1. Jiedel

    JiedelMês atrás

    Hey guys, to clarify, this was intended to be more in the satirical side of things haha 😂 none of us are draft experts!

  2. Anthony Reed

    Anthony Reed25 dias atrás

    Jiedel were you guys stoned while making this

  3. Collin Fridsma

    Collin Fridsma27 dias atrás

    You said Rj and Reddish went to Kentucky 😂

  4. Carter Sam Jake Evan

    Carter Sam Jake Evan27 dias atrás

    yeah like weres bruno fernando

  5. Lovelive Basketball

    Lovelive Basketball27 dias atrás

    Thank was on duke

  6. Charles Norrington

    Charles Norrington27 dias atrás

    Do a nba 2k tounament with the players you picked

  7. Trent Wade

    Trent Wade4 horas atrás

    RJ Barrett and cam reddish played for duke

  8. Willymo Willymo

    Willymo Willymo8 horas atrás

    2hype my league see who wins the championship

  9. Richard Mendez

    Richard Mendez18 horas atrás

    I comment after the charlotte pick and all i have to say is this guy mopi bro 🤦🤦😭😭😭😂😂

  10. xd bigshaq14

    xd bigshaq14Dia atrás

    Not to be mean, but you guys know nothing about college basketball

  11. Mystic Freeze

    Mystic Freeze2 dias atrás

    Rj went to duke

  12. Creeper Kingsdamac

    Creeper Kingsdamac2 dias atrás

    My list compared to there’s mine was better and more similar

  13. Ang trash

    Ang trash2 dias atrás

    Bruh modi the suns need a point guard not a center

  14. Caleb Williams

    Caleb Williams2 dias atrás

    Don’t bring back mopi or Michel

  15. I'm Atomey

    I'm Atomey2 dias atrás

    What ab jjj kris?

  16. nick _brady12

    nick _brady122 dias atrás

    And... Bol Bol in real life gets drafted in the second round

  17. Matyas Dejene

    Matyas Dejene2 dias atrás

    I like how no one knows nothing about College BB

  18. The Schmidt Anderson

    The Schmidt Anderson3 dias atrás

    jiedel has the handwriting of a 6 year old

  19. iDysfunction

    iDysfunction4 dias atrás

    Mopi da just picked the most random players LOL

  20. Brody McIntyre

    Brody McIntyre4 dias atrás

    Cam Johnson wasnt even picked. 🤦🤦🤦

  21. Brody McIntyre

    Brody McIntyre4 dias atrás

    @Gilmer Reyes Facts brotha

  22. Gilmer Reyes

    Gilmer Reyes4 dias atrás

    Us UNC fans get no love

  23. Brody McIntyre

    Brody McIntyre4 dias atrás

    Portland has jusuf Nurkic Mitchell: Portland's center is TRASH

  24. Iman Zein

    Iman Zein4 dias atrás


  25. Mason Montross

    Mason Montross4 dias atrás

    Who’s here when Tyler is doing good and Rj Barrett is ass

  26. Gilmer Reyes

    Gilmer Reyes4 dias atrás

    Mason Montross I am and rj just put up like 22, 10 and 8

  27. Bill Stumpe

    Bill Stumpe5 dias atrás

    Aka 7th pick is Rj barreto from Kentucky like if you saw

  28. pourya Lahouti

    pourya Lahouti6 dias atrás

    Where is tacko fall nooo

  29. DGMT

    DGMT6 dias atrás

    You guys slept on my boy RJ Barrett.

  30. officialhellfire

    officialhellfire6 dias atrás

    kris really tried to pronounce sekou doumbouyas but then says: seeyuko diomambawa

  31. emmitt -_-

    emmitt -_-6 dias atrás

    It was so close to thee real draft until fucking Tyler hero was the 3rd pick

  32. Betsy Bechtold

    Betsy Bechtold6 dias atrás

    you dumb idiot RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish played for Duke not Kentucky

  33. How To Ball

    How To Ball7 dias atrás

    RJ Barret 7th...

  34. John Gras

    John Gras7 dias atrás


  35. TKIG Jasper

    TKIG Jasper8 dias atrás

    The worst mock draft ever

  36. Kane Nebel

    Kane Nebel8 dias atrás

    Jesser was the beat drafter by Far besides little

  37. Adam Tealdi

    Adam Tealdi8 dias atrás

    Tyler Herro actually looks decent in Summer League

  38. Gilmer Reyes

    Gilmer Reyes4 dias atrás

    Adam Tealdi he does but no way he should have been pick 3

  39. Joshua Roberts

    Joshua Roberts8 dias atrás

    Fuck you jesser

  40. TKIG Jasper

    TKIG Jasper8 dias atrás

    Rj is from duke not Kentucky

  41. FutureOnTop

    FutureOnTop8 dias atrás

    Coby White and Jordan were both from North Carolina and both go drafted to The Bulls

  42. Gecho Berhe

    Gecho Berhe10 dias atrás

    James is the best gm

  43. Sub2ChrisDaMastah 21

    Sub2ChrisDaMastah 2110 dias atrás

    Carsen Edwards, Zion, and Ja Morant

  44. Robert Cady

    Robert Cady10 dias atrás

    Where’s tacko fall come on now james

  45. Wendy Wagner

    Wendy Wagner10 dias atrás

    Cam and RJ are on Duke not Kentucky but keep making great vids

  46. Alonso Rubio

    Alonso Rubio11 dias atrás

    It's crazy🤯 he did a crazy thing of taking Tyler Herro at 3 and he balling in the summer league rn!!!

  47. Gilmer Reyes

    Gilmer Reyes4 dias atrás

    I get where your coming from but he doesn't deserve no number 3 pick

  48. Gilmer Reyes

    Gilmer Reyes4 dias atrás

    Lonzo balled in summer league

  49. Liam Canasa

    Liam Canasa11 dias atrás

    "portland could've been amazing if there center wasn't so trash." -moochie 2019 nurkic is lowkey a good player. he was just injured and kanter was good for them too 14:41

  50. liam Brandt

    liam Brandt12 dias atrás

    Rj and cam play for duke not kentucky

  51. Random_Bandwagon 4726

    Random_Bandwagon 472613 dias atrás


  52. Chch Chch

    Chch Chch13 dias atrás

    Mopi just picked funny names

  53. Small Mouth Nolan

    Small Mouth Nolan13 dias atrás

    Where is Cameron Johnson

  54. Niam Donaldson

    Niam Donaldson13 dias atrás

    4:50 it says UK not Duke

  55. Wyatt Johnson

    Wyatt Johnson14 dias atrás

    You suck you seed the jazz don't have scorers just there hole starting lineup bra

  56. Reign Curiel

    Reign Curiel14 dias atrás

    Taco fall

  57. Paul Manfre

    Paul Manfre14 dias atrás

    U guys said that RJ Barrett went to Kentucky

  58. Paul Manfre

    Paul Manfre14 dias atrás

    This is messed up

  59. BCG_ PJ

    BCG_ PJ14 dias atrás

    Pj Washington came from Kentucky

  60. MYR32

    MYR3214 dias atrás

    How did RJ fall to 7

  61. Felix San Miguel

    Felix San Miguel14 dias atrás

    The man took Tyler herro 3rd overall 😂😂😂