THE FIRST Galaxy Fold


  1. raqq hope

    raqq hope23 horas atrás

    does it have facetime

  2. Родион Викторов

    Родион ВикторовDia atrás

    Рожа как у идиота

  3. Tom

    TomDia atrás

    Samsung beating the shit outta IPhone

  4. Сергей Светличный

    Сергей СветличныйDia atrás

    Какая цена телефона???

  5. ACCU Inc.

    ACCU Inc.Dia atrás

    That looks amazing

  6. The Yeetphemer

    The Yeetphemer2 dias atrás

    Nokia 2500

  7. Shadow

    Shadow2 dias atrás

    can somebody hook me up with a note 9

  8. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro2 dias atrás

    The front screen should’ve been more squared at the edges rather than more rounded, ya know? Like more rectangular but still rounded at the corners?

  9. Dood Bro

    Dood Bro2 dias atrás

    I think he meant the first folding SMART phone ever

  10. Beans Iban

    Beans Iban3 dias atrás

    Fold it ones, you'll never gonna fold it ever again 😂

  11. Thanos Has Liquid Poop

    Thanos Has Liquid Poop4 dias atrás

    Imagine how hard it would be to find a case that was for that phone

  12. Justin Perreault

    Justin Perreault4 dias atrás

    Ooga Booga

  13. Jonas Friese

    Jonas Friese5 dias atrás

    Sensible Reviewers: Don't take it out of the Studio *Casey: Takes it to the beach*

  14. marilyn yere

    marilyn yere5 dias atrás

    Thanks for the nice review casey

  15. Dew

    Dew6 dias atrás

    Im waiting new version it would be new step

  16. y tho?

    y tho?9 dias atrás

    1:25 yo he has incognito mode on... Hes trying to hide something from the fbi about these phones...

  17. Free Random Review CSJ

    Free Random Review CSJ9 dias atrás

    Wondering how's the phone conditions rn

  18. OffBeatBerry 27

    OffBeatBerry 279 dias atrás

    This man made a game changing discovery... That a folding phone closed is about as thick as 2 phones

  19. Hairyurinal

    Hairyurinal11 dias atrás

    I saw the meme where he (like a real genius btw) explains how folding the phone makes it so that it’s thickness is of two phones... and holy shit he really is a neanderthal lol

  20. EVG Gaming

    EVG Gaming11 dias atrás

    Let me get a phone 😂I'm still using the galaxy s4 😂 PLZ HELP ME OUT 😂

  21. Jackie Bean

    Jackie Bean11 dias atrás

    Casey you posted this on my birthday ps your inspiring I might fly emraites because of you you are so amazing

  22. Arjun S

    Arjun S13 dias atrás

    I would buy it when it. : 1. Has bigger exterior screen 2. Thinner 3. Has more durable screen 4. Has no crease 5. Less pricey

  23. Montana Michael

    Montana Michael15 dias atrás

    NO NOTE 10+ REVIEW?????

  24. Joah Salm

    Joah Salm16 dias atrás

    I came here for the meme like if you did to

  25. zak Bamber

    zak Bamber16 dias atrás

    I'm no tech genius but why couldn't they make the folded screen bigger

  26. ElonMuskPlays1

    ElonMuskPlays116 dias atrás

    The Galaxy I won't be getting


    LBUCKLEY16 dias atrás

    Looks like a 3ds

  28. lucas lundgren

    lucas lundgren17 dias atrás

    We have now hit the flip phone era of touchscreen/smart phones

  29. jeremy younan

    jeremy younan17 dias atrás

    How do you make a case for that phone

  30. Ghulam Pari

    Ghulam Pari19 dias atrás

    a small youtuber here please support me to get 3k subscribers Love you all

  31. OUF ouf

    OUF ouf20 dias atrás

    When its open its around as thick as a normal phone, when its closed. When its closed its closer to the thickness of two phones.

  32. Ricky Sanchez

    Ricky Sanchez21 dia atrás

    You the man every where you go

  33. Bastian Vandenbosch

    Bastian Vandenbosch21 dia atrás

    Rip for the case makers

  34. Phúc Hoàng

    Phúc Hoàng22 dias atrás

    I definitely buy one if i had enough money to spare. Just for the coolness, not because it is useful than regular smartphone

  35. Phúc Hoàng

    Phúc Hoàng22 dias atrás

    Casey has a mustang. Cool

  36. minixo Mini

    minixo Mini23 dias atrás

    I thought he snapped an ipad in half with the screen still in tact

  37. Lucky Doggo

    Lucky Doggo23 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who felt bad for that poor guy right by Casey that wanted to look at the phone. He was just poor with his dog and probably didn’t have any money it just made me really sad 😢

  38. DrGravy

    DrGravy23 dias atrás

    Casey lied! Nokia was the first phone to ever fold.

  39. Troels_ RL

    Troels_ RL24 dias atrás

    “When it’s open it’s about the thickness of a regular phone. But when it’s closed, it’s about the thickness of two phones”... *Big Chungus music plays* DOOOOOOO DOO DOO DOOOOOO DOO DOO DOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  40. lucy connor

    lucy connor25 dias atrás

    Casually draws Casey 2019 in bright red marker on £150 odd earphones

  41. Shaik Anees

    Shaik Anees26 dias atrás

    Its still looks 2 phones attached with giant screen. They might be just put only a protective rubber layered for plastic sreen shield.

  42. Wendy Marshall

    Wendy Marshall27 dias atrás

    here for the meme

  43. miller vlogs

    miller vlogs28 dias atrás

    I will never ever buy it to small the crease would not work for me at all and way to expensive

  44. Pato Swag

    Pato Swag29 dias atrás

    I don’t like it

  45. Sir Incogyeeto

    Sir Incogyeeto29 dias atrás

    1:32 WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW 🤯🤯🤯🤯 I NEVER KNEW THAT!!! for those of you scrubs, it was sarcastic

  46. Be informative

    Be informative29 dias atrás

    I am a small BRreporterr plzzzzzzz support me

  47. CDM

    CDM25 dias atrás

    Nah fam thats not how youtube works



    Imagine rolled up phones....

  49. bharat choudhary

    bharat choudharyMês atrás


  50. Chris Styles

    Chris StylesMês atrás

    Terrible comparison on viewfinder size.....comparing crappy Apple camera app is pointless. Compare to photo/video apps that utilize the entire iPhone X screen such as Filmic Pro.

  51. XtremeMAX Gaming

    XtremeMAX GamingMês atrás

    1:23 wow

  52. IamGodlyv

    IamGodlyvMês atrás

    What about flip phones

  53. 张铁牛

    张铁牛Mês atrás

    When you forget flip phone

  54. SwankyChubbyYT

    SwankyChubbyYTMês atrás

    1957: We are going to have flying cars on the future! 2019: This

  55. J Stefan

    J StefanMês atrás

    Try playing fortnite on it please

  56. J Stefan

    J StefanMês atrás

    Swift From Twitch you suck

  57. Swift From Twitch

    Swift From TwitchMês atrás

    J Stefan Fortnite is garbage

  58. Swift From Twitch

    Swift From TwitchMês atrás

    J Stefan no please no

  59. MM Aviation

    MM AviationMês atrás

    3:15 that’s illegal !

  60. Boomer Boomer

    Boomer BoomerMês atrás

    U r a legend sir 2:34 this prooves

  61. Laurenloolasticeye OwO

    Laurenloolasticeye OwOMês atrás

    My parents got me one off thoughts for my birthday 😁I was so happy. And I'm not spoiled I work hard for my stuff and most of my Gucci stuff I buy myself because I work as a baby sitter I get an allowance and I am an artist so i sell my art on e bay and other apps

  62. CDM

    CDM25 dias atrás



    FIREPHANTOM 115Mês atrás

    yes Casey, when something is folded in half, its width doubles

  64. Luke Palmer

    Luke PalmerMês atrás

    Apple: releases normal phone People: impossible Samsung: literally release a phone with a folding screen People:ehhh

  65. *************

    *************9 dias atrás

    Because it's not difficult to release a folding phone. It's difficult to do it right and make use of it. It's stupid expensive and inefficient. The phone tears apart if you take off what looks like a screen protector. It's got a horrible crease in the middle. People have long given up on apple too to be honest. If you have someone around you using an iphone that's not a british granny who is also actually amazed at iphones then he/she is purely driven by brand and is the definition of human scum.

  66. the whelk

    the whelkMês atrás

    Track 2:14?

  67. the whelk

    the whelk17 dias atrás

    CDM many thanks chap.

  68. CDM

    CDM25 dias atrás

    Meeting place - the george kaplan conspiracy

  69. Shadow of my life

    Shadow of my lifeMês atrás

    4:26 What is this place?

  70. Cs V

    Cs VMês atrás

    CaseyNeistat : THIS IS THE FIRST FOLDABLE PHONE EVER Nokia : am I a joke to you?

  71. Skelyboss

    SkelybossMês atrás

    Foldable screen thats not just a super thin screen

  72. Angela Li

    Angela LiMês atrás

    What’s the use with a folding phone? I don’ t understand that.

  73. CDM

    CDM25 dias atrás

    You got a tablet in your pocket

  74. Sanjeev Arya Vlogs

    Sanjeev Arya VlogsMês atrás

    Sahi h ladke impressive

  75. Astrobot 3000

    Astrobot 3000Mês atrás

    1:23 Wow, I didn't know that Casey Neistat was THAT smart

  76. Mr_An1agonis

    Mr_An1agonisMês atrás

    1:23 NANI??!

  77. EpyonRoyal

    EpyonRoyalMês atrás

    dope affff

  78. M R

    M RMês atrás

    And the fold went onto dominate the-- nah jk kkkkkkkkkk

  79. Kristen Crane

    Kristen CraneMês atrás

    Im so jelly, I want a fold! I think its cool cause you are less likely to break the screen when its folded...that is worth it to me

  80. Meikle

    MeikleMês atrás

    1:24 when you have 500 IQ and need a way to flex it

  81. NotAidonLauffer YT

    NotAidonLauffer YTMês atrás

    The only bummer I see about the fold is that when you use the camera in tablet mode and take a picture horizontally, as you can see 4:37, it looks like the picture would fit only perfectly on one of those cheap Dell Monitors or a CRT Monitor. I dont know if this is a problem when your using it folded, but its especially a problem if youre watching a video made by the galaxy fold, and you are using a super widescreen monitor or if you like to watch youtube in theater mode.

  82. CDM

    CDM25 dias atrás

    Thats just a setting bro. You can change the aspect ratio to 16:9 for it if you want. Most phones today have that option

  83. Frank Gomez

    Frank GomezMês atrás

    Song at 2:08 is gorge chaplain conspiracy - meeting place

  84. Nothing Nothing

    Nothing NothingMês atrás

    Cool but way to small

  85. lilnatejr

    lilnatejrMês atrás

    How are you going to use a phone case?

  86. CDM

    CDM25 dias atrás

    You dont have to worry about breaking the screen cause its not glass

  87. Levi Harr

    Levi HarrMês atrás

    3:34 that scene was in the emerates first class video

  88. Aviation8811

    Aviation88112 meses atrás

    Notice how every time Casey shows Pulp Fiction on the channel he shows the same seen. The new Emirates first class suite video showed that seen.

  89. NotAidonLauffer YT

    NotAidonLauffer YT2 meses atrás

    If you look at 4:50 at 0.25 speed, you will see a Tesla model 3/Y

  90. C 'n' A

    C 'n' A2 meses atrás

    1:23 Thx, i would never have known.

  91. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams2 meses atrás

    0:03 What about flip phones... Those fold.

  92. Imam Hosain

    Imam Hosain2 meses atrás

    03:34...Is that the same video from the Emirates Frist class suite review video?