THE END OF ANCESTORS! FINAL EVOLUTION | Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Gameplay Ending


  1. Quintin DuPerow

    Quintin DuPerow8 horas atrás

    I really do wish u could play as the human

  2. m00d_e edits

    m00d_e editsDia atrás

    If only you could play as the cave man

  3. majorPhysics

    majorPhysics2 dias atrás

    I feel this game kinda fell off for me. I played for 7 hours. The first 4 of 5 were great. I had a blast flying around the trees and stuff at first. But then it got REALLY repetitive. I think what could have done this game justice was expanding and condensing the game a touch. At least to the point that the apes make fire or something, and have that be the ending, while making the game the same length. Let me feel like i've actually done something.

  4. Alexus Stukov

    Alexus Stukov9 dias atrás


  5. FutureRichPerson 247365

    FutureRichPerson 24736512 dias atrás

    Bro you can't even play as the humans like wasn't that part of the whole point?

  6. FutureRichPerson 247365

    FutureRichPerson 2473654 dias atrás

    @Stinky Pooopy uhahaha - I said part of the point. I was looking forward to it the entire game. I wanted to see what they sounded like, what they looked like, if they were still climbing trees and making ape noises or using language. I was so curious.

  7. Stinky Pooopy uhahaha

    Stinky Pooopy uhahaha5 dias atrás

    FutureRichPerson 247365 no,the point of this game is to evolve to the human stage; the point is not to play as the human but to evolve to it

  8. Mike Dawg18

    Mike Dawg1813 dias atrás

    Subnautica vs ancestors human odyssey which game is more fun?

  9. MikeJones

    MikeJones13 dias atrás

    Honestly sad, this game had so much potential, even with there being more parts coming tho i dont think that will save the series. If its just more games where you barely evolve at all and just get mindless evolutions for grinding the same stuff over and over and over, the second game will get stale fast. The only thing that kept me going in this game was the hope the gameplay would change drastically as you evolved.

  10. Lp Grim Reepa

    Lp Grim Reepa14 dias atrás

    Island of doctor morau was weird a ass movie

  11. Ultra_Poke_Zilla Universe1954

    Ultra_Poke_Zilla Universe195415 dias atrás

    They should do the same but for the Mesozoic and paleozoic era

  12. SHD4 Learning

    SHD4 Learning17 dias atrás

    How do I play this game u r playing on pc? Their is no option to buy it or download it.

  13. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson18 dias atrás

    You are really annoying just play the game and shut the f*** up

  14. Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson15 dias atrás

    Graceful Charity Trust Me. I’ve done that.

  15. Graceful Charity

    Graceful Charity15 dias atrás

    You may think he us annoying but there's many more people who actually enjoy his content. If you don't like it then change the video. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to watch this.

  16. Z3LO

    Z3LO19 dias atrás

    we should of been able to max evolve and make nukes

  17. Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs

    Cookoo 4 Coco Puffs19 dias atrás

    38:08 When I see a spider

  18. Cameron Kiesser

    Cameron Kiesser20 dias atrás

    I really enjoyed this game and can't wait for the sequels.

  19. SWED510

    SWED51021 dia atrás

    This dudes mic loud asf...

  20. Someone Else

    Someone Else21 dia atrás

    6:50 the word you are looking for is uncanny and the effect you are describing is called uncanny valley.

  21. Mad Jazza

    Mad Jazza22 dias atrás

    lol they won't let you walk around with the old cock n balls out.

  22. Magdalena Ray

    Magdalena Ray22 dias atrás

    They are so uncanny valley!

  23. Richards chair

    Richards chair22 dias atrás

    This game is fucking frustrating

  24. Tina Hughes

    Tina Hughes23 dias atrás

    They should allow you to go from their an journey into settlements an different race branches an housing development. Like ark ,this game, fable...

  25. moon

    moon24 dias atrás

    لعبة حلوه تدخل بأعماق الماضي السحيق😗😗

  26. Sweaty Chungus

    Sweaty ChungusMês atrás

    I think I just evolved to just homosexual

  27. Javier Gallegos

    Javier GallegosMês atrás

    You never went fishing 🙁

  28. IXImaginate

    IXImaginateMês atrás

    From Steam: Biomes and what you may encounter -There are new Biomes to discover with advantages and disadvantages you will need to prepare for. Jungle: Lots of everything, easy escape predators using the cliffs and trees. Only a few predators here, and lots of caves to explore. A good starting zone to get much of your experiences out of the way. Eagles can attack high in the trees. Giant Centipedes can be found in caves, along with Tarantulas than can hurt you for small damage. Swamps and Lakes: Found in the Jungle, you will find more difficult predators such as frequent Snakes and Crocodiles. Plains: Less cover, Less Trees, still abundant resources. Finding Kapok Fibers in trees is difficult. You will be introduced into Hyenas and Horses here, along with more difficult Tigers and Snakes Savanna: Always hot- will be taxing on your stamina. Water is found only at the River, and at Discovery Vistas (Oasis'). Less herbivore food, but more animal meat. Very little cover. No Kapok Fibers, healing is replaced by Aloe, and Horsetail which must be refined before use. Lots of Hyenas, more difficult Tigers. You will also encounter Gazelles, Buffalo, Elephants, and Rhinos. Canyon Pass: Dangerous. Jackels, Hyenas, and Tigers frequent here. Its hot and there is NO water. You need to forage berries and eat Snake Eggs to find Water. Not hospitable for camp. Trying to go over the pass using the mountains may be easier, but you may encounter Eagles. Desert: Also Hot. This will be the most Hostile and least Hospitable place. No water other than the Vista at the beginning, and end of the desert. Same rules for the Canyon apply, forage berries and eggs. There is very little to forage too. This Desert pass is a long walk, it will take the entire day to get past it. Ensure you are ready before you set off. The Ocean: Cools down, there are 3 Vistas with water sources here. The Ocean cannot be traversed and cannot be drunk (seawater). You will encounter Sea Otters and Pelicans at the edge of the water, which can be difficult. Tigers can be found here in low numbers. Resources are less frequent than the savanna, but more abundant and diverse than the desert. The Lake: A extremely large lake that serves as the games border, opposite to The Ocean. Similar temperate as the Jungle and Forest regions, with Crocodiles and Sea Otters along the beach.

  29. Micah Murphy

    Micah MurphyMês atrás

    Crazy to think that people legitimately believe that this is how the human species came to be.

  30. The Big Ounce

    The Big OunceMês atrás

    Jimmmy magicked makes more sense

  31. Jimmmy

    JimmmyMês atrás

    as opposed to being magicked into existence

  32. Bifrost14

    Bifrost14Mês atrás

    Not enough content to justify $40. Download is under 6 gig. For $40 you get to run around poking things with a stick. I’ll pass.

  33. Mason Montague

    Mason MontagueMês atrás

    Autism the human odyssey

  34. Turki Kaboha

    Turki KabohaMês atrás

    Only an idiot would think humans were like this

  35. sonikku956

    sonikku956Mês atrás

    Well, these aren't humans, they're proto-humans, direct ancestors of us. Care to try and debunk this?

  36. oniroutard

    oniroutardMês atrás

    I wish they add more biodiversity to the game.

  37. DJ Squirtnasty

    DJ SquirtnastyMês atrás

    This game seems too tedious and boring

  38. Hmm Huh

    Hmm Huh26 dias atrás

    Why are you here...?

  39. John Williams

    John WilliamsMês atrás

    Really! After all that time passed he's still walking around with a STICK!!!

  40. Bluestarseed1

    Bluestarseed122 dias atrás

    take many neuron evolution to upgrade. that's after defeding yourself from a sabertooth and surviving. kinda hard to pass on the genes with you being the prey also.

  41. Turtle9013

    Turtle9013Mês atrás

    Excellent Simpson's reference at the beginning lmao

  42. Sergio Flores

    Sergio FloresMês atrás

    Mabe only the first few gens can see that animal u mentioned

  43. mato paz

    mato pazMês atrás

    So, when the trilogy becomes one after we explore space then wut?

  44. American Built

    American BuiltMês atrás

    Ancestors human Odyssey 2?

  45. ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅ

    ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅMês atrás

    It would of been cool if they had SEA CREATURES

  46. Cameron Kiesser

    Cameron Kiesser20 dias atrás

    They definitely need some type of whale or dolphin.

  47. GLeZ

    GLeZMês atrás

    They do hippos and fish alligators and tons more.

  48. ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅ

    ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅMês atrás

    They look like black people

  49. Romeoo_ da_goat

    Romeoo_ da_goatMês atrás

    I hope they make another version of this. But you can play as any human species like Neanderthal, Homo Erectus, Cro magnons / Homo sapiens, homo Heidelbergensis, etc.

  50. Vakars

    VakarsMês atrás

    They should make a second game ancestry: the humankind odyssey 2 where you continue to play as the new species and it would end at homo sapiens and then possibly a third game where you play as home sapiens. Ik everyone here is thinking that.

  51. Danny RK800

    Danny RK800Mês atrás

    Or you could just play gta 6 as the final game durrrr

  52. MasterOfRavens

    MasterOfRavensMês atrás

    They are making sequels, it's going to be a trilogy.

  53. Daniella Omolon

    Daniella OmolonMês atrás


  54. Mathew Cobb

    Mathew CobbMês atrás

    I like how the game says inspired by “true events” but evolution hasn’t been proven, it’s all theory

  55. Jedi master Yoda

    Jedi master Yoda2 meses atrás

    i WOULD buy this game but I’m broke😭

  56. Jedi master Yoda

    Jedi master YodaMês atrás

    mauiboss I’m on xbox

  57. Jedi master Yoda

    Jedi master YodaMês atrás

    mauiboss I don’t play on pc

  58. mauiboss

    mauibossMês atrás

    It's 10 dollars on epic games store

  59. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer2 meses atrás

    Why won't it let you sh*t in your hand and throw it? Turd balls would be an effective weapon and it is disappointing that you couldn't do it..

  60. Jamil Boykin

    Jamil Boykin2 meses atrás

    This looks like a game kids in the future will play in school, game looks stupid asf

  61. Seid82

    Seid822 meses atrás

    If anyone believes that we came from monkeys then your a damn fool.

  62. Quantum

    Quantum2 meses atrás

    Cant believe I spent 40 hours of my life for that ending haha, such a disappointment after all the work it takes to get there.

  63. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony13 dias atrás

    @Quantum Chimps are a different off-shoot.

  64. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony13 dias atrás

    @Quantum You didn't know? XD

  65. Quantum

    Quantum13 dias atrás

    @Daniel Antony wooaahhhhhhhh reallyyyy????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  66. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony13 dias atrás

    @Quantum You're not playing as a Chimp though. You never played as one.

  67. Quantum

    QuantumMês atrás

    @Captain Bunghole to play as a human, walking around and doing early human stuff. Instead of spending loads of time getting to the end only for my progress to be set back and be a chimp again. I went into it not knowing it was going to be a trilogy, still a disappointment though.

  68. Anand dhanola

    Anand dhanola2 meses atrás

    That was just the first volume the second volume is coming out hopefully it does because homo erg aster is just the homo erect us idea I might be wrong or correct

  69. bigbarber66

    bigbarber662 meses atrás

    Do a custom game and see if you can pick the final one as where you start and see if you look like a caveman

  70. xtraordinar

    xtraordinar2 meses atrás

    I dont understand how you got so far in the game and just discovered the crocodile now... crocs are in the 1st zone. eagles too. i havent found aloe yet, havent figured how to swim and i havent even killed one single animal. but i was eaten twice by crocodiles and killed several times by eagles

  71. blastyhatch 94

    blastyhatch 942 meses atrás

    Well I’m glad you can play after you complete it... I bought it for ps4 and have been apprehensive on beating it because I’m having too much fun reliving the good ole days.

  72. Josh Leo

    Josh Leo2 meses atrás

    Rip off just come out $67 on PS4

  73. Fadhel Amith

    Fadhel Amith2 meses atrás

    Ever watched Congo the book adaptation of Michael Crichton?

  74. Jason dp

    Jason dp2 meses atrás

    This game any good?

  75. The Adaptive Instinct

    The Adaptive Instinct2 meses atrás

    Well evolution isn't real, so....

  76. Aratone

    Aratone2 meses atrás

    They didn't let you play the end cuz pp

  77. TheOmegaGamer 123

    TheOmegaGamer 1232 meses atrás

    How to play the Ubisoft timeline This game then Far Cry Primal (human evolution) AC Odyssey (older than egyptians) AC Origins (BAYEK) -----Modern AC Era Games in historic order---- Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 Far Cry 5 Far Cry New Dawn Far Cry 2 (futuristic things and dinos dlc thingy)

  78. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony13 dias atrás

    This isn't a Ubisoft game, you mongrel.

  79. Darkicity

    Darkicity2 meses atrás

    They scream like the lunatics from Arkham Asylum

  80. damper

    damper2 meses atrás

    Homo Erectus look real nice :)

  81. Daniel Antony

    Daniel Antony13 dias atrás


  82. Ty Iyona

    Ty Iyona2 meses atrás

    Who else did more research after this lol

  83. Jason Genova

    Jason Genova3 meses atrás

    Evolution isn’t real this is fake news

  84. Kaiser Walter

    Kaiser WalterMês atrás

    @Mr Krabs has ligma damn man, I thought I was the retarded one

  85. Mr Krabs has ligma

    Mr Krabs has ligmaMês atrás

    @Kaiser Walter the sun is truly a star?? Do you see how stupid you are being. If the sun wasnt a star we would all be dead.

  86. Mr Krabs has ligma

    Mr Krabs has ligmaMês atrás

    @Kaiser Walter we're not monkeys, we had a common ancestor and evolved over a few 100,000 years to where we are today. Also did you really ask me why vaccines dont cause disease? Maybe educate yourself instead of reading an unfalsifiable book with fairy tales.

  87. Kaiser Walter

    Kaiser WalterMês atrás

    @Mr Krabs has ligma I didn't insult you, I just told you a fact you might've not known about yourself, oh and my neighbor is a Christian, not an atheist who believes that we somehow existed in an unimaginable span of time as monkeys, yeah sure then give me proof that vaccines don't cause disease or that the sun is truly a star, oh, what will you give me, media articles perhaps? How do you trust them I wonder, have you checked yourself Mr average citizen

  88. Mr Krabs has ligma

    Mr Krabs has ligmaMês atrás

    @Kaiser Walter ah yes very Christian insulting someone on the internet. What happened to love your neighbor as I have loved you? You didn't see the fact that the bible literally is all fiction without any proof right?