saw his cat on the way downstairs-I’m dying! 😂

  47. Lauren James

    Lauren James3 dias atrás

    I almost cried at that proposal omfg I like don’t cry at that shit normally but I’ve been following Shane and watching him for I think 7 years now and I’m so happy that he’s found someone who makes him so happy 😭

  48. Layne Mckay

    Layne Mckay3 dias atrás

    I would not be surprised if Jeffree had a clone idk why tho

  49. Layne Mckay

    Layne Mckay3 dias atrás

    Love this series

  50. idraw Drawings

    idraw Drawings3 dias atrás

    Their friendship is just so real and you can tell throughout this whole video. Even when they got robbed how jeffree calmed down Shane.

  51. Craft Time With Jenny

    Craft Time With Jenny3 dias atrás

    OMG the ending was like a romance soap geeeeeeez make me cry why don't ya!

  52. Lauren Van De Vendel

    Lauren Van De Vendel3 dias atrás

    Morgan is always so unbothered 😂

  53. Layne Mckay

    Layne Mckay3 dias atrás


  54. barbara ciarlo

    barbara ciarlo3 dias atrás

    Your awesome

  55. duchess eagle

    duchess eagle3 dias atrás

    Bride Of Frankenstein Costume Halloween Makeup Tutorial

  56. Marian Lisboa

    Marian Lisboa3 dias atrás

    Hey!! Please please make a conspiracy theory video of what is going on in my country, Bolivia. If you need any official information I can recommend pages that tell the story like what is it. It's kind of funny but we took down a possible dictatorial regimen, the OAE confirmed the electoral fraud of the MAS as they tried and won an unconstitutional 4th term in the power, Morales is the president who stayed in the power for the longest time in south America, and what we did is historical for latinamerica, what we did, what happened in my country has so much story background, we barely escaped the fate of becoming the next Venezuela and what we did inspired countries under dictatorial regimens to step out and fight for freedom, people died, all of them were simple civilians and a cop, all of them in hands of the people of the now ex president. It's a really cool story and no one is really talking about it, and the way de ex government tries to excuse themselves is kind of absurd like saying that all was a plan from USA to take him down. Think about it, have a nice day.

  57. Benjamin Romero

    Benjamin Romero3 dias atrás

    I bet Andrew never would have thought he would be filming people talking about how shane didn’t fork his ca.

  58. Abby Lynette

    Abby Lynette3 dias atrás

    The intro for this series is amazing

  59. Kimberly Martinez

    Kimberly Martinez3 dias atrás

    ok im not gonna ignore the factt that i started crying bc if how much success he has nd going to have and how hes so happy, makes me happy bc he deserves all of this.

  60. josh green

    josh green3 dias atrás

    Its just a theory, a game theory.

  61. Allie Knapp

    Allie Knapp3 dias atrás

    I’m sobbing. I needed this today.

  62. Lauri Wilson

    Lauri Wilson3 dias atrás

    Shane, so happy for you and your adorable fiancé!! Do not let the haters in your head. Live your life and enjoy every moment! ✌🏼

  63. Adam Nguyen

    Adam Nguyen3 dias atrás

    The end was amazing - teared up a bit on the proposal. Spot on with the music and editing before. Way to weave a story together!

  64. Emmawgrande

    Emmawgrande3 dias atrás

    “Influncers name” Can we talk about that? I mean onision is so mad about all the succes Shane have. And When Shane made an offensive joke, he Got called out, But people are over it. People are Not over onisions dumb jokes, so Why shouldn’t onision have made that rumour? I mean Its onision ???