The End of Nissan in America


  1. Scotty Kilmer

    Scotty Kilmer5 meses atrás

    Subscribers have a 50% less chance of buying a money pit car ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Cheap Scan Tool: 3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 4. Professional Socket Set: 5. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 6. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 7. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

  2. Spencer Ballard

    Spencer Ballard5 meses atrás

    What do you think about endless money pits?

  3. Spencer Ballard

    Spencer Ballard5 meses atrás

    @Beast nasty0313 Weak transmission since Renault purchased Nissan, endless money pits!

  4. Andrew N

    Andrew N5 meses atrás

    Hey Scotty !! I have a 2004 bmw 325xi, It’s burning a lot of oil and I’m noticing how the passenger side of my engine bay is smudged with oil. What may it be ? And what’s your opinion on this car? Btw: My mechanic changed the valve cover gasket

  5. Dee Eggos

    Dee Eggos5 meses atrás

    Hey Scotty, I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra GXE with 80,000 miles that has an overheating problem. I’ve heard that it could be the fuel pump, the radiator, a blown head gasket, etc. What could be the problem?


    RJARRRPCGP5 meses atrás

    @Embargoman For automobiles, looks like South Korea is the new Japan.

  7. Lloyd Ray Visto

    Lloyd Ray Visto17 dias atrás

    Is the new nissan nv350 good?

  8. Drevion Dragnarwolf

    Drevion Dragnarwolf26 dias atrás

    I don't understand the Nissan Hate i have had 4 Nissans now and no problems at all i got a Nissan Titan with 157 thousand miles on it and runs like new with lots of power

  9. Ellen Romanoff

    Ellen Romanoff28 dias atrás

    Hi Scotty! In general, would you still recommend a corolla over a civic? I am thinking of buying either a corolla hatchback or civic hatchback. Way back in 1976, I bought a new corolla, and it was a lemon from the very first day. What are your thoughts? Thanks so much!

  10. Norm

    NormMês atrás

    The problem was the 2 little 20 cents locating dowels on those Chrysler heads that were 2mm too long and didnt allow proper head gasket crush...all that money over a stupid little overlooked misdesigned part!

  11. R W

    R WMês atrás

    Church Scotty! 😂

  12. H. Snider

    H. SniderMês atrás


  13. robertschris79

    robertschris79Mês atrás

    Honda has cvt transmission Toyota has cvt transmission Kia has cvt transmission there all going to cvt ! Get over it ! Walk !

  14. robertschris79

    robertschris79Mês atrás

    Nissan isn’t going anywhere !

  15. قناة السيارة Car ch

    قناة السيارة Car chMês atrás

    We are waiting u cars factory Then We will buy from u Until this we use a scooter

  16. bru th

    bru thMês atrás


  17. The Boss

    The BossMês atrás

    Why does he hate the Altima or maxima literally the best models out there

  18. The Boss

    The BossMês atrás

    And that’s why I don’t buy cheap models of a brand it’s obviously gonna break down soon since less work was put in to it

  19. The Boss

    The BossMês atrás

    Alphonso Keith yea like i get the other 80% but you can’t honestly say all Cvt are bad when there different in the Versa and rogue and Murano and I can’t like now those are cheap pieces of crap but it’s it’s not the same to compare a maxima or Altima to there parts

  20. Alphonso Keith

    Alphonso KeithMês atrás

    That dude is biased

  21. Dio Black

    Dio BlackMês atrás

    Scotty is sounding a little like Joe Pesci.

  22. wanieda Sapuan

    wanieda SapuanMês atrás

    I'm wan from Malaysia... Nissan Almera user... This car is many problem... After one problem... Got another problem... Like a cancer...

  23. Thomas Cock

    Thomas CockMês atrás

    Mercedes in Europe is crack as well, not those which are made in shithole countries only!

  24. A. Okoronkwo

    A. Okoronkwo2 meses atrás

    Great advice Scotty thanks 👌🏽

  25. secrets532

    secrets5322 meses atrás

    Hi Scotty, What do you think of the new Armada 'Patrol'? Is it worth it to buy "More interior space" or shall I just go for a Toyota land cruiser "Smaller inside" Thank you

  26. Nick Danaluk

    Nick Danaluk3 meses atrás

    I drove a Chinese Cherry car and it was a piece of junk. Not reliable at all.

  27. Borivoje zyma

    Borivoje zyma3 meses atrás

    Scotty i like your videos , i have question ( i know you gonna laughing) i bought used 2014 fiat 500L and using for Uber/Lyft in NYC. I already changed transmission on 11k miles !!!!!! And just problems , which used car you suggest me to buy? I was thinking 2013 Honda civic but i wanna know what is your best Choice for Uber . Thanks

  28. Stephen Zehn

    Stephen Zehn3 meses atrás

    8:04 Abe is calling

  29. Mary Mora

    Mary Mora4 meses atrás


  30. ELPJM09

    ELPJM094 meses atrás

    Nissans are cheaper than Toyota and Honda. They are the Kia and Hyundai of Japan. The reason why they are still selling is huge discounts and giving people wirhbhad credit cars.

  31. Darith Jim Chhou

    Darith Jim Chhou4 meses atrás

    Who cares Scotty.

  32. Bill Dougan

    Bill Dougan4 meses atrás

    My dad was a Flying Tiger in WWII and drove in the driveway with a used 1982 200SX back in 1988. He said the Japanese wanted his business with a quality car, unlike American car companies that slap them together and expect you to buy them, whether they run or not.

  33. Sabine Hammer

    Sabine Hammer4 meses atrás

    It’s been my experience that Mercedes no longer stands by their product, no matter how dangerous of a vehicle they sold the customer. I own a 3500 Sprinter that had a bad transmission from day one. It’s a piece of garbage, fails when it feels like it and what has Mercedes to say about it: CRICKETS! They did not just loose one client, my entire clan was and still is appalled by their lack of integrity.

  34. Adam Deschenes

    Adam Deschenes4 meses atrás

    Ok scotty you dont believe in not cleaning the dirty engine try selling a car with a dirty engine if you know what you're doing you won't hurt the power parts . I have clean the motor many times with no failures. Keep up the good work.

  35. dantheman100800222

    dantheman1008002224 meses atrás

    Remember Pearl Harbor? Heck! Nobody remembers that anymore. Over time all things will change. Nothing lasts forever.

  36. Conrad Sealy

    Conrad Sealy4 meses atrás

    Funny thing is Nissan sales arent bad,even in the u.s. . Even Scotty showed that in another video. Then. There is the truth. I wonder if anyone watching this video has seen this very same Scotty do a video about not buying new toyotas. Just goes to show no car manufacture is immune from issues. I know people would love to deny or hide that fact that even Toyota had issues with their CVTs. So much so that Toyota had to recall them. And I heard that on a Scotty video. Ironic. Lol.

  37. Indiaj0nes

    Indiaj0nes4 meses atrás

    Toyota makes my toothbrush!

  38. spleerfloof

    spleerfloof4 meses atrás

    What does this video have to do with the end of Nissan in America?

  39. ozmond2600

    ozmond26004 meses atrás

    Pt cruisers look rubbish

  40. busmekanx

    busmekanx5 meses atrás

    Remember how Renault screwed amc

  41. rem group

    rem group5 meses atrás

    What's a new car car that you would reccomend and I know theirs gotta be a car that you love to own that's expensive cmon let us know

  42. Jedi One

    Jedi One5 meses atrás

    The ONLY Nissan I like is the 2012 and up GTR

  43. Lachasity Brown

    Lachasity Brown5 meses atrás


  44. Kamuichan99

    Kamuichan995 meses atrás

    Hi Scotty. I'm from Germany and I have to tell you something about German Mercedes. They are actually the same crap as the Mercedes in America. If electronics breaks down, then its likely they haven't been properly designed in the first place. See Toyotas, they can be stuffed with Electronics and still everything runs fine. But back to Mercedes. They are the same crap all around the world: blown up downsizing engines that will die just as quick as BMWs or Volkswagen/Audi cars. Downsizing is a cancer and together with overpowered turbocharing it's additional plague. There is only one reason why in Germany Mercedes seem to have less problems than in the US: German customers swallow most every crap the car makers pushes on them, while american customers will sue the crap out of them. Best example is the Dieselgate. So Mercedes are breaking down in USA and Germany at the exactly same rate, just the German customers are paying the fixing costs themselves.

  45. Christopher  Scott

    Christopher Scott5 meses atrás

    @Scotty Kilmer I have a '16 Nissan Pathfinder. So far its served me well, what do you know about this vehicle that you could share with me?

  46. Ken Chow

    Ken Chow5 meses atrás

    you cannot compare a Japanese worker in Japan to a Chinese worker in China, China is communist. they have no incentive to work hard. Daaa

  47. Lawrence Daniel Bautista

    Lawrence Daniel Bautista5 meses atrás

    Hey Scotty, will my 2002 Nissan Xterra pass state inspection with code P0328 (Knock Sensor code)?

  48. A Lance

    A Lance5 meses atrás

    That cat pillow is distracting and disturbing at the same time .

  49. robert bishop

    robert bishop5 meses atrás

    Hi Scotty, this is the sort of Honda that you can get in the UK, I know you don’t get too many diesels out there, but this is certainly one of the best/ most reliable diesels out there. I thought it was pretty good value. For Honda Accord, read Acura. This is equivalent to approx. $5000

  50. Bjorn Zarassi

    Bjorn Zarassi5 meses atrás

    I have an idea. When I grow up, I wanna own Nissan and make their cars reliable. Make Nissan reliable again. Who here agrees with me? Please don't hate me, I'm only 12 years old.

  51. Buff Barnaby

    Buff Barnaby5 meses atrás

    Your new Sentra will have Hellcat option.

  52. Cborcena

    Cborcena5 meses atrás

    Hi. We have a 2009 Nissan Maxima with 120,000 miles. The transmission has been replaced once. The car is starting to stall and lose power while the engine is still running. We’ve taken it to the Nissan Dealership three times already, and they changed the alternator, and it’s still happening. Can you please share your advice? Thanks so much!

  53. MC Groves

    MC Groves5 meses atrás

    Scotty did you get the phone?

  54. grozbeek mose

    grozbeek mose5 meses atrás

    I see a significant number of Alfa Romeos here. Sold side by side with Fiat. Don't think they're going away.

  55. Ramses Piñon

    Ramses Piñon5 meses atrás

    Scotty what do you think about the new buicks

  56. Chris Coapango

    Chris Coapango5 meses atrás

    What do you think of at 2017 Honda Civic thinking of buying one

  57. Star Pillars

    Star Pillars5 meses atrás

    Wait fiats ain’t that bad? You look after then they will last! Plus why is America complaining about crappy cars? America make a lot of cars that people consider crappy design and engineering.

  58. Thefirstgalaxybeing

    Thefirstgalaxybeing5 meses atrás

    Your emoji for Chrysler is spot on.

  59. German Morales

    German Morales5 meses atrás

    should I buy a 2016 Nissan Maxima ? Is maintenance reasonable, also reliable ?

  60. MGTOW Mike

    MGTOW Mike5 meses atrás

    Lol Scotty Japcrap and look where there at now lmao

  61. Waktosha 73

    Waktosha 735 meses atrás

    No, there will never be high quality cars made in China! They can build high quality products but they just don't! They have too cheap of a mind set. If something has quality to it they will cheapen it until it is garbage for better profit! That is just the way they are.

  62. JHulbert17

    JHulbert175 meses atrás

    What is your opinion of Infiniti crossovers, such as QX50s? Thanks for the advice! Great channel

  63. Kevin Nava

    Kevin Nava5 meses atrás

    7:58 lol 😚😚😙😚😙😗

  64. Kraig Cochran

    Kraig Cochran5 meses atrás

    I still call em ratsuns lol..😂😂

  65. nothing to see here. move along.

    nothing to see here. move along.5 meses atrás

    Merger isn't happening as of now. Nissan refused to back the deal.

  66. Jeff Noe

    Jeff Noe5 meses atrás

    I agree totally, the average American only cares about their pay not how well they did the job and it's a problem and getting worse every day. The word craftsmanship is a loose term these days.

  67. Shummy V

    Shummy V5 meses atrás

    Hi scotty, I have a 2012 mustang v6 that is leaking transmission fluid, what might cause that.

  68. David  Slack

    David Slack5 meses atrás

    I could listen to this guy talk all day. He knows what he's talking about, and always makes it interesting. Thanks my friend.