The E-Boy Invasion 2


  1. Shannon Salerni

    Shannon Salerni3 meses atrás

    yeah im an eboy an extra greeting boy

  2. molly morse

    molly morse20 horas atrás

    Shannon Salerni This is the best comment ever

  3. yasmin amelia

    yasmin amelia17 dias atrás


  4. Re veluv

    Re veluv19 dias atrás

    Shannon Salerni yeet

  5. Annaclaire Looney

    Annaclaire Looney23 dias atrás

    But ur a grill

  6. warm ice water

    warm ice water29 dias atrás

    @Goddamn Door your name. your pic. 😔👌

  7. Charlie is Narly

    Charlie is Narly37 minutos atrás

    6:38 Having a sEizure

  8. emely fabero

    emely fabero49 minutos atrás

    Honestly i do believe in just female and male but I will call you on how you want because that’s being respectful with whatever you believe. Don’t hate on me y’all just putting my opinion

  9. James D

    James DHora atrás

    I thought this kyler guy was going to be like an actual shitty person, not pro-life lol. Oh no, he has the same opinion on abortion as half the population, shocker. This youtuber got hella triggered. Social justice warriors are cringier then e-boys.

  10. Christian Chavez

    Christian Chavez2 horas atrás

    I hated that video for two reasons. the stupid temple touch shit and the fact that the song in the background is really good and that means I have the same music taste as people who do literally nothing.

  11. Jenni K.

    Jenni K.2 horas atrás

    Dude - I have a friend named Kyler that I just completely 110% love!!! ❤ He can't help what his parents named him. However, he is not, not, I repeat, NOT a douchey, hateful, shithole of a person like the Kyler in this video.

  12. Mad Person

    Mad Person13 horas atrás

    I learned that I’m extremely happy that Nash Greer is a changed man and is absolutely thriving now being a father and husband to his wife Taylor - also an awesome amazing empowered person.

  13. Landon Gray

    Landon Gray13 horas atrás

    lowkey the kyler guy is right lmao

  14. Anthony Douglas

    Anthony Douglas14 horas atrás

    Alright not trying to be a dick, but pro life is about the baby growing in a pregnant woman giving it a chance to live, not telling a woman what they can or cannot do with their body.

  15. Doctor Dingers

    Doctor Dingers15 horas atrás

    Hate to say it but abortion is murder broski

  16. Zashera Khan

    Zashera Khan16 horas atrás


  17. Marciline Thomas

    Marciline ThomasDia atrás

    that's it e boys don't get rights

  18. Marciline Thomas

    Marciline ThomasDia atrás

    ya gotta choose kyle or tyler ya cant have both

  19. Sydney fiore

    Sydney fioreDia atrás


  20. Ian Obrien

    Ian ObrienDia atrás

    buddy sounds like adam scott

  21. Ian Obrien

    Ian ObrienDia atrás

    You look like John Mayer's son

  22. Catty Hill

    Catty Hill2 dias atrás

    Subscribes for julien references.

  23. Noa Haskin

    Noa Haskin2 dias atrás

    How do i like a video more than once??

  24. Josephine Pham

    Josephine Pham2 dias atrás

    BIGOTRY STONES I AM WHEEZING- kurtis’ mind is so powerful

  25. vgly

    vgly2 dias atrás

    boomer energy is fw fraser w yo tossed salads n scrambled eggs ass boiiiii

  26. Sasha Polska

    Sasha Polska2 dias atrás

    honestly, Kurtis looks way more attractive that all those eboys

  27. Mikołaj Świerszcz

    Mikołaj Świerszcz2 dias atrás

    *Does not support gays* hOmoPHoBiC!!!1!1

  28. Taylor Kawiti

    Taylor Kawiti2 dias atrás

    That’s... literally what not supporting gay people is... homophobic

  29. Amity Goldring

    Amity Goldring3 dias atrás

    “I know that sounds like a travelling haunted house attraction but it’s not.” I dunno man, sounds pretty terrifying to me.

  30. Norah Saad

    Norah Saad3 dias atrás

    8:56 *-the only illegal thing that I see Is your haircut dude-*

  31. Caleb Melton

    Caleb Melton3 dias atrás

    “A woman has the right to choose” yea they have the right to choose to fuck or not , not kill a baby in the whom it’s really sad that this is what the popular opinion is. One day it won’t be when science has advanced to the point that abortions are obsolete I hope y’all have an answer for why you were murdering babies by the millions.

  32. Caleb Melton

    Caleb Melton2 dias atrás

    Taylor Kawiti look I know you people want any reason to kill children and that’s a dog shit analogy we aren’t bugs , and yes they will be obsolete when incubation gets to the point where they can fully develop in an artificial method and premature babies have a much higher chance of surviving now more than ever but you people would rather crush their skull and sell their bodies you make me sick and your a cuck on top of that

  33. Taylor Kawiti

    Taylor Kawiti2 dias atrás

    Science and medical science will never make abortions ‘obsolete’ because science has already proven that a foetus is not a baby. I’ll give you the same analogy that they give. If you kill caterpillar, you’re killing a caterpillar- not a butterfly. Same applies for foetuses.

  34. Caleb Melton

    Caleb Melton3 dias atrás

    When you said he did something bad I took you seriously but when you showed that he was against abortion I just realized you were triggered cuz he’s not a leftist 😂😂😂 come on bro

  35. Juliette Hunter Hearsey

    Juliette Hunter Hearsey3 dias atrás

    I love bananas. I’d put bananas in everything.... would I eat one? No. 😶

  36. Tore Strand

    Tore Strand3 dias atrás

    E-boys are soooooooooooooooooooo cool

  37. Salvation Salvatoré

    Salvation Salvatoré3 dias atrás

    The two parts of this video represent the two parts of an E-boy’s hair.

  38. mr. heartbeat

    mr. heartbeat3 dias atrás

    Kurtis said: barf bæg

  39. Pearl Spurrell

    Pearl Spurrell3 dias atrás

    Lil huddy says the n word and pressured this random girl for nudes 🤮

  40. Chila

    Chila4 dias atrás

    But it’s justified boomer energy

  41. Chila

    Chila4 dias atrás

    High boomer energy radiate in this video.

  42. Danielle Andrade

    Danielle Andrade4 dias atrás

    Wdf is that thing where they roll their eyes??????? It’s creepy af they look possessed

  43. Minta Loua

    Minta Loua4 dias atrás

    6:38 vaguely reminds me of kpop fashion and i don't know how to feel about that

  44. Jenasis Messman

    Jenasis Messman4 dias atrás

    F F F F F F

  45. Jenasis Messman

    Jenasis Messman4 dias atrás

    Noel Miller in the suggested videos section got me, love it

  46. LonelyKiwiBird

    LonelyKiwiBird4 dias atrás

    We need to bring back the Draft

  47. Ditto Dude

    Ditto Dude4 dias atrás

    I bet all the dislikes on this are eboys

  48. Burcey B

    Burcey B5 dias atrás

    Fuark, I legit thought someone was knocking 4:00

  49. Maya Patel

    Maya Patel5 dias atrás

    I love the genuine concern Kurtis has

  50. Bella Cornell

    Bella Cornell5 dias atrás

    And I am so confused someone enlighten me... Since when do Christians and EMO life mix? I AM SO CONFRUSED

  51. Bella Cornell

    Bella Cornell5 dias atrás

    Oh and by the way.. sidebar lol... I feel like you would do a KILLER Seinfeld impression

  52. Bella Cornell

    Bella Cornell5 dias atrás

    I agree ppl shouldn’t discriminate but the way you said “he doubles down because of ‘the Bible’??? I don’t know!!” Sounded pretty discriminating to all the Christians our there that study regularly. To a lot of ppl it seems stupid and frivolous. But to those who follow Christ, it’s not. I personally am tired of everyone hating on me or my friends for being “too legalistic” or “opinionated” with our faith. I don’t tell you that you should stop making videos every time you say G#%D$&@. I like your vids and think you’re real funny. Your sense of humor is a lot like mine so when I laugh, I laugh HARD! But can you dial it back with the additive towards believers? Thanks bro! Stay Groovy

  53. Nick Faber

    Nick Faber3 dias atrás

    What the fuck

  54. Bella Cornell

    Bella Cornell5 dias atrás

    Btw I meant to say attitude towards believers

  55. Bella Cornell

    Bella Cornell5 dias atrás

    Also I would like to clarify... I’m not like upset, I’m just sick of ppl expecting Christians to take everybody’s crap and then when we are honest and throw our crap out there - whether it be wrong or right - NO ONE LEAVES US ALONE!!! It’s like you’re all just being bullies at this point. As Christians we can’t react because that would be “unholy” so you say. So cut us some slack pls... Treat all ppl the same that way you’re never really discriminating... And again I’m not upset... That just made me feel some type of way when that smirk hit your face when you said “because of ‘the Bible?’”... Like... If your father jumped in front of a car that was about to hit you, and then someone makes a joke about your dad that could or could not be demeaning... How would you feel? As Christians we believe Jesus died for the cleansing of our sins, so to make jokes about what His life is written in is kinda harsh

  56. fei

    fei5 dias atrás

    Kurtis is the only man.

  57. Linds Jesslyn

    Linds Jesslyn5 dias atrás

    the best thing that came from magcon was shawn mendes


    LUCIANA ANGELINI5 dias atrás

    Kurtis is probably the most attractive man ever and thats ON EXTRA GREETINGS

  59. Rodrigo Ameixa

    Rodrigo Ameixa5 dias atrás

    ooga booga if you're anti abortion and not a lgbt supporter you're bad.

  60. Rodrigo Ameixa

    Rodrigo Ameixa2 dias atrás

    @Taylor Kawiti sorry I'm not a degenerate. So no.

  61. Taylor Kawiti

    Taylor Kawiti2 dias atrás

    I’m glad you agree

  62. Delaney Svoboda

    Delaney Svoboda5 dias atrás

    It pretty sad that u spend your life making fun of ppl that never did anything to u. And the funny part is is that most of them are 10 times more attractive that u so get a life.

  63. Julianna Marshall

    Julianna Marshall6 dias atrás

    what's wrong with saying your thoughts against abortion? It is murder... this guy can have his opinions and I agree with him.

  64. Taylor Kawiti

    Taylor Kawiti2 dias atrás

    It isn’t murder and that’s why his opinion wrong. Especially when he’s shaming women, whose circumstances you don’t know, for getting an abortion is shitty.

  65. Wartrix

    Wartrix5 dias atrás

    Me to

  66. Paula M

    Paula M6 dias atrás

    U telling this Jaden guy is literally a homophobe Trump supporter, pro live and a racist all combined?!?!?!?

  67. Jazz

    Jazz6 dias atrás

    Curtis you're basically an e-boy you're just making fun of yourself

  68. Lucille Cawthra

    Lucille Cawthra6 dias atrás

    Plus kylar is rlly homophobic

  69. Emilio V

    Emilio V6 dias atrás

    Ngl I do support for his conservative views... nowadays if you do not agree with the lgbtq community or even being pro life; you are considered a “homophobe, transphobic, etc.” Basically anything that ends with “phobe”. It’s kinda sad how whole generation is being brainwashed by the left...

  70. Taylor Kawiti

    Taylor Kawiti2 dias atrás

    Wow, it’s almost like homophobe hold homophobic views and are called or it. It’s not being brainwashed, it’s being a decent human being.

  71. Jacob Thomas

    Jacob Thomas6 dias atrás

    While I don’t agree with Kyler’s opinions you have to realize he’s obviously a Christian so of course he’s going to be against abortion, homophobic, and transphobic. While obviously those views fucking suck his religion says those things are bad so it’s kinda obvious he’s going to think that way.

  72. Stardust Girl

    Stardust Girl6 dias atrás

    21:18 the fact that he chose the worst picture he probably found makes me tear every time

  73. Connor The android

    Connor The android6 dias atrás

    I used to have a crush on a boy named Jaydon. *silently screams in what the fuck*

  74. Aidan Makes Things

    Aidan Makes Things6 dias atrás

    Aw I love Sid How dare he insult her

  75. Azra NightWing

    Azra NightWing6 dias atrás

    I can die peacefully knowing that Kurtis Conner is pro-choice and an LGBT+ ally

  76. weston monroe

    weston monroe7 dias atrás

    this is why we can’t give this type of clout to 14-16 year olds. They don’t know how to handle the type of platform that they have and they don’t understand the impact they’re words have on the fans that they have. Not to mention the fact that they aren’t educated enough and don’t have enough experience in the real world to form there own opinions.