The Dark Side of Shane Dawson


  1. Noddiga norpan

    Noddiga norpan10 horas atrás

    I have an antisocial personality disorder. Well "disorder" i personally wouldnt call it that. But i can to some degree understand the mind of a psychopath/sociopath and im not saying that i am in anyway qualified ti diagnose anyone but logan paul is definately an antisocially disturbed person he has delusions of grandure and uses other people as Tools for success especially vunerable people like suicide victims. By the way that woman CANNOT be a mental Healthcare professional she expresses herself very bluntly and very unprofessional.

  2. Paradigm-social-construct

    Paradigm-social-construct17 horas atrás

    Ok the fact that pewdiepie to not take money from a mental health app but shane did 😒 hmm

  3. Monique

    Monique2 dias atrás

    I love Shane, but he’s way too dramatic.

  4. Dave Kennedy

    Dave Kennedy3 dias atrás

    Personality Disorders (Sociopath, Psychopath, Narcissist etc.) CAN NOT be treated by psychologists or medicine. And careers like BRreporterr, TV presenter etc are the realms of those with negative personality disorders.

  5. Eacyim

    Eacyim3 dias atrás

    Who’s watching this during the break? Watching this actually made me realize how much I miss Felix’s content. He deserves a break though...

  6. Šemsudin Dino Poplava

    Šemsudin Dino Poplava2 dias atrás

    He'll come back even better, I hope.

  7. abedalrahman zabad

    abedalrahman zabad5 dias atrás

    Sociopaths: *exist Shane: *triggered

  8. Rae Morg

    Rae Morg6 dias atrás

    I’m not going to lie, the series was entertaining to watch. I personally think he should have just separated the whole sociopath thing with Jake Paul. I think it would have been fine if he did a series investigating that you-tubers and sociopathic behavior is rewarded thing, just not in the way he did it.

  9. sunmiit mathadu

    sunmiit mathadu7 dias atrás

    PewDiePie is on a break 😢

  10. H .o

    H .o7 dias atrás

    I dislike Shane Dawson and I will never watch any of his bullshit lmao this is great pewds

  11. lhalls9116

    lhalls91169 dias atrás

    Shanes da man

  12. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira10 dias atrás

    Watching this when Pewds is on break.

  13. Kumokun Domo

    Kumokun Domo11 dias atrás

    Jan 2020 anyone? Felix, you're too smart for the current BRreporter viewers. I'm kinda sad how Shane dealt with this. I believe the person I was with had antisocial disorder. He couldn't feel guilt. Great manipulator.

  14. Emilia Sophie Meneghetti

    Emilia Sophie Meneghetti11 dias atrás

    It's annoying how psychological disorders like depression and anxiety are taken so seriously and sensitively by society but less common disorders are made out to be "creepy" and entertainment and are treated like this.

  15. Ma_ Nersesi

    Ma_ Nersesi11 dias atrás

    For the sake of not liking Jake Paul you could've remained totally passive towards this video... But the fact that you didnt really spoke volumes of your character... Very righteous bro.

  16. Renan Andrade

    Renan Andrade12 dias atrás

    Sociopathy is a term used to describe APD out of the medical field i.e. if you do concur on calling someone a sociopath, you're necessarily calling them an APD patient

  17. Uiaa405

    Uiaa40512 dias atrás

    Shane's videos are lazy and really not that entertaining

  18. Cassandra DOBSON

    Cassandra DOBSON13 dias atrás

    t serise better

  19. nanners noodles

    nanners noodles13 dias atrás

    Love Shane, didn't watch the Jake Paul series because I don't care about Jake Paul. But this is a good opinion to have. You have to be responsible with the topic of mental health. There are already so many misconceptions, misuse of terms like psycho, OCD, schizo. You have to be mindful of how you handle topics like this so you don't misinform.

  20. Href Src

    Href Src13 dias atrás

    The old lady example is stupid. If a sociopath ran someone over, they would feel bad for the person, not act A psychopath would care about the act (more specifically jail time for murder), not person.

  21. TheXGamer

    TheXGamer14 dias atrás

    Shane: *I’m a sociopath.* Jeffree: *We broke up.*

  22. L Al

    L Al14 dias atrás

    Felix are you filming with your phone lol wtf

  23. Homer Sexual

    Homer Sexual14 dias atrás

    I don't trust anyone whose default way of expressing disdain is calling things "gross". That's something 10-year-olds say, not grown educated adults.

  24. Flame Repellent

    Flame Repellent14 dias atrás

    Didn't even know this was a thing in 2018, tq Pewds before news.. Still Relevant? 😅

  25. Lor Goodman

    Lor Goodman15 dias atrás

    Logan: “What is a sociopath?” Me: *pulls out DsmV* “Weellll, it’s complicated!”

  26. NightFluff

    NightFluff15 dias atrás

    *You’re a sociopath, I’m a sociopath, WE’RE ALL SOCIOPATHS*

  27. Kiwinichi

    Kiwinichi15 dias atrás

    "Impulsivity is a dangerous thing" Ah yes, I am dangerous now thank you :)

  28. Winston Churchill

    Winston Churchill15 dias atrás

    I don't think psychiatry as a science. The psychiatrist still does not have scientific dysgnostic methods today. It does not use exams. Science uses the scientific method, If you go to a doctor, he makes assumptions and then prescribes analyzes to support his thesis, in psychiatry this don't happen. I believe in mental illnesses, I believe that everyone in our life suffers from mental illnesses several times, there are those who have chronic mental illnesses like diabetes can be chronic. I believe there is nothing wrong with that. The serious thing is that there are no scientific methods to diagnose mental illnesses and this shows how insufferably the matter is treated and how bad and not well cured the mental illness are.

  29. Mighty Kitten

    Mighty Kitten16 dias atrás

    Pewds: Have you ever driven fast? 9 year olds: YeS vErY

  30. ليلو ياسمين عبدالرحمن

    ليلو ياسمين عبدالرحمن16 dias atrás

    عربي هون

  31. Jonas Silvano do Carmo

    Jonas Silvano do Carmo17 dias atrás

    I'm a psychologist, and what made me get sick was the way this therapist was talking about it and the way shane brought light into like u said... and here we go again, being a SOCIOPATH or a PSYCHOPATH >>> DOESNT MEAN YOU'RE GONNA HURT SOMEBODY OR KILL SOMEBODY

  32. Katlyn McCune

    Katlyn McCune17 dias atrás

    Good video pewds very cool

  33. Dominic Cobb

    Dominic Cobb17 dias atrás

    Mh very good


    CRAZE BLAZE17 dias atrás

    To think that 2000 commenters could be sociopath creeps me out

  35. Rage virus and zombification are 2 diverse concepts

    Rage virus and zombification are 2 diverse concepts18 dias atrás

    Felix - thanks for being honest

  36. sanya

    sanya18 dias atrás

    Humans aren't smarter than cats I know coz I'm a cat

  37. Bruhster

    Bruhster18 dias atrás

    I’m late but with the music I think he was trying to ask if they can’t feel the emotion that the song is supposed to bring.

  38. Maximillian Quaife-Larsen

    Maximillian Quaife-Larsen19 dias atrás

    Shane Dawson is an ass my god

  39. Katie Jane

    Katie Jane19 dias atrás

    Poods is so smart


    THE POSE1DON19 dias atrás

    thats one dumb therapist.

  41. Punq!

    Punq!19 dias atrás

    Jesus the clip of the van running the red light after the whole elderly woman explanation had me crying, that is so ridiculous. Sociopaths are actually pretty good at blending in. If every sociopath almost ran over an elderly woman at a zebra crossing and had tattoos, they wouldn't really pose much of a threat because we could identify them easily.

  42. Grace Nichols

    Grace Nichols19 dias atrás

    I’m impulsive as fuck lmao am i a sociopath now?

  43. TheOriginal Unaleska

    TheOriginal Unaleska19 dias atrás

    Sorry, but this "psychologist" doesn't seem legit to me at all. I don't feel any professionalism from this person at all, she is too casual when talking about a serious topic. Even she is, I will not want her as my psychologist.

  44. Grace Nichols

    Grace Nichols19 dias atrás

    TheOriginal Unaleska of course she’s casual about it. It’s her profession. She’s supposed to be professional about it. These are very real problems that people face and her job is to correct behaviors and enhance people’s lives through therapy and healthy coping mechanisms. Do you think we should just continue to act like mental health should be a taboo topic. Mental health issues are something everyone has to deal others at some point so I don’t see a problem with casual discussion over these topics. If anything it needs to be more like this

  45. Give me subs so i can make bad content

    Give me subs so i can make bad content20 dias atrás

    Me: *breathes* *gets put in mental hospital for being a sociopath*

  46. Samantha Ruiz

    Samantha Ruiz21 dia atrás

    i love poods engrish. "now the cherry on the top"

  47. Rikhard Ärling

    Rikhard Ärling21 dia atrás

    I am a certified high-functioning "sociopath" (not a real medical term thus quote marks) and I got triggered by that video

  48. n013ody

    n013ody22 dias atrás

    Stereotyping at it's finest...

  49. Werew0lf Sh4de

    Werew0lf Sh4de22 dias atrás

    I don't even know 25 people

  50. conspiracies

    conspiracies22 dias atrás

    i love shane and i don't think it was his fault... that therapist was so unprofessional and just blowing things out of proportion!

  51. Jaykachi

    Jaykachi18 dias atrás

    conspiracies the therapist didn’t put the creepy music in the video. Just saying.

  52. Text Parodies

    Text Parodies22 dias atrás

    Like it was shown in the movie/book 'American Psycho', a sociopath is a person who, like the video said, does not care for what actions they take or how it impacts other people. For example, in the movie the main character (the sociopath) is shown murdering a fellow business man simply because he had a better business card than he did. He is later confronted by a detective and he is able to lie to him without getting nervous or feeling remorse. I think that is a perfect example of what a sociopath is approximately like. Their minds are disconnected from morals. I 100% disagree with the fact that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths. If anything it's 1 in 25 people have a severe mental disorder of some sort. Research actually shows that it's 1 in every 125+ people are sociopaths to some degree

  53. Ruyi Aiyo Wu

    Ruyi Aiyo Wu23 dias atrás

    Two things: 1. Do you know that feeling when you just hate the guts out of someone for no apparent reason? Shane is that person for me. I just genuinely dislike that guy. 2. He totally hired that online therapist for that video cuz no legit therapist wanted to be in it.

  54. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin23 dias atrás

    18:16 Alright, Neil. Then explain to me why that post has 27,000 likes.

  55. imma sock

    imma sock23 dias atrás

    You are a sociopath if u manipulate other people to feel somehow or if ur controling minds...deep sh*t.

  56. mark

    mark23 dias atrás

    1 out of 25 people is a sociopath Me in a 25 person class: could I be the green ninja?

  57. Lady Lunoma

    Lady Lunoma23 dias atrás

    This video was a little hard to watch, Shane is so sickeningly fake lmao.

  58. Madi Houghton

    Madi Houghton24 dias atrás

    Pewdiepie stole that thumbnail from Shane Dawson

  59. Placeholder by design

    Placeholder by design24 dias atrás

    Why does he whisper in his videos.

  60. Saucy Sashimi

    Saucy Sashimi24 dias atrás

    The jake paul series was so stupid and disrespectful to actual mental health patients. They really overdramatized what a sociopath is, this could have been a great opportunity for shane to use his platform to educate the younger generation about what a real sociopath is. Instead he brought this bogus psychologist who is throwing out fabricated or overdramatic symptoms of a sociopath. The whole series was ridiculous. The therapist is full of bs too.

  61. GoodMik Gaming

    GoodMik Gaming25 dias atrás

    This is why I hate Shane

  62. Explosive Cupcake

    Explosive Cupcake24 dias atrás


  63. Dgeidbc Ysodbcy

    Dgeidbc Ysodbcy25 dias atrás

    I agree with felix. Shane did a bad job on the series about jake paul.

  64. _mUmmEgE_

    _mUmmEgE_25 dias atrás

    Idk why I'm noticing this just now, cuz I've watched pewds for a bit But I'm so jealous of how you wear your headphones In my household I always have to wear one earpiece off Lol this is So RaNdOm