The Fiend makes his first entrance: SummerSlam 2019 (WWE Network Exclusive)


  1. Arcade

    Arcade19 horas atrás

    i love how its Code Orange tho aaaa

  2. The Monster Renan

    The Monster RenanDia atrás

    Perfect entrance

  3. Bruiser Bunny

    Bruiser Bunny4 dias atrás

    the lanthern is honestly creepy as hell isnt it brey wyatts face??

  4. Tally Man

    Tally Man4 dias atrás

    Music not right. We should be terrified. Kane Music attitude era was creepy. You knew something is wrong when that organ hit

  5. 쟈비스

    쟈비스4 dias atrás

    He should have as many victories as possible he deserves

  6. Negative Ives

    Negative Ives5 dias atrás had it uploaded in full, and now you reupload it, and you managed to cut most of the entrance and make it pointless to watch. Good job WWE.

  7. calvin belcher

    calvin belcher5 dias atrás

    I'm still waiting on finding out who is Sister Abigail 🤷🏼‍♂️😂🤔

  8. Dat Wrestling Broo00oo

    Dat Wrestling Broo00oo6 dias atrás

    Wwe you should’ve film the hole

  9. Ayush Yadav

    Ayush Yadav6 dias atrás

    The fiend is definitely the next big thing after the Undertaker

  10. Akey Ob

    Akey Ob8 dias atrás

    damn i stopped watching wrestling because well it sucks now but wtf this is bray wyatt??/

  11. Heel Entertainment

    Heel Entertainment9 dias atrás

    WWE can’t ruin him and be cutting out all of his violence like the head lantern. I don’t care if kids are scared, this is the only way to get the product to go up again. Compare the additude/ruthless aggression era to the PG era. Which got better ratings and more views?

  12. Jax Hunter

    Jax Hunter9 dias atrás

    I got to see the full entrance up close and let me just say it is one of the best WWE entrances I've seen in a while. Seeing the severed head of his old character/self as a lantern was just absolutely amazing. It looked so cool and overall it was an amazing entrance and seeing it live was just a great experience.

  13. Elmo Golico

    Elmo Golico9 dias atrás

    hopefully the fiend vs finn balor demon

  14. NiZzy

    NiZzy10 dias atrás

    UNDERTAKER 🇫🇷💕🇺🇸

  15. School of Rejecks

    School of Rejecks10 dias atrás

    The Fiend The End

  16. The Mynor

    The Mynor11 dias atrás

    Really wished they didn't edit this.I could have shown the whole thing to my friends to hype them up to MSG show.

  17. ÐÄŃÑŸ

    ÐÄŃÑŸ12 dias atrás

    Yo did they shorten this vid?

  18. Young Kapo's Music

    Young Kapo's Music13 dias atrás

    They have to do something cool with this character for wwe2k20

  19. Sohail iqbal

    Sohail iqbal13 dias atrás

    Next undertaker

  20. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen14 dias atrás


  21. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen14 dias atrás

    The comment went from enjoining the full entrance to questioning why did they edited it

  22. Meloman 99%

    Meloman 99%14 dias atrás

    OMG 😨

  23. Fatima Zamir

    Fatima Zamir14 dias atrás

    Look on his Twitter

  24. Fatima Zamir

    Fatima Zamir14 dias atrás

    Bray wyat is creepy

  25. Vektor7FCB

    Vektor7FCB15 dias atrás

    No lantern, no party

  26. goodbye

    goodbye18 dias atrás

    really cool that they got code orange to make the entrance music

  27. llama girl01

    llama girl0119 dias atrás

    Damn I love finn but i now love fiend too but finn balor damnnnnn lookin good

  28. Fan of The Man

    Fan of The Man19 dias atrás

    Bring back the full entrance

  29. s a v a g e p o t a t 0

    s a v a g e p o t a t 019 dias atrás

    It should've been The Fiend Vs The Demon Finn Balor

  30. Zack Harlow

    Zack Harlow19 dias atrás

    Best entrance music of anyone right now. Not even close. That song is 🔥 🔥 🔥 af This is the character who can replace Taker as the face of fear in the WWE. Hopefully they dont keep him buried in the back for too long. They need to cash in on this while the iron is still smoking hot...wonder who the first person will be to try to rip the mask off.....

  31. Becky the man Lynch

    Becky the man Lynch20 dias atrás

    4.4k didn't let him in

  32. Tokutaarito -/

    Tokutaarito -/20 dias atrás

    This is so underwhelming lol

  33. lonewolf2point0

    lonewolf2point020 dias atrás

    And i thought bray was creepy before. The fiend is nightmare inducing. By a wide margin the best thing going in WWE.

  34. T Destroyer

    T Destroyer20 dias atrás

    The song is so out of place. Need more eary music, not this generic alternative rock bs.

  35. Jimboola

    Jimboola20 dias atrás

    Where's the longer version gone? 🤔

  36. branddon davis

    branddon davis21 dia atrás

    Wont be. Long before thell have seth rollins called the fiend slayer.


    KING CORLEONE21 dia atrás

    WWE? Who TF am I kidding there's only one person they're aiming to please and it isn't the "WWE Universe".. Vince McMahon? is there's a person who's only job is to ruin things that fans like? Keep the original entrance we like it we love it stop ruining things that you don't have to change I swear no one in the world should ever be this goddamn frustrated with a professional wrestling company.

  38. Higgs Gaming

    Higgs Gaming21 dia atrás

    Add mechanical blinking eyes in the lamp . Thank me later

  39. Stop It

    Stop It21 dia atrás

    *Husky Harris chant intensifies*

  40. Josh H

    Josh H21 dia atrás

    Next time he should have a lantern of his opponent

  41. kremena peeva

    kremena peeva22 dias atrás

    Demen king

  42. x Coconutt

    x Coconutt22 dias atrás

    Wow WWE sure is proud of this entrance

  43. Esdwin Lopez

    Esdwin Lopez22 dias atrás

    Willow The Wisp against The Fiend 👌🏼

  44. Kadirhan Bayar

    Kadirhan Bayar22 dias atrás

    The Fiend vs Roman Reigns Universal Champion match at Wrestlemania 37

  45. Brandon Arwood

    Brandon Arwood22 dias atrás

    The wwe universe is sick of Roman reigns

  46. Jurgen Junco

    Jurgen Junco23 dias atrás

    They cut most of it off 🤬

  47. Kushagra Pathak

    Kushagra Pathak23 dias atrás

    The fiend is the best thing happen in wwe in this 21st century era.

  48. Alexander Larin

    Alexander Larin23 dias atrás

    WWE!!! Where is a Demon Fin Balor???? Are you serious??? He is always existing at Summer Slam!!!!!!!

  49. BlackShoutKickZ

    BlackShoutKickZ23 dias atrás

    It gave me chills when I just found out it was a rock cover from his own them

  50. Gaming Point

    Gaming Point23 dias atrás

    Who wants to see The Fiend VS Undertaker or Brock Lesnar

  51. Anthony Villanueva

    Anthony Villanueva24 dias atrás

    Who knew Husky Harris would steal the show at Summerslam

  52. kenny omega

    kenny omega24 dias atrás

    WHERE IS GET THE screeching sound music

  53. Mad Martigen

    Mad Martigen24 dias atrás

    Would definitely fit in as a Slipknot band member.

  54. Ahmed Mohiyaldeen

    Ahmed Mohiyaldeen24 dias atrás

    Bray wyatt has come up with two phenomenal characters : the Easter of World and the fiend... All Vince has to do now is "LET HIM WIN"

  55. Human Detox

    Human Detox24 dias atrás


  56. R2DTuck

    R2DTuck25 dias atrás

    Spoiler. The Fiend is an alternative personality to help Bray Wyatt deal with his inner demons. This fiend was implanted by the most evil man to exist in wwe... DR. Shelby...

  57. Alexandru sava

    Alexandru sava25 dias atrás

    Bray Wyatt The New Abyss :D:)))) Fiend Vs Abyss :))

  58. Lukeymaso1103

    Lukeymaso110326 dias atrás

    This gives me chills love this entrance can’t wait for the new bray Wyatt action figure and to be in 2K20

  59. KsThrowBackGoGo

    KsThrowBackGoGo26 dias atrás

    The hottest thing in wwe right now

  60. jokerhalo1

    jokerhalo126 dias atrás

    A underrated part of this entrance is how the name The Fiend appears on the bottom of the screen

  61. Kim woods

    Kim woods26 dias atrás

    Basically Bray Wyatt is dead head chopped off into this lamp as the demon takes over